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MANDERLEY -FloatingThe band has always had a special sensibility for music. Without knowing it, the worries of each stage took them to introduce music creations in their lives. With only three songs, they stood out in the music world and thanks to it they were successfull and perform in Arenal Sound Festival, they won the Summer Space Festival contest, they also perform in the Bandness inauguration and participate in the innovating iniciative of the jukebuss sessions. Following their particular way of producing and editing their own music, they released their first work called “Floating” at the end of 2013You just only have to look at the people faces when Manderley is on stage to know that the audience is really haunted. Manderley invites people to let their imagination go and feel new sensations with songs that speak about near experiences transmited with unsusual passion and sensibility. A whole World of sounds surrounds the band compositions, from the most clasical to the most avant-garde ones. Listen, feel and live.

------------Floating-----------Floating is released in october 2013, a first work full of precious contrasts where we find from vibrant and full of life songs to hypnotized melodies with a relaxing effect. All characterized by a pleasant and conclusive melody. The singer voice, passionate and sensitive, accompanied by a unique melody gets move audiences. Words may define too many things, images can suggest many ideas, but talking about music we can only invite you to listen.

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track list -FloatingIt’s not easy Kadut Inside my bones Jungle Rhytmic trip Straw bag We are not Your colors Floating


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