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This Is Not The End I've been thinking About you lately You And You You Too Even You I've been thinking About all of you We used to be together all the time I got used to seeing you each day I remember growing up together Then we all went our separate ways It's been a long time since I've seen you Once in awhile we see each other And say we'll try to get together But the days pass, one after another Even though we may be too busy And Life takes us down it's different trails I hope you'll remember me, while I remember You, and our friendship that will never fail And Remember . . . This Is Not The End _____________________________________________ This is dedicated to my friends, my family, the Schalmont Class of 2007, any other friends I made at Woestina and Schalmont, and any other friends I've made throughout my life. Thank you all, my life wouldn't be the same if any of you were missing from it : )

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