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(above) Josiah Lafferre and Joseph Boler eagerly look at the schedule for the school three-on-three basketball tournament. (right) Joseph Lafferre, Sophia Sauers, Merida Aguilar, Savannah Garcia, Shreya Hairston, Isaac Lopez Del Haro, Sadie Borgens, Malia Rodriguez and Isabella Duran link up in New Orleans Square at Disneyland during the joint AVID/ Leadership/Yearbook field trip. (below right) Adrian Virgen demonstrates his guitar skills during lunch for everyone to hear. (below) Aayden Arevalo and Kiley Kelley help decorate the school for Red Ribbon Week.

2 New Destinations

TO NEW DESTINATIONS Life has been a journey for Los Coyotes students. Over the years, we've faced a lot of different obstacles making it feel as if we were dodging left and right. Sometimes, it's hard not to feel a little dizzy. Yet, we have no worries as we are leaving all our problems behind and traveling to new destinations. Some can see where they are headed while others still have to chart their path. These routes can also change as we travel along them as forks in the road provide interesting side trips. Nevertheless, we look at the future we have together as Centurions. Although life guarantees nothing certain for us, we are still excited by what we will see along the way and what we will become!

(above) Hannah Macias skillfully plays the oboe during Back-to-School Night. (left) Isela Triay and Jo'elee Flores-Perez enjoy painting a drug-awareness banner for Red Ribbon Week.

New Destinations 3

(right) During an 8th grade versus 7th grade match of Capture the Football, Kheilan Kong evades Colin Khoang after leaving Alexandra Ficher and Daniel Scott in the dust. (below) Isaac Garcia helps Isaac Lopez Del Haro put up a poster to welcome Los Coyotes families to Back-to-School Night.

(above) Keith Ortiz fills Aaron Eom in about his classroom adventures during the lunch break in the quad area. (above right) Lianna Blancoromero Aguilar and Skye Crosland discuss something new they found out on their phones. (right) Sherlynn Jung and Rebecca Isaacson enjoy a peaceful lunch together.

4 New Destinations

(far above) Victor Arthurs focuses on his iPad while watching a video during lunch as Katherine Jimenez tries to figure out what is going on. (above) Elan Gomez excitedly jumps for joy when he wins game point during a closely battled ping-pong match. (left) Kassandra Valadez tests different types of balls rolling down the same ramp for a motion lab during science class.

New Destinations 5

CLASS OF 2020 With most of our middle school journey in the rearview mirror, the eighth graders sit in the driver's seat for their last year. Along the drive, we documented many accomplishments and logged numerous memories. All of these are part of what makes the middle school trip so valuable and worthwhile. The map ahead contains many blank spots. Although many questions still have to be answered in the journey ahead, the roads sojourned and the side trips taken help make us who we are.

(above) Kendra Dewey informs Merida Aguilar of the photo opportunity while Aayden Arevalo is clued in on what is happening. (far above) Gabriel Lucero and Jirah Domingo encourage students at lunch to sign up for the basketball tournament. (right) Adriane Balubar enjoys getting wet in the rain with his friend, Nicholas Estrada.

6 Class of 2020

(above) Olivia Lopez and Julianna Maines answer the fifth grade visitors' questions during the fifth grade tour. (far left) Aaron Eom, Peter Estavillo, Alexandra Ficher and Sharen Park acclimate themselves to their new lacrosse equipment. (left) Hailey Greenlee and Kristine Kim accompany each other to their next class at the end of lunch. (below left) Owen Villagracia photobombs Nathan Ortiz's and Isaac Garcia's shot. (below) Lance Melo and Emily Gang tunefully perform on their saxophones during Wind Ensemble rehearsal.

Class of 2020 7

Mayra Loaiza

Margaret Norton

Serenity Flanagan


Logan Hillhouse

Justin Chung

Miguel Alvarez

Kiana Graham



Louie Guerrero



Nathan Rauen

Marcelo Rodriguez

Preston Guinto

Priscilla Trinidad

Kassandra Valadez

Talitha Arthurs

8 Eighth Grade Superlatives


Sean Gomez



Jirah Domingo

Charlene Kim

Adam Charles


Kendra Dewey




Maddison Charles

Keith Ortiz

Emily Aceves

Isaac Garcia


Julianna Maines

Elly Brown

Gabriel Lucero


Heather Moon

Joshua Gutierrez

Adriane Balubar

Noah Bak



Eighth Grade Superlatives 9

Emily Aceves

Merida Aguilar

John Alcayde

Miguel Alvarez

Yadhira Aranda

Aayden Arevalo

Carlos Arguello Blandino

Talitha Arthurs

Samantha Ashley

Noah Bak

Adriane Balubar

Brian Barocio

Heidi Bautista

Dominick Bonilla

Ian Brooks

Elly Brown

Leilani Camarena

Adam Charles

Maddison Charles

Justin Chung

Leo Churchill

Vicente Cortez

Brian Dang

Ken Dela Rosa

Kendra Dewey

Meghan Dewey

Jirah Domingo

Aaron Eom

Peter Estavillo

Nicholas Estrada

10 Eighth Grade Portraits

Alexandra Ficher

Nicolas Figueroa

Serenity Flanagan

Jeffrey Fulgham

Emily Gang

Isaac Garcia

Savannah Garcia

Sean Gomez

Anthony Gonzalez

Kiana Graham

Louie Guerrero

William Guerrero

Preston Guinto

Joshua Gutierrez

Alex Heang

Andrew Hernandez

Logan Hillhouse

Jaelyn Hunter

Fade Ibraheem

Thomas Im

Jaclyn Iribe

Rebecca Isaacson

Kate Kang

Kiley Kelley

Colin Khoang

Charlene Kim

Faith Kim

Kristine Kim

Izaak Krakauer

Jaak Krakauer

Eighth Grade Portraits 11

Mayra Loaiza

Linette Lopez

Olivia Lopez

Gabriel Lucero

Gabriel Luengas

Hannah Macias

Julianna Maines

Lance Melo

Alexander Mizuo

Heather Moon

Nathan Na

Hoang Nguyen

Margaret Norton

Sebastian Nute

Ashley Oh

Keith Ortiz

Nathan Ortiz

Sharen Park

Andrew Perez

Karina Pi

Eric Plata

Jonah Polo

Nathanael Pride

Rakeem Rahmany

Kevin Rama

Nathan Rauen

Gracie Razo-Ortiz

Baili Richeson

Scarlett Rodriguez

Sienna Ruacho

12 Eighth Grade Portraits

Daniel Scott

Lauren Shin

Nathaniel Shubert

George Silverio

Ethan Song

Mia Song

Diego Tavera

Justin Torres

Lilly Tran

Priscilla Trinidad

Samantha Urena

Abby Uriarte

Kassandra Valadez

Alan Vazquez

Kyle Vicente

Owen Villagracia

Adrian Virgen

Jaylin Williams

Ireland Wilson

Justin Wright

Joyce Yang

(above) On the first day of school, Linette Lopez looks ready for a great year. (above left) Nathan Ortiz and Dominick Bonilla trek together to the P.E. field anxiously awaiting another round of Capture the Football.

Sieun Yang

Janice Yoon

Aidan Zambon

(left) Hoang Nguyen chases after George Silverio during the Capture the Football tournament.

Eighth Grade Portraits 13

Los Coyotes Middle School Class of 2020 14 Class of 2020

Class of 2020 15

CLASS OF 2021 The roughest part of a journey, generally, is during the middle of it. For the seventh graders, they are no longer new to Los Coyotes but their finish line is still in the distance. They occupy that awkward middle place. Those responsible for the seventh graders' growth expect more from them yet tolerate less mistakes. As responsibilities increase, trust for them to make the correct choices comes with hesitancy. The seventh graders strive on though, because their experiences bring wisdom and maturity. By the end of the year, they will no longer be seen as new drivers on the road, but rather, seasoned travelers to new destinations. (right) Zoey Uriarte and Eddie Orozco bask in the sunlight as they walk together during lunch.

(above) Richard Silvas and Elan Gomez thoroughly enjoy running their sprints during P.E. class. (above right) Geraldine Aiono precisely observes the hourglass shaped object during a science activity in Mr. Bremer's class. (right) Sadie Borgens, Mateo Salas-Sarmiento and Mia Hernandez take in the happenings in the quad during lunch.

16 Class of 2021

(above) Aaron Sykes prepares to throw the football during a Sports Day spirit day contest between the seventh grade homerooms. (above left) Kaila Alayon takes dead aim at the bullseye as she discovers her talent for archery at Leadership Camp. (left) Xavier Cooper, Isaac Orellano and Brandon Suzuki look for an opening in their opponent’s defenses during Capture the Football. (below) Tyler Chun, Hubert Jang and Caleb Choi all play together, separately, on their mobile devices during their lunch break.

Class of 2021 17

Jazmine Aguirre

Geraldine Aiono

Aaron Akram

Steven Alarid

Kaila Alayon

Jada Aleman

Sofya Alonzo

Linda Alvarez

Nathan Aparicio

Jimmy Arellano

Sofia Arguello

Alyssa Avila

Shaila Barocio

Leshly Barrera

Andrew Basagoiti

Joseph Boler

Sadie Borgens

Leanna Cano

Isaiah Castillo-Ochoa

Carly Cazares

Jaden Cdebaca

Niya Chacon

Annie Choi

Caleb Choi

Hailey Choi

Tyler Chun

Keasha Concepcion

Angelyna Conde

Xavier Cooper

Isabella Coronel

18 Seventh Grade Portraits

Isabella Cortez

Phoenix Cruz

Sofia Cuadros

Michael Cuevas

Miranda Cullens

McKenzie Dahl

Giselle De Anda

Sally Delgado

Daniel Diaz

Sally Dietschak

Derell Dimailig

Alexandria Douglas Rejon

Isabella Duran

Elizabeth Eason

Jacob Ergueta

Jolina Federico

Noah Ferkin

Paul Fry

Dhalia Garcia

Elan Gomez

Brooke Gonzalez

Chloe Gonzalez

Joshua Gonzalez

Xavier Gonzalez

Aidan Greenway

Amy Grijalva

Kailey Grijalva

Joslyn Guerrero

Gizelle Guillano

Joshua Guillen

Seventh Grade Portraits 19

Jonathan Gutierrez

Kole Gutierrez

Shreya Hairston

Jason Hartley

Bea Hermoso

Mia Hernandez

Samuel Hong

Ethan Hsu

Melody Huesca Sanchez

William Irving

Hubert Jang

Ximena Jimenez

Natalie Juarez

Joy Jung

Tristan Jung

Allyson Kim

Benjamin Kim

Claire Kim

Jesslyn Kim

Kheilan Kong

Tyler Kong

Bri Labasan

Joseph Lafferre

Josiah Lafferre

Shylah Lafferre

Raquel Lagmay

Erika Lavadores

Abigail Lee

Chloe Lee

Evelyn Lee

20 Seventh Grade Portraits

Jachin Lee

Kailyn Lee

Sean Lee

Seungju Lee

Sean Leonard

Aaron Lim

Janessa Lima

Jazleen Litt

Isaac Lopez Del Haro

Tria Loyola

Kelly Luz

Kiersten Mahan

Kyle Mangaban

Landon Mansell

Samuel Marschke

Belinda Martinez

Joshua McNealey

Aidan Navarro

Emma Nightingale

Valeria Olmos Tapia

Isaac Orellana

Eddie Orozco

Kaylee Orozco

John Peel

Nicolas Pelayo

Xavier Perkins Jimmons

Maison Pham

Nicholas Plascencia

Savannah Pruitt

Malaia Rapozo

Seventh Grade Portraits 21

Natalie Reyes

Crystal Rico

Brandon Rivera

Anthony Robledo

Austin Rodriguez

Elias Rodriguez

Malia Rodriguez

Marlie Rojas

Aaron Russo

Victoria Sainz

McKenzie Salas

Emilio SalasSarmiento

Mateo SalasSarmiento

Kevin Sandoval

Alicia Sandoval-Lopez

Sophia Sauers

Madison Shook

Richard Silvas

Nathan Simpson

Shayna Skutt

Tyler Snyder

Julianne Souza

Brennan Sullivan

Brandon Suzuki

(right) Elizabeth Eason peacefully eats her lunch as Keasha Concepcion, Kailey Grijalva, Amy Grijalva, Xavier Gonzalez and Zoey Uriarte saunter by. (far right) While at Disneyland for the Youth in Education Series, Dhalia Garcia, Chloe Lee, Allyson Kim, Kailyn Lee and Michael Cuevas collect nuggets of wisdom regarding Walt Disney's philosophy of leadership.

22 Seventh Grade Portraits

Aaron Sykes

Nayeli Tamayo

Isela Triay

Zoey Uriarte

Carlos Vaca

Jacoba Van Hartingsveldt

Valeria Vasquez

Destiny Vega-Nunez

Brooklyn Vick

Brandon VillaseĂąor

Gavin Walters

Kellen Watts

Gabriel White

Aleeya Willie

Kyialee Wood

Joseph Yoon

Noah Zamudio

(above right) Kole Gutierrez, McKenzie Dahl and Madison Shook stroll down the hallway on the way to class after lunch. (above left) Isaac Orellana, Ethan Hsu and Samuel Hong push their sticks out for the puck as Nicolas Pelayo and Anthony Robledo stand watch. (below far left) Carly Cazares and Brooklyn Vick pose for the photo booth camera. (below left) Elias Rodriguez enjoys his orange juice while hanging out in the quad. (below right) Sally Delgado and Raquel Lagmay rehearse together for the Winter Concert.

Seventh Grade Portraits 23

CLASS OF 2022 The journey begins! Sixth graders may not know where they are going, but they are excited to take the trip. With the monotony of elementary school behind them; of having just one teacher and one group of classmates the entire day, these students embrace change. To make up for their lack of knowing, they put in double-duty in how much they try. With so much opportunity out there, it overwhelms almost every new student on campus. But this is a good problem to have! Sixth grade is the right time to explore. It is just as valuable to travel down dead ends as it is to find a right path. It is so early to have to choose one anyway. The world is their oyster and the sixth graders are ready to hold their breath and dive in!

(above) Noah Reed and Angel Acuna Reta give their backs a break while enjoying their lunches. (right) Kayla Verdon, Bryant Hansbrough, Nathan Espacio and Brian Logan are lovin' their catered lunch. (below) Ngan Nguyen discloses to Makayla Nava information that she does not want others around them to hear.

24 Class of 2022

(above) Cerelina David, Sydney-Mae Estrella and Nadia Foster trek off campus with the sense of satisfaction from a hard day at work. (left) Christian Pulido and Destiney Fry compete in a relay sack race while Elyssa Gomez, Kingston Watts, Michael Vasquez and Aaron Guerrero cheer them on. (below left) Vivian Jackson raises her milk carton to those that invented this daily ritual they call "lunch," as Jo'elee Flores-Perez sits there in silent agreement. (below right) Krystal Aranda utilizes measuring tape while collecting quantitative data for science class.

Class of 2022 25

Angel Acuna Reta

Mayma Alcantar Barcelo

Krystal Aranda

Victor Arthurs

Arylu Barrera

Mark Bautista

Shaylynn Beltran

Lianna Blancoromero Aguilar

Christian Boyd

Murdoch Brown

Sadie Brown

Niki Buenaventura

Ryan Campos

Rudy Cano

Ajanay Carrington

Jessie Cha

ZĂ“e Chang

Aiden Chung

Frank Corrales

Skye Crosland

Bailey Currie

Cerelina David

Jonathan Diaz Rodriguez

Oliver Diveley

Jewelz Dube

Elijah Duran

Connor Duron

Haley Edgar

Ian Esmilla

Nathan Espacio

26 Sixth Grade Portraits

Emily Estrada

Sydney-Mae Estrella

Jo'Elee Flores-Perez

Tristin Foafoa

Aidan Foster

Nadia Foster

Destiney Fry

Cristopher Garcia

Gabrielle Gerds

Elyssa Gomez

Sergio Gomez

Sienna Gomez

Isaiah Gonzalez

Aaron Guerrero

Kimberly Gutierrez

Bryant Hansbrough

Jeovanny Hernandez

Sofia Hernandez

Jacob Hightower

Jaden Huang

Arlene Ibarra

Caleb Ira

Vivian Jackson

Andrew Jang

Claire Jang

Katherine Jimenez

Sherlynn Jung

Ryan Kim

Tae Kim

Sarai King

Sixth Grade Portraits 27

Dana Lee

Ean Lee

Joseph Lepe

Lucia Liberatore

Centrail Lindsey

Mason Locke

Brian Logan

Tristan Lopez

Sophia Lucero

Joaquin Mesa

Tanner Moore

Enrique Morales

Mariah Morataya

Makayla Nava

Ngan Nguyen

Lucas Nightingale

Tommy Park

Dalia Patino

Phillip PlascenciaWebb

Makayla Pompa

Christian Pulido

Daniel Ramirez

Noah Reed

Max Rodriguez

Arianna Rojas

Nicholas Ruiz

Vicente Sainz

Anthony Sanchez

Dylan Sandoval

Sydney Seo

28 Sixth Grade Portraits

Joshua Shin

Madison Snider

Nathan Son

Albert Talavera

Grace Tandy

Charlotte Tarango

Skyler Thackerson

Adrian Toledo

Alexia Torres

Sofia Tullus

Nathanael Turpin

Michael Vasquez

Kayla Verdon

Nicholas Villalobos

Kingston Watts

Jonathan Wilson

Nolan Wojtaszek

Adiyah Woods

(above) Jonathan Wilson energizes his smile with a face full of sunshine. (left) Victor Arthurs gauges the tree trunk's girth while Jewelz Dube finds the circumference of the support stake during data collection.

Sixth Grade Portraits 29


How does one get somewhere if they have never gone there before? Students at Los Coyotes face this dilemma each and every day. The adults on campus can easily take the students to where they want to go, but that would be too easy. Los Coyotes students would not be able to get there on their own. Instead, the staff at Los Coyotes act as navigators. They illuminate the paths that students can take to get to their numerous destinations along with additional new ones that develop while they are on their way.

(above) Mr. Martinez, Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Carlisle brave the rain as they do their morning greetings to the students. (above right) Dr. MuĂąiz directs students and parents to the happenings during Back-to-School Night. (right) Ms. Chung shouts the rhythm while Tyler Chun and Sophia Sauers beat the Korean drums as Ms. Seo observes. (below) Mr. Vrsalovich enjoys the staff holiday party with Ms. Piazza and Ms. Robertson.

30 LCMS Staff

Tracey Ayer

Martha Beas

Ron Bremer

Tami Cammarata

Danielle Carlisle

Cheryl Chomchavalit

Tiffany Churchill

Lisa Concannon

Sandra Contreras

Hardian Ekadjaja

Sean Gohn

Evelyn Herrera

Chris MacIas

Larry Martinez

Marla McDonough

Jacob MuĂąiz

Barbara Petersen

Debra Piazza

Geraldine Posadas

Janet Ramont

Michelle Rangel

Lenora Robbins

Fidela Robertson

Natalie Rodriguez

Jo Ann Russell

Laura Thibodeaux

Ina Thurman

Melissa Valdez

(left) Thomas Im attempts to block Mr. Younger during a students vs. teachers basketball game.

Paul Verdon

Dana Vrsalovich

Michael Younger

(far left) Mr. Gohn conducts the Wind Ensemble as they rehearse for the Winter Concert. (left) Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Petersen match during a staff scavenger hunt. (far left) Mr. Ekadjaja challenges himself on the high ropes course at Leadership Camp, (very far left) Mr. Martinez and Mr. Chris joke around with each other during lunch.

LCMS Staff 31


What distance lear ning has taught me.

Every year as a teacher you always have long before I realized that I mis a mix of different students sed those in class. There students who needed an ext ra push to do are students who understan their work and those studen d things easily ts who were and students who need ext more challenging. ra help. Some are eager to participate and It took not seeing some would the rather be silent. There are the ones who go day to make me truly apprec m every iate how above and beyond and the ones who only do important all my students, including those the bare minimum. There are more challenging students, students who are to me. Just are easy to teach and stu like spices in food that are dents who can a bit too hot be a real challenge. sometimes but make your food taste This year began like each yea better, it is the mixture of r before, easy and with a mix of students like challenging students that this. Then makes teaching COVID-19 hit, and we had enjoyable. to start with distance learning. Suddenly So whatever kind those more of challenging students were no longer part of you are, know that your tea student chers care my day. Now my daily rou tine only involved about you, miss seeing you , and can’t wait interacting with those eas y, hard-working, to have you back in class again next year. above-and-beyond students. Pre - Mr. Bremer nice, and easy, right? Actua tty cool, lly it wasn’t

Good morning, students. Sunrise - 6:16 a Sunset - 7:29 p Today, I will ...

Dear 8th gr Class of 2020 ~ Wow, how time flies! We met in 6th grade and now 3 years later you’re headed to high school! I have been able to see you grow physically, emotionally and academically. I would tell you that I care about you, because I do. As your Assistant Principal, I was able to interact with you in many ways; sometimes I was your parent during the day, the school nurse to get you ice or a bandaid, I was enforcing rules and handing out consequences and sometimes I would just lend a listening ear. I will definitely miss those moments. As I write this, I’m filled many emotions... sad that I won’t get to see you walk across the stage, scared that loved ones could come down with COVID-19, anxious about the unknown, concerned on how all of

My dear students, thus began each day that we greeted each other. As each day passed , we became a community of learners. I learned from you, especially with the new curriculum. You, patiently followed through the bumps that we encountered . I was proud of you and felt a deep sense of gratitude to witness your growth . Not everything was rosy. Nothing in life is all rosy. Without challenges, can we grow in patience , compassion , perseverance , intellect? I chose to post the cut-out of the weather page on this note to you. Every morning, I received the weather page from a colleague who was my mentor when I first began teaching in the NorwalkLa Mirada district. Now, Ms. Montgomery is 92, and I am able to give her a hand . Each day, she picked up the paper in her crippled hands to cut out articles for "the kids". We never stop serving, when we have heart. Be kind to each other at home , especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Believe in yourself. It does take effort to achieve . You can achieve , and you will always find a teacher or a counselor or an administrator who will lend you a hand . Just ask . Class of 2020, continue to make a difference . Stay safe .​ "Many Blessings" to you and your families, Ms. Robertson

32 Dispatches from Staff

you are doing, proud of you for adjusting to working online and many more. When we were told on Friday, March 13th that schools would be closed for 2 weeks, I didn’t know that I’d never get to say “Goodbye,” “Good Luck to you,” “Have a great time in high school." I didn’t know that we wouldn’t have a traditional promotion ceremony where I was able to shake your hand, hand you your promotion certificate, with your families watching you with pride and joy. I am so proud of you all and I will miss you! Have fun in high school and continue making memories. Love, Ms. Cammarata

Believe in yourself and all that you are and can be ~ Work hard, be kind, and amazing, wonderful things will happen! Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Petersen

To the Los Coyotes class of 2020, 2021, 2022

rs. · Be good to othe g in din : ee 20 cc 20 Su of rt ss Cla st pa etc., ading into the be school, sports, We were just he th all the typical t wi , Bu ar f. ye uf e st ad t gr ea of the 8th And several gr ople, that ities coming up! being good to pe time. 8th grade activ Fridays”, od rld, one act at a Fo wo ”/” e es th ch lun ange more “working ed out. can ch ss mi u yo ed bumm We too! Hahaha! So like ility for yourself. es life slaps you · Take responsib t we bu e… s. But, hey, sometim lif en in pp g ha hin eryt t fair, but it ! can’t control ev od Go ! that. Not fun, no ke Ma . actions can control our ideas I’ll w fe e es th to Choices! Which brings me re, just Nothing new he t of leave you with. miss the heck ou Class of 2020, the ed ish some reminders. fin ’ve uld co u guys! Wish we yo is. it at wh ” is un y. But it experience “unf year the right wa · You’re going to siness, and . You , handle your bu ar! That’s a fact ye ard is rw th fo e lik Go s… we all know thing ies ! or up st s ep es St . cc step up become the su can collapse, or you can be! for ccess is the same , or · The “bar” for su be n life is easy as ca Mr. Martinez all, whether your ility to ALL have the ab u Yo h. ug to y reall at it takes. succeed. Do wh

Dear 8th Grade Students, As your Teacher, I will really miss the memories, laughs and fun times we had this year. I will miss not saying good bye to you in person and congratulate you on your Promotion. I was so lucky to have each of you in my class. It was a pleasure to see you grow over the months and I enjoyed seeing you not only reach your goals but to exceed them. I also want to thank my Cross Country, Football and Basketball players. You were a group that was so easy to coach. You were not only very talented but smart and played with passion. You exceeded every expectation I had.

This has been quite an un scho ol year for all of us usual . I appreciate that yo u ha ve all tried to do yo ur best in these trying times. I am proud of yo ur efforts academically, and yo ur support to one another. I feel ho no red to be yo ur scho ol co unselor , and to be ab le to wo rk with such wo nderful students. Please stay happ y, he althy and safe. Sincerely, Mrs. Piazza

You were sent a big challenge this year and I know you will strive thru it. You have conquered every challenge you were given this year with great success. I have no doubt that this challenge will make you stronger as a new phase in your future begins. Good luck, best wishes and congratulations to each of you.

Mr. Younger

Dear Centurions

Dispatches from Staff 33

(above) Ajanay Carrington uses her measuring tape to collect quantitative data. (right) Nayeli Tamayo stretches to deny an easy goal to Brooke Gonzalez.

(above) Angelyna Conde waits for Ms. Seo's instructions as Julianne Souza continues rolling up her sushi during the zero period (7:35 AM to 8:25 AM) Korean class. (right) Hayden Guerrero and Daniel Scott prepare to drop their ball as Talitha Arthurs hangs on to the measuring tape to see how the steepness of the ramp affects their data.

34 Academics


Knowledge complicates. You would think more of it would make life simpler. But it is quite the contrary. Having more knowledge makes living much more difficult. Before the acquisition of knowledge, few choices presented themselves to us. With less choice comes less stress; less worrying about making the wrong decision. Existing in a contented state comes with not knowing the opportunities you are missing. But ignorance is not bliss, or at least not ideal. More knowledge means more roads to explore. Having more paths available to us allow further reaches of potential success that life offers us. Complication should be embraced because it allows us to reach higher possibilities of joy and fulfillment.

(above) Aidan Zambon, Isabella Coronel and Kailyn Lee race the clock to complete a hula-hoop challenge during the Leadership class team-building field trip to Disneyland. (far above) Mr. Vrsalovich and Mateo Salas-Sarmiento position the support beam of the pavilion as Jacob Ergueta checks to make sure it is correctly set. (left) Linda Alvarez changes perspective in order to place together the different elements of her molecule.

Academics 35

(above) Ireland Wilson announces that she is about to drop her cushioning device from a great height. (right) Sophia Sauers, Tyler Chun and Claire Kim synchronize the beating of their Korean drums. (below) Kyle Mangaban and Jachin Lee begin to roll their sushi in Korean class.

(above) Kyle Vicente and Justin Torres glue their pairs of angles in the proper quadrant on their chart. (right) Brian Barocio, Nathan Rauen, Carlos Arguello Blandino and Nathan Na research different opportunities for their business in the Virtual Enterprise class.

36 Academics

(above) Sadie Brown captures a photo with her iPad to record both quantitative and qualitative data. (left) Ken Dela Rosa works on a Google Slide to sort the eight angles created by parallel lines cut by a transversal in math class. (below) Donning their safety goggles, Derrell Dimailig and Sofya Alonzo prepare to do their science lab.

(above) Mark Bautista and Jacob Hightower explore the different bells and whistles of their multimeter for Project Lead the Way. (left) Leilani Camarena and Alexandra Ficher collaborate on an assignment involving parallel lines cut by transversals.

Academics 37

(above) Joshua Gutierrez reacts to Logan Hillhouse's and Colin Khoang's business project. (right) Giselle DeAnda makes a break with the football as Seungju Lee puts on a fierce block on Rakeem Rahmany to allow her safe passage. (below) Ryan Kim inspects the construction of a robot with Samuel Hong.

(above) Carlos Arguello Blandino jukes past Brian Barocio while Preston Guinto, Nathan Rauen and Colin Khoang watch in awe of his moves. (right) Mr. Ekadjaja directs Kiley Kelley's and Kiana Graham's attention to a detail about a Leadership project they are planning.

38 Academics

(above) Evelyn Lee massages her rice as she learns about Korean culture by making sushi. (left) Oliver Diveley takes careful collection of the quantitative data. (below) Brennan Sullivan observes the reaction in his vial while Mr. Bremer observes Brennan's reaction.

(above) McKenzie Salas takes a close-up photo of the MPR wall for a photography class. (left) Meghan Dewey holds her lacrosse stick hoping the ball will float into the webbing. (far left) Ashley Oh places the angles in the right category while Talitha Arthurs wonders how other students are creating their chart.

Academics 39

(right) Amy Grijalva and Melody Huesca Sanchez play their flutes in unison. (far right) Rudy Cano creates a strong finish to the song by beating on the bass drum. (below) Aaron Guerrero and Caleb Ira apply a "tap-a-tap" and "boom-boom" to the sound of the band.

(above) Benjamin Kim, Angel Acuna Reta and Jaden Huang sweeten the sound with the warm glow of their saxophones. (right) Claire Jang closely watches Mr. Gohn as she livens up the Winter Concert song with a range of notes on her saxophone.

40 Concert Band


(above) Tria Loyola expertly provides a sweet and delicate melody line to the band's Winter Concert performance. (far above) Aiden Chung and Nicholas Villalobos keep in rhythm on their percussion instruments while Anthony Sanchez blows into his tuba to create the deep bass notes. (left) Lianna Blancoromero Aguilar playfully produces harmonious notes with her clarinet.

Concert Band 41


(above) Rakeem Rahmany performs on the french horn while Sebastian Nute plays the alto saxophone during the Winter Concert. (far above) John Alcayde focuses intently as he tunes his saxophone for the Winter Concert rehearsal. (right) Marcelo Rodriguez keeps in rhythm and waits for the measures to introduce his euphonium into the band's song.

42 Symphonic Band

(left) Aleeya Willie, Niya Chacon and Isela Triay synchronize their flutes during their performance. (far below) Xavier Cooper focuses on the sheet music for his next trombone part during the Winter Concert. (below) Olivia Lopez and Jaclyn Iribe count the measures until it is time to play their notes on the clarinet.

(above) Isaac Garcia and Marlie Rojas generate strong brassy tones with their trumpets for an integral part of the song. (left) Crystal Rico splits her attention on her embouchure and the sheet music to expertly play her flute for the Winter Concert.

Symphonic Band 43

(above) Aaron Sykes hits the timing just right as he crashes together his cymbals to punctuate the moment. (below) Jason Hartley expertly commands the slide of his trombone as he complements the harmonious sound.

(above) Emilio Salas-Sarmiento's, Carlos Vaca's and Tyler Kong's fingers and lips synchronize as they play their trumpet parts. (right) Janice Yoon gracefully plays her flute to enhance the melody.

44 Wind Ensemble


(above) Aidan Navarro shows off his skills on the bells at Back-to-School Night. (left) Jacoba Van Hartingsveldt and Sieun Yang sit front and center as their flutes elevate the band's sound.

(above) Faith Kim and Lily Tran provide a light sound with a delicate touch to the band's performance during Back-to-School Night. (left) Lance Melo and Emily Gang create one cohesive sound on both their saxophones.

Wind Ensemble 45

GUITAR (right) Adriana Moreno and Dalia Patino concentrate on their fingering. (below) Alan Vasquez duets together with Mr. Gerrakos during a concert.

(above) Eric Plata, Madison Snider and Joshua Shin coordinate their performance of "Take on Me." (far right) Samantha Ashley focuses on her guitar while she plays a riff. (right) Gizelle Guillano plays high on her guitar neck for a performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody." (below right) Andrew Perez concentrates on pressing down the right strings on his fretboard. (below far right) Gracie Razo-Ortiz and Adrian Virgen stretch their hands to play difficult chords. (below) Kayla Verdon keeps in rhythm.

46 Guitar


(left) Alyssa Avila explains her point of confusion during a tutorial, as Aaron Lim listens attentively. (below) Josiah Lafferre rubs the foot of the broken Statue of David for luck while on a campus tour of California State University, Fullerton.

(above) Avid tutor Miss Mindy listens as Shreya Hairston explains her steps during a tutorial. (above left) During the joint ASB/AVID Disneyland Leadership field trip, Chloe Lee, Keith Ortiz and Dhalia Garcia work on their teamwork skills to move the hula hoops around the circle. (far left) Malia Rodriguez, Isabella Duran, McKenzie Dahl and Alicia Sandoval-Lopez practice giving thier classmates feedback on their TRF forms. (left) Madison Shook, Emma Nightingale, Brandon Rivera, Natalie Reyes and Destiny Vega-NuĂąez stop at the USC booth at the College and Career Expo at John Glenn High School.



(above) Julianna Maines guides Breanna Sabeva to her homeroom on the morning of the first day of school with Mia DeLaCruz in tow. (below right) Margaret Norton slaps a high-five on Brian Logan as they celebrate Group 10 and getting their picnic party popsicles. (below) Peter Estavillo tosses a giant greeting to other WEB groups as he and Leilani Camarena guide their own group during Step Ahead orientation.

48 Where Everybody Belongs

(above) Charlene Kim challenges Emily Estrada, Jewelz Dube and Sofia Hernandez with a pencil pattern puzzle. (left) Kristine Kim leads Bailey Currie, Dana Lee, Daniel Ramirez and Frank Corrales during the balloon name game as they all anticipate their turn. (below) Jeovanny Hernandez selects a Jolly Rancher from Emily Gang for answering a question about middle school.

(above) Lucia Liberatore hands off her crumpled piece of paper to Faith Kim as Lucia parts with a personal parcel about herself. (far above) Kassandra Valadez asks Nathan Espacio a middle school question while sharing her own input. (left) Mayma Alcantar Barcelo goes full throttle when aiming the rings toward Sean Gomez, the unluckiest reindeer of all.

Where Everybody Belongs 49


If you have ever been on a road trip, you know the importance of taking a break. Too many hours getting from here to there can be exhausting. Without some distraction, it would be unhealthy. At school, taking breaks balances the rigors of learning new things. Not only do we get much needed rest, but we also have a chance to catch up on each other's journeys. Destressing becomes vital because the degree of difficulty of our trip only gets higher and higher.

(above) Joshua Galindo, Brennan Sullivan, Joseph Lafferre and Kellen Watts spectate the ping-pong match that Kole Gutierrez is immersed in. (below right) ZoĂŠ Chang and Noah Reed wave their greetings while answering future Centurions' questions during the fifth grade visit.

(above) Kyialee Wood, Victoria Sainz, Savannah Pruitt and Isela Triay truly enjoy each other's company at lunch. (right) Angelyna Conde, Brandon Rivera, Kiana Graham, Gabrielle Gerds, Niya Chacon, Aidan Zambon, Derell Dimailig, Kristine Kim, Christian Boyd, Kailyn Lee and Priscilla Trinidad all strike a "That One Team" pose at Leadership Camp at Alpine Meadows in Angelus Oaks.

50 Student Life

(left) Sofya Alonzo and Isabella Duran add the final letters to their Red Ribbon Week fence message. (below) Nathan Oritz and John Alcayde greet Miguel Alvarez during lunch to catch up on each other's day.

(above) Sadie Borgens, Evelyn Lee and Margaret Norton inspect the results of the costume contest on Halloween. (above left) Jirah Domingo asks Brian Logan to log his name as Kiersten Mahan gathers a Scream Fest ticket for him. (left) Mason Locke, Kingston Watts, Ryan Campos, Joshua McNealey, Aidan Greenway, Xavier Perkins, Ian Esmilla, Sergio Gomez, Murdoch Brown and Aaron Guerrero attempt to form a kick-line during lunch.

Student Life 51

(above) Elly Brown and Serenity Flanagan demonstrate their friendship next to the lunch line. (right) Isaac Lopez Del Haro sprints with the aluminum can as Noah Bak, Kevin Rama, Adam Charles and Colin Khoang keep track of the recycling relay race. (below) Brandon Suzuki and Gabriel White lock into the Red Ribbon Assembly as Ethan Hsu surrenders to the sunny day and closes his eyes.

(above) Chloe Lee, Dhalia Garcia and Shreya Hairston build a Jenga tower together with Ian Brooks on an AVID Fun Friday. (right) A rainy day does not deter Brian Dang and Hoang Nguyen from teaming up for a doubles game of ping-pong.

52 Student Life

(above) Dominick Bonilla, Justin Chung and Sienna Ruacho exercise during lunch as they walk the hallways. (left) Maddison Charles checks her phone while Abby Uriarte stifles a mirthful chuckle. (below) Sienna Gomez and Sydney Seo commit themselves to opening the top and then getting to the bottom of Sienna's orange juice carton.

(above) Alexia Torres, Kimberly Gutierrez, Niki Buenaventura and Adiyah Woods enjoy the focus of the camera while Lucas Nightingale silently wishes he were somewhere else. (left) Emma Nightingale watches her slapshot fly as Joshua Guillen, Nathan Ortiz and Shayna Skutt show their amazement during the L.A. Kings visit to introduce ball hockey.

Student Life 53

(above) Madison Snider, Mariah Morataya and Sienna Gomez hoop it up for a WEB game at lunch. (right) Shaylynn Beltran, Vicente Sainz and Sean Gomez challenge themselves to keep the balloon in the air during WEB Step Ahead day. (far right) Tyler Snyder moves too late to guard Kiana Graham as she puts up a close shot as Aidan Zambon can only watch. (below) Jada Aleman reaches for Rebecca Isaacson's french fry but Rebecca gets it in her mouth.

(above right) Bri Labasan places the Plinko puck onto the Plinko play board as Gabriel Lucero keeps track of his score. (above far right) Ethan Song and Jeffrey Fulgham roam around the hallways, racing to avoid a tardy for their next class. (far right) Charlotte Tarango and Grace Tandy look ready for the brand new year while on the first day of school. (right) Jaylin Williams discusses class with Mia DeLaCruz, Gracie Razo-Ortiz and Samantha Ashley.

54 Student Life


(above) Adriane Balubar, Julianna Maines, Yadhira Aranda and Jaelyn Hunter make memories at the photobooth. (above left) Victoria Sainz, Kaila Alayon and Savannah Pruitt enjoy themselves while dancing to their favorite song. (left) Vivian Jackson and Gabrielle Gerds proudly show off their pumpkins.

(above) Daniel Ramirez struggles while mummy-wrapping Aaron Russo. (left) Ireland Wilson bravely walks through the dark maze as a creepily masked Sofya Alonzo stalks her.

Scream Fest 55


(above) Ms. Ayer observes as the Loving Leaders including Kassandra Valadez, Savannah Pruitt, Kiley Kelley, Joy Jung, Logan Hillhouse and Adam Charles work to untangle their knot, human edition. (right) Evelyn Lee visits the top of the trees after climbing the pole for the Leap of Faith. (far right) Derrell Dimailig, Kailyn Lee, Niya Chacon and Kristine Kim perform their skit about managing conflict amongst friends.

(above) Lucia Liberatore focuses on the other side of the tightrope as she begins her trek across. (right and far right) Sally Delgado mentally prepares for her leap of faith while Gabrielle Gerds launches into the leap with strong form.

56 Leadership Camp

(left) Leadership Camp, November 9-11, 2019 at Alpine Meadows in Angelus Oaks, California. (far below) Kiana Graham aids Kailyn Lee through the spider web after Gabrielle Gerds, Angelyna Conde, Aidan Zambon and Derrel Dimailig succssfully make it through. (below) Savannah Garcia and Sean Gomez take aim at the bullseye.

(above) Kassandra Valadez steadies herself as she makes her way across the tightrope. (above left) Jimmy Arellano tries his best to capture the coffee can with his legs from Gracie Razo-Ortiz. (left) Tyler Snyder stretches for the kettle bell after taking the leap of faith. (far left) Elizabeth Eason scales the climbing wall with ease.

Leadership Camp 57


The coronavirus crisis suspends life around the globe, causing panic, shutdowns and deaths


series of events It was the virus felt around the world. In an unprecedented series of events, a new coronavirus dramatically changed life in the spring of 2020. COVID-19, the shortened name for coronavirus disease 2019, originated in Wuhan, China, in December. By March, there were cases across the globe. The World Health Organization classified the outbreak a pandemic, March 11. Three additional announcements that day would make the situation real and personal for Americans: the NBA suspended their season, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and actor Tom Hanks announced he and his wife tested positive. The ripple effects were immediate. The stock market plunged. The NCAA canceled the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and spring seasons. Shoppers scrambled to stores, filling their carts with disinfectant products, toilet paper and bottled water. In addition, they cleared shelves of milk, eggs, dairy, bread, canned goods and meat. Grocery stores worked rapidly to restock empty shelves, but couldn’t keep up with demand. Meanwhile, the Centers for

As part of preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19, a worker sprays disinfectant in a school in Thessaloniki, Greece, Feb. 28, 2020. Photo by Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock.com

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention activated its Emergency Operations Center to assist public health partners in responding to the coronavirus disease. Photo by James Gathany/CDC

learn the lingo

CORONAVIRUS CORONAVIRUS CORONAVIRUS covid-19 coronavirus Stands for coronavirus Coronaviruses, named for crown


disease 2019. Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, cough and breathing trouble.




Symptoms Symptoms may appear may appear 2-14 2-14after days exposure. after exposure. Forexposure. more Forinfo: more www.cdc.gov/COVID19-symptoms info: www.cdc.gov/COVID19-symptoms Symptoms maydays appear 2-14 days after For more info: www.cdc.gov/COVID19-symptoms

An epidemic is the rapid spreading of disease in a certain population or region. A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread worldwide.

58 COVID-19

like spikes on their surfaces, are a family of viruses that can cause disease in people and animals. Although there are several coronaviruses, it became widely understood that “coronavirus” referenced the COVID-19 virus impacting the world.

COVID-19 introduces the world to a new lexicon

social distancing

Generally, social distancing involves measures to restrict when and where people can gather. The goal is to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases. Measures can include limiting the number of people who can gather, staying six feet away from others, closing schools, asking people to work at home, canceling events, limiting or shutting down public transportation, etc.

Source: Associated Press Stylebook https://twitter.com/APStylebook https://www.apstylebook.com/topical_most_recent

Disease Prevention and Control continued to recommend prevention methods, including hand-washing, staying home and social distancing. The medical community struggled to stay healthy, provide testing and have enough equipment and beds. Local and state governments enacted shelter-in-place orders and mandated shutdowns of nonessential businesses. Schools, which had already extended spring breaks, contemplated distance learning for the rest of the semester. ABC News reported March 26, more than 90 percent of the world’s children were not in school. As streets emptied and businesses closed, more and more Americans found themselves without a job. As of late March, there were 3.3 million new applications for unemployment benefits. To stem the economic emergency, Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus package. The legislation provided financial assistance for citizens and businesses, including personal stimulus checks, funding for hard-hit hospitals and local governments, and loans for struggling businesses. Reporting by Balfour Publishing

flatten the curve A phrase referring to a COVID-19 graphic showing a steep incline in cases. Social distancing and shelter-in-place measures were implemented to “flatten the curve,” spreading out cases over a longer period of time and putting less stress on the health care industry.

remote learning

Also known as distance learning, virtual teaching, virtual instruction and online education. Schools across the country canceled in-person instruction, with many moving to remote learning in late spring.

Los Coyotes Does Distance Learning On March 13, 2020, Superintendent Danielian declared that campuses were to be closed until the end of the month. The next week, students discovered their new reality in attending school. Rather than spending the time with a group of students in their classrooms, they would now be learning at home. Their electronic devices and the Internet would be the tools to deliver the instruction and assignments as well as allow interaction with their teachers. Anything different requires adaptation. Some students adapted with little effort while others had difficulty and took more time. As more announcements from the district delayed the re-opening of campus and eventually, the closure of the campus through the end of the school year, it became clear the adjustment was unavoidable. Here are some stories of how students responded to these developments.

Emily Aceves In my own personal bedroom, I have a desk. I have a place to charge my iPad and work comfortably next to my window that gives a lot of sunlight. As soon as I wake up to my alarm around 8 AM, I usually grab my iPad and look for anything that’s due that day. I work all day or until I’ve completed my work for that day. I miss the interaction with my teachers and friends. I miss being social. Bailey Currie

Hoang Nguyen I do all my assignments on my desk. I use my computer While I’m distance learning, I usually set up in my and school iPad to access room but sometimes I go outside. Schoology. The first thing I do is look at my checklist for the I always start out with day. I start with math and then I do language arts. math, then language arts, Next, I take a small break then I do social science and then science. When I'm science. I do gymnastics for P.E. and I sometimes help finished, I check for social my brother with his work. studies homework and What I like about distance learning is I can spend complete them. more time with my family and have more time for I like how I can stay at hobbies. What I don’t like about distance learning is that when I ask a teacher a question, they don’t answer right away. I ask a lot home and finish all my school work. I also enjoy of questions! having lots more free time I feel like everything has changed and will never be the same. I will than I would have if I were to appreciate all the little things when this is over, like sports, going to restaurants and hanging out with my friends. go to school.

LCMS, SAFER AT HOME EDITION We adjusted our lives because of the COVID-19 outbreak. School looked differently as well as the daily routines that we spent our time involved in. Los Coyotes students made the best of their opportunities. They acclimated to having to learn from home. Our students also continued in their activities outside of school, regardless of the situation. Carly Cazares My learning setup is either my kitchen table or my chair in my room with a book shelf as my desk. I wake up at 8:30 AM or 9:00 AM and then check Schoology and then finish some of my work then eat breakfast and then after I will start my school work again. I don’t really like it (distance learning) but I understand why it is happening and I will try my best to keep up with my school work as hard as I can. Alex Heang I do my work on my bed. It is like a giant pillow that swallows anything on it's surface like water. I do it around 9 PM. I decide by what I feel like doing first. Distance learning is the same thing as normal school except you don't interact with anyone.

Bringing the Activities to Us If We Can't Go to Them Sydney Mae Estrella Almost everyday I take virtual dance classes, I paint, draw, tie dye, watch, play outside, do tricks on my trampoline, and make TikToks. I am sometimes scared for myself and family because whenever I hear stories about people dying, I don’t want that to happen. I care about everyone in the world especially the people having corona and the elderly. Hopefully, we all continue to stay at home so we can all get through this faster.

Our lives have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The busy lives we led have been halted because we no longer can participate in all the activities we used to do. The instructions by the state to stay at home prevents us from attending them. But we are resilient. Although the limitations imposed by the government prevent us from going to these places, we can instead bring them to our homes. Our students have come up with creative ways to keep their lives active. From the safety of our homes, we continue with the parts of our lives that enrich them. Technology facilitates this transition. Some of it did not exist prior to the beginning of this century. The electronic devices that bring remote locations to our homes allow us to continue growing in the areas we used to go to after school. Other tools have existed for awhile and we continue to utilize them for our growth. Although the world seems more closed off, we can still maintain our full lives. Mia De La Cruz I sometimes spend my time painting a lot and play video games with my brother. I also do weight-lifting which tires me out but it's still fun. My other thoughts on what is going on right now? It all sucks because we would all be in school right now and adults would be working and making money obviously to survive. Greedy people are taking all the toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Elizabeth Eason I miss my friends since I never get to see them anymore. Before spring break I was staying in my room as much as possible; I worked out in my room, I did my work in my room, I spent all my free time in my room, the only time I came out was when my parents made me come out to eat or go get lunch from school. Over spring break I realized that there was no point to this and it was actually harming me; my work wasn't as good quality, I didn't work hard when I worked out, my stories were becoming sad and depressing, and I lacked motivation and was becoming depressed so I decided to do something about it. I went outside more during spring break and I brought my stories back to the quality they used to be. Now my work is better quality, I challenge myself every time I work out to work harder than last time, my story characters are looking up and becoming stronger, I am now motivated to become better than I was before quarantine; stronger, smarter, faster, more flexible, kinder, more understanding, and overall a better person.

LCMS, Safer at Home 59








Book Adaptations

I recommend "Anne With an e" only if you have read the book because it is very similar and could spoil the book for you. - Victoria Sainz

(I recommend) "All the Bright Places" because it talks about how life changes go and we go behind the scenes of school. - Kimberly Gutierrez

(I would not recommend) "Locke and Key" because it is not entirely appropriate for younger viewers. - Gabriel White

Binge It!

I like "Alexa and Katie" because it was good for my age and I like how the show was about a girl’s journey through cancer. - Sydney Mae Estrella

I recommend "The Flash" because the 40 minute (I would recommend) "All American" (because) there's a lot of drama and a lot of suspense. episodes feel like 15 minutes and every episode leaves - Savannah Garcia (with) a huge cliff hanger. - Joshua Gutierrez

Comfort Food

I recommend "Togo" because it is a very fun movie to I recommend "We Bare Bears" if you like shows to relax "Lab Rats" will make you laugh and take your minds off everything that’s happening. - Charlotte Tarango watch with family. - Aiden Chung and laugh. - Nathanael Turpin

Hidden Gems

I would recommend "Kids on the Slope" to people who "3 Below" is a great follow up of the popular show "Troll "Animaniacs." Too many Gen Zs are too young to know really enjoy music, specifically jazz, because it is a very Hunters." It is an off branch but is just as good, maybe this show. It shows humor doesn't have to be horrible in any sense. - Victor Arthurs interesting manga/anime. - Sally Delgado even better. - Noah Reed

60 LCMS Streams

To do our part in social distancing, we were asked to be "safer at home." As much as it was stressful, we had our best friends to keep us company and make us feel safe.


(Top row, left to right) Krista Ramos and Nugget; Emily Aceves and Luna; Mayra Loaiza and Batman; Charlotte Tarango and Penny; Justin Chung and Zoey. (2nd row) Noah Bak with Randy, Sun, Kyle, Noah and Noel; Ms. Carlisle with Padme, Thor and Rosie; Bailey Currie and Jack; Adam Charles and Lucky; Makayla Pompa and Ollie. (3rd row) Aaron Lim and Cloud; Talitha Arthurs and Courage; Nathan Simpson and Max; Katherine Jiminez and Colt; Gracie Razo-Ortiz with Yoda, Rex and Tigre. (4th row) Chloe Lee and Teddy; Frankie Corrales and Paz; Sienna Gomez and Gracie; Jo'elee Flores-Perez with Moby and Brownie; Dalia Patino and Chico. (5th row) Owen VillaseĂąor and Mitzie; Kassandra Valadez with Cotton Candy Donut; Gabrielle Gerds and Blue; Lucia Liberatore and Ă‘oqui; Christian Boyd and Tillers. (Bottom row) Aaron Sykes and Charlie; Preston Guinto with Zelda and Link; Brandon Suzuki and Tyson; Adriane Balubar and Theodore; Kyialee Wood with Lunar and Nova; Dana Lee with Choco and Cookie.

Safer at Home with My Best Friends 61

LCMS GALLERY Nayeli Tamayo

Just for Fun

Isela Triay

A month into distance learning and we realized that the path in front of us needed an outlet to express ourselves. To help our students stay engaged in school, Mrs. Carlisle and Ms. Rodriguez decided to launch a Sketch 40 challenge. Each day a new theme was revealed to allow students to practice their sketching skills or to take their art skills to the next level. There was a renewed Tae Hyun Kim sense of creativity and communinty, as students shared their art and admired others'. Explore some of the standout pieces for yourself.

Nicolas Pelayo

Gizelle Guillano

Sieun Yang

Lightbulbs Allyson Kim

Kaila Alayon

62 LCMS Gallery

Kailyn Lee

Jason Hartley

Special Exhibits

Sally Dietchak

Victor Arthurs

Preston Guinto

Katherine Jimenez


Bea Hermoso

Gracie Razo

Dana Lee

Sydney-Mae Estrella


Adam Charles

Makayla Pompa

Claire Kim

LCMS Gallery 63

ATHLETICS Sports expose you to new experiences, the pressure of competition and working with a team. Whether you win or lose, it's about the experience gained, the things you learned, and the memories you made. These athletes train for long hours after school. They put their all into playing their sport to the best of their abilities, whether their sport is basketball, football, cheer, soccer, softball or volleyball. With hard work, passion, and perseverance, they could be on the path to becoming the next greatest sports players.

(above) Gabriel Luengas goes head-to-head, literally, as he and a Benton player have the same idea on how to direct the soccer ball. (above right) Keith Ortiz floats a lay-up while driving the lane to put up points against a Benton defender. (right) Linesmen Andrew Perez, Sean Gomez, Noah Bak and Tyler Snyder are ready to block the Hutchinson defense to protect their quarterback, Joshua Gonzalez.

64 Athletics

(left) Jirah Domingo freezes the Corvallis ball handler right at the half-court line. (far below) Madison Shook receives the serve with backup from Kiersten Mahan, Noah Reed and Angelyna Conde. (below) Joseph Lafferre chases down the ball before it goes out of bounds.

(above) Caleb Ahn and Joy Jung sprint after the ball as Sophia Lucero, Gabriel Lucero and Merida Aguilar stay behind them. (left) Under pressure from a Benton defender, Joshua Gonzalez tosses the football to Josiah Lafferre for the first down.

Athletics 65

CROSS COUNTRY (right) Thomas Im, Joshua Gutierrez, Nicholas Estrada, Logan Hillhouse and Gabriel Luengas start the day with the 8th grade boys' race. (below right) Kaila Alayon and Gizelle Guillano build up steam as they head up a hill mid-race. (below far right) Alyssa Avila picks up speed downhill as Angelyna Conde follows close behind. (below) Merida Aguilar pushes herself up a hill as she passes the midpoint of the course.

(right) Aidan Zambon and George Silverio keep a steady pace as they get ready to round a corner on the path. (above far right) Abby Uriarte leads fellow 8th grade girls Margaret Norton and Maddison Charles as they start off the race. (below far right) Noah Reed and Murdoch Brown are ready to sprint into the final leg of the race. (below) ZĂ“e Chang is the breakaway leader of the 6th grade girls race.

66 Cross Country

FOOTBALL (left) Keith Ortiz takes off down field in a kick return as Jaden Cdebaca, Sean Gomez, Eddie Orozco and Kayla Verdon rush to block Benton's defense. (below left) Brian Dang reaches out to successfully grab the flag off the opposing running back to end the play. (below far left) Josiah Lafferre gets an interception and takes off toward the end zone as Thomas Im follows the play. (below) Noah Bak prepares to snap the ball to the quarterback, as Sean Gomez, Tyler Snyder and Thomas Im get ready to start the next play.

(above) Joseph Lafferre runs the ball while Joseph Boler leads the rest of the offensive line to guard other players to keep the ball safe. (above left) George Silverio starts the game with a kick off as Phillip Webb, Aidan Zambon and Jaden Cdebaca get ready to take down Corvallis. (left) Quarterback Joshua Gonzalez runs a sweep against Hutchinson as Keith Ortiz, Andrew Perez, Josiah Lafferre, Sean Gomez and Tyler Snyder block their defensive line.

Football 67


(above) Kiersten Mahan sets up Margaret Norton to spike the ball against Benton. (right) Kiley Kelley prepares to pass the ball to Richard Silvas as Claire Jang, Linda Alvarez and Jirah Domingo watch in anticipation. (below) Kiana Graham and Angelyna Conde are ready to block the hit from Hutchinson.

(right) Madison Shook and Noah Reed wait to see where Carly Cazarez's pass will go on the court. (above right) Margaret Norton prepares to pass the ball to the setter as Claire Jang provides back up and Coach Rodriguez watches the play. (far right) Jirah Domingo gets some height on her jump as she makes a killer hit against Corvallis.

68 Volleyball

SOCCER (left) Joy Jung powerfully moves the ball up the field. (below) Thomas Im goes for the header as Merida Aguilar and Yahdira Aranda protect the goal.

(far left) Merida Aguilar and Sophia Lucero fight for posesssion of the ball with a Waite player. (left) Fade Ibraheem sprints to the ball as Kiersten Mahan and Jeovanny Hernandez back him up. (below) Yadhira Aranda prevents the Waite players from scoring a goal.

(left) ZĂ“e Chang boots the ball down field. (far left) Gabriel Lucero makes a goal kick to move the ball out of the defensive zone as Thomas Im defends the team's goal. (very far left) Carlos Arguello Blandino races ahead to control the ball to prevent the Benton player from gaining possession.

Soccer 69


(right) Kiana Graham and Angelyna Conde trap a Benton player, forcing her to turn over the ball. (below right) Angelyna Conde makes herself some dribbling room while Chloe Lee fills the wing. (below far right) Alyssa Avila leads the fast break with Nayeli Tamayo and Mariah Morataya trailing as they put offensive pressure on Hutchinson. (below) While winning the District Champtionship game against Los Alisos, 25 to 21, Tristin Foafoa, Angelyna Conde and Kiana Graham converge together on a Los Alisos player to intercept the pass.

(above) Jirah Domingo takes off like a jet as she pushes the tempo of the game even faster. Los Coyotes outscored Benton, 47 to 7. (above far right) Coach Zach emphasizes pressure and defense on the team's way to a championship. (below far right) Kiana Graham strips away the ball from the Los Alisos ball handler. (right) Tristin Foafoa and Mariah Morataya stop the dribbler as the team defeats Hutchinson, 46 to 8.

70 Girls Basketball

BOYS BASKETBALL (above) Nathan Rauen swishes the free throw. (left) Jaden Cdebaca lets a corner jump shot fly as the referee signals that it's a three-pointer. (below left) Justin Chung blows by the two Benton defenders as he makes a path to the hoop.

(above) Keith Ortiz finishes his drive with a short jumper over his defender for the easy hoop. Los Coyotes went on to defeat Corvallis to win third place in the District Tournament. (left) Brian Dang stays with the Benton ball handler as he prevents a quick score as Sean Gomez searches for his defensive assignment. (above far left) Aidan Zambon stretches high to meet a pass thrown to him. (far left) Josiah Lafferre pilfers the ball from the Corvallis player as Sean Gomez, Brian Dang and Joseph Lafferre play strong team defense. (left) A Benton defender sends Nathan Rauen to the free throw line as Nathan goes for a reverse layup. Although Los Coyotes came up short against the eventual champion, Benton, they defeated Hutchinson in their other game.

Boys Basketball 71


(above) Emma Nightingale looks fierce during a routine at Back-to-School Night. (above right) Chloe Gonzalez, Jaelyn Hunter and Sofia Arguello clap during their performance. (below) Co-Captains Kassandra Valadez and Isabella Duran lead the squad in a cheer at the Winter Tournament.

(above) Kassandra Valadez and Priscilla Trinidad excitedly finish their cheer. (above right) Ximena Jimenez and McKenzie Dahl perform at the Fall Sports Tournament. (right) Mayma Alcantar Barcelo and Kimberly Gutierrez get their arms up wide for the leap cheer.

72 Cheer


Jirah Domingo

For Jirah, the desire to play basketball came from watching her older sister and wanting to be like her. Basketball is a game that requires many skills and qualities in a player to help create the best team possible. According to Jirah, accountability, cooperation and leadership skills are on the top of that list. She also says that "it takes a lot of time to play basketball, so I'd dedicate at least two hours a day to play and practice." Dedication is a major part of being on a team, but cooperation is just as essential. Jirah says it's best to have "time to get to know each other [and learn to play together] as a team. When players don't slack off and work at their skills, they may just prove to be fast learners. There may be days when you're off your game or are too exhausted from practice to find the motivation to finish up homework. But if you can achieve that high level of teamwork, then relaxing after a win will feel extra amazing!"

Joseph got into playing football at a young age by watching his older brother's practices. He, as well as his brother Josiah, were inspired to play by seeing their dad coach the sport as well. "I play football because I love the game [and] the competition, plus it's fun and rewarding. The feeling when you win there’s nothing better than that, but to win requires a lot of dedication." What skills make one a good football player? To Joseph, natural ability and athleticism is a must. But he also believes that in order to be a good teammate, you should have good chemistry with the other players. One of the best qualities and skills that he has learned from football is leadership. Being a leader is essential to the sport. Though Joseph loves to play football, he mentions that "it can be annoying sometimes like taking over your life or having to do sprints when I'm tired." Finding the balance between practice, games and homework is also challenging, as football takes up a lot of his time. Good time management skills will be beneficial, as Joseph also plays basketball and baseball. Though he hopes to play football in high school, and maybe even college.

Noah Reed

Joseph Lafferre

Noah got into playing volleyball because it was a new sport he wanted to learn how to play. Noah wants to play volleyball in high school and by joining a volleyball league, he says, "I can improve my skills like reflexes and agility. I know that those things can have a big impact on how a team plays." When asked about the dedication required to play volleyball, Noah responded with, "volleyball takes perseverance, teamwork, determination and a LOT of practice on and off the court." Volleyball can be rewarding like when you beat a team that has a better reputation than your team. But it can also be annoying for Noah. The most annoying thing was, "the fact that because many didn’t know me, they thought I wouldn’t do good." This made finding a partner for certain activities difficult. Every team has its faults. To Noah, "our worst quality was probably getting too nervous and then giving up on the 3rd place game." What the team needs to improve on is to "be able to react and move a little quicker in the sense of calling the ball and each other." When asked about the best quality he responded with, "I think our team’s best quality was our defense." L.C. Athlete Spotlight 73

ONTO FURTHER DESTINATIONS! Life is a race with many starts and finishes. The last big finish most students had was in fifth grade. We start again with the transition to middle school, where the next finish line is the end of eighth grade. Yet, a few months later, the race starts again in high school. Although the finish line is our goal, it is not our primary focus. We learn to enjoy the times in between the beginning and the end of each stage: where we live our lives; where we learn through our actions. Sometimes, we want to magically appear at the final destination. But it is in the moments, the memories, the people we meet and the lessons we learn that make the whole journey worth it. Fare thee well to those moving onto the next race. For those coming back, get plenty of rest and be ready to run!

(above) Makayla Pompa concentrates on hitting every sweet-sounding note for the Winter Concert. (above right) During the fifth grade tour, Sophia Sauers and Julianne Souza write guests’ names in Korean. (right) Alexia Torres, Sophia Tullus, Krista Ramos and Niki Buenaventura huddle around to view something captivating. (far right) Anthony Gonzalez makes sure that Maddison Charles does not get in front of him to give a warm greeting to Ms. Sholty.

74 Onto Further Destinations

(above) Bryant Hansbrough and Victoria Sainz concentrate on their parts as their left hands press down on the frets and their right hands pluck at individual strings during a guitar class performance. (left) Caleb Choi, Hubert Jang and Sean Lee make their opinions heard as they yell their votes for the best costume at Scream Fest. (below far left) Skyler Thackerson gets pumped up during WEB Step Ahead day. (below left) John Alcayde and Nathan Simpson refresh themselves and walk through the quad as they check out their lunch options. (below) Dr. MuĂąiz aims carefully with his "snowball" during the WEB Cookies and Cocoa event as to get it into one of the snowman's holes while Albert Talavera and Ian Esmilla are on tenterhooks while cheering him along.

Onto Further Destinations 75

Kassandra Valadez

Frankie Corrales

We are all so proud of you. No matter what is thrown your way you continue to move forward and Never give up. I wish you could see yourself through our eyes, you'd see an amazing, funny, smart, caring, loving and handsome young man. We love you with all our hearts and can't wait for your next adventure in 7th grade! Love you always, Daddy, Mommy, Richie and Princess Sofia

We’re all so proud of you and what you have accomplished so far. Keep working to the best of your ability and you will do great. Good Luck in High School! We love you! Mom, Whita, and Abuelo

Keith Ortiz

We are proud of you and your accomplishments! You are an awesome brother to your sister and a dedicated basketball and football player. We know you will continue to achieve great things in High School. We’re your biggest Fans! Mom, Dad, Sister




Ian Brooks

E-Dawg, You are a massive source of inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. We are so proud of how hard you work! Your happiness and smile light up our lives. Thank you to our beloved Miss Laura, Ms Rangel, and all the Los Coyote Staff who believe in you as much as we do. Love you! Mom, Dad, Liam and Rey

Adiyah Pooh You are so amazing! There is nothing that you can't do with the help of Yah. Always remember that IMPOSSIBLE is merely saying "I am Possible" The ONLY thing you can't achieve is the thing you have never tried!

We are so very proud of you! You are growing into such a fine young man. Continue to follow your dreams! Stay focused on your goals and always challenge yourself. We love you! Mom & Dad

Congrats Madam President

Margaret We are so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments. From ASB President to Captain of the Volleyball Team you continue to amaze us. As you take your leap into HS remember to stay true to yourself. Hakuna Matata! Love Madre, Mackenzie, and Squirt 76 PDA

Logan Hillhouse Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey. Love Always, Mom, Dad, and the whole family

Our Baby

Marcelo Joey Rodriguez


Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Continue to shine my love, continue to push for goals that make you feel happiness and success and don't you EVER forget to have fun along the way! We LOVE YOU!

Another milestone & We couldn’t be more proud of you! You’re very smart, a hard worker, and most importantly, a thoughtful and kind person. It was a tough year in many ways, but also a great year Miss Honor Roll ☺️ You’re growing up to be such a wonderful person. My only complaint is, does it have to happen so fast? We u Princess !!!!

From the whole family.



You have done such an amazing job this year! We are so proud of all your achievements and know you will have many more in the coming years. You are such a joy to us, keep shining and being great!

We are SO proud of you! You survived middle school! We L️ VE you!! Love, Mom Dad Bube Grandpa Uncle Ben Jacob Calob Aunt Hava Grandpa Ficher

Jacob Hightower We are so proud of you. We could not be more proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Bri.



We are proud of you for staying resilient through the challenges and continuing to stay focused! Go LCMS Robotics! Love, Dad, Mom, & Katie

Love, Dad, Mom and Drew

You Did It!


Congratulations buddy! We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. Continue to work hard and you can do anything you set your mind on! We love you! Mom, Dad, and Amanda

Andy Perez

We are so proud of the young man you have become. Don't forget you will always be our little boy. We can't wait for the next adventure to begin. High school can be challenging but also lots of fun. Just remember to always give it your all and you will be successful. Have fun in High School. Love You, Dad, Mom and Monica

PDA 77




We are so proud of you for all that you have overcome this year. You're beautiful, intelligent, and strong. You are an angel of light that will always shine bright no matter where you are.

Remember to always believe in yourself and drive to succeed. Follow your dreams and great things will follow. We are so proud of all you have accomplished.

Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Love, Mom & Dad

You are awesome


OWEN VILLAGRACIA No matter the circumstances, we will always celebrate you and your accomplishments. Now that you’re moving on to high school, always remember to chase your dreams, never stop learning, but most importantly, enjoy life to the fullest. We are so proud of you! Love, Daddy, Mommy, Noah & Ella

We are proud of you, keep up the good work! Love, Mom, Dad, and MarKeith

Charlene My daughter is super amazing and I’m the lucky one because I get to be her mom. I love you with all my heart and I am so proud of you. Thankful to have you in my life. Love, mom

Congratulations to Rebecca Rose Isaacson Congratulations to Rebecca Isaacson for promoting 8th grade. We are proud of you. We all love you very much, Dad, Mom, brother Paul



We are so proud of you! Your future is bright, we can't wait to see all that you will accomplish! We love you!

Miguel Alvarez

SUPER PROUD. See where I can got you instead of I can't. Orale De Tu Abuelo y Abuela I knew there was a brain in there under all that hair. From OLD GRAY FOX CLEVELAND OHIO. Love Mom, Papi & Diego

78 PDA

Leilani Camarena

Dear Leilani - You did it! Congratulations to a brilliant student and a wonderful daughter and sister. We are so proud of you! Perfect Attendance throughout your middle school years! Way to go! The future is all yours! Love you always, Dad, Mom and Aidan



We are extremely proud of you! Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Your hard work and dedication led to great achievements in middle school and will prepare you for high school. As this chapter ends, we know you will set forth to many more achievements!



Congratulations my sunshine! You have worked so hard for this and on to the next big step. Never give up! Love, Mom, Aston, Tigre, Rex and Yoda

Preston Guinto

Character matters in young respectful men. You have a heart of gold and I can’t wait to watch you save lives as the future neurosurgeon you want to become. We are beyond proud of the young man you’re becoming. Always remember life is full of choices and you’re allowed to change your mind. Always be YOU! Dream big and conquer...our little ”Bandito” ||-// “it ain’t speakers that bump hearts. It’s our hearts that make the beat.”

We love you! Dad, Mom and Little Sis’

Sydney Mae Estrella

Congrats on finishing your first year in middle school! We’re so proud of your hard work, perseverance, and your willingness to challenge yourself and try new things. We love you and are always proud of you. 7th grade, here we come!

Peter Nathan Estavillo Congratulations!

Good luck in your next stage. Don’t be afraid to dream big, we’re always here to support you.

Love, Mom, Dad, & Eli

Olivia K. Lopez

We are very proud of you Olipie. We love you!!! Mom, Dad, Shorty, Erika & Athena


Congratulations on your first year at Los Coyotes Middle School, a good year. You proved to yourself you can do it. Dad and Nana are very proud of you. LOVE YOU GREAT JOB YOU DID IT !!!!!!

PDA 79

Joy Jung

You make us so proud

We have watched in amazement as you've grown into the person you are today. We thank God for blessing us with the sweetest, considerate and most beautiful daughter/sister in the world. We love you! Mom, Dad, Daniel and Caleb.

We’re so proud of you for all you are and all you do

Abby Kismet Uriarte You may be whatever you resolve to be, we are so proud of you baby girl, we love you very much.

Evey Lee

Evey. Mom & Dad are so proud of who you are, who you were, and what you will become. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect daughter. We love you XOXO!!!


Congratulations on your accomplishments in middle school! We wish you all the best in high school. Have fun and cherish every memorable experience while you aspire, attain, and achieve your goals! Love, Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad.



We’re so proud of you! You’re a talented kid, a hard worker, and a thoughtful and kind person. Never let anyone tell you different! Congratulations! Dad, Mom and Sis'

Congratulations to Julianna and Breanna We are so proud of both you girls: Julianna for finishing 8th grade and Breanna for conquering your first years in middle school. Keep up the good work! We are so very proud of both of you!

Samantha Ashley Dear Samantha,

Thank you for being you. From your strong spirit, open mind & gift for music; you truly have made us proud. You are amazing & we love you. Congratulations! Ms. Ayer, Ms. Carlisle, Mr. Gerakos, Mr. Younger, Mr. Vrsalovich, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Cammarata, Ms. McDonough, Ms. Ramont, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Robertson, Ms. Valdez and Mr. Ekadjaja greet drive-by students for Teacher Appreciation Week on May 8, 2020.

80 PDA

Co-Editors Priscilla Trinidad and Kassandra Valadez

YEARBOOK Carly Cazares

Adam Charles

Malaia Rapozo and Aayden Arevalo

Aayden Arevalo and Carly Cazares

Kevin Rama and Leanna Cano

Priscilla Trinidad, Editor

Kassandra Valadez, Editor

Yearbook 81

82 Colophon

The Centurion

Volume XXI Publication of the Associated Student Body of Los Coyotes Middle School, La Mirada, CA

On Our Way to NEW DESTINATIONS Publication Year: 2020 Pages: 82 Trim Size: 8.5" x 11" Copies Planned: 170 Publisher: BookBaby Professional Photography: Lifetouch Cover: Glossy Cover Art: Yearbook Staff Photography: Yearbook Staff, Ms. Rodriguez, Christian Boyd, Ms. Carlisle, Savannah Garcia, Madison Shook, Ms. Valdez and Mr. Ekadjaja Other Artwork: Adobe Stock Images, Bigstock and Shutterstock Advisors: Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Ekadjaja Additional Proofreading: Ms. Valdez This publication was created using InDesign CS5.5 Photographs were enhanced and processed using Photoshop CS5.5 Illustrations were enhanced using Illustrator CS5.5


Body/Caption: Eponymous

Headline: TT Cottons Alternative Headline: Drina

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Los Coyotes Middle School or the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District. The Centurion is a student publication. Every effort was made to be accurate and exhaustive in student body coverage. As this is the only edition printed, we apologize for any mistakes that were made during this educational process.

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