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Grand Prairie High School Faculty Handbook 2011 – 2012 “IT’S A BLUE THING… B uilding a L egacy of U nparalleled E xcellence

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All Faculty and Staff Members will be responsible to adhere to the policies, regulations and duty schedules as listed in this handbook. It may be necessary to modify schedules and make additions or deletions to this handbook as the year progresses. These modifications or changes will be delivered to you electronically with an effective date listed.


Grand Prairie High School Mission Statement

To Educate and Graduate the Gopher Nation to be College and Career Ready.

Grand Prairie ISD Mission Statement We will ensure student success through engaging learning experiences, collaborative leadership, and a focus on maximizing student achievement. Grand Prairie ISD Goals Maximize Academic Achievement Build Leadership Capacity Promote Character Development Exercise Responsible Fiscal Oversight The 5 Plays of Grand Prairie Schools Vertically and Horizontally Aligned Curriculum 5E Model of Instruction Data-driven Decisions Relational Capacity Intentional Leadership


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Absences for Teachers, Faculty and Staff When any staff member will be absent from duty for any reason: 1. Notify AESOP prior to 5:00 a.m. 2. If you are not able to get through to AESOP, notify Mrs. Kidd prior to 5:45 a.m. (214-793-9699, mobile) 3. Provide a detailed written plan for your substitute teacher. Your sub folder should be updated and kept in the main office. 4. Include in your plans for the sub if there are any special duties that he/she may be responsible for during the day. Procedures for Requesting a Substitute Faculty members are required to enter their absence into AESOP online at . If the Internet access is not available, call 1-800-942-3767. Teachers are responsible for securing a sub for all personal leave, for illness and for professional development activities. AESOP will randomly assign a sub to cover the class unless otherwise indicated. A substitute teacher may be requested by calling the substitute and using the Save and Assign feature in AESOP. Potential sub’s phone numbers are provided on the Sub Call List in AESOP. If your absence will require additional days, contact Mrs. Kidd before the end of that same school day to confirm the same sub is available. If you need a substitute while at school, contact Mrs. Kidd, extension 5701, to see if a sub can be secured; otherwise see your content area assistant principal about having your class covered. Sub Folder All teachers will have an emergency sub folder for each course they teach. Sub Folders are kept in the main office and given to the sub when he/she signs in. Each teacher is required to update his/her folder each six weeks or more frequently if appropriate. Sub Folders are due to Ms. French, the campus Receptionist by Thursday of the first week of the school year and should be updated throughout the year as necessary. q q

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The sub folder should include: Bell/Class Schedule Contact name , classroom number and phone extension of your ‘buddy’ teacher that they can contact in case they have a question Discipline & Nurse Referral Forms A specific list of classroom rules and expectations Helpful students in each class Office contact numbers General lesson plans (specific lesson plans should be emailed to your department chair to be distributed to your sub if you were not able to prior to the day of your absence) Teacher lounge location Anything relevant to your content. A dated student roster and seating chart for each period Emergency Operations Plan including Fire / Tornado procedures Campus map of building Student release information as appropriate Specific modifications, both academic and behavioral for any students regularly receiving them in your classroom Procedures for passing out and collecting assignments, information, and homework


Comp Time Teachers do not qualify for comp time and may be required to come in early and stay late for job related duties. Paraprofessionals qualify for comp-time after completing 40 hours in a week. You must get pre-approval before acquiring comp time. Comp time is to be approved by the principal ONLY - Mr. Liggins. Comp time is strongly discouraged by the district and will only be approved under extreme circumstances.

Academic Expectations and Procedures Co-Planning Expectations • • •

All content teachers are to be present and ON TIME All teachers are to abide by the social contract created by each department. All meetings should conclude with quality and meaningful lesson plans

Dropping an AP Course Students who attend class regularly, turn in all required work, and attend tutorials as needed, will increase their likelihood of achieving academic success. If students experience serious academic difficulties and/or have failing grades, a parent/student/teacher conference is recommended. Students who follow these steps yet continue to experience consistent academic failure may submit a written request form for a semester schedule change. This form can be obtained from the counselor’s office and should be submitted after the 1st nine-week report card has been posted. The Dean of Instruction and Lead Counselor will review the request and respond to the parent in a timely manner. Any adjustment in a student’s schedule will be handled on an individual basis. The appropriate class change form must be thoroughly completed before a student's schedule will be changed. Students who wish to withdraw from a course must confer with their teacher, then their counselor. The counselor will confer with appropriate administrator before a decision is rendered. Please understand that requesting a change of teacher because the student does not like the teacher is not a valid request.

Field Trips Prior approval must be obtained for all potential academic based field trips. The sponsor should complete the Field Trip Request form and submit it to Mr. Liggins for consideration. If the request is approved, then formal planning and formal reservations may be made for the trip. For information on securing a bus or transportation for a field trip, please refer to our finance policy. ALL STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN A FIELD TRIP MUST HAVE PARENT’S PERMISSION AND RELEASE FORM PRIOR TO GOING ON THE FIELD TRIP. ALL TRIPS MUST USE SCHOOL DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION UNLESS OTHERWISE APPROVED.

Transportation costs include the compensation to the driver which is calculated at an hourly rate. The driver must also be provided with a pass/ticket to the activity or event. Before departing for the field trip, the Field Trip Info Form must be completed and left in the office. This form should have emergency contact numbers on it.


Filmstrips / Videos Classroom videos may be shown only if they correlate with instruction. All films/videos must be planned far in advance and must appear in your lesson plans. Videos or films may not exceed 45 minutes of viewing time per week. Video streaming offers a wide variety of TEKS – based clips to integrate into your lesson. Any film or video that is not part of our school library must be cleared in advance. For approval you will need to email at least five (5) days prior to viewing the title, lesson/TEKS correlation, and rating of the film or video to the Dean of Instruction.

First Days of School All teachers should thoroughly review, discuss, and clarify the overview of the class’ content, rules/consequences, grading policy, late work policy, and social expectations for their class and classroom with each period of students during the first week of school. This will help to eliminate any misunderstandings that may occur regarding classroom expectations.

Grades Grading Policy: The teacher shall determine student achievement on a numerical grading system ranging from 0 to 100. Seventy is the lowest possible passing grade. Letter grades will not be used. Explanation of Numerical Grades for Academic performance or achievement 90 – 100 Outstanding Progress 80 – 89 Good Progress 70 – 79 Satisfactory Progress 69 – and below Failing I Incomplete Number of Grades Each Nine Weeks: • Minimum of 9 daily grades (40% of the final Nine-Weeks grade) • Minimum of 4 major grades (60% of the final Nine-Weeks grade) Citizenship Grades The citizenship grade is recorded on report cards. Citizenship grades are E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), N (Need to Improve), and U (Unsatisfactory). Credit Recovery Information and Procedure Students needing to attend Grand Prairie High School’s Evening School may register in room 701. The Plato classes offered for credit recovery are: English I, II, III, IV; Algebra I, II; Geometry; Math Models; Economic; Government; World History; World Geography; US History; Biology; and Chemistry. Tuition: $50.00 cash down payment is due at registration. Teacher taught classes of Government and Economics are $140.00. Plato Classes are $50.00. Calender and Times: Classes will be on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Two absences are allowed for the teacher taught classes of Government and Economics. • August 22 – September 19, 2011 • September 19, 2011 • January 10, 2012

Registration First Session Final Exam

Seniors taking Plato must have passed TAKS in the subject areas they request. For additional information, please see Mrs. Gersten in room 701.


Exams The composition of all nine weeks, semester and final exams is done at the district level. They will follow the district blue prints for each nine weeks and will be in the TAKS/EOC format. Nine weeks exams are scheduled by GPISD for the last week of each nine weeks and are 90 minutes per class period. Semester/Final exams are scheduled for the last week of each semester and are 90 minutes per class period. Students are released at 12:15 on the last two days of the semester/final exams. An exam schedule will be distributed well in advance of the testing dates. Teachers need to constantly remind students of the exam dates and times for your scheduled exam. Final Exams No District final exams will be given early. The only exception is for seniors who will be graduating at the end of the second semester, and are enrolled in college and scheduled to begin college before graduation. Juniors and seniors who qualify under the following conditions may be exempt from final exams: 1. Maintain an average of 90-100 with no more than three absences during the semester. 2. Maintain an average of 85-89 with no more than two absences during the semester. 3. Maintain an average of 80-84 with no more than one absence during the semester. All exemptions will be confirmed by the teacher, but has to be consistent with the criteria as stated above. The official attendance data will be determined by the attendance office. Three tardies for the purpose of this rule shall equal one absence. Electronic Grade Book (Skyward): Grade records must be complete, accurate and filled with appropriate grades. Grades for assignments included in Skyward should correlate with the instruction outlined in your lesson frames. Grades for the previous week's completed assignments should be updated in Skyward each week by Sunday at midnight. A minimum of one (1) grade should be updated per week. Maintaining up-to-date and accurate grades is essential for appropriate student and parent communication. Note: the required minimum number of grades per student for a nine week period is 9 (nine) daily grades and 4 (four) major grades Incomplete Grades Incomplete grades ("I" on report card) are not to remain on the records for more than 10 days following their entry. No changes on grade sheets or cards will be made later than this 10-day period, unless authorized by the principal. This means that, after 10 days, incomplete work becomes a zero, and a numerical average will be recorded on the transcript. The only reasons for carrying an incomplete grade will be (1) personal illness, (2) death in the family, (3) or absences for extenuating circumstances, approved by the principal. To accept work after the end of the student school day on the last day of the nine weeks, the student must have been absent due to extenuating circumstances, thereby receiving at least one more day to turn in work as stipulated in the rule of a minimum of one day make-up time for each day absent.

Guest Speakers Any guest speaker or resource person must be cleared with the Dean of Instruction five (5) days before a definite time is scheduled. Please use the Guest Speaker Approval form found in the appendix. Prior to scheduling, the teacher should turn in the guest speaker form to the Dean of Instruction. This will serve two purposes. 1. Inform the Office Staff of a guest on campus and 2. Serve as a record of integration into your lessons. (PDAS) If a student plans on securing a guest speaker as part of a class assignment or project, the teacher should screen and then clear the speaker with the Dean of Instruction. Any animals used as part of a presentation must also be cleared through the office. All guest speakers must follow GPISD campus sign-in procedures at all times. Guest speakers will be defined as ANY individual that is not enrolled in your assigned courses.


Homework Homework and/or independent practice to be finished at home are acceptable methods to reinforce the concepts and skills currently being taught. Any work sent home to be completed must be relevant to the current instruction. There should not be any homework “for homework sake”. It should be a reinforcement of skills already learned in class. Homework does not have to be a recorded grade.

Lesson Plans Lesson plans are a must and should be aligned with the TEKS, C-Scope timeline, and campus expectations. Lesson plans will be constructed as a team during the co-planning daily sessions. In the event the course does not have a co-planning period, the lesson plan format and expectations will be the same process/expectation. The lesson plan will be entered into the “Frame the Lesson” format with ALL sections completed. . The completed Frame the Lesson template should be shared with your department chair, inclusion/co-teach teacher, and/or ESL teacher each week. In addition, a paper copy of your 5-day lesson plans is to be accessible in a designated inbox/folder in the classroom OR kept open/minimized on the teacher’s computer desktop for Principal/AP/District observers to be able to reference when observing your class lesson at all times Teachers are responsible for providing an accessible copy of their current lesson plans with any additional information and details appropriate for the assigned sub by either leaving a paper copy on the teacher's desk or by emailing a copy to the department chair when the absence is unexpected. Always remember that a substitute may not be familiar with your content area. Providing specific details regarding classroom and assignment procedures increase the probability for a successful day for the students and the substitute.

Progress Reports & Report Cards Progress reports will also be available through the Skyward Family Access portal to parents at the end of the fifth and ninth week of each reporting period or a parent may request a hard copy from the front office. Parents of students who are failing will receive a hard copy of the progress report. If a student who has been designated as special needs (Special Education, 504, LEP, Dyslexia Program) is in danger of failing, the teacher for the class of concern is required to inform the case manager or program specialist of that student and schedules a meeting to review any and all accommodations, modifications, as well as any other instructional supports that may increase the potential for academic success for that student. You cannot give a special needs student a failing grade if his or her modifications are not being closely followed. In the case of a student receiving Special Education services, the case manager will determine based on the outcome of the review meeting if an IEP/ARD meeting is needed and appropriate. Teachers will be expected to refer students to the campus SST team for students who consistently struggle.

Schedule Change Procedure During the spring, a series of scheduling activities took place to assist each student on selecting appropriate courses for the following year. Extensive time is spent in developing information in the form of course planning information work sheets, advisement information, and counseling by teachers and counselors. Because of this detailed program, students need to plan their schedule carefully since schedule changes must be minimal. Requests to change a student's schedule will only be considered when there is a substantial educational reason warranting the change. Schedule changes, if necessary, will be made for academic reasons only and will only be made when it is in the best interest of the student. All class changes will be reviewed on an individual basis. If there is a unique situation that you feel necessitates a schedule change, the parent must complete the "Request for Schedule Change Form" found in the counselor’s office. The deadline for schedule change requests is September 3, 2011. The Dean of Instruction will review the request and respond to the parents in a timely manner.


Again, a change of schedule will only be honored if space is available in a given class, the change does not negatively impact the core classes and there is a substantial educational reason warranting the change. Reasons that justify changes in your schedule: • Replacement of summer school course(s) successfully. • Scheduled in a course in which he/she has already received credit. • Senior that is lacking a course to ensure timely graduation. • Adjustment for handicapped students. • Inappropriate course level as dictated by the prerequisite. In the event a schedule change is approved, the student will be placed in the smallest section during the specified instructional period. A change is not permitted if the request involves changing the desired course already in place on the student's schedule. Any adjustment in a student’s schedule will be handled on an individual basis. The appropriate class change form must be thoroughly completed before a student's schedule will be changed. Students who wish to withdraw from a course must confer with their teacher, then their counselor. The counselor will confer with appropriate administrator before a decision is rendered. Please understand that requesting a change of teacher because the student does not like the teacher is not a valid request.

Teacher Websites Each teacher is encouraged to set-up and maintain a teacher-generated website as part of our comprehensive effort to provide parents and students with appropriate campus, course, and class information. Teacher websites should be developed through and should contain information including, but not limited to: teacher contact information, conference period days and time, tutoring schedule, general announcements and reminders, general course information, upcoming events, reminders and due dates for projects, long-term assignments, and tests/quizzes.

Tutoring Each core subject will establish tutoring schedules for any student to attend that are taking the specified course at GPHS. Tutoring will be offered on a weekly basis. This session will be held after school in a specified room. The teachers can rotate, but by giving the student a specific room number and specific time this will eliminate excuses that students do not have access to a tutor and/or know when the teacher would be there. Tutoring schedules will be posted on the website and in every core teacher’s room. When the schedule is determined, please submit to the AP assigned to your content.

UIL Activities and Eligibilty Information (for Academics, Athletics & Fine Arts) The UIL Constitution and Contest Rules are the official rules that govern all UIL sponsored activities and also define the direction, function, and purpose of the League. Information concerning Grand Prairie High School’s UIL activities and eligibility requirements are listed below. 2011-2012 Grand Prairie I.S.D. U.I.L. Eligibility Chart st

1 Six Weeks Lose Grade Check Eligibility



9 Weeks End

10/21/11 01/13/12 03/30/12 06/06/12

Lose or Regain 1st Three Week Eligibility Evaluation

Regain Eligibility

2nd Three Week Evaluation

Regain Eligibility

10/28/11 01/20/12 04/06/12

11/18/11 02/10/12 04/30/12

12/09/11 02/24/12 05/14/12

12/16/11 03/02/12 05/21/12

11/11/11 02/03/12 04/23/12

Important Note: All students are academically eligible during a school holiday period consisting of at least seven consecutive calendar days. Thus, all students in the Grand Prairie I.S.D. will be academically eligible to compete during the following time periods: 11

• When the school bell rings to dismiss students on Friday, November 18, 2011, through when classes resume on Monday, November 28, 2011; • When the school bell rings to dismiss students on Friday, December 16, 2011, through when classes resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2012; and • When the school bell rings to dismiss students on Friday, March 9, 2012, through when classes resume on Monday, March 19, 2012. It is also important to note that if April 9, 2012, is used an Inclement Weather Makeup Day and school is in session on that day, a revised eligibility chart will be sent out to all schools.

Bell Schedules Regular Bell Schedule This bell schedule will be in effect every day EXCEPT on days when there is GAP, assembly or pep rally scheduled to occur. 7:00 a.m.

Students may enter the building.

7:25 a.m.

Bell sounds to allow students to go to their lockers, to the restroom, get water, and to their 1st period

7:30 a.m.

Warning bell sounds (students have 5 minutes before class begins)

7:35 a.m.

Tardy bell sounds (all students should be in their respective classes at this time)

7:35 – 8:25 a.m.

1st Period

8:30 – 9:20 a.m.

2nd Period

9:25 – 10:20 a.m.

3rd Period

10:25 – 11:15 a.m.

4th Period

11:20 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. 5th Period (includes lunch) Lunch A B C 1:00 – 1:50 p.m.

6th Period

1:55 – 2:45 p.m.

7th period


Lunch Time 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 11:50 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. 12:25 p.m. – 12:55 p.m.

Class Time 11:50 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. & 12:25– 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Modified Day Bell Schedule (20 minute Gopher Advisory Period Schedule) This bell schedule will be in effect on special days when GAP is scheduled. 7:35 – 8:20 a.m.

1st Period

8:25 – 9:10 a.m.

2nd Period

9:15 – 10:00 a.m.

3rd Period

10:05 – 10:50 a.m.

4th Period

10:55 – 11:15


11:20 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. 5th Period (includes lunch) Lunch A B C 1:00 – 1:50 p.m.

6th Period

1:55 – 2:45 p.m.

7th period

Lunch Time 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 11:50 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. 12:25 p.m. – 12:55 p.m.

Class Time 11:50 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. & 12:25– 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Pep Rally Bell Schedule (45 minute Pep Rally Schedule) This bell schedule will be in effect on special days when there is an assembly or pep rally scheduled to occur. 7:35 – 8:25 a.m.

1st Period

8:30 – 9:20 a.m.

2nd Period

9:25 – 10:20 a.m.

3rd Period

10:25 – 11:15 a.m.

4th Period

11:20 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. 5th Period (includes lunch) Lunch A B C 1:00 – 1:25 p.m. 1:30 – 1:55 p.m. 2:00 – 2:45 p.m.


6th Period 7th period Pep Rally

Lunch Time 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 11:50 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. 12:25 p.m. – 12:55 p.m.

Class Time 11:50 a.m. – 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. & 12:25– 12:55 p.m. 11:20 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Clubs/Organizations & Committees Clubs & Organizations


Academic Decathlon Advanced Art African American Student Organization Art Asian Pacifica Athletic Training Band Baseball Boys Basketball Boys Soccer Boys Track Burleson Scholarship Business Professionals of America Campus Improvement Committee Choir Crime Stoppers Cross Country DECA D-FY-IT Discipline Committee Drama Club (C.A.P.E.R.S) Drill Team (Geepettes) Federation of Christian Athletes Future Homemakers Association Football French Club Freshman Drill Team Functional Language Arts Functional Skills Girls Basketball Girls Soccer Girls Track Golf ID Badges Instructional Media Specialist Jazz Junior Class JROTC JV Cheerleading Library Mariachi Azul Musical National Honor Society Newspaper – Prairie Dog Orchestra Parking

David Perryman/Sherry Neaves Cathy Luckett Jennifer Conner Craig Hall Open Marshal Anderson Jack Denton Jon Rustenhaven Thomas Inman Bennie Cruz Stanley Johnson Cathy Luckett Open Demetrus Liggins Amy Francis Eddie Rahman Cole Good Doug Lamb Eddie Rahman Antonio Williamson Jordan Williams Kristen Villanueva Michael Jones Sarah Summers Gary Bartel Vianney Ndala Kristin Villanueva Charles Leslie Donna Flood Jill Davis Tracy Foster Stanley Johnson Erik Peterman Isabel Lopez Michelle Smith Eric Camarillo Christopher Vale Thomas Knedler Derek Ellison Kyla Scooling Alan Lambert Jordan Williams Sherry Neaves Jennifer Conner Richard Galvan Mable Jones


Parent/Teacher/Student Association Prom PSAT Ready Set Teach SAT/ACT Testing Science Club Seniors Social Committee Softball Sophomore Spanish Club Speech & Debate Step Team Student Council Swim Team TAKS Tennis Textbooks UIL Academics Varsity Cheerleading Varsity Drill Team Volleyball Wellness Williams Scholarship Work Lab Yearbook (The Geep)

Demetrus Liggins Monica Gillespie/Allen Harrison Dana Jackson Kathy Mikus Don Morris Allen Harrison Monica Gillespie/Allen Harrison Mable Jones Blake Shuttlesworth Julie Blied Janet Farris Jordan Williams Ashley Henderson Eric Jensen Xiomara Lopez Rhonda Daniels Vonda Harris-Webb Dr. Anthony Threets Justin Marchel Frank Bustillos Kristin Villanueva Holland Hall Charles Leslie Regina Taylor Doug Hairgrove Ragina Taylor

Campus Committees and Teams Faculty members are asked to serve through the following committees: • Sunshine • Staff Retreat • Student Recognition • Student Success Team • Site-Based Decision Making Team • Crisis Management Team • AVID Site Team • Discipline Committee Committees, Teams, and sub-committees may be formed as necessary to facilitate campus programs and activities.


Crisis Prevention and Management Crisis Management The following plans are designed to ensure safe, orderly evacuations of students and personnel from Grand Prairie High School in various emergency situations. Exits and procedures are described in the text, and exit routes are indicated on the included floor plan.

Emergencies Involving Students & Staff at School Sponsored Events In cases dealing with our students and staff at ALL and ANY school events (On or Off campus) that require emergency services to be contacted, you are required to follow the following protocol in the exact order presented below. 1st - Contact the emergency service. (Including but not limited 911 services, ambulance services, police and/or sheriff services, fire and rescue services, etc.) 2nd - Contact the Principal - Demetrus Liggins 817-360-1119 - mobile, to make me aware of the situation. 3rd - If the emergency involves a student, call the parent/adult guardian. 4th - Follow any additional protocol and/or sequence of contacts that may have been established by athletics, fine arts, or other departments. 5th - Once the "emergency/situation" has been assessed by the emergency professionals (Including but not limited 911 services, ambulance services, police and/or sheriff services, fire and rescue services, etc.) - again contact the Principal with an update - 817-360-1119. 6th - If the emergency involves a student, call the parent/adult guardian with an update. 7th - Follow any additional protocol and/or sequence of contacts that may have been established by athletics, fine arts, or other department.

Escape Routes Room Number 100, 101, 102, 103 105, 106, 107, 108 Custodial Lounge, 111, 113 204, 206, 208, 211, 213, 217, 219 200, 202, 209, 221, 223, 225, 227, 229, Tech. Lab 300, 302, 303, 304, 305 306, 307, 308, 309 Main Office 400, 402, 403, 405, 404, 406, 407, 408, 409, 411 16

Escape Route Move east to main lobby, right to south outside exit doors, to south front parking lot Attendance Office, Move west down hall, through main lobby, past library, to south outside exit doors, down steps to front parking lot. Move west to southeast outside exit doors to front parking lot. Move east through hall down the stairs, southeast exit doors outside to parking lot. Move west down the stairs into the main lobby, exit south outside exit doors, down steps to front parking lot. Move west down hallway to old boys gym, exit lobby to west of the teacher's parking lot. Move east down hallway to outside doors, exit to east teacher's parking lot. Move west to lobby, right through old boys gym lobby and to Advisors Offices west lobby outside exit doors to parking lot across from band hall. Move west to northwest stairs, down to 300 hall, through old boys gym lobby door to west parking lot. Move east, go downstairs, exit into teachers parking lot (behind girls gym).

500, 501, 502, 503, 505A, 505B, 507, 509, 511, 500 Hall Offices 508, 510, 513, 515, 517 600, 602, 603, 604, 605 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 615, 617, 618 Band Hall Boys Field House, Training Room Girls Field House Girls PE Gym, Drill Team Gym Choir Room. Drama Room Chambers, Dressing Rooms 700, 701, 702, 703, 704, Old Gopher Gym 705, 706 Turner gym 800, 802, 804, 806, 808, 810 801, 803, 805, 807, 809 ,811 900, 901 902, 903 904, 905, 906, 909 Cafeteria PE (Outside) R1, R2, R3, R4 Library Portable Buildings Science Wing

Move west through hall, out the west outside doors, left to parking lot. Move south down hall, right to outside southwest outside exit doors, left to parking lot. Move east through hall, down southeast stairs, right to main lobby, to south main outside exit doors to front parking lot. Move north through 600 hall, down northwest stairs, out northwest outside doors to west parking lot. Move out the south doors of the band hall on to the parking lot. Move out east outside exit doors left to front of parking lot. Move west to outside exit doors to parking lot. Move north to outside exit doors to Gopher Bowl blacktop area. Move out through choir office doors to front parking lot. Move out to south Chambers outside exit doors to front parking lot Move northeast through the north hall to the east exit outside. Then move out through south doors of gym and proceed to the west parking lot. Move south out of exit door to the west parking lot. Move to the nearest exit outside to west parking lot. Move west to north stairs, down stairs to main lobby to south exit doors to front parking lot. Move west to southwest stairs, down stairs then left to south outside exit doors to south front parking lot. Move east to stairs, left downstairs to second floor (800 hall), left down center stairs to main lobby, to old boys gym lobby to west outside exit doors to west parking lot. Move west, right down stairs to second floor (800 hall), down south center stairs to old boys gym lobby to west outside exit doors to west parking lot. Move east to stairs, down to second floor (800 hall), down to 100 907,908, hall, to southeast outside exit doors, exit to front parking lot. Move south through main lobby past library to south outside exit doors to front parking lot. Form a single-file line on the field where you are playing. Turn left (north) in hallway and exit outside doors to teachers’ parking lot behind girls’ gym. Move out the west library doors to the front doors to exit to the front parking lot. Move outside and proceed to the far north east side of the parking through the gate to the concession stand/concrete area of the Gopher/Warrior Bowl. Move out of the building onto the staff parking lot outside of the Science Wing

Each classroom is equipped with a telephone. The phone should be used to contact the front office in case of any emergency. The front office personnel will contact an administrator to determine what steps to take in the emergency. Evacuation procedures/floor plan must be posted in your classroom. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to familiarize their students with the proper procedures. A complete Crisis Handbook is kept in main office by Principal and Secretary and details appropriate responses to emergencies and any crisis that may arise.

Fire Drill Procedures Exit Drill Signal: Fire Alarm

Two Bells: All Clear

One Bell: Return to Class

At the sound of the fire drill alarm, students leave desks immediately and evacuate in a designated manner. Teachers should have discussed and practiced this procedure. Teachers should make every attempt to retrieve their class lists and leave their classrooms. Remember to close the door and turn off the lights. Students should walk quickly but do not run, talk or play. Distraction or inattention in this situation may lead to a serious accident. 17

If an obstruction is encountered, students should take an alternate route to safely exit the building. Teachers should discuss and practice this also. If further situations (fire trucks coming, wind blowing, burning debris, etc) make a designated area unsafe, teachers have the authority to exercise good judgment and carefully move the class to a safer place. A map of the evacuation route with alternate exits should be posted by the door in each classroom as well as included in the sub folder. Teachers will account for all students and communicate with a crisis team member if a student is missing. The crisis team member will then communicate with other crisis team members via two-way radio to locate the student. Students must remain in their outside location until the return bell sounds.

Other Evacuation Emergencies Follow "Fire Drill" evacuation plan for any emergency evacuation. Teachers are accountable for students in their class for all emergencies. In cased where the school grounds must be evacuated, follow the evacuation plan listed below. 1. Front of building will go EAST to the First Assembly of God Church parking lot. 2. West of building will go WEST to First Christian Church parking lot. 3. Science wing, Student Activity Center and Gyms will go NORTHWEST to First Christian Church parking lot.

Power Failure If a power failure should occur, teachers should keep students in classroom area until notified otherwise. Teachers will be kept informed as information becomes available. If the electrical power should be lost, an emergency generator will go into operation. Emergency lighting will be provided in the stairways and basement. Each teacher should have a flashlight in their classrooms for emergency lighting in such cases.

Tornado Drill Procedures Students should go immediately to their designated areas, kneel down with their heads facing a wall or other supporting structure, duck down and cover their heads with jackets or hands/arms. (Once all students have assumed this position, allow them to straighten up if the situation allows. When danger is imminent, tell students, “Everybody down! Cover your head!� Practice these commands with students.) Only if a teacher actually hears the roaring sound, sees a funnel cloud, sees flying debris should students duck and cover in an outside area or unusual location. Normally, tornado warnings give very adequate time to get to dry, safe areas. Outlined below is a detailed plan for the use of teachers and students in the event of a tornado alert. Teachers should become familiar with the plan and areas of assignment. During an emergency, each teacher is accountable for the students assigned to his/her class. While going to and being in predesignated shelter areas, teachers should give reassurance, be direct and positive, and instill confidence. During a tornado warning: Alarm will be sounded--one long continuous bell. Move immediately to pre-designated area: DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING. The designated areas are: Lower Halls - No Exposure - Students in lower halls with no outer exposed windows should stay in their rooms seated on floor - near walls - hands over heads. Lower Halls - Outer Exposure - Students in lower level classes with outer exposures should proceed to the interior hallway outside their room, face wall, be seated, cover head with hands. Upper Level Classes - All students in upper level classes should, by the nearest stairway, proceed directly to the nearest lower hallway - work toward the center, don't stop - thus create a blockage for those behind you - be seated - face the wall, hands over heads.


PE and Girls Gym Area - PE and gym area classes should report to the most narrow hallway or structure available girls PE to girls PE inner hallway. Gym area classes - Move to lower basement dressing rooms and shower areas - face away from outer windows. Band and Athletics - Band/orchestra or boys' athletics and nearby PE classes congregate in lower inner hallway of boys field house. Special Education Work Lab - Move to east wall within the classroom. 705, 706 Classrooms - Move to 705 classroom. Portable Buildings-Move into the lobby of the girls PE area and into narrow hallway between gym and dressing rooms or into the 300 hall. Once students have reached the designated area, they should sit facing a wall in the "roll and tuck" position - knees against the body. This position should be used for halls as well as classrooms. Students must remain silent during the drill. Each student must participate. Any discipline problems should be sent to the office after the emergency or drill is over. All students should remain with the instructor until further instructions are received. Return to class - two bells. Those staff members who are not with a class should report to an administrator for instructions. These staff members will be instructed to assist in hallways and check restrooms. Return: To return to class the signal will be two short soundings of the school bell or air horn with additional support of the intercom system. Cooperation: It is very important that everyone maintain normal operational procedures unless the official signal is given (long one minute sounding of bell or air horn) - any exception to or deviation from normal procedures shall have had prior approval of the administration. Calm: Remember...the possibility and result of excited and noisy dismissal to the hallway can completely disrupt the efforts of other students and teachers...can result in the complete breakdown of the real evacuation program if it is needed. DISCUSS THIS SYSTEM WITH ALL CLASSES AND BE PREPARED TO DRILL.

Discipline Procedures & Expectations It is the purpose of Grand Prairie ISD and Grand Prairie High School to establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment in which students can learn and grow. In order to maintain that environment, rules and regulations are established at the district, campus, and classroom levels. Students are expected to respect and obey those rules. Establishing a positive environment requires consistent meaningful response to inappropriate behaviors; meanwhile recognizing the need to support the student in their social and behavioral growth. Behavior expectations for students in Grand Prairie ISD are defined through the Student Code of Conduct. It is expected that effective and appropriate classroom management is in place at all times and is consistent with campus and district discipline policies and procedures to ensure that students are treated fairly and equitably. Teachers are responsible for handling the conduct of students in their rooms, in the hallway, at the restrooms, in the cafeteria, and during special programs or activities. Administrators are available at all times to assist teachers in cases of unusual or prolonged student misconduct. Teachers should use appropriate behavior interventions and teacher-assigned 19

consequences before referring a student to the office. For prolonged misconduct, contact with the parent by the teacher is required before referring the student to the office. TEACHERS SHOULD TAKE THESE STEPS WHEN THEY HAVE SIGNIFICANT PROBLEMS: Fill out a Discipline Referral Slip and send the student to the appropriate assistant principal: • Patricia Hernandez for students with last names beginning with A - C • Antonio Williamson for students with last names beginning with D – Hern • Emily Nolen for students with last names beginning with Hero – Me & students participating in the law center. • Justin Marchel for students with last names beginning with Mi- Rop • Anthony Threets for students with last names beginning with Roq - Z NOTE:

• Teachers must complete the "Action Before Referral" section on all Discipline Referral Slips. • A teacher should never leave his/her class unattended to accompany a student to the office. o In the event the teacher determines the student requires an escort call the discipline office for assistance. TEACHERS ARE REMINDED THAT THE FOLLOWING DISCIPLINE MEASURES ARE UNACCEPTABLE: • A teacher must never tell a student that he/she is expelled permanently from class. Only the board of trustees has the authority to expel a student from a class or from school. • A teacher must never tell a student to "get out of class" without specific instructions as to destination. • A teacher must never punish the class as a whole nor keep the class as a whole after the dismissal bell for misconduct of a few students. • A teacher must never sit a student in the hallway as a consequence for misbehavior. BE FIRM, FAIR, CONSISTENT and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!

Administrator-Assigned Consequences When a student’s behavior warrants an office referral, Student Discipline Referral Forms should be used. These forms are located with Mrs. Williamson in the Discipline office on the first floor and may come available online at a later date during the school year (Teachers and staff will be informed of such via email when and if this change occurs). Teachers may also keep a few in your room. If a student refuses to leave the classroom or becomes too unruly, the teacher should call the discipline office to request assistance. Student Discipline Referral Forms are considered a legal document and require that you write legibly and briefly state the facts of the misbehavior(s). When filling out a referral, be specific about the information. What exactly did the student say or do. Do not use another student’s name in the referral or include personal opinions of the student or his actions. Excessive use of capital letters and exclamation points is not appropriate. Grand Prairie ISD subscribes to a progressive discipline philosophy and campus administrators may assign consequences based on numerous variables including but not limited to the severity of the misbehavior, the number of documented discipline infractions, the student's attitude, and the amount of time since the last misbehavior.

Electronic Devices and Technology Resources The District prohibits the use of all telecommunications devices, including mobile phones at all schools during the instructional school day, from the morning entry bell to afternoon dismissal bell. For safety purposes, students shall be allowed to possess such devices; however, such devices shall not be visible and shall remain turned off during the instructional school day. The school will not be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen telecommunications devices (Mobile Phones, MP3 players, video games, etc.). The use of mobile telephones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event. If a student uses a telecommunications device 20

without authorization during the school day, the device may be confiscated. The first time a telecommunications device is confiscated, it may be subject to a $15.00 return fee. The second time a telecommunications device is confiscated; it is at the discretion of the Assistant Principal when the phone will be returned. It may be returned at the end of the school year, and then, only to a parent or guardian after paying a $15.00 return fee.

In-School Suspension (ISS) Each teacher of students assigned to ISS will be notified of the placement via email of the ISS list. Teachers are required to bring work assignments to the ISS box in the Discipline Office no later than 7:30 am. Work can be the assigned daily class work in addition to review exercises of previous lessons. A teacher should not record a student absent if he/she is in ISS. Any student in ISS will be suspended from extracurricular activities until assignments to ISS have been completed.

Tardy Policy A student is considered tardy to class if he or she is not in the classroom by the time the tardy bell ceases to sound, unless excused by the teacher of that class, through some prior arrangement between teachers, or by a campus administrator. Teachers are expected to be as consistent as reasonably possible in assigning tardies to class. If a student arrives to class tardy, but in the first 3 minutes of the block, the student should be allowed to enter the class and the teacher marks the tardy as part of his or her routine attendance-marking process or utilizing the Tardy Log Form (addendum). If a student arrives to class more than 3 minutes tardy, the student is to be sent to the Attendance Clerk’s office (window) to be issued a tardy slip before entering class.

Teacher-Assigned Consequences Once a teacher has given appropriate notice/warning regarding an inappropriate behavior, a teacher may assign that student to detention. When teachers use this consequence, they should follow these guidelines: • • • •

Teachers who assign a designated detention must be at the assigned location on time. A teacher's detention should not be left unattended. Students must receive a twenty-four hour notice of a detention. Students who skip assigned detention should have the detention time doubled and reassigned. If a student skips that detention, he/she should be referred to the appropriate assistant principal.

Dress Code

(Standards for Professional and Paraprofessional Employees)

The dress and grooming of District employees shall be clean, neat, in a manner appropriate for their assignments, and in accordance with any additional standards established by their supervisors and approved by the Superintendent. (See GP ISD policy.) Note: Staff will be allowed to wear jeans on ten (10) days throughout the school year [the first ten (10) Fridays of the school year]. Staff may earn an additional twenty three (23) “Jean Day” Fridays by donating a total of $23 to be divided between the campus Sunshine Committee and Parent-Teacher-Student Association.


Duties and Responsibilities Grand Prairie High School 2011-12 Administrators (in alphabetical order) SHARON BOOTHE, Dean of Instruction (Administrative Assistant – Vacant) 1. Perform duties and act in the role of the principal when principal is away from the campus 2. Administrator liaison to Senior Class sponsor and officers 3. Coordinate Tutoring/Peer Tutoring Program 4. Supervise clerical paraprofessionals 5. Administrator liaison for CSCOPE 6. Administrator liaison for INOVA 7. Administrator Liaison to Attendance Office 8. Approve Guest Speakers 9. Administrator liaison for Mentor Teacher Program & New Teacher Orientation 10. Responsible for Test Statistics/Data 11. Responsible for Master schedule 12. Final decision on all students’ class schedule changes 13. Oversee high school student testing (TAKS STAAR/EOC, PSAT, AP, etc.) Supervise Testing Coordinator 14. Administrator Liaison for Law Center 15. Administrator liaison for Professional Learning Communities 16. Administrator liaison to Cheerleader and Drill Team 17. Administrator liaison to department chairs 18. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 19. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal PATRICIA HERNANDEZ-VIDAL, Assistant Principal (Administrative Assistant – Maria Tabor) 1. Responsible for Attendance & Discipline for sophomores with last names beginning with A – M 2. Administrator liaison to LOTE, ESL and Fine Arts Departments 3. Responsible for student lockers 4. Coordinate TELPAS 5. Assume responsibility of LPAC meeting 6. Administrator Liaison to Registrar’s Office and Student Records 7. Testing Coordinator (semester, TAKS, STAAR/EOC, AP, ACT, PSAT, etc.) 22

8. Administrator Liaison for Automatic Calling System 9. Administrator Liaison for AVID and AVID Site Team Member 10. Administrator liaison for UIL Activities and eligibility - Fine Arts 11. Provide supervision during student lunches 12. Special Ed referrals by assigned alphabet 13. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 14. Supervision of students in early morning and after school 15. Administrator for ARDs and 504 meeting for assigned alphabet 16. Shared responsibility of evening activities 17. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal DEMETRUS LIGGINS, Principal (Administrative Assistant – Sedonia Kidd) 1. Responsible for the entire school program 2. Coordinate Building-use and calendar 3. Responsible for Faculty Handbook 4. Responsible for campus budgets 5. Administrator Liaison to PTSA 6. Responsible for the evaluation of staff 7. Administrator Liaison to Yearbook 8. Coordinate Student and Campus Field Trips 9. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 10. Responsible for campus personnel issues 11. Coordinate Faculty/Staff Meetings 12. Administrator Liaison for Parent/Community Liaison 13. Coordinate campus level in-service and staff development 14. Administrative Liaison for Student Council 15. Chair of the Campus Site-based team 16. Administrative Liaison for Alumni Association 17. Responsible for hearing informal disciplinary appeals 18. Administrator to School within Schools (Currently: Law Center) 19. Responsible for Campus Improvement Plan 20. Administrator Liaison to central office and the Ed. Center 21. Coordinate Staff Appreciation and Recognition 22. Coordinate Bell/Clock Schedule


IDOL MALLARD, Assistant Principal (Administrative Assistant – Rebecca Click) 1. Responsible for Attendance & Discipline for sophomores with last names beginning with N – Z 2. Administrator liaison to and Science Departments 3. Administrator Liaison for UIL Activities and Eligibility – Athletics 4. Coordinate Credit Recovery programs 5. Accountable for Building keys 6. Textbook coordinator 7. Administrator Liaison for Skyward (Parent Portal) 8. Responsible for Parking lot policies and procedures 9. Rachel’s Challenge Coordinator 10. Supervises Instructional Paraprofessionals 11. Provide supervision during student lunches 12. Special Ed referrals by assigned alphabet 13. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 14. Supervision of students in early morning and after school 15. Administrator for ARDs and 504 meeting for assigned alphabet 16. Shared responsibility of evening activities 17. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal JUSTIN MARCHEL, Assistant Principal (Administrative Assistant – Isabel Lopez) 1. Responsible for Attendance & Discipline for juniors with last names beginning with A – M 2. Administrator liaison to Social Studies & Special Education Departments 3. Supervise message boards, bulletin boards, and display cases 4. Administrator Liaison for Student Clubs/Organizations (unless otherwise specified) 5. Responsible for inclement weather/emergency call tree 6. Responsible for campus inventory (Fixed Assets, Furniture, technology equipment, department resources, etc.) 7. Administrator Liaison for UIL activities and eligibility - Academics 8. Coordinate Student Services Team (SST) 9. Responsible for administrator duty schedule to Athletic Events and other required co-curricular activities 10. Coordinate Advanced Placement Program, National Merit Program and Academic Decathlon 11. Provide supervision during student lunches 12. Special Ed referrals by assigned alphabet 13. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 14. Supervision of students in early morning and after school


15. Administrator for ARDs and 504 meeting for assigned alphabet 16. Shared responsibility of evening activities 17. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal EMILY NOLEN, Assistant Principal (Administrative Assistant – Veronica Garcia) 1. Responsible for Attendance & Discipline for juniors with last names beginning with N – Z 2. Administrator liaison to CATE and ELA 3. Administrator liaison to Sophomore Class sponsor and officers (shared responsibility) 4. Administrator Liaison for the campus’ website and marquee 5. Coordinate teacher duty roster and email monthly reminders to staff 6. Picture Day Coordinator 7. Coordinate community service and involvement 8. Responsible for daily announcements and campus blog 9. Responsible for school décor including student photograph posters 10. Construct and email weekly campus event schedule to staff 11. Provide supervision during student lunches 12. Special Ed referrals by assigned alphabet 13. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 14. Supervision of students in early morning and after school 15. Administrator for ARDs and 504 meeting for assigned alphabet 16. Shared responsibility of evening activities 17. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal LORD SEYON, Academic Facilitator (Administrative Assistant – Beatrice Vasquez) 1. Administrator liaison to Math Department Departments 2. Sophomore Success Coordinator 3. Responsible for Project Based Learning 4. Coordinator for Foreign Exchange Student Program 5. Coordinate GT program 6. Administrator Liaison for Library Services 7. Administrator Liaison Nurse’s Clinic 8. Administrator Liaison to Junior Class sponsor and officers 9. Administrator liaison to Sophomore Class sponsor and officers 10. Supervise building maintenance and custodial accountability.


11. Coordinate volunteers program 12. Energy Czar 13. Star Chart Coordinator 14. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 15. Administrator to college student observers and student teachers 16. Supervision of students in early morning and after school 17. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal

ANTONIO WILLIAMSON, Dean of Student Services (Administrative Assistant – Glenda Williamson) 1. Perform duties and act in the role of the principal when principal and Dean of Instruction is away from the campus 2. Responsible for Attendance & Discipline for seniors, A – Z 3. Administrator liaison to PE/Health and Athletics Department 4. Coordinate safety searches, drug dog searches, and drug testing 5. Coordinate Discipline Committee 6. Coordinate DAEP referrals 7. CRO/Crime Stoppers Coordinator 8. Coordinator of student discipline records 9. Coordinate Staff and Student IDs 10. Administrator Liaison for ISS, Saturday School, Detention, and other disciplinary programs 11. Coordinate Crisis Management Plan and committee including fire, tornado, lockdown and safety drills 12. Coordinator for Pep Rallies, Assemblies, and other special programs (including duty rosters and hall sweeps) 13. Provide supervision during student lunches 14. Special Ed referrals by assigned alphabet 15. Conduct teacher appraisals and classroom walk-thrus 16. Supervision of students in early morning and after school 17. Administrator for ARDs and 504 meeting for assigned alphabet 18. Shared responsibility of evening activities 19. Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned by the principal


Counseling Department Overall duties include: Academic scheduling Credit Checks Suicide Assessments Partner with parents Attend ARDs Post Secondary/Dual Enrollment

504 Coordinator College/Career Planning Spring Registrations Senior Grades Notifications Other duties as assigned Input Course Requests

Individual & Group Counseling Graduation Plans Evaluate Transcripts Conduct Classroom Visits College Recommendation Letters New Student Registration

Individual responsibilities include: Patricia Calahan

Jarita Galbreath

Martha Garcia

Maria Lupe Baughman

(ext. 5776)

(ext. 5710)

(ext. 5722)

(ext. 5768)

*Students with last names A-E

*Students with last names FLon

*Students with last names Loo-Ram

*Students with last names Ran-Z

*Sophomore Class Liaison *AVID Support & Activities *Assist with PSAT Testing *Sophomore Class Presentations / Incentives *Handprints on Hearts *Rachel’s Challenge Coordinator *Upward Bound Coordinator

*SST & RTI Coordinator *Honor Roll/Citizenshi p Awards & Incentives *Red Ribbon Week Coordinator *National School Counseling Week Coordinator *Monthly Counseling Newsletters *Assist with GPISD College Night

*Junior Class Liaison *Junior Class Presentations *Assist with AP Testing/fee waivers *Homebound Representation *Assist with Exit Level TAKS *Assist with SAT/ACT Fee waivers/testing support *Who’s Who Coordinator

*Senior Class Liaison *Senior Class Parent Night *Senior Credit Recovery Programs *Parent Outreach Coordinator *Assist with CBE *NCAA Clearinghouse Liaison *Hispanic Scholars Liaison *Assist with GPISD College Night

Donna Gersten & Fatima NaeemŦ (ext. 5738) *College & Career Counselors *Senior Presentations *Senior Booklets *SAT/ACT Coordinator *Scholarship Information *College & Career Planning Coordinator *Go Center Coordinator *Night School Coordinator

(Gersten is Part- time at Dubiski) Ŧ

Mona Navajar Administrative Assistant to the Counselors


Naeem is a college advisor from Texas A&M serving GPHS as part of the Advise TX College Advising Corps grant that was awarded to GPHS.

Blanca McGee

Dana Jackson (ext. 5714)

(ext. 5776)

*Social Worker *Assist students & their families with community resources/ referrals *Crisis Intervention *Group Counseling *Address Counselor Referrals

*At-Risk/Lead Counselor *Work with Overage students out of Graduation Cohort *Drop-Out Prevention *Master Scheduling *Transcript Audit Coordinator *Coordinate Counseling Office Staff at GPHS *Oversee Counselors at the th 9 grade Center *Spring Registration Coordinator *Crosswinds Liaison *Attend Campus Leadership meeting *PTA Liaison *GPISD College Night Coordinator *Law & Public Safety Program Liaison *District Bullying Prevention Committee Representative

Department Chair 2011-2012 Department Chair Pettye Arrington

Department Career and Technology Education (CATE)

Terry Cross Jeanne Groves

English /Language Arts (ELA) English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Craig Hall Stanley Johnson Janet Farris

Fine Arts Health/Physical Education Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Roger Fuller Don Morris

Mathematics Science

Sara Reinarz Brad Harris

Special Education Social Studies/History

Responsibilities • Provide positive professional leadership for the department assigned • Facilitate content planning and vertical alignment for campus instruction of the district scope and sequence (C-Scope) for the associated courses • Monitor the appropriate use of materials for the department • Deal with differences of opinion among department members when problems arise: The department chair must establish a spirit of acceptance so that people will resolve differences in identifying what is best for the students. • Conference with the principal, dean of instruction, assistant principals, counselors, and individual teachers as needed • Handle the paperwork for the department or delegating that responsibility: Keep a Department binder with agendas and department information. • Monitor time limits during the department meeting: It is essential that time limits be adhered to for each item on the agenda. • Serve as the liaison between the administration and the department: The department chair has definite responsibilities to serve as the link between the administrators and members. • Coordinate the planning for special events (field trips, awards, assemblies, etc.) for the department • Assist the principal in planning and administrating the department budget, including approving requisition requests prior to them being sent to the finance clerk • Assist substitute teachers when department members are absent • Schedule department meetings as needed and serve as the chairperson for the meetings. Minutes from the meetings should be submitted to the principal and dean of instruction within two days of the meeting. • Provide orientation of new department members and assistance in obtaining materials • Work with administration on maintaining inventories of department equipment • Attend Department Chair meetings. Communicate topics discussed with the department • Involve all department members in discussion and meetings: The department chair must work to involve all members of the team equally. • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the campus principal


Office Support Attendance Clerk – Rebecca Click • Oversee daily attendance • Assist Asst. Principals with absences and tardies • Assist Asst. Principals with information for referral to GPISD Attendance Officers • Maintain Student Attendance information in Skyward • Verify attendance reports • Crisis Management Team member • Serve as administrative assistant to Assistant Principal • Other duties as assigned by administration Attendance Clerk – Veronica Garcia • Oversee daily attendance • Assist Asst. Principals with absences and tardies • Assist Asst. Principals with information for referral to GPISD Attendance Officers • Maintain Student Attendance information in Skyward • Verify attendance reports • Crisis Management Team member • Serve as administrative assistant to Assistant Principal • Other duties as assigned by administration Attendance Clerk – Maria Tobar • Oversee daily attendance • Assist Asst. Principals with absences and tardies • Assist Asst. Principals with information for referral to GPISD Attendance Officers • Maintain Student Attendance information in Skyward • Verify attendance reports • Crisis Management Team member • Serve as administrative assistant to Assistant Principal • Other duties as assigned by administration Copy Clerk – Isabel Lopez • Make photocopies for campus needs • Maintain teachers copy accounts • Complete printing utilizing offset and photographic copiers. • Serve as a switchboard relief as needed • Serve as key operator for copier machines on campus • Operate other machines such as collator, paper cutter, hole punch, master maker and folding machine. • Maintain copiers and make minor adjustments • Maintain inventory of supplies for copier equipment, offset press and related reproduction equipment • Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect equipment, materials and facilities. • Other duties as assigned by administration Counseling Secretary – Mona Navajar • Enroll new students, enter student demographics, request new student records • Serve as the Administrative Assistant to the counselors • Other duties as assigned by administration 29

Data Clerk – Carol Herrera • Organize Data Binders for Instructional Staff • Input and oversee student data reports • Print Progress Reports, Report Cards, and grade verifications • Enroll new students, enter student demographics, request new student records • Provide students/parents with bus routes, • Enter master schedule for the school, • Provide translating for Spanish parents or students. • Serve as Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Instruction • Other duties as assigned by administration Discipline Clerk – Glenda Williamson • Assist students and parents by directing them to the appropriate principal and answering questions concerning the Code of Conduct including Dress code violations, electronic device confiscation and associated fee collections, • Coordinate paperwork and assignments for students are sent to ISS, AEP, and JJAEP. • Coordinate lunch detention • Enter into the Discipline Tracking Program and file discipline referrals. • Generate Discipline Reports including compiling and e-mailing the ISS list to all staff daily • Assign lockers to the students and keep track of the locker roster. • Serve as Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal • Other duties as assigned by administration Finance Clerk – Mable Jones • Responsible for all purchases, cash collections, and school deposits for all campus departments and organizations. • Responsible for issuing parking passes to students and staff. • Other duties as assigned by administration Parent/Community Liaison – Irma Coronado • Provide parent education activities • Assist in the recruitment and training of school volunteers. • Provide parents with information about school activities in a variety of forums including face-to-face community meetings • Assist student and parent groups and conduct home visits as needed. • Oversee the campus’ Parent Resource Center. • Serve as a liaison between the PSTA and the school • Other duties as assigned by administration Principal’s Secretary/Office Manager – Sedonia Kidd • Serves at the administrative assistant to the principal • Oversee office staff • Oversee AESOP and substitute teachers • Submit Event Notification Forms • Maintains Faculty and Staff Information cards • Maintains school calling tree information • Crisis Management Team member • Other duties as assigned by the principal 30

Receptionist – Beatrice Vasquez • Greet parents, students, and campus visitors • Email phone and other messages to teachers • Assist with student/visitor/volunteer sign-in and sign-out • Sell temporary and replacement ID’s during the day • Oversee in-coming and out-going faxes and phone calls to the campus • Distribute mail • Assists with receiving deliveries • Crisis Management Team member • Other duties as assigned by administration Registrar – Martha Gullett • Monitor Student Cumulative Files • Oversee completion of withdrawal paperwork for students • Crisis Management Team member • Assist Principal’s Secretary with public information • Assist Counselors as needed • Other duties as assigned by administration


Duty in General The staff workday begins at 7:15 a.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays; begins at 7:15 a.m. and ends at 4:40 p.m. on Wednesdays; and begins at 7:15 a.m. and ends at 3:10 on Fridays of each week. You should be present in the building (not driving into the parking lot) at the 7:15 a.m. report time. If you have morning duty, you should arrive on campus so that you can be at the appropriate location by your report time. In addition, teachers not on morning duty are required to be in their classroom, at their doorway at 7:25 a.m. to greet students each morning. This is not an appropriate time to be conferencing with another teacher in the hallway or making last minute plans for your day. Duty or Doorway every morning! Leaving Campus during the School Day Every attempt should be made to schedule doctor’s and personal appointments for after-school hours when possible. Arriving after 7:15 a.m. or leaving before the aforementioned daily staff dismissal times for personal commitments must be approved by the Principal in advance. If for any reason an emergency or illness should occur which would necessitate you leaving school during the day you should inform the office so arrangements can be made to have your classes covered. If you require a substitute for Periods 1-4 or require a sub for Periods 5-7 you will be charged for a half-day absence (all others will be considered a full day absence). o Lunch is duty free for teachers and staff. Teachers and staff may, but are typically discouraged from, leaving the building during their lunch. If you must run an errand you are expected to sign out in the main office before leaving and back in when you return and plan accordingly. It is not acceptable to expect your team or department peers to cover your class if your errand takes longer than expected. o Conference Periods are on campus. Faculty and staff members are expected to be on campus (including conference periods, which are not “off” or “free” periods) during the workday. If an emergency or other situation occurs that cannot be handled after school or during lunch, please see the principal. o Extracurricular and/or curricular activities that require after-school hours must be supervised by the sponsoring teacher/staff member for 15 minutes after the event or until all students have left campus/event to ensure student safety.

Duty Expectations It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to actively promote a safe and orderly learning environment for all students. In addition, each interaction between students and faculty members affords an opportunity to promote a positive and encouraging environment that indirectly affects the students' daily experience. It is expected that students are actively monitored, with specific effort given to promoting a positive environment at all times; whether on a specified duty or while present in any area of the campus.

General Duty Responsibilities Absence from Assigned Duty – It is the responsibility of the staff members to arrange with another staff member to cover duty assignment. If such arrangements are made, it is the responsibility of the originally assigned person to the duty to inform Mrs. Williamson of the change. Absence from Duty Procedure – When you require a substitute at Grand Prairie High School, the staff member must enter their absence into AESOP online at before 5:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. Transitions Duty - Teachers are to be at their respective doorways anytime students are in transition (passing periods) to greet students to their classrooms and actively monitor hallway behavior. During this time, all faculty and staff are to ensure that students are walking, using appropriate voice and verbiage, and generally transitioning in a safe and appropriate manner. Students are to be reminded that pushing, shoving, acts of PDA, throwing items, running or yelling is not appropriate and may be addressed through teacher-assigned detentions or office referrals if deemed appropriate. 32

Student entrance/exit to and from the restrooms should be monitored during transitions times. If movement in and out of a particular restrooms catches your attention and causes concern, please have the nearest appropriate gender faculty or staff member provide additional attention and monitoring. Teacher Duty Roster – All teachers will be required to have early morning duty and evening duty for one week throughout the school year. The early morning duty will start at 7:00 a.m.and finish at 7:20 a.m.. The evening duty will start at 2:50 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. Teachers assigned to evening duty, as every other teacher, must remain on campus until the respective days dismissal time. Rosters will be mailed to all teachers before the start of each semester to inform them of when and where they are scheduled for duty. A reminder schedule will be mailed out each Friday to teachers that need to serve morning and evening duties the following week. 5th Period Duty - Teachers that have 5th period conference throughout the year will be required to serve 20 minutes of that time on duty in the caferteria and in the surrounding hallways. These teachers will also be placed on a bi-weekly rotation system covering all three of the lunches. A reminder schedule of their duty assignments with times and locations will also be sent out each Friday.

General Information for Faculty & Staff Conference Period/Lunch Period Teachers are given a 50-minute conference period every day. The conference period is a time set aside for teachers to meet with administrators and/or counselors, actively participate in IEP/ARD meetings, conduct department planning, meet with parents, complete and record grading, and prepare for instruction. All Faculty and staff have a 30-minute duty-free lunch period. Teachers and staff may, but are typically discouraged from, leaving the building during their lunch. If you must run an errand you are expected to sign out in the main office before leaving and back in when you return and plan accordingly. It is not acceptable to expect your team or department peers to cover your class if your errand takes longer than expected. Please allow plenty of time to return and resume your duties in the time allotted.

Department Meetings Departments should meet weekly. Meeting date, minutes/notes, and follow-up responsibilities for action items from the meeting should be recorded and signed/initialed by each attending team member. A copy of the department minutes should be kept by the team leader and a copy should be left in the appropriate file cabinet in the Think Tank. A sample copy of the Department Meeting Notes form can be found in the Forms Appendix. This form includes places for team member sign-ins, specific agenda items, and communications/questions for the Principal.

Nurse’s Clinic Procedures The school nurse is available for any minor medical needs for both students and staff. Students must have a pass to go to the nurse’s clinic. Medication: All medications must have written orders signed by the physician and parent, have current prescription label, be provided by the parent, including over the counter medications, kept locked in clinic and dispensed as directed only. Students are not allowed to self carry medications without proper orders, including over the counter medications.


Parent and Guardian Communication Email Guidelines for Teacher and Parent Communication: Electronic mail (email) is a valuable communication tool that is widely used across our society. Staff members are provided with district email accounts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication both within the district and with our parents. General Email Guidelines for Parent Communication • Email must never be used to discuss contentious, emotional or highly confidential issues. These issues should be dealt with face-to-face or by phone. • Email messages to parents should be consistent with professional practices for other correspondence. This includes grammar, format, salutation and overall message tone. • All emails that reside on the District servers may not be confidential. Email messages may be requested by the public under the Right-To-Know Law and may, unless they are exempt under the law, be open to public inspection. • Emails should be appropriately brief and directional in nature and only include facts. • Care should be given when using student names. Refer to students by first name, initials or your son/daughter depending on the content. Do not discuss non-related students. • The School District maintains email accounts for teachers to facilitate parent/teacher communication and internal staff communication. The District reserves the right to block or filter email messages to staff that are not directly related to District business or to the District's educational mission. Acceptable Use of Parent Communication Email may be used to: • To communicate general information such as class activities, curriculum, assignments, tests, deadlines and special events. • To arrange for a meeting/telephone call regarding a student issue including a general description of the issue (e.g. I would like to arrange a meeting to discuss late work.) • To follow-up on an issue that has previously been discussed. Unacceptable Use of Parent Communication Emails should not include: • Any discussion related to other students. • Personal information about other students. • Specifics about a sensitive student issue which was not initiated by the parent or had not previously been discussed with the parent. • Any discussion related to other staff. • Any sensitive student information that would normally be discussed during a face-to-face conference or by phone. Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent-Teacher Conferences are one of the single most important methods of communication for teachers. Such conferences allow an opportunity to communicate expectations, share information about a student’s progress, and address areas of concern. True communication is an ongoing process and is not limited to times when a student is having difficulty in class. Parent-Teacher Conferences may be scheduled by an individual teacher or by a team of teachers when two (2) or more teachers need to conference with the same parent regarding the same student. Conferences may be scheduled for your conference period, before school, or after school. It is never appropriate to conference with a parent during class time when students are present and instruction should be taking place. If a parent somehow makes their way to your classroom during a time other than a scheduled conference, please refer that parent to the office where Ms. French, the Receptionist, can get their contact information and help facilitate the scheduling of an appropriate parent-teacher conference. 34

Consider the following guidelines to help ensure the conference is a positive and productive experience: • Be Prepared – Have a copy of the student’s grades and work samples that demonstrate the student’s abilities. • Be Positive – Always begin the conference with positive information. • Have Concrete Suggestions – Most parents will want to know how they can help their child. Be prepared to offer advice and possibly create a game plan with the parents on how to proceed. • Avoid Educational Jargon – Seek to have clear communication with the parents. Remember that most educational jargon and terminology is unfamiliar to parents. • Explain Expectations – Make sure that parents understand goals and what the student is expected to accomplish. • Establish an Agenda – Have a clear goal for the conference so that you can deal with important issues in an efficient manner. A sample Parent-Teacher Conference Agenda is provided in the Forms Appendix. • Post-Conference Communication – Be sure to follow-up on any parent concerns shared during the conference. Parent-Teacher Conferences and direct communications should be noted on the Communications Log and kept throughout the year. The Communications Log is turned in as part of your End-Of-Year (EOY) check-out responsibilities. On-going parent communication is a District and Campus expectation. A parent should not be surprised to find out from the counselor or administrator that their child may be struggling in a given academic or behavioral area.

Staff Development Targeted ongoing professional development is important to maintaining and improving campus instructional practices. Professional development activities should support District, campus, content, and personal goals. GPISD requires a minimal number of staff development hours each year. Teachers need a minimum of 38 hours of training credit. Staff development opportunities include: o o o o

Technology: 2 campus hours AND 4 district hours Job Specific: 8 hours (as determined by the principal) Campus based: 24 hours 6 additional hours of professional development is required for Gifted & Talented, Bilingual/ESL, and Special Education teachers.

Principals may require teachers to be on duty early, stay late, or attend evening activities for professional development from time to time as necessary. Attendance will be taken at all district and campus in-services. Anyone who must miss a campus inservice should contact the Principal or Dean of Instruction for approval.

Teacher Participation for IEP/ARD Meetings A general education teacher is a required member of the IEP committee. The classroom teacher is the appropriate gen-ed committee member. For an IEP meeting to be productive and run smoothly it is important for the student’s teacher to be prepared and bring appropriate documentation to the meeting. • Know approximately where the student is functioning (reading, math levels, etc.). • Have strengths identified. Be prepared to share during the IEP Meeting. • Bring behavior and academic documentation including work samples, current grade averages, weekly behavior reports, etc. • Bring documentation of classroom modifications including how often attempted and approximate times. • BE ON TIME!!! • During the IEP Meeting remember the following points… • Make positive comments before expressing your concerns (student is friendly, works hard, stays on task…) • Be careful about making a diagnosis of students. Only licensed medical or behavioral professionals are qualified to make physical, medical, or emotional diagnosis based on observations. However, it can be helpful to let parents know of specific classroom observations through comments such as “she seems increasingly 35

• •

frustrated”, or “he seems more distracted”. Also ask parents if they have observed any similar signs or behaviors. Be very careful about recommending evaluations, placements, and treatment programs that you have not previously been authorized to suggest or offer. (Authorizations for such a recommendation need to come from Special Services office). In an IEP Meeting, any recommendation or suggestions that the school district or their representative makes are subject to being paid for by the district. Make suggestions carefully, delicately, and with a lot of forethought. Be aware of confidentiality policy. Only the student for whom the IEP Meeting is being conducted should be named during the meeting. No other student should ever be named during an IEP Meeting.

General Building Procedures Announcements Except in cases of emergency, announcements will be given via “Go-4-News” at the beginning of third period. Each segment of “Go-4-News” is created one day in advance, therefore, staff members requesting an announcement are asked to email all pertinent information to by 8:00AM the day before the announcement is requested to air. Announcements that are requested with less than 24 hours notice may be delayed until the following segment of “Go-4News”. Teachers and students are to remain quiet during announcements. Pledges to the flags and a moment of silence will precede the announcements.

Admission–Review–Dismissal (ARD) Committee Meeting Procedures ARDC notices are sent electronically in Outlook to all attendees/ARD committee members (teachers, administrators, counselors, etc). If calendar is already booked for other reasons (off campus training, personal days, sick leave, etc.) please decline invitation. Invitation should be accepted/declined within 24 hours. If no decline is sent, the expectation is that invitee/ARD committee member will attend the ARD. Attendees should arrive for meetings on time and prepared with any relevant documentation needed to support decisions being made on behalf of the student. If ARD committee member is absent or has an emergency on the day of an ARD, please email/call diagnostician the morning of the meeting so a replacement can be invited.

Attendance Procedures Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year. Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or her education – to benefit from teacher-lead activities, to build each day’s learning on that of the previous day, and to grow as an individual. We would like to share just a few things that might help when dealing with the rules outlined in the Grand Prairie School District Attendance Policy. Assistant Principals:

Mrs. Hernandez-Vidal (Sophomores, A – M) Mr. Marchel (Juniors, A – M) Mrs. Nolen (Juniors, N – Z) & students enrolled in the Law Center Dr. Threets (Sophomores, N – Z) Dean of Student Services: Mr. Williamson (Seniors, A – Z) 36

Attendance Clerks:

Becky Click Verónica García Maria Tabor

972/809-5711 Ext. 5720 972/809-5711 Ext. 5725 972/809-5711 Ext. 5716

High schools do not have a 10:00 AM rule. Each class stands on its own and the student must make 25 minutes of the class to be counted present. Make-up Policy (Student responsibility) Students with excused absences will have the total number of days associated with the absence from school plus one class day to turn in make-up work. Parents may call the attendance clerk assigned by alphabet on the second day of an absence to request make-up work. Please allow 24 hours before picking up make-up assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up work!

Unexcused Absences A student who is absent from school for any reason other than those reasons or provisions listed under “Attendance” will be considered unexcused. Absences for personal business and private lessons are unexcused. Work may be made-up with a maximum grade possible being a 70. Homework- parents of students may request their homework if they will be out two consecutive days. Requests need to be made to the student’s respective attendance clerk. Teachers will have a 24-hour notice. Assignments will be ready for pickup between 3:00 – 3:30 PM the next school day at the Attendance Office. Juniors & Seniors – Those who have met grade and attendance requirements will have the privilege of being exempt from final exams. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.

Building Key Distribution/Collection Procedure and Timelime Keys to rooms and cabinets will be available to teachers before the opening of school. Dr. Threets, Assistant Principal is in charge of all keys to the building. All teachers should come by his office located in room 601 to sign out their room key or keys upon their return to school. Coach Bartel is in charge of all coaches’ athletic facility key distribution . Under no circumstances are keys to be given or loaned to students. *** If keys are lost, there is a $35.00 replacement fee per lost key that must be paid to GPISD. All keys must be returned during the end of year sign-out procedures in Dr. Threets’ office in room 601. If an employee leaves before the school year is over, then their keys must be returned to this same office and before that employees’ last day in the building.

Cafeteria Procedures The lunch schedule for students is divided up into three lunches. The first lunch is from 11:15-11:45. The second lunch is from 11:50-12:20. And the third lunch is from 12:25 -12:55. Lunch assignments for students and teachers are based on designated hallways and classroom populations evenly divided over three lunches. All students are expected to be in the lunch room at the sounding of the tardy bell during their lunch period. Upon entering the lunch room, students are expected to be in a lunch line, snack line, or in their seats. Students are to remain in the cafeteria throughout the entire lunch unless they are going to the G-Stop, designated bathrooms in the G-Stop area or the library. Students needing to leave to go to the library or any other area in the building should have a pass from an administrator. All students are also expected to empty their trays and place them back in the designated carts around the caferteria. Each student should make sure their area is clear from food and trash before leaving when the lunch dismissal bell sounds. All students are responsible to help maintain our cafeteria. Before leaving the tables, students should check to make sure they have picked up all trash and food remnants and have thrown them in the trash. 37

Campus Calendar The campus calendar will be maintained by the principal’s secretary, Ms. Kidd. All events should be approved by the proper supervisor prior to being submitted for the calendar. Once an event is approved, the details including date, time and location must be emailed to Ms. Kidd in order to be added to the calendar. The minimum notice for an event to be added to the calendar is 10 school days. Ms. Nolen will send out a weekly calendar each Friday. This will include a summary of the campus calendar along with duty reminders for the following week.

Classroom Supplies and Materials The office maintains a generous assortment of common supplies in the office supply closet. These include staples, rubber bands, Vis a Vis markers, envelopes, etc. You are more than welcome to check with Mrs. Jones to get supplies you need for your daily instruction. If you need something available from the warehouse supplies that we do not usually purchase and stock, let your Department Chair know so that a request can be submitted to Mrs. Jones. Materials and supplies needed from a source other than the district warehouse may be purchased through a Purchase Order or PO. Department supply monies exist for the purchasing of supplies and instructional materials needed to improve lessons. How an item, manipulative and/or resource supports the TEKS must be considered before making a request. Department members should work together to identify areas of need for the variety of courses being offered within the department. The Department Chair will formally request appropriate items for purchase.

College Student Observers/Student Teachers Observations and student teaching are arranged solely through the Education Center’s Human Resources office. Interested parties may begin the process of requesting to observe by calling 972-237-5377. Once HR approves an observation or student teaching assignment, the campus secretary will be contacted to arrange an appropriate placement.

Community Service All community service on campus is coordinated through the National Honor Society and/or Student Council. Students interested in volunteering in the community may contact Mr. Jensen or Ms. Johnson for Student Council, or Sherry Neaves for National Honor Society. Note: Court ordered community service is not conducted at Grand Prairie High School.

CRO & Crime Stoppers Information The crime stoppers numbers at GPHS are: 972-809-5707 or 972-809-5793 Whenever a tipster calls one of the crime stoppers hotlines, Officer Rahman or Officer Daugherty will answer and take down the information the tipster is reporting. The tipster is then given a code number and advised to call back in a few hours to find out the result of their tip. The tipster calls back in a few hours, or the next day if the tip was given late in the school day. The tipster will give the code number they received from officers and ask what the outcome was. If the tip came back good, they will be advised of a procedure to get their money. Officer Rahman will write up a tip sheet on all good tips, along with a requisition form. The requisition form has pertinent information on it such as: the tip code number, the police service number, the number of arrests if any, if there was school discipline, etc. The requisition form is given to Mrs. Mable Jones and the money will be given to Officer Rahman and the tipster paid. Mrs. Jones logs all transfers of money from the reward account, and keeps a copy of each requisition Officer Rahman give her, and Officer Rahman keep a copy of each requisition form. The tipster is suppose to be anonymous, 38

however that doesn’t always work out that way as we usually know who the tipster is because they come and tell us directly. Either way the same procedure would apply.

Energy and Compliance Standards The following are ways to help building sites be Energy Efficient and Comply with standards that are acceptable in Classrooms, Office Areas, Workrooms, Lounges, Gyms, & Cafeterias. * Although personal refrigerators (to be used for instructional use only) at this time are not banned (be aware, this may change), they do generate a usage demand and cost on the district's electricity bill. The following items need to be turned off at the end of each day or when not in use. • Computers • Monitors • Printers • Lights (or when Classrooms, Offices, Workrooms, Lounges, Gyms, & Cafeterias are unoccupied) • Copiers • Laminators • TV Monitors The following need to be closed while the HVAC is on during the day. • Windows • Exterior Doors • Doors from the hallways to Classrooms, Office Entries, Workrooms, Lounges, Gyms, & Cafeterias Unacceptable Items in Classrooms, Office Areas, and Cubicles (FIRE CODE VIOLATIONS): • Plug-in air fresheners • Heat lamps • Food warmers • Candle warmers • Hot plates • Microwaves • Portable heaters • Heating pads • Candles (Grand Prairie City Fire Code) • Electric flat or steam irons • No open flames outside Culinary Arts or Lab areas. • Coffee pots or makers • Toaster Ovens *Personal refrigerators and items such as listed above will be used against the campus when computing scores for monetary awards provided to the most energy efficient/compliant campuses. Acceptable Items in Designated Areas • Heat lamps • Food warmers • Hot plates • Microwaves • Heating pads • Coffee pots or makers • Toaster Ovens


(Clinic Training Room) (Lounge Kitchen) (Lounge Kitchen) (Lounge Kitchen) (Clinic Training Room) (Lounge Kitchen) (Lounge Kitchen)

Non district Chemicals not allowed in the building because of respiratory health reasons • Scented air fresheners and/or deodorizers • Bleaches • Ammonia and/or other household cleaners • Pesticides All electrical equipment must be provided by GPISD or considered to be safe by our Technology and Electrical Departments. (Grand Prairie City Fire Code)

Food and Drink in the Classroom Food and drinks, for student consumption, are not allowed in the classroom with the exception of clear bottled water.

Hall Pass Information and Procedure Hall passes are not to be given to students during 1st, 5th, and 7th periods, unless emergency arises. Teachers are urged to screen, very strickly, any request or passes. No student should be granted a pass from class unless the teacher in charge deems it a necessity. Teachers must always issue a hall pass to a student when he/she leaves the classroom. Most restroom damage is done during the class time by students who have convinced their teacher of a need to leave class. Whenever a student is given a pass, it should show the student’s name, destination, time, and date the pass is issued. The receiving teacher should sign the pass and show the time when the student leaves to return to his/her original room. A student will be sent back to the sending teacher if the student does not have a proper hall pass. It is not wise for teachers to stamp or sign passes before they are actually used. These passes should be kept in the teacher’s desk drawer-not left on top of the desk. Teachers must request hall passes from the main office Receptionist.

Hallways – Teacher’s Responsibilty The hallways become very crowed during class changes. Teachers should always stand outside their doorways at each passing period to better supervise traffic in the halls. Visibility of all staff in the hallway promotes a more orderly movenment of students during the passing period. All staff must be involved in the student’s adherence to school rules including dress code violations and presence of student IDs

Identification Cards Staff IDs – During the first week of school, before students report, all staff should visit the copy room to take their ID picture & receive their current year ID. All staff should have a current year ID and ID cards from prior years will not be accepted for the new school year. Student IDs – All students must wear IDs at all times during school hours, if the student does not have their ID, they will have the option to purchase a temporary ID for the day for $1 or a new, permanent ID for $3 in the main office from Mrs. Jones or Mrs. French. If students refuse to purchase one of the two options they will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day. q New Student IDs – All new students will receive their designated ID number and take their ID picture on the designated day given to them during Sneak-A-Peek and will receive their ID on the 1st day of school during advisory. Students that come any time after Sneak-A-Peek will complete enrollment and receive a new ID number and receive their ID that same day.





Returning Students IDs – All returning students will take their ID picture on the designated day given to them during Sneak-A-Peek and will receive their ID on the 1st day of school during advisory. If a student fails to come to Sneak-A-Peek and take a picture the same picture from the previous year will be used. If the student decides they do not want their previous year picture, they will be required to pay $3 for a new ID with a new picture. Seniors with Late Arrival/Early Departure – When a senior has late arrival or early release, we ask to see their schedule to verify. After verifying, we print the correct ID for the semester. Some seniors will have different arrival/departure times per semester, if so we destroy the first semester ID and print out a new ID for the changed second semester with no charge. Daily Work Release – Work release starts at 12:25 p.m. Students with work release will have a neon green sticker on the back of their ID to determine work release and the time of departure.

Library/Media Center Procedures The library is a learning laboratory with books, computers, magazines, and other materials available for classroom assignments, projects, and reading or listening pleasure. GPHS library is open from 7:05 AM until 3:35 PM, Monday-Thursday and 7:05-2:45 on Friday. Before and after school students are free to go to the library to check out books or use library materials. During class periods teachers may allow students to go to the library to check out books or to use the library materials, but arrangements should be made with the librarian if more than four students are to be sent to the library at one time. Students should be sent to the library when they have definite assignments requiring use of the library materials. Students must have a properly signed pass and their student ID’s to come to the library. (This includes student assistants from any office). Early release students must obtain a pass from the attendance office in order to enter the library after their early release time. Teachers who plan to take their classes to the library must pre-sign electronically at least 24 hours in advance on the library’s Wiki. Teachers are urged to consult with the library staff so that needed materials will be available. Teachers are to accompany classes to the library, stay with them, and be responsible for their behavior. A library assignment should be planned to fill the entire class hour so that students learn that the library is not the place to play or to waste time. In case of teacher absence, please have alternative classroom lesson plans; substitutes cannot bring classes to the library. When doing research papers, the librarians suggest the teachers schedule three consecutive visits to the library. If necessary, a fourth day could be scheduled at a later date, or students who were absent may be sent in groups of four (4). This allows greater access for all teachers. Books are checked out to students for two weeks and may be rechecked one time. Reference books are checked out overnight with special permission. The faculty is requested to cooperate with the library in encouraging students to treat library materials with care and return them promptly and to conduct themselves properly while in the library. Overdue notices are posted periodically in English classes and outside the library. The librarians will be happy to schedule library lessons to explain the reference materials in the library. This service is especially recommended to English teachers. Librarians will also give book talks in classrooms on any subject a teacher requests. During the noon hour, students may come to the library to study or read, but must remain for the entire lunch period. Emphasize to students that this time is for studying not visiting. Drinks, candy or other foods are not allowed in the library at any time without special permission from a librarian. Teachers are fully responsible for all library materials checked out in their names. Also, limits on check out time may be set at the discretion of the librarians. The library staff urges teachers to request books they believe to be particularly useful for teachers and students, and the librarians will purchase them as funds are available. Policy for Circulation of Audio Visual Equipment and Software Software: • Software can be requested in advance of need. • Software may be kept for a period of one week, if necessary for instruction. 41

• • • • • •

Software must be returned when not in use to allow greater access to all teachers. Software can be requested from the GPISD Central Media Center, if requested at least two (2) weeks in advance. See librarians for catalogs and order forms. Dallas County films can be requested as long as one year in advance of date desired and will be booked in order received. Teachers are not to remove software from building. There will be a limit of three software items checked out at one time. Teachers are responsible for securing all materials when not in use.

Equipment: • Equipment should be requested in advance of need. • Equipment may be kept in a locked classroom on approval of a librarian except for • VCR’s which must be returned daily. • No school equipment is to leave the Grand Prairie High School campus. • Please report any problems with equipment to the librarians as soon as possible.

Lockers for Students Lockers will be issued to interested students' that request one through their third period class. Glenda Williamson, Discipline Clerk, will coordinate locker assignments with the teachers.

Mailboxes • • • •

Faculty and staff mailboxes are located in the mailroom in the main office. Faculty and staff mailboxes are to be checked at least twice daily (morning and afternoon). All out-going postal mail and inter-school mail bags are located in the receptionist area. Only school related items should be placed in faculty mailboxes or in the workroom and lounge unless prior approval has been given.

Parking Staff Parking: The Faculty parking lot is located in front of the main high school building and on the South side of Turner Gym. (Located between the high school and the 9th Grade Center) Faculty stickers may be obtained free of charge from Mrs. Jones, the Financial Clerk. Mrs. Jones office is located in the main office. Student Parking: The student parking lot is across High School Way (South) of the main high school building. Vehicles parked on school property are under the jurisdiction of the school. Only students that buy a parking pass may park in the student parking lot. Student parking passes will be sold in the cafeteria during all lunches for $15.00, starting September 12th, 2011. Students will be allowed two weeks to buy permits after which time, they will not be allowed to park on campus. Students must fill out a parking registration form at that time. If a student changes vehicles they must contact their assistant principal to change the information on the parking registration form. Only students with a valid driver’s license will be able to park in the student parking lot. Student’s that do not buy a parking pass but park in the student lot are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the student code of conduct. Cars may be towed at the owner’s expense for repeated parking without a permit.

Pep Rally Procedures When we have pep rallies, they will be from 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. We will have the drum line go through the halls to release the students. Please do not release your students until the drum line has passed through your hallway. Close your classroom doors and go with your students to the Pep Rally in Turner Gym via the 600 hall walkway. Please go down to the stands to help supervise the students. If the students have early release and are not going to the Pep Rally they will need to leave 42

campus immediately. Office Staff, coaches & teachers with no 7th period will assist in monitoring all exit doors as assigned by administrator. Remember that all students must walk through the 600 hall walkway.

Picture Day Procedures Picture dates for students and teachers will be set according to agreed upon dates between the school’s principal and school’s photographer and taken in the library. Pictures will be taken through English classes. Sophomores, Juniors and faculty photos are done in the fall. Seniors will have another day reserved for their pictures to be taken during the fall through their English classes as well. Any student without an English class will be notified when to take their picture through Go 4 News and/or through the school’s website. Students and faculty members that missed their original photo dates will have a picture re-take day later during the fall. Seniors will have another day assigned during the fall inwhich to take their picture. These pictures will also be taken during English classes. Faculty members may go to the library throughout the day at their convenience to have their picture taken. There will also be a call made over the P.A. system at 2 o’clock p.m. for anyone that has not had their picture taken to be released at that time to come to the library.

Purchasing Procedures Purchasing procedures are outlined in detail in the Purchasing Manual that is required reading for all GPHS staff members. All purchases are done through the department chairs or activity sponsor and submitted to the Finance Clerk to receive approval for purchase from the principal.

Teacher’s Lounge • • •

TEACHERS ARE DUE IN THEIR ROOM AT 7:25 A.M. Please complete all last minute errands prior to that time. HELP KEEP THE LOUNGE AREA CLEAN. Tabletops and microwaves need to be wiped down after spills. The refrigerator will be cleaned out periodically. Please make sure to take out items you don’t want thrown away. Salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, etc. will be left in the fridge door.

Telephone Calls and Messages Personal Phone Calls: All personal phone calls should be made before school, during conference period, lunch, or after school. In cases of an emergency make sure that students or parents are not present and cannot hear your phone conversations. The Teacher’s Lounge or Conference Room is the most appropriate place for making a personal phone call if needed. School-Related Phone Calls: There are telephones located in the Teacher's Lounge, Library, Conference Room, and Teacher Workroom. These phones may be used for outgoing school-related phone calls. Phone Messages: Phone messages received during instructional time will be placed in your box or emailed to you. Urgent messages will be delivered to the classroom when prior arrangements have been made. If you are expecting an important or urgent call, please notify Ms. French so she can relay this information to you more quickly. Personal cell phones must be off during the instructional day unless you are making a parent phone call. When making a parent call, please make sure confidentiality is being maintained. Know who is around you and who can hear your call! Teachers may allow students to come to the office to use the phone when necessary. Personal cell phone use in the hallway is prohibited.

Textbook Distribution/Collection Procedure and Timeline 43

Teachers will receive class sets delivered to their classrooms before the first day of school. The number of books will be based on each teacher’s largest class. If additional books are needed after the leveling of classes, a teacher may fill out an additional book form located in the teachers mailbox area and placed it in Dr. Threets’ mailbox. These forms will ask for the name of the book and the number of books received and the number of extra books needed for classroom instruction. Each teacher receiving books should double check their number and sign for their total amount before the first day of class in room 601. Students may request books on an individual basis by checking them out from Dr. Threets office in room 601 during the two weeks of each semester. Textbooks will be collected either at the end of the semester or the end of the year, depending on each subjects’ completion. If a one semester class is taught both semesters, then that class set will be taken up at the end of the year along with all other subjects that are taught for one year.

Visitors in the Building All visitors must come to the office when they enter the building. Visitors should not enter the building through any of the side or back exits. Visitors are required to sign in and wear a visitor sticker. Persons in the building without a visitor sticker should be directed to the office and the office should be notified that the person is in the building.

Withdrawal Procedures for Students The student (18 or over) or parent of students under 18 must contact the Registrar’s Office to withdraw from GPHS. At that time, the registrar will speak with the student to determine the reason for withdrawal and confirm a plan for continued education. A withdrawal form will be completed by the registrar that will reflect the student’s last grade posted in the teacher of records grade book. The registrar’s office will e-mail the teachers of record with the grade reported on the student’s withdrawal form. The teacher of record will have 48 hours to respond (confirming the grade or changing with reason) to the registrar as the accuracy of the grade recorded on the withdrawal form. While the student is in the registrar’s office, a phone call is made to the library, ROTC, and to the AP responsible for textbooks to ensure the withdrawing student does not have outstanding library books, uniforms, or textbooks checked out to them. In the event any person that can verify this information is not available, the responsible person will be called on the two-way radio and be asked to verify the information while the student is still in the office. The responsible parties will give the name of a ‘back-up’ authorized person if the responsible party is off campus at the time the student is trying to withdraw. The Responsible Person has to respond to the registrar anytime they are on campus to finalize a student’s withdrawal. On a weekly basis, the registrar will send a “student withdrawal report” with the student names and applicable codes related to the student’s reason for withdrawal to campus personnel. The list will consist of students that withdraw from the beginning of the school year to current. The AP responsible for attendance will need to review students with the code 98. These students will need to be contacted immediately and work with the student to get them into an academic program to continue their education.

Work Areas •

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There are copiers located in the copy room downstairs (across from the discipline office) and in the upstairs teacher’s lounge (room 200). For most jobs, please utilize the copy clerk, Ms. Lopez. Copy machines require a code for access. Please notify Ms. Lopez when a copy machine is acting up. Be patient when it is out of order, sometimes it takes a day or so for the repair person to arrive. Copy paper will be stored in the copy room. Notify Ms. Lopez when copy paper supply is low. No students/children are permitted to hang out in the work area or lounge. (Even our own personal children) Student aides are permitted DURING their class block as an aide.


Work Orders Building Maintenance All general building maintenance work orders should be submitted via e-mail to the Principal’s Secretary, Sedonia Kidd. Please include your name, room number, and what needs to be completed. She will then submit the request and email you a work order number that you should keep for reference until the order is completed. Any large maintenance issues must be submitted via email to Mr. Liggins for approval. There is a 2-3 week turnaround time for general work orders to be completed by the Maintenance Department. Please note: Ceiling light bulbs are replaced by the campus custodians and do not require a work order. Technology work orders (phone, computer, projectors, etc.) Technology work orders may be submitted by the individual requesting the work. Technology requests are submitted online at


Appendix Forms


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Guest Speaker Approval Form Please submit this form at least five days before the guest speaker is scheduled to arrive.

Department of Teacher:


Date(s) Requested for Speaker’s Visit:_______________________________________ Speaker’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Speaker’s Credentials:____________________________________________________ Topic for Presentation: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ TEKS to be covered: _____________________________________________________ Student learning activity following speaker’s visit: ______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Administrative Use Only q



Denied (Reason_______________________________________________________) _____________________________________ Required Signature – Sharon Boothe, Dean of Instruction





Field Trip Info Update Department /Club/Class(es) Attending: ________________________________________________________________ Educational excursion destination: ________________________________________________________________

Teacher contact names and cell phone numbers: Teacher name

cell number







Bus information: Number of students: Time leaving:



Number of buses reserved:


Number of adults: ___________ Time returning:


Special Needs bus:


Please remember to fill out this form and give it to Ms. French or Mrs. Kidd the day of the trip.




Grand Prairie High School Request to drop Pre AP/AP Courses Student Name: __________________________________________ Student ID No.:_____________________ Grade Level: _________

Date: _____________

Class requesting to drop:________________________________________________________ Reason for request:_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Have you been to tutoring with the teacher: ________ Dates:_________________________

Have you had a student/teacher/parent conference? _______ Date: ____________________

What expectation do you have as a result of this request to drop this class? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

What other resources/support do you need to be academically successful in this class? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


Student: _______________________________ Parent:________________________________ Signature: ______________________________ Signature: _____________________________

Dean of Instruction Signature: ___________________________________________________ Please return this application to your counselor once you have your parent and teacher signatures. The deadline to complete this form and return it to the counseling office is Friday after report cards are received/posted.


SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM Student Name____________________________ Student ID#_____________________



Course (seat) availability is limited and changes cannot be guaranteed. NOTE: YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR PRESENT SCHEDULE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION OF A CHANGE. IF AND WHEN YOUR REQUESTED CHANGE IS APPROVED, YOU WILL RECEIVE A NEW SCHEDULE. Necessary changes fall into the following categories (please check those that apply to your request and provide an explanation): _____ Student is in a course for which he/she already has credit (You will not receive credit the 2nd time) _____ Student failed a required course that should be taken now _____ Student is a SENIOR and lacks a course for graduation Explain: ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

For the reason checked above, I am requesting the following schedule change:



__________________________________ STUDENT SIGNATURE

________________________________ PARENT SIGNATURE

______________ DATE

__________________________________ PHONE NUMBER

______________________________________________________ PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS

Do not write below this line _____ APPROVED _____ DENIED


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ COUNSELOR SIGNATURE


___________________________________ DEAN OF INSTRUCTION SIGNATURE

____________ DATE

Department Meeting Notes “Building a Legacy of Unparalleled Excellence” Department: ____________________________

Date: ______________________


Collaborative Teaming Focused on Teaching & Learning


Ensuring Achievement for All Students: Systems for Prevention & Intervention


Using Data to Guide Decision Making & Continuous Improvement


Other / General Information:


Important Dates:


Questions for Campus Administration:


Work Orders to be Submitted: Attendees’ Signatures: _____________________________





















GRADE CHANGE FORM Grand Prairie Independent School District Campus: GRAND PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL

STUDENT’S NAME _______________________________________ STUDENT ID # ______________________ COURSE/SECTION # _______________________________ COURSE TITLE _____________________________

Circle the appropriate grading period. NINE WEEKS :






















________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________ DATE

_________________________________________ TEACHER’S SIGNATURE




REASON(S): ____________________________________________________________________________ 58








Single to Double

Double Sided

Double Sided to Single

Hole Punched

Additional Instructions:

_________ _______

****REMINDER – THERE IS 24-HOUR TURN AROUND TIME FOR ALL COPY REQUESTS. ALL COPY REQUESTS MUST BE TURNED IN, IN A TIMELY MANNER. ALL BULK COPIES OF 200 + WILL HAVE A TURN AROUND TIME OF 48-HOURS. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------







Stapled Additional Instructions:

Single to Double

Double Sided

Double Sided to Single

Hole Punched _________ _______


Student “Tardy” Log Teacher:_____________________ Date



Student Name

Time In:


Telecommunication (Cell Phones) & Other Electronic Devices Confiscation and Return Form Grand Prairie High School Grand Prairie High School prohibits the use of telecommunication devices, including cellular phones and pager/beepers, at all school during the instructional school day (7:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.) from the morning entry bell to the afternoon dismissal bell. Students are allowed to be in possession of such devices; however, the device shall not be visible and shall remain turned off during the instructional day. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to established disciplinary measures. Students who violate this policy shall have the device confiscated. The assistant principal will determine whether the device, not including cell phones, may be returned to the student at the end of the day. The parent may pick up a confiscated cell phone from the assistant principal’s office for a fee of $15.

Student Name: __________________________ Grade: _____________________________ Date of Infraction: _________________________ Confiscating Teacher: _________________ Item Confiscated: _________________________ Brief description of infraction: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ The above noted device was confiscated from ______________________________________ (Print student’s name)

Student Signature: _________________________

Date: ________________________

The device was turned in to the discipline office by__________________________________ (Print confiscating teacher’s name)

Teacher Signature: _________________________

Date: ________________________

The device was picked up by _________________________________

(student / parent)

(Print name)

Student / Parent Signature: ________________________

Date: ___________________

Administrative Use Only: Warning issued


Copy of policy issued

$15 fee issued

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Acknowledgment of Receipt for the 2011-12 Faculty Handbook I have received the Grand Prairie High School Faculty Handbook for the 2011-2012 school year and will read the contents so that I fully understand these policies and procedures. I understand that failure to follow these policies and procedures will result in disciplinary action, which could include being dismissed as an employee from the Grand Prairie Independent School District.

____________________________________ Employee's Name (Please Print)

____________________________________ Employee's Signature

________________________ Date

Complete and return to Mr. Liggins within ten days of receiving this handbook. 64

GPHS 2011-2012 Faculty Handbook  

The guidelines, rules, and procedures for the staff