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00 - Appartment Design

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Royal City Open Mall

Royal City Open Mall, March 2016 Raafat Miller Consultant, An open mall expanding on a large area with 7 meters difference from the start and entrance level till the exit, it was a challenge to solve the level difference and integrated well with the landscape and green areas.

Out doors Theatre Shot

The Project’s Spine shot

Side Entrance Shot

Stepped Stairs

The Pyramid’s Plateau

Master plan

Bachelor Project,2015 Supervisor, Professor Rita de Frietas Working on the Pyramid Plateau and making a transition phase between the Great Pyramids and the Informal settlements “Nazlet el semman”. The project was divided into three phases, Developing Nazlet el semman, the interphase between the settlement and the pyramids and Culture Center. My Role was the Interphase. Bachelor Grade, Excellent

Interphase Master plan As seen in the site plan the transition we made through merging or integrating the sand and the green areas of the new land scrape nazlet al seman and the new part where residential and bazaars take place and the spirit of the space could be reflected in this boulevard The height of the buildings is decreasing from five to three stories in nazlet al semman to two stories and one story high buildings merge with the landscape to give the maximum view of the pyramids from most of the parts

Main Shot

Bird Eye Perspective

Landscape Shot

Project Over View

Shading Elements

Physical Model

Business Towers New Capital Undergraduate Project, 2015 The main concept of the tower is to integrate with the surroundings the tower consists of podium where retail takes place, then ahead quarter offices for well known international-graphic design companies to achieve the goal of global city like Pixar , Google. The second part of the tower is residential The tower ‘s concept is to have green roofs and open terraces in most of the floor to give the students and the employees a good working atmosphere as life quality was on of the main goal of the project

Master Plan

Main Shot

Landscape Shot

Green Roofs Shot

UAE Pavilion

Master Plan


GUC-Berlin Campus

Undergraduate Project, 2014 Berlin, Germany Integration of new and old building and introducing glass connections in an old building in Berlin, Germany


Politics of Form

A visual Design Project in New Cairo, The Task is to capture random, unpleasant photo and get the beauty out of it and make it useful.

Turning the back ground into black and white to emphasis the target wanted.

No need for background anymore

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