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Publishing Infomation: Printed by KPE Printers ( De Montfort University, Leicester. For the Fine Art Degree Show, of the students graduating in 2013. Copyright 2013 Š

John Lancaster Welcome to De Montfort University’s Fine Art Degree Show 2013. This exhibition provides a public showcase for graduating students at the beginning of their careers and presents the diverse and varied nature of Fine Art at De Montfort University. The work reflects the aim of the course to develop individual creativity in contemporary approaches to Fine Art. The Degree Show marks a high point in the academic year. It is very rewarding and exciting to see the abilities of the students realised in a body of stimulating and professional work. For Fine Art the Degree Show is not just a presentation of work that had been made on the course. It acts as a focus and catalyst for the work, providing a professional exhibition, which almost always is an essential and integral outcome of any Fine Art activity. It provides students with the opportunity of investing the nature of an exhibition, of exploring how work can be presented in a gallery like environment and experienced by the public. Its is the culmination of the course and a learning experience in its own right. This catalogue is a major piece of professional practice in itself, requiring the students to work together to organise, finance and produce it. One functioning activity, the Fine Art Auction, has become a popular fixture in the academic year attracting large audience from inside and outside the university. Each generation of students encounters a new and challenging world that contributes to them developing original practices through which they create new experiences for us, the audience. In this way these emerging artists help us to re-imagine the world and view it differently. The staff team wish the graduating students every success in their future careers.

Lauren Adams Lauren Adams Untitled Plasterboard, paint, coal, glue 120 x 130 cm 2013 2

Leah Alexander Leah Alexander Barriers Digital photograph on foamex 4ft 6 x 2ft 6 2013 4

EMi ALi EMi ALi Little Boy and Fat Man Oil, flour, gloss, emulsion on canvas 270 x 162 cm 2013 6

Joanne Bailey Joanne Bailey Untitled Assemblage - mixed media Dimensions variable 2012 - 2013 8

Gemma Bale Gemma Bale Untitled Plaster, wax, latex, metal Dimensions variable 2013 10

Robert Barry Robert Barry Fight for your right Installation - TV’s, DVD player, CD, wood Dimensions variable 2013 12

Adam Carrier Adam Carrier Empty Charcoal on paper Dimensions variable 2013 14

Katie Carroll Katie Carroll Pieces of you, pieces of me Plaster and sand installation Dimensions variable 2013 16

Sarah Anne Chesher Sarah Anne Chesher Static Past Photo collage 21 x 29.7 cm 2013 18

Jasmeen Chowdhury Jasmeen Chowdhury Different Shades of Me Polystyrene sculptures Dimensions variable 2013 20

Hannah Cook Hannah Cook Into the light 4ft x 4ft (3 pieces) Acrylic on canvas 2013 22

Gareth Cox Gareth Cox Untitled Mixed media Dimensions variable 2013 24

Anthony Crammen Anthony Crammen Rope Figure #5 Latex, gloss, rope, spray paint, plastic, metal, pigment Dimensions variable 2012 - 2013 26

Chloe Dowsett Chloe Dowsett Untitled Steel, wire, timber 180 x 160 x 60 cm 2013 28

Miriam Duffield Miriam Duffield Untitled Acrylic, varnish and collage on board 243.8 x 121.9 cm 2013 30

Amy Dulley Amy Dulley Untitled Photographic prints 42 x 29.7 cm 2013 32

Hannah Embley Hannah Embley Untitled Oil paint and varnish on perspex 60 x 40 cm 2013 34

Daniel Evans Daniel Evans Untitled Adobe Illustrator on TV screen 2ft x 2ft 2013 36

Charlotte Poppy Rose Garner Charlotte Poppy Rose Garner Response Photograph on fabric, wooden frame 96.5 x 118.6 cm 2013 38

Stephanie George Stephanie George Untitled Photographic print, 35mm 20.3 x 15.2 cm 2013 40

Christiana Georgiou Christiana Georgiou Untitled Mixed media Dimensions variable 2013 42

Thomas Greenhalgh Thomas Greenhalgh Untitled Giclee print 84.1 x 59.4 cm 2013 44

Terri Gutteridge Terri Gutteridge Untitled Steel rod, steel stencil, log Dimensions variable 2013 46

Rosie Hands Rosie Hands Tastes like some sort of home Analogue photographs 5 inches x 5 inches (set of 3) 2013 48

Rachael Hibbs Rachael Hibbs Advance (Foot), Growth (Arm) Plaster, found branch, ivy and rope Both 1 metre space 2013 50

Sophie Hunt Sophie Hunt Spinning Lady Wire, latex, paint and string Dimensions variable 2012 - 2013 52

Hannah Johnson Hannah Johnson FatHouse Stainless steel, perspex, UV light, wood, sound 7ft x 2ft 5 2012 - 2013 54

Hannah Jones Hannah Jones Untitled Sculpture Dimensions variable 2013 56

Elliot Juby Elliot Juby Untitled from the Settings Series Digital print on board 113 x 75 cm 2013 58

Tugce Karapinar Tugce Karapinar Kaybolmus Anilar (Fragmented Memories) Mixed Media Installation Dimensions variable 2013 60

Emma Kemp Emma Kemp Pat Forbes, Now Mrs Tate Mixed media Dimensions variable 2013 62

Zen Kilic Zen Kilic Hashtag Photographic prints 33 x 33 x 3 cm (framed) 2013 64

Constantinos Koufettas Constantinos Koufettas Untitled Lamp, wood, straw bricks, water, soil and projected video. Dimensions variable 2013 66

Keira Langford Kiera Langford Untitled Cotton and UV light 10ft x 8ft x 6ft 2013 68

Alison Leggatt Alison Leggatt The Dance Tracing paper, string, nails, tungsten light Dimensions variable 2013 70

Tamika Little-Dobson Tamika Little-Dobson Rich Fruit Photographic print Dimensions variable 2013 72

Amy Lupton Amy Lupton Untitled Steel mechanical flicker book boxes with kaleidoscope images 16 x 10 x 16 cm 2013 74

Amanda Lynch Amanda Lynch Branded Plaster, spray paint, resin and women’s underwear 150 x 101 cm 2013 76

Francesca Lyons Francesca Lyons Jock and Shirley Darkroom print 12.7 x 17.7 cm 2013 78

Shelley McBain Shelley McBain Labyrinth Short film still Dimensions variable 2013 80

Loveday McCrone Loveday McCrone Dillon Pencil drawing on tracing paper 22 x 14 cm 2013 82

Steven Mills Steven Mills Untitled Online image 11.2 MB 2013 84

Greg Mitchell Greg Mitchell Part of the Boxed Bananas Series Photographic print 58 x 31 cm 2013 86

Kitty Moran Kitty Moran Untitled Installation, projector, suspended material Dimensions variable 2013 88

Gemma Neilson Gemma Neilson Untitled Dry point on paper 20 x 7 cm 2013 90

Joseph Nicholls Joseph Nicholls Untitled Spray paint on board 183 x 122 cm 2013 92

Andriana Nikolaidou Andriana Nikolaidou Untitled Mixed media Dimensions variable 2013 94

Kerrie-Louise O’Donnell Kerrie-Louise O’Donnell Untitled Black screen print on paper 84 x 59 cm 2013 96

Sarah Padgett Sarah Padgett The Big Bench Acrylic paint on MDF and pine 29.5 x 17.3 x 12.4 cm 2013 98

Rachel Perry Rachel Perry Untitled Digital projection, stop-motion animation and film Dimensions variable 2013 100

Maria Phillips Maria Phillips Lady Therese Walks Through Her Garden Photographic print 90 x 65 cm 2012 36

Siobhan Alexandra Phillips Siobhan Alexandra Phillips Multiple Mind Atlas Muslin cloth, wood, wool Dimensions variable 2013 104

Steven Phipps Steven Phipps Incoming Fineliner pen, watercolour paper 42 x 29.7 cm 2013 106

Jenny Pyrah Jennifer Pyrah Mother and Child Wax, plastecine, chickenwire, real human hair, fabric, wood and TV Dimensons variable 2013 108

Ritu Rajbhandari Ritu Rajbhandari Untitled Leaves and sticks Dimensions variable 2012 110

Chloe Ray Chloe Ray Untitled (series of three) Steel, cement, string Dimensions variable 2013 112

Lizzie Reading Lizzie Reading Untitled Ladybird Photographic print 168 x 116 cm 2013 114

Anna Ridley Anna Ridley Red Lomography color negative 400 ISO, 35mm 59 x 42 cm 2013 116

Meera Sakaria Meera Sakaria The Cavebear No.1.1 The Lost Hour Series, Bears are safe; and Bears are scary Light and sculptural film installation Dimensions variable 2013 118

Mimi San Mimi San False Reality Mixed media, installation Dimensions variable 2013 120

Joanne Seaby Joanne Seaby Digital Chemistry Digital print, installation Dimensions variable 2012 - 2013 122

Sam Sharman-Dunn Sam Sharman-Dunn Crushed Digital print from performance 59 x 42 cm 2013 124

Jessica Sparano Jessica Sparano #Selfie 2 Felt tip pens on paper 29.7 x 42 cm 2013 127

Junior Tucker Junior Tucker A New Perspective Oil paint, household gloss, emulsion, spray paint and scrap wood Dimensions vary on install 2013 128

Ross Turner Ross Turner The Invisible Forms Oil on Canvas 61 x 61 cm 2013 130

Alicia Wallace Alicia Wallace Chronocyclegraphs ∆ Perspex and digital projection, moving image and sound Dimensions vary on install 2013 132

Alice Williams Alice Williams L. X LI Collage 10 x 3.9cm 2013 134

Luke Wilson Luke Wilson Untitled Digital photographic print 84.1 x 118.4 cm 2013 136

Caitlin Woodfield Caitlin Woodfield Outlook Digital phographic print 420 x 594 cm 2013 138

Emily Winstanley Emily Winstanley Tear Down These Walls Collagraph prints on Canaletto Liscio paper 70 x 100 cm 2013 140

Many thanks to all contributors and donators for the fundraising of this catalogue. Additionally, this would not have been possible without the support of the fellow students and the University in the organisation and running of the Fine Art Auction (25th February, 2013). A special thank you to all involved in the production and designing of the catalogue; Meera Sakaria, Joanne Bailey, Joanne Seaby, Alice Williams, Francesca Lyons, Emi Ali, Lizzie Reading, Steven Mills and Nigel Essex. Wishing everyone the best of luck in their future endeavours.

DMU Fine Art Catalogue  


DMU Fine Art Catalogue