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CONTENTS Fuzhi Mayi Tower 5th Semester

Musafirkhana 4th Semester

Community Center 3rd Semester

Ferrocement Workshop

Fuzhi Mayi Tower Shanghai, China 5th Semester (2017)

The idea for the building was derived from the Termite Mound. Shanghai being one of the highly polluted city, the building was designed to be energy efficient. A hollow duct acting as a chimney runs through the center of the building which maintains the temperature of the building. The central duct is of glass which provides the natural light to the spaces. The building functions as an Incubation Center as the site is in the residential area which is being developed into a commercial region.

Shanghai is divided in two districts by the Huangpu River. The west area is named Puxi while the east Pudong. Puxi is the historic center of Shanghai and remains the home of approximately 48% of Shanghai’s residents. Pudong, the new city, is located on the east of the Huangpu River across from Puxi. The site is located in Zhabei region of the Old City(Puxi). The District is highly populated with the working class residents and is being developed into a commercial region

The concept for the design was derived from the a Termite Mound as they are self sustaining. The structure of the mounds is very complicated. Inside the mound is a system of tunnels and conduits that serves as ventilation system for the mound. It uses passive cooling system to maintain a constant temperature.

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9th Floor Plan




10th Floor Plan

11th Floor Plan

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Reception Waiting Area Research Room Cosnultancy Room Cafeteria AV Room Meeting Room Mangement Office Offices




Musafirkhana Luxor, Egypt 4th semester (2017)

The concept of Musafirkhana was derived from the travel experiences of Jean Francois Champollion to Egypt. Champollion was a linguist, who decipherd the Egyptian Heiroglyphs and created a new image of Egypt in global picture. The idea of this design was to depict Egypt as seen by Champollion during his visit in 1980’s for the travellers. The spaces are designed to mimic the scale of Egyptian architecture, adding a component of mystery through use of angles and corners.

Jean Francois Champollion was a French linguist and he visited Egypt in 192829 to study Egyptian Heiroglyphs. He travelled along the river Nile, documenting all the edifices on both sides of the river. In first few months he went upto Wadi Halfa, the lowermost portion of Egypt back in 1920’s and then he started his journey back to France. While returning back he spent a year in Luxor studying the heiroglyphic carvings on the walls of tombs in The Valley of Kings and Karnak Temple. He documented his research and decoded the Heiroglyphs from the Rosetta Stone, found in 1799, thus creating a new image of Egypt. Egypt is divided by the River Nile into western side and side. On the Western side of the Nile lies all the Tombs on the eastern side all the temples, thus categorising the part as The City of Death and the eastern side as The City

eastern whereas western of Life.

The site was chosen to be in the City of Life in Luxor as Champollion spent major amount of time in Luxor during his visit. On one side of the site is River Nile whereas on the other side, the residential cum market area, so that travellers can experience various images of Egypt. Also the site is near many monuments like Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

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First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Library Lounge Bedroom Dormitory Reception Restaurant

Sectional View

Community Center Pondicherry, India 3rd semester (2016)

The community center is located in Pondicherry between the beach and the backwaters. The sunny climate of the beach allows for good lighting. The heat is countered by shades, created using multiple frames. Keeping in mind the air currents and the humidity, wide open courtyards are created to balance the srtucture in respect to climate. The terrace accomodates garden, with accompanying view of the beach, creating a vista.


Bay of Bengal

The site is located in Pondicherry with Bay of Bengal on the eastern side of the site and Backwater on the Western side. To create a connectivity between the spaces having different fucntions frames were created and later to provide shades the frames were extruded vertically giving rise to different spaces and courtyards which are connected by ramps and bridges. The vertical Connectivity is achieved by a free standing staircase centrally placed in the sunken courtyard.




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Basement Plan

Ground Floor Plan


First F

Floor Plan

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Meeting Room Lecture Room Computer Lab Administration Reception Workshop Library Toilets

Ferrocement Workshop

Portfolio meera pindoriya  
Portfolio meera pindoriya