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Helping jewellery retailers sell more quickly. a presentation for jewellery retailers by Meenakshi Jewels

Customers are constantly seeking better value when they shop for jewellery.

Historically, retailers have delivered value by offering lower prices.

This, however, is not a satisfactory approach - both for the retailer and for the customer.

To the retailer, constantly lowering prices leads to erosion of margins, lower profitability and reduced marketing muscle.

To the customer, lower prices do not necessarily represent Real Value for Money.

What is Real Value for Money?

In a lifestyle driven age what is the customer actually looking for ?

The customer wants her jewellery to complement her lifetsyle, to support it.

She wants jewellery that she can wear more confidently, more often, on more occasions.

And, she wants to be able to buy it without having to wade through a lot of jewellery that do not meet her needs.

Such jewellery would, to her, represent Real Value for Money.

Meenakshi Jewels helps jewellery retailers deliver Real Value for Money.

We work with retailers to create products that sell more quickly across the counter.

We achieve this by better merchandising through increased design value leading to higher perception of monetary value.

We do this by anticipating and adapting to changing customer needs - reflected in the product lineup being offered.

We recognize the present supply chain of manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, dealers and retailers.

And we respect the fact that it is based on time-tested, people-tested trust and relationships.


Meenakshi Jewels is not a replacement or alternative to your current wholesale dealer or supplier.

Rather, we complement them by providing you, the retailer, with an additional line of jewellery to offer your customer.



Giving yourself another way to satisfy your customer. And the possibility of achieving an additional sale.

We offer: popular-style jewellery in 22k gold studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and pearls.

India inspired necklace and pendant sets, earrings, bangles and bracelets.

We guarantee: Distinctively original designs. Well finished jewellery. Sensible pricing.

To see product samples call Adesh Jain +91 98413 21044

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