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i answer to many different forms of my name. this is a common annoyance for many of us and in my case it is a frequent and everyday occurrence. oftentimes, the names i answer to no longer bare resemblance to my real name, lacking even the proper consonants or vowels. for seven days in february of 2009, i chronicled each incorrect spelling of my name that i encountered in order to explore their degrees of degradation. from my lips to their ears, the following pages capture the entropic journey of my rfi st name, meena.

all images in this book were taken by the author using a canon digital rebel eos and are made of sand from yazd, iran. this book was designed in adobe indesign cs3 with typeface alte haas grotesk and is printed on hot press arches paper. Š copyright meena khalili 2009 3906 cary street road, apartment b, richmond, va 23221

Entropic Name Game  

The name, "Meena" deteriorates in form as the content veers further away from it's authentic spelling.

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