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December 2010

Groups support OG As December 19 draws nearer, several organizations are encouraging their members to participate in a day of giving, sharing and caring in OG: Open Gathering to be held at Good Shepherd Parish, Balmoral, Auckland City. Hosted by the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy (ACFC), this year’s event has obtained support from AKLnzPINOY, Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand (KBNZ), Leyte-Samar Waraynon ha New Zealand, Tahanang Pilipino Aotearoa Trust (TAPAT) and Migrant Action Trust (MAT). Yahoo group, AKLnzPINOY (see photo below) has nearly 1,500 members who share information and experiences on living in Auckland. The group recently published a Migrant Book, “From Carabao to Sheep”. Mauro “Ka Uro” Oreta, one of the founding members, will speak in OG. KBNZ that consists of Visayan-speaking Filipinos is one of the active Filipino organizations in Auckland, and its Sinulog dance troupe was judged as Grand Champion among the contestants in the inaugural Auckland International Carnival held on November 6.

We Need You TawagAwit invites you to help in spreading God’s Word through music and otherPLACE acts of love. PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX You can be a: (1) member; (2) supporter or (3) organizer A member is one who can attend to the regular activities of the Ministry. The minimum participation are: attendance during practice sessions of songs, usually once a week or once every two weeks AND singing with the group during the assigned mass usually once a month or once every two months. A supporter is one who can donate services or resources to the Ministry. There are special events that TawagAwit organizes and the events need finances or helping hands. An organizer is one who initiates the formation of a chapter in a parish. The Ministry will provide all the assistance within its means to help in the vital task.

The Leyte-Samar Waraynon ha New Zealand organizes regularly activities for its members and two of its finest solo singers are expected to perform in OG. TAPAT is a registered Trust that aims to construct and operate a Filipino Community Centre in Auckland, and during the campaign period hosted a forum among the leading candidates for mayor of Auckland Super City. Migrant Action Trust is a leading advocacy group and conducts forums and clinics for new migrants who are seeking jobs or want to understand better the Kiwi culture. The supporting organizations have been asked to inform their members about OG asking them to attend and bring food-and-drinks to be shared; to invite new migrants; and to donate gifts to be given away to children and those who have arrived in the New Zealand from two years to the present. The organizers of OG call on other Filipino groups to participate in the event. Please email:


Our Vision: Harmony in the World

Our Mission: To spread God’s Word through music and other acts of love.

Our Values: Godliness We believe in God and live His Word. Offering We share our talents, time and resources for God’s greater glory. Devotion We commit ourselves to the mission of the Ministry. Love We love God with all of our heart will all our soul, with all our minds and with all our strength. Originality We promote artistry and creativity to express our faith. Victory over Sin We fight Satan in each and every moment of our lives. Evangelization We bring the Light of God to those who are in the dark. Sustainability We contribute and manage our resources effectively. Unity We are one with the Lord, one with the Church, one with the community, and one with the Ministry.

For more information about TawagAwit, please contact Bro Mel Libre sl at

Servant Leaders during the SL Meeting on November 9 at the home of Bro Mel-Sis Debbie Libre at Glen Eden, Auckland City, New Zealand (Photo by R Babaran)

Quick Notes: Majority of the members of TawagAwit-Our Lady of Lourdes Parish joined the KBNZ Sinulog Dance Troupe in the Auckland International Carnival on November 6. The troupe was awarded the grand champion among the competitors that included Brazilian samba groups from major cities in New Zealand, Chinese PLACE PHOTO HERE, dragon dancers and contingents from Cook Island, Thailand and Korea. The group also participated in Henderson Santa Parade on November 27… Servant Leaders of TawagAwit attended the Servant Leaders Meeting on November 9 at the home of Bro Mel/Sis Debbie Libre. During the meeting, the SLs agreed that each chapter contribute a song number during the OG: Open Gathering. The following accepted responsible positions: Sis Claudia Menchavez, coordinator for Gifts for new migrants, Sis Josephine Matiga, coordinator for Gifts for kids and Bro Ferdie Esclamado, coordinator for Program. All members are encouraged to bring food, drinks, gifts and toys for sharing to guests…TawagAwit-St Mary’s Parish sang as reflection song, “Tanging Yaman” during the mass celebrated by Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes SVD on November 20

5:30pm mass. The bishop came to New Zealand under the auspices of the New Zealand Bible Society that intends to publish copies of the bible for distribution in the Philippines as a tool towards eradicating corruption…TawagAwit-St Thomas More Parish and TawagAwit-Our Lady of Lourdes Parish sang in the final Old mass, one week prior to the implementation by the New Zealand Catholic hierarchy of the New Roman Mass. The New Zealand Catholics are the first in the world to welcome new English translations of the 2000-year-old Mass…TawagAwit-St Thomas More organized a Baby Shower event on November 28 for Sis Jamelle Gayaman who is expecting a baby within a month. Sis Velia Soriano and Sis Gladys Borgueta assisted Bro Peter Gayaman in organizing a fun-filled activity for the nearly 50 well-wishers.


Vatican Notes: Pope’s General Intention December 2010: General: That our personal experience of suffering may be an occasion for better understanding the situation of unease and pain which is the lot of many people who are alone, sick or aged, and stir us all to give them generous help. Mission: That the peoples of the earth may open their doors to Christ and to His Gospel of peace, brotherhood and justice‌ Pope


Join the Advance Birthday Party of Jesus Christ

OG: Open Gathering Dec 19, 2010, 11am Good Shepherd Parish Balmoral, Auckland City Hosted by:

Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy

Benedict XVI welcomed the beginning of Advent with a prayer for life and a defense of the human embryo. The pope presided over an evening prayer service at the Vatican Nov. 27, part of a worldwide pro-life vigil. He said it was an appropriate initiative to launch Advent, the liturgical period in which the church prepares to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In a homily, he said the church's teaching against abortion comes from its teaching about the dignity of every human life and its concern that the unborn is most vulnerable to "the selfishness of adults and the clouding of consciences." "There are cultural tendencies that seek to anesthetize consciences with spurious arguments," the pope said. Regarding the human embryo, the pope said science itself has demonstrated the embyro's autonomous capacity of interaction with the mother, the coordination of its biological processes, the continuity of its development and its complexity as an organism. "It's not a question of a collection of biological material, but of a new living being, dynamic and marvelously ordered, a new individual of the human species," he said. "This is how Jesus was in Mary's womb; this is how we each were, in our mother's wombs," he said. (CNS)... Pope Benedict XVI created 24 new cardinals, and called them to be strong in spreading and defending the faith and promoting peace and tranquility within the church. The new cardinals from 13 countries Nov. 20 formally professed their Catholic faith and fidelity to the pope. After the oath, all but one of the new cardinals knelt before the pope to receive a red biretta, a three-cornered ret hat, which the pope said, "signifies that you must be ready to act with strength, to the point of shedding blood, to increase the Christian faith, for the peace and tranquility of the people of God and for the freedom and growth of the holy Roman church." In his homily, Pope Benedict said he chose as cardinals "pastors who govern important diocesan communities with zeal, prelates in charge of dicasteries of the Roman Curia or who have served the church and the Holy See with exemplary fidelity." The Gospel reading used for the prayer service was St. Mark's account of the disciples vying for a place of honor with Jesus, and Jesus telling them, "Whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all." Pope Benedict told the new cardinal's that Jesus' "style of living became the basis of new relationships within the Christian community and of a new way of exercising authority." (CNS)... Calling to mind the example of Vietnamese martyrs St. Andrew Dung-Lac and his companions, Benedict XVI on November 24 invited young people to be intrepid in their witness to Christian values. The Pope made this invitation at the end of the general audience when he gave his customary greetings to youth, the sick and newlyweds. He noted the feast day of St. Andrew, one of 117 people martyred in Vietnam between 1820 and 1862. "Today, remembering St. Andrew DungLac and his companions, Vietnamese martyrs, I invite you, dear young people, to be intrepid in witnessing Christian values, always being faithful to the Lord," the Holy Father said. He added: "I exhort you, dear sick, to accept with serene abandonment all that the Lord gives in every situation of life; I hope that you, dear newlyweds, will form a truly Christian family, drawing the necessary strength to realize such a project from the Word of God and from the Eucharist." (

NEW NOTES Page 4 So Laff :-) If you have mastered three Christmas songs, you are all set to go caroling in as many homes possible. Next Mass Offerings in Auckland, New Zealand December 25 10:30am St Mary’s Parish, Northcote December 26 9:30am Good Shepherd Parish, Balmoral December 27 6:00pm Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Glen Eden Invitation: +TawagAwit invites everyone to join the ministry: (1) The St Mary’s Church, Northcote meets every Sunday 11:30am at St Mary’s Church at Onewa Road (2) St Thomas More Church, Glenfield meets every other Friday 7:30pm at St Thomas More Church in Glenfield (3) Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Glen Eden meets every other Sunday afternoon (4) Good Shepherd Church Balmoral (South Auckland) chapter meets every other Saturday

+Should you be in another area in New Zealand or other parts of the world, TawagAwit will help organize a chapter. Photo at right: KBNZ Sinulog Dancers during the Auckland International Carnival in Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland, New Zealand (Photo by Eduardo Ong)



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