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April 2012

NEW CHAPTER IN TITIRANGI Parishioners of Mount St Mary's Titirangi have formed a new chapter of TawagAwit with the intention of singing during the first Sunday of each month in the church. The Alfante, Loay and Yuen families compose the core of the group, with the assistance of Bro Andrew Dawson, Sis Emilie Sheehan, Sis Kathleen Finlay and Bro John Michael Loay. On March 4, the group made its first offering by chanting the songs during the 11:00am mass celebrated by Fr. Peter Jansen. In the tradition of the parish, the songs chanted were all in Latin. Fr Jansen thanked the group for their sacred hymns. The parish priest, Fr Pierre Denzil Mueli (photo below) who is on leave, was present during the group’s initial offering. Mount St Mary’s is a unique parish as it conducts its masses according to the traditional Latin liturgy.

We Need You TawagAwit invites you to help in spreading God’s Word through music and other acts of love. You can be a: (1) member; (2) supporter or (3) organizer

This is explained in one literature: “By the kindness of the then Ordinary (Bishop Denis Browne) of the Diocese of Auckland, this was greatly facilitated. In 1989 a small church was detached from the jurisdiction of the parish wherein it is located and placed under Father Mueli’s care. This singular apostolate was designated: 'Alternative Ministry.' There, to this day Mass is celebrated and the sacraments administered according to the old rite.”

A member is one who can attend to the regular activities of the Ministry. The minimum participation are: attendance during practice sessions of songs, usually once a week or once every two weeks AND singing with the group during the assigned mass usually once a month or once every two months.

The tiny church is home to the perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, with the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the altar with brethren keeping vigil 24 hours a day. Eucharistic Adoration is defined as “adoring or honoring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In a deeper sense, it involves "the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us".”

A supporter is one who can donate services or resources to the Ministry. There are special events that TawagAwit organizes and the events need finances or helping hands.

Bro Francis Yuen is the group’s coordinator assisted by Bro Eddie Alfante. The church is located in 4 Rangiwai Road, Titirangi, Auckland.

An organizer is one who initiates the formation of a chapter in a parish. The Ministry will provide all the assistance within its means to help in the vital task.


Our Vision: Harmony in the World

Our Mission: To spread God’s Word through music and other acts of love.

Our Values: Godliness We believe in God and live His Word. Offering We share our talents, time and resources for God’s greater glory. Devotion We commit ourselves to the mission of the Ministry. Love We love God with all of our heart will all our soul, with all our minds and with all our strength. Originality We promote artistry and creativity to express our faith. Victory over Sin We fight Satan in each and every moment of our lives. Evangelization We bring the Light of God to those who are in the dark. Sustainability We contribute and manage our resources effectively. Unity We are one with the Lord, one with the Church, one with the community, and one with the Ministry.

Fr Sam Pulanco celebrating the Tertiary Mass in 2011.

Quick Notes: TawagAwit- Our Lady of Lourdes will sing during the Tertiary Mass on May 13 at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland upon invitation of Fr Sam Pulanco, chaplain of the Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy. Last year, Fr Sam was impressed by the offering made by the TaYo: TawagAwit Youth in the Tertiary Mass…TawagAwitBlessed John Paul II Mass Centre, Albany sang during the Mass on Good Friday (April 6) at the mass centre. Earlier in the morning some members participated in the Stations of the Cross in Central Auckland that culminated in St Patrick’s Cathedral…TawagAwit-St Mark’s Pakuranga postponed the staging of GigAlive-We are a Family upon the request of the parish due to its activities during the Lenten season. The new date will be announced later…Food and Music FEAST will mark the 5th founding anniversary of TawagAwit in Blessed John Paul II Mass Centre on May 27. The event will start with a mass to be followed by food sharing and games and presentations from the members of the different chapters. The details of the program will be released after consultation is made among the servant leaders of the chapters…As Blessed John Paul II is the patron of TawagAwit, Bro Mel B Libre, Lead Servant, is asking members to volunteer to host the image of BJPII in their homes, and to ask for his intercession for those who are sick and need healing. He said, “Let us be instruments towards the sainthood of our patron. Let us pray for miracles to happen to those who are in desperate need of healing.”

For more information about TawagAwit, please contact Bro Mel Libre sl at



Vatican Notes:

27 May 2012, 10:30am, Blessed John Paul II Mass Centre, Albany Highway, Albany

Papal Intentions April 2012 General Intention: That many young people may hear the call of Christ and follow him in the priesthood and religious life. Missionary Intention: That the risen Christ may be a sign of certain hope for the men and women of the African continent…Preaching at Mass in Havana's Revolution Square, location of the headquarters of Cuba's Communist Party, Pope Benedict XVI called for full religious freedom and greater respect for human rights on the island. "In Cuba steps have been taken to enable the church to carry out her essential mission of expressing the faith openly and publicly," the pope said during his homily March 28. "Nonetheless, this must continue forward." With President Raul Castro seated near the altar platform, the pope said, "I wish to encourage the country's government authorities to strengthen what has already been achieved and advance along this path of genuine service to the true good of Cuban society as a whole….Pope Benedict XVI called on young people to not pursue power, money and prestige, but to find true joy in Christ and live a life of generous service to others. In his message for World Youth Day 2012, he told the world's young Catholics to start making the world a better, more just and humane place right now, even while they continue to pursue their studies, talents and interests. Do not be content in giving the minimum, he said. "The world needs men and women who are competent and generous, willing to be at the service of the common good," the pope said. The Vatican and most dioceses around the world will mark World Youth Day on Palm Sunday, April 1. International celebrations of World Youth Day are normally held every twothree years…Celebrating Mass in the Catholic heartland of Mexico, Pope Benedict XVI told a nation and a continent suffering from poverty, corruption and violence, to trust in God and the intercession of Mary to help them bring about a "more just and fraternal society." "When addressing the deeper dimension of personal and community life, human strategies will not suffice to save us," the pope said in his homily during the outdoor Mass at Guanajuato Bicentennial Park March 25, the second full day of his second papal visit to Latin America. "We must have recourse to the one who alone can give life in its fullness, because he is the essence of life and its author." Citing the responsorial psalm for the day's Mass -- "Create a clean heart in me, O God" -- the pope said that evil can be overcome only through a divinely inspired change of the human heart…Clean and potable water is a human right, not a for-profit commodity dependent on market logic, said the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in a recent document. Unfortunately, "there persists an excessively commercial conception of water which runs the risk of mistaking it for just another kind of merchandise, and making investments for the sake of profit alone, without taking into account water's worth" as a public good, it said. "There is a risk of not seeing one's brothers and sisters as human beings possessing the right to a dignified existence, but rather seeing them as simply customers," which leads to making water and sanitation available only to those who can pay, it added. The document, "Water, an Essential Element for Life," is an update to previous documents of the same title by the council. The update, which focused on effective solutions to the world's water crisis, was presented at the Sixth World Water Forum being held March 12-17 in Marseille, France. The Vatican released a copy of the document March 12. (All items taken from Catholic News Service)

NEW NOTES Page 4 So Laff :-) “To have fun, you don’t have to be funny.”

Invitation: +TawagAwit invites everyone to join the ministry: (1) St Mary’s Church, Northcote (2) St Thomas More Church, Glenfield (3) Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Glen Eden (4) St Mark’s Church, Pakuranga (5) St Patrick’s Church, Taupo (6) Blessed John Paul II Mass Centre, Albany (7) Good Shepherd Church Balmoral (8) Mount Mary’s Church Titirangi +Should you be in another area in New Zealand or other parts of the world, TawagAwit will help organize a chapter. Existing music groups or choirs can also affiliate as a chapter. Email: Photo at top right: St Mary’s Northcote


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NEW NOTES April 2012  

Official Newsletter of TawagAwit, a Catholic Ministry spreading God's Word through music and other acts of love

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