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Official Newsletter of the Filipino Sporting Event of the Year

May 2013 Issue 2

11 Tribus Ready for Fun, Games Eleven tribus (teams) have officially registered to compete in LINGAWDUWA2013 as of May 24, 2013. “And we expect more to join,” according to Alvin Soniega, chairman of the Filipino Sporting Event of the Year. The following have signed up: Tribu Agila, Tribu Talisayon, Tribu Kabayong Idlas; Tribu Pobreng Alindahaw, Tribu Tukong Amang; Tribu Kikik nga Layaw; Tribu Kabayong Pak-an; Tribu Ibalon Hadiong; Tribu Ibalon Baltog; Tribu Tamaraw; and Tribu Iring Gilaygit. The organizers have made two reserved teams – Tribu Irong Kublan and Tribu Leon Kilat - for those who want to join the fun, but are unable to form a team. LINGAWDUWA is the highlight of FILIPINO FAMILY DAY, the first ever celebration honoring the Filipino family in the world. The events included are: (Group) Patintero; Batolata, Dakup-dakup; Siatong; (Individual) Dama, Sungka, Takyan, Jumping Rope. The event is creating a buzz. From Estrella Saboori through AKLnzPINOYS wrote: “So funny the names of the teams. Bery punny kaayo jud. Lol. Good luck mga teams!” Ednalyn Borja of UragoNZ called on Ibalons to “bring food and share bountiful "laughter" and yummy dessert fun”. Rosendo Menchavez, Past President of KBNZ, said, “I expect two hundred people to join in the Filipino traditional games.” The fun gathering got further boost with AYALALAND agreeing as major sponsor. Robert Sedano, International Property Specialist from AYALALAND explained, “We support the Filipino community in Auckland as they celebrate the Filipino Family. This is such a laudable project.” With the sponsorship, winners can expect prizes, while the organizers are able to secure necessary equipment for the various events. While participants are encouraged to bring food-and-drinks for a picnic style lunch, there will be food available for sale at Henderson Intermediate School, 70 Lincoln Road, Auckland. A mini-concert will be staged during the lunch break featuring New Zealand’s Power Pop Girls, KIS, the acoustic duo of Andrea & Becca and host Ferdie Esclamado.

For registration and details, interested parties are requested to email:


Editorial One of the main reasons for parents migrating to other countries outside of the Philippines is “for the better future of the children.” So much sacrifices. They leave behind stable jobs, become underemployed and struggle to live decent lives. With the demands of working for a living and attending to home chores, parents have little time for their children who study, play and spend most of their days in a culture far different from that of the Philippines. Some end up surprised why their children no longer speak the Filipino language, lose their connection to Philippine traditions and have embraced the Kiwi lifestyle. It is not the fault of our children if they become more Kiwi than Pinoy. The educational system trains them to be assimilating with other cultures, if not follow the liberal attitude of society. More so that media and legislation have stretched morality away from conservative values. But then parents can still do something so as not to alienate their children from Filipino custom and tradition. Like the family praying the rosary, attending mass, celebrating birthdays and eating at the family dining table. Another way is by participating in community activities like Sinulog, Simbang Gabi and the Philippine Independence Day. Or joining organizations like Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand (KBNZ) for Bisaya-speaking people or UragoNZ for Bicolanos. There are also faith-based groups like Couples for Christ and TawagAwit. On June 1, KBNZ will host the FILIPINO FAMILY DAY. It may be the first of its kind in the world. On that day, we will celebrate the Filipino Family. One of the highlights is LINGAWDUWA, the Filipino Sporting Event of the Year. For the adults, this will be a time to re-visit Filipino traditional games, while for children it will be a moment of learning, of discovering and of playing. We shall compete in Patintero, Batolata, Dakup-dakup, Siatong, Dama, Sungka, Takyan and Jumping Rope. We call on Filipinos in Auckland to be part of this endeavor – for the fun, for the togetherness, for the love of our homeland and culture. In a way, we will let our children see the beautiful tradition of our beloved Philippines. In a way, we will let our children keep a part of the Philippines in them. That’s the best we can do.


LINGAWDUWA: Group Events

Tubig-Tubig (Patintero)



Dakup-dakup (Agawan Base)

LINGAWDUWA: Individual Events




Jumping Rope


We, the Filipino Families in New Zealand, acknowledging the importance of the family as the basic unit of society, and as the ultimate strength of humanity, raise our hands in unity and commit: To keep the sacrament of marriage of husband and wife as the bedrock of the family; To protect the unborn and nurture the lives of the young for them attain their full potentials; To nourish the original cell of social life through prayer and by observing timehonored values that our forebears and ancestors handed us through generations; To make the home a sheltering haven of love, hope and charity and guard it against evil; To care for one another and to pursue together shared dreams; To respect each one’s individuality; and, To serve God’s family on earth especially the most vulnerable So help us God.

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Official Newsletter of LingawDuwa, the Filipino Sporting Event of the Year