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GOOD MORNING NEWS. Official Newsletter of Light.Soul.Breakfast.

3/Apr 2013

INAUGURAL LSB PROGRAMME FINALISED Excitement is building up as the organisers count down the days leading towards the inaugural conduct of Light.Soul.Breakfast (LSB) on Saturday 27 April 2013, 8am in Pinoy Grill, Henderson. With a slight change in the speakers, LSB will now have two Inspired Speakers, namely Bro Elmer Cerna and Bro Mel B Libre and Contemporary Briefing by Mr Robert Sedano. Bro Elmer Cerna readily agreed to share about the inspiring life of Roderick Catuday who passed away earlier this year. Elmer said: “I was quite close to Eric because of his involvement in religious ministries. Despite the ordeals he went through, he remained steadfast in his faith in God until the very end. He was such a courageous and wonderful individual.” Bro Mel B Libre will delve on “I Believe in Miracles”. “In these modern times, people tend to take for granted miracles that occur in places, in people. God continues to make amazing works beyond the explanation of science. Sadly there are many who are sceptical,” Bro Mel explained on his choice of topic. In Part 2 of the programme, Mr Robert Sedano, International Property Specialist of AyalaLand Philippines, will update attendees on the topic, “Philippines: Growth Area in Asia”. He stated, “It is not just the government proclaiming the robust economy of the Philippines, independent bodies have likewise given the country positive reviews and bright outlook for the future.” Spicing up the programme are Smilines on funny anecdotes by Bro Darrow Benito, certified student teacher of Teachers in Sandals Fellowship; and BQQ (Bible Quotient Quiz), a fun interactive competition among participants. Bro Alvin Soniega is the program minister of the proceedings. Aida Fabian of Pinoy Grill has promised to provide a hearty breakfast in keeping with the event slogan, “Deliciously uplifting.” She said, “This is a first, so our kitchen team has concocted something special, much inspired by the line-up of motivational speakers.”

Hmmm...I love the smell of Pinoy Grill and Light.Soul.Breakfast


Official Newsletter of Light Soul Breakfast

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