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2/Apr 2013

INSPIRED TALKS IN LIGHT.SOUL.BREAKFAST In its inaugural gathering, Light.Soul.Breakfast will feature two speakers – Bro Mel B Libre and Gingin Doctora - who will give Inspired Talks with the aim of strengthening one’s belief and faith in God. Bro Mel B Libre, author of Blotfree and Lead Servant of TawagAwit, will deliver a talk on “I Believe in Miracles” in light of a recent strange occurrence of an image of the Virgin Mary shedding tears of blood. Gingin Doctora was invited to give a sharing on the struggles she underwent in 2012 in the topic, “Healing”. The proceedings will incorporate elements of the successful programme of Teachers in Sandals Fellowship (a ministry for tertiary students) including Smilines and BQQ. Smilines will have Bro Darrow Benito cst tell funny anecdotes. In BQQ (Bible Quotient Quiz) participants will test their knowledge of the Bible. Another aspect of the proceedings is a briefing on contemporary issues. For the first Light.Soul.Breakfast, Robert Sedano, International Property Specialist of AyalaLand Philippines, will delve on the topic, “Philippines: Growth Area in Asia”. He is expected to update the audience on the current economic situation of the Philippines and prospects on investing in real property. Alvin Soniega, public relations officer of Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand, will act as programme minister. TawagAwit-Our Lady of Lourdes Chapter will lead in the community singing. Light.Soul.Breakfast is a gathering of people praying, sharing and singing as a way of expressing love for God and as a forum towards creating a caring society in the light of the teachings of Christ. It aims to establish a fellowship among people towards better understanding among each other and to propagate love, peace and harmony in the world. The event, sponsored by AyalaLand, will be held on Saturday 27 April 2013, 8am in Pinoy Grill, 3/330 Great North Road, Henderson Auckland. Food charge is $10.00. Advance reservation is encouraged due to the limited capacity of the venue. Please email:


Official Newsletter of Light Soul Breakfast

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