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Issue 8/ 23 May 2012 5 YEARS IN HARMONY: HIGH FIVE”


INSPIRATIONAL BRETHREN AWARDEES NAMED “Spreading God’s Word through music and other acts of love”, so reads the mission of TawagAwit. Guided by this credo, the ministry has grown from one group to seven chapters in parishes in Auckland and one in Taupo. The minimum obligation of a member is to join in the singing during the assigned masses in the parish. There are brethren though who accept more responsibilities such as selecting the songs, securing the chords or music sheets, coordinating with the musicians, arranging the practices, communicating with the parish music coordinators and other tasks that ensure when the group gives its offering during masses, God is praised with beautiful music that the churchgoers join in. Bro Mel B Libre, Lead Servant, says, “Each and every member of TawagAwit is important, yet there are those brethren who inspire the rest in their service to God because of their leadership, of their sacrifices and their patience. In this 5 th anniversary of the ministry, we are giving recognition to these co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard. It’s a way of saying thank you to what you have done to the members, to the parish, to the Ministry, to God.” The Inspirational Brethren Awardees are: Bro Cyril Bas, Bro Peter Gayaman, Bro Nelson Unalivia, Bro Mikki Guantero, Bro Edwin Silerio and Bro Glenn Albinto. Also to be given special awards are: Bro Nonoy Buerano (New Notes’ Best Messenger); Bro Romy Loay (Best in Sow&Harvest); and Sis Cecille Muhal (Most Supportive Member). The Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand (KBNZ) will receive the Open Gathering Institutional Partner Award. The awardees will be officially recognised during the Food & Music FEAST 2012 on May 27 at the Blessed John Paul II Mass Centre, Albany. KBNZ President Sendo Menchavez with wife Claudia during OG 2010


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012

Our Theme: 5 Years in Harmony: High Five In May 2007, a handful of brethren signed a document that contained the vision, mission and core values statements of TawagAwit, a Catholic Ministry spreading God’s Word through music and other acts of love. Bro Mel B Libre responded to a Spiritual calling to organise a singing group that would make regular music offerings in church. While only three of those who attended the first meeting returned for the second one, others came forward to compose the group that would form the core that sang in its first full mass in St Mary’s Northcote. When the first accompanist Bro Dingdong Maderazo left for Australia, Fr Craig Dunford, parish priest, assigned pianist/arranger Thomas Tang and later, Jenny Fox, to help the group in its song selections, in its rehearsals and in its offerings. From one group, TawagAwit organised chapters in other parishes, first in St Thomas More Glenfield, followed by Our Lady of Lourdes-Glen Eden, St Mark’s Pakuranga, St Patrick’s Taupo, Blessed John Paul II Albany and, this year, Mt Mary’s Titirangi. Other than singing during the assigned masses, TawagAwit organised activities to strengthen the bond among members and to pursue its mission of “spreading God’s Word through music and other acts of love”. Among these activities were: Singalleluia!; OG: Open Gathering; Sow&Harvest; Outogether; Teaching Night; Songwriting Workship; Alay Laya Parish Reach Out; and Food & Music FEAST. In 2011, it started with GigAlive to raise funds to assist deserving youths in pursuit of their dreams. To ensure that members are updated on the plans and activities of the ministry, a monthly newsletter, NEW NOTES, has been published regularly since May 2007. Among the factors that contribute to the continuing growth of TawagAwit are: dedicated servant leadership; committed membership; friendship and camaraderie; joy in singing; and love of God. These factors have allowed the ministry to weather the challenges and difficulties encountered through the years. TawagAwit will celebrate on May 27, 2012 its fifth founding anniversary in Food & Music FEAST 2012 for the blessings that the ministry and its members have experienced; to express gratitude to its patron, Blessed John Paul II; and to affirm to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit the pursuit of its vision of bringing “harmony in the world”. High five to one and all!



Issue 8/ 23 May 2012

M u s i c


27 May 2012, 10:30am, Blessed John Paul II Mass Centre, Albany Highway, Albany *5


Anniversary Celebration of TawagAwit: A Catholic Ministry Spreading God’s Word through music and other acts of love


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012


Bro Cyril Bas, St Mary’s

Bro Glenn Albinto, Our Lady of Lourdes

Bro Peter Gayaman, St Thomas More

Bro Nelson Unalivia, Blessed John Paul II

Bro Edwin Silerio, St Patrick’s Taupo

Bro Mikki Guantero, St Mark’s


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012


Bro Nonoy Buerano New Notes’ Best Messenger

Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand Institutional Partner in Open Gathering

Bro Romy Loay Best in Sow & Harvest

Sis Cecille Muhal Most Supportive Member


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012

FEAST PROGRAMME For sure food is served during Food & Music FEAST, and yes, music performances are expected. But there are more than those two, there are games too, and most importantly, inspired words. (See complete programme in the next page) For the first time, Teachers in Sandals Fellowship, the sister ministry of TawagAwit, will engage teams-of-three from the different chapters in the Bible Quotient Quiz (BQQ), a competition on knowledge of the Holy Book. A cash prize of $75.00 (donated by Sis Julie Valencia) will be given to the winner. Bro Denis Tutaka, cst, is the quizmaster. A fungame will also get the younger set to win prizes as well. Another highlight of the programme is the Talk with Bro Andrew Dawson (top photo) and Bro John Francisco of Youth & Pro-Life. They are expected to share about their experiences as Pro-life campaigners not only in espousing the Church’s stand against contraceptive and abortion, but also interacting with people in their missions that brought them to Asia, Europe and Africa. Fr Sam Pulanco (middle photo), of the Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy, will give the Opening Prayer, while Bro Mel B Libre (bottom photo), Lead Servant of TawagAwit will welcome participants and give a message.


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012

PROGRAMME Opening Prayer

Fr Sam

Welcome Remarks and Lead Servant’s Message

Bro Mel


St Patrick’s Taupo


Bro Andrew/ Bro John, Youth & Pro-Life

Presentation “Glorious”

St Mark’s Pakuranga

Teachers in Sandals’ BQQ (Bible Quotient Quiz)

Bro Denis

Presentation “Power of Your Love”

St Mary’s Northcote

Inspirational Brethren Awards (IBA)

to be given by Bro Mel

Presentation “Feast of Feasts”

Our Lady of Lourdes

Fun Game

Sis Ching

Community Singing “Our God is Greater”

Blessed John Paul II

Closing Prayer

Bro Cyril


Bro Jason and Sis Melissa

Bro Denis, Quizmaster

Bro Jason and Sis Melissa


Issue 8/ 23 May 2012

TawagAwit OUR VISION: Harmony in the World OUR MISSION: To share God’s Word through music and other acts of love OUR CORE VALUES: Godliness. We believe in God and live His Word Offering. We share our talents, time and resources for God’s greater glory Devotion. We commit ourselves to the mission of the Ministry Love. We love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our minds and with all our strength Originality. We promote artistry and creativity to express our faith Victory over Sin. We fight Satan in each and every moment of our lives Evangelization. We bring the Light of God to those who are in the dark Sustainability. We contribute and manage our resources effectively Unity. We are one with the Lord, one with the Church, one with the community and one with the Ministry


Official Newsletter of Food & Music FEAST 2012

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