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It’s as mad as a badger


August 2007

Pac-a-Macs Away! Bikinis On! Yes– we don’t care if it’s pishing down– we’re going to have a summer anyway!





O T ’






People with large heads, people with small heads, people with medium sized heads, people with famous heads, people with not so famous heads, ginger heads and much much more!


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meekiemonthly Contact details: Editor: Royston Butterscotch

For me, August reminds me of being a child, growing up in Barry Island, South Wales and in particular, the Barry Carnival. Years ago, in its halcyon days, the Barry Carnival boasted over 100 ‘floats’- articulated lorries dressed from top to bottom with bunting, and full of people in fancy dress around a particular theme. These days, it’s just a Variety Sunshine coach with a few kids waving Union Jacks out of the back window. Shame. So in time honoured tradition this month, my family are going to recreate a parade for ourselves in our large country mansion. I’ve bought myself a strapping Tarzan outfit and my surgically-enhanced wife Brenda has bought herself some tassles to put on the end of her enormous juggernauts. Meanwhile, my darling 16 year old daughter has offered to give a hand to help relieve the drivers and young Timmy has set up a Coke stall for the local fete. Isn’t it great to see the kids getting involved? Editor Have a great August.


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Contents In this month’s Meekie Monthly: 5. Interesting facts about Le Tour de France 6. Celebrity Showdown– Kids TV Stars fight it out 8. The BIG Interview– with a real life celebrity! 9. Letters page 12. Cover band 13. The Lads’ Page– Learn how to head spin! 14. Rugby World Cup Preview 15. Boys’ problems 16. We speak to more celebs! 20. A Flowchart Thing 22. Fok knows but 22. Have a look yourself There’s no “I” in “Team” te there are two in “Corpora 26. Your horscopes le” Bullshitting Arseho 28. Sport

Hussein, Newport

Issue 7

August 2007

The “Oo– get me, I’m such a Diva” Competition As you know Meekie Monthly likes to ask celebrities daft questions and in most cases, they respond in good humour. Occasionally though, we get replies that really make our day. See if you can guess which mega star’s PA sent us this little gem: ***** would not be able to participate in an interview unless; you could offer a fee for his time, offer him an excusive interview asking more than 1 question (therefore giving ***** an opportunity to talk about different things he is up to), publish the address of his new website currently in development and provide him with proof of print. He certainly wouldn’t wish to answer just the one question you have posed I’m afraid. I’ve attached a biog of ***** for your interest; Thanks Regards, Alan

Answer revealed next month!

For our new readers…. (both of them) …..

t a h W

? e i k e e m is a

This is a drawing of a meekie by a wellrenowned artist Sigh! Do we really have to go through this every month? For those of you who do not yet know, a meekie is a person with a very large head, usually through no fault of their own. There is nothing wrong with these people. Meekie Monthly aims to celebrate these amazing people and has been doing so since 1988.

This is a real-life photo of a meekie Meekie Fact: Meekies can be found the whole world over– even in places like Holland

It’s Pollard vs. Cooper in Classroom Conflict By Staff Reporter Gordon Stribling Vicky Pollard, the rude, obnoxious schoolgirl created by recentlymarried gay comedian Matt Lucas and his comedy partner, the 'definitely not gay so stop asking' David Walliams, attacked Catherine Tate's almost identical creation Lauren Cooper yesterday during a Geography lesson. Lyndzi Shuttleworth, a teaching assistant who witnessed the incident described how a discussion about earthquakes sparked it off. "Lauren was mouthing off about some unrelated rubbish as she often does and you could see Vicky getting more and more agitated. She just wanted to learn about tectonic plates. Those two have had issues with each other since Lauren started hogging the limelight." Lauren responded to the teacher's request for quiet by shouting, quite loudly, "Am I bovvered?", which was enough to send Vicky over the edge. "She just flipped and leapt over the table over towards Lauren. The teacher tried to retain order but before he could the encounter had descended into a 2-way bout of aggressive catchphrase-tennis". Both participants were stuck in a loop of nonsensical teenage ramblings. "I don't think Nigel [the teacher] could do anything. He tried to break it up but he probably hadn't been taught how to deal with this kind of situation before." Walter Sensibly, a well-behaved classmate of the two girls tried reasoning with them but was quickly shouted down. "I tried telling them that they were both ‘hilarious’ fictional characters, but they didn't want to know." MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 4 MEEKIE

w e n k r e v e n u o y s 101 thing e c n a r F e d r u o T e about L

Give me some drugs maaaaan

g Belgian sheep un yo a by 62 19 in ce an s invented in Fr 1. Le Tour De France wa on ‘a jolly’. Cyclists ce an farmer called Simon. Fr nd ou ar g in go s ts of people on bike public houses along the us rio 2. The race involves lo va at ng pi op st re ery befo take in the admirable scen way. y year due to its high er ev n io nt te at of t lo a s attract y grazed knees there an m 3. The so-called ’race’ w ho on ts be e ac pl course grazed elbows 14 s, ee kn ed az gr 4 injury rate. Locals on the 35 1, kilometre. Last year saw ed at gn si de a in ith w be will to the back of a cow. in n ra er rid e on n he w and a fat lip in France, Europe. fitted with ABS, airld e ar he s be cle ill cy w t ce os ra m , ’s ys ar ye da 4. This way since 1962. These ng lo a e m co s ha gy lo 5. Bicycle techno de, who won the on . M rs ke Le ic ry st go B G re d G . an bs jo PS r bags, G ve gone on to get bette ha ce ra us show “Ex Le Tour de io tig TV t es hi pr e is th th in of ar rs st ne to in w on st 6. Pa instance, has since gone r fo 06 20 in n o was a fake cyclist. ai wh ag d p, lo an Fe pe ip hil P title in 1962 to sit ups BEFORE ow”. He came second 10 Sh r do he to ot s Br ist g cl Bi cy rs e ne m in so W r fo l France the race. It’s not unusua r te en to fit ry ve be to 7. Cyclists have es from the French AFTER. e at or in m ig or 10 is d Th an . s st ke ve fla w rn llo their Co most gets the famed ye e th ks in dr o wh ist cl cy e 8. Traditionally, th t and puke your guts up’. lo a k in dr ‘to n ea m h in fancy dress. ic up s es dr to ed w lo al word “yellowvest”, wh be ill ar ’s race when racers w ye is th in mph, although the world st fir 15 a as be st ill fa w as e go n ca s 9. Ther ke kes. Some bi vine in 1976. bi ra r a ei of th e on sid st e fa th f ite of qu ph go 10. Cyclists can e giddying speed of 128m th d he ac re o wh , eb Pl ic record goes to Cedr MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 5 MEEKIE

Celebrity Showdown

V NOD BOD and sy cheeks ro is h , s 0 k dies 8/1 h good loo la is e p th im h it ’s y w d d opular Looks: No him very p e k a m e ir of stylish att were stuff /10 s e n ti u ro 10 tand-up Noddy’s s t: n le a T though Comic forget why ig e W . s d n ps by his b lege ra w r e d n u 9/10 is kept y hairstyle z ra c ’s y d Hair: Nod on Nod– get it out! o t way blue hat. G stayed tha s a h d n a h. oms thoug 0 born at 4’2 ro s a h s w u y m d d d o 9/1 behin Height: N l for hiding fu e s U . e c ever sin Apparently


Looks: Some sa y that Bod’s no -fuss looks mak approachable. e him Some say that he’s fokkin ugly 9/10 Comic Talent: Bod’s comic ta lent comes stra the hips– just ch ight from eck out that wal k! 9/10 Hair: Bod’s min imalist approach to life goes stra head. No hair sa ight to his ves money on shampoo. Sple ndid 10/10 Height: Bod’s 2 ’6 frame gets la rger and larger walks towards as he the camera and ends up 6’9 8/10




It’s a draw! Hoorah! MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 6 MEEKIE

Dear Auntie May


. . . y a M e i t n u A

I'm worried that I have what looks like a fanny under my armpits. I've included a photo to show you what I mean. When I go down the club, I'm worried that I'll be giving away too strong a signal to the opposite sex. How do I tackle the problem of my armpit fanny? Tina

Dear Auntie May I recently caught my husband in bed with our milkman. What annoys me most is that after ordering three pints of red tops, I now find that he's put his price up by a penny a pint. How can I appeal against this extortionate price rise? Debbie Glos

Dear Debbie, Oh dear. What a messy situation - but one that I feel sure you can turn to your advantage with a bit of planning. The next time your husband and 'Ernie' have one of their assignations, simply sneak out to his abandoned float and help yourself to all the milk, eggs, orange juice etc. you want. If you feel really brave and are certain that they will be 'at it' for some time, try calling on his customers and collecting the milk bill. Hopefully you'll soon be able to make enough profit to set up a small 'beaver retreat' in Dunfermline, which I know has always been one of your ambitions. Love & dairy products, Auntie May

Dear Tina, I've studied your picture intently with my tapestry magnifier. It's rather good, you can get one Tina’s armpit yesterday quite cheaply on ebay. I would invest if one if I were you, particularly if you get eyestrain after prolonged cross-stitching. I'm not sure why you think you have a problem really. The opposite sex are generally useless at picking up signals so the more obvious you are, the better, in my book. However, if you feel they may be repulsed by this particular area of your anatomy, try sticking a 'night-time' sanitary towel under each arm. They now come with a ready made sticky patch on the back perfect for fannyflange purposes. See you at the club, when I've finished my sampler. Love & haberdashery Auntie May

. . ‌ h t n o m t x e n l i unt


Celebrity Interview Only Meekie Monthly asks the questions that really matter

Martin Offiah Martin ‘Chariots’ Offiah MBE has been one of the most prolific try-scoring wingers ever to play rugby league. He has proved to be one of the greatest entertainers the sport has produced in its 106-year history, scoring over 500 tries in his career, Britain’s Martin is now an established DJ and took time out to answer the questions that everybody has been wanting to ask him.

In response to readers’ queries, yes these interviews are genuine.

What day is your bin day? Monday black bags, Wednesday recycle bins Have you ever seen the film Groundhog Day? Yes If you get into a taxi alone, do you get into the front or the back? The back What did you have for tea last night? If you mean dinner I skipped it Have you ever seen the film Groundhog Day? Yes Did you make love last night? Yes but I was alone if you know what I mean ha ha


. . . . y l h t n o M e i k e e M Dear o s y a s e w s o c . . e g a p rs Your favourite lette

Loud Foreigners DFS Dupper

Whisky Wobbler I would like to com plain bitterly about the so-called health benefits of a ‘tipple before bedtim e’. I sunk a bottle of whisky last night, and as you ca n see, I wasn’t looking or fe eling too good this morning. I suggest that people who make alcohol think twice before selling such drinks to irresponsi ble fools like me.

Why do foreigners feel the Graham Loosesneed to talk so loud? When tool out DFS, I’m sat on the bus, I like to I would like to complain ab Birmingham spotted a hear the rise and fall of the the furniture store. Having where Dennis Dart SLF/ Transbus advertisement on the telly lding International Plaxton Super they said that they were ho house Pointer Easyrider’s engine, their sale, I rushed out the I where not some loud-arsed and down to my local store fa, ther so mumbo-jumbo . spent £4,600 on a new lea s chair with matching reclining arm ain’ I Dai, email and a nest of tables. ‘Barg thought. tchBoy Racer Fightbac A week later and I’m sat wa k d an tea my ing telly while I have S sale what comes on? Another DF I wuz most upset last ve to ha I t munf to reed abo u ta tha 0 ,60 £4 er oth An advert! kin da piss abo boy ra se rs . u ob vu sl ve y havent eva tryed ra lea t jus y the n’t ca hy W t! ou si ng a voxall nova down splash I sujests dat u gets ur da road b4 hav u? 42 r fo se dy lf ea be alr yi e nd I’v e? da ac we pe el of 1 ov dese monst me in b4 sl ag in g us of a cars f. anymore of dat stuf I don’t f an ill get da boyz ro sofas and 108 armchairs! do u ova wn d to need any more! Kyle, email t lef etc Tina W Darlingotn ps ive sent u a pic of my woman cos I fink shes hot. I gets to stay her howse twice a w at eek an she even let m e tuch her poonami on ce MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 9 MEEKIE

Competition Time!

Only Meekie Monthly brings you best in celebrity prizes


Here’s your chance to win Hollywood actor David Hasselhoff. He comes complete with arms, legs and a head and will do just about anything you ask him to do. Just imagine– he can run you a bath, iron your underwear or even just chat to you while you clip your toenails. Bliss! All you need to do to win your life-size Hasselhoff is answer this question:

Back Issues We’ve got lots of back issues of Meekie Monthly left in our cupboard. In fact, we’ve been doing Meekie Monthly since 1988, but we only launched the electronic version back in March 2007. We think you’ll find that we’re getting bigger and better every month. So if you’ve missed out on the earlier issues, fear not– you can order them, free of charge, from us. We think that in this day and age, you deserve something for free.

What is David Hasselhoff’s first name? Email your entries, with “That David Competition” in the subject box to STOP PRESS: DUE TO DAVID’S FILM COMMITMENTS, DAVID IS NOW UNAVAILABLE AS A PRIZE. HOWEVER, WE CAN OFFER THE SUBSTITUTE PRIZE OF A LETTUCE TO OUR READERS.

(said very loudly) I like to read Meekie Monthly to my family before I feed them my pasta. I have even invented a new pasta meal in honour of Meekie Monthly called Pasta A La Meekie Monthly Mario, Pisa

All you need to do is email us at, requesting which issue you want. We’ve got them all from March onwards. Think– they might be worth something in a few years’ time. Probably not though.


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Every month, Meekie Monthly celebrates beautiful ginger people by giving them an award. Aren’t we nice?

Ginger Person of the Month Award Name: Liz Hometown: Cardiff Why I love being ginger: I've always liked the colour and it certainly attracts compliments! I quite like being automatically different, too.

MY LEONARD This month’s cover band are Barry rockers My Leonard. Back in the mid 1990’s, Barry town rocked to the big guitar sound of the Happy Kings. For a while, the ’Kings ruled the town, putting in some legendary performances in Camden and Cardiff. After some rock and roll dust-ups, the Happy Kings went their separate ways. And that was that. Fortunately though, the majority of the band have decided to dust down their guitar cases, plug in and make some more noise. Headed up by Jim on guitar and vocals, My Leonard have added new band members, including Zelda on vocals, and Alan on guitar. Banging on the bongos is Jon and on bass, Dylan, who was writing music at the tender age of 13. My Leonard are now in the studio laying down some new tracks for the autumn, but until then, Meekie Monthly is proud to give its readers one of their classic numbers– the Last Straw.

Catch up with the band at:


ther man a e w a w ie v r te We in being on telly?

How to:

MM: W hat’s it like ok Weatherman: It’s ally predict the re u yo n a C : M M

Head Spin

weather? h Weather man: Yea e telling people lik el fe r e ev u MM: Do yo be fine that it’s going to g that weather, knowin , and it’s going to rain the then look out of k and window and loo e laugh at everyon e getting wet whil side, you’re all cosy in g that knowing all alon in? it was going to ra eatherman: No

In a new series, Meekie Monthly teaches you how to impress the ladies down the local club. This month, we show you how to spin on your head but please remember that we take no responsibility for you breaking your neck or injuring amazed bystanders


e g a P ’ s d a L The

1. Stand on your head 2. Twirl round and round quite fast. 3. Keep on going until either your hair falls out or some bird asks you to take her home. 4. Take the girl home and make love to her

Balls * Bad Ass Cars * BO * Boobs

Be careful not to catch bystanders with your big daps as you fly around. They could sue you and you could end up on the front of the local newspaper crying like a baby


Rugby World Cup Preview Rugby is a complicated game. In a recent study, over 90% of professional players said that they did not understand most of the rules. Worringly, an alarming 96% of referees said the same. This month, Meekie Monthly introduces the ‘backs’, and what they should be doing in theory Scrum Half (no 9) The scrum half is the link between the pack and the backs. As such, he is the player most likely to get late tackled. He has to put the ball into the scrum in such a way that the first person to touch the ball is the second row in his team. He then takes it out of the scrum where he expects it to (unlikely)

The FlyFly-Half (no 10) The fly-half is generally the person who gets abuse from the crowd for kicking the ball around too much. They also like to try and bluff their way past defenders. However this usually results in a horrific tackle and shouts of “Why didn’t you kick it?”

Centres (no 12 & 13) There are two centre positions– inside and outside centre. The inside centre’s job is to shout to the No 10, “If you’d have passed that then, I’d have been in” and the outside centre’s job is to shout the same thing to the inside centre. Inside centres like to play ‘crash ball’ where he runs heads first into an opponent. This can go one of two ways– a spectacular breakthrough or a visit to the local hospital.

Hi. My name’s Kevin and I’m indestructible

Wings (no 11 & 14) These speedsters are rarely used in a game and often get bored and come infield, leaving the forwards to cover their position. Can cover role of spectator or linesman

Full back (no 15) Full-backs often look a lonely sight. It is their responsibility to be the last person to miss the tackle before the opposing side score. Often put under a ‘high ball’, the full back is often gets ‘swivel eye syndrome’ where they keep one eye on the ball and the other on the opposing team closing in on them. Like to shout ‘Mark’ a lot

Hi. My name’s Matt the Handbag and I enjoy being carried around the pitch

Boys’ Problems

I Snapped My Banjo String

Yes, even boys sometimes have problems that they can’t seem to fix all by themselves. So in a new series, we answer the problems that you were too embarrassed to talk to your mum about.

I Wish My Breasts Were Smaller When I was a little boy I always dreamt of having a pair of wangers to play with. Now, I’m 42 and wish I’d made another wish. I have size 36D man boobs and I can’t get rid of them. What do I do? Terry, Swansea Come on John – this is your fourth letter this month – we all know you’re carrying a considerably more voluptuous set of topbollocks than 36D. Now Tony’s reign has ended, and your official life of leisure has begun, I suggest you join the ranks of your similarly bitch-tit endowed peers, and do as they do – embrace your saggy tits, buy a pair of grotesque national flag beach shorts, and shamelessly board the next flight to Benidorm. Olé!

Please help. Last night I went to make love to my woman but she was a bit dry and I pushed a bit too hard and Twang! – my banjo string snapped. It was a clear E minor and such was the shock, that I swear I saw George Formby at the window. I’m now in fear of trying again. What do I do?

with Clinton Handshandi

Fruity Tutti


I have a phallus shaped like a pear, and I’m finding it very embarrassing when I pull and girls get to grips with my fruit-shaped friend. How can I sculpt it into another fruit shape – a banana maybe? Colin, Dundee Firstly, fruit-cock, you should be thankful that girls get to grip with it at all; many of our readers may never get that far – I went to school with many such unfortunates. As for your gland, braying it with a tool such as a domestic meat tenderiser will probably yield a penal fruit smoothie, rather than leave you the proud owner of something resembling an 8-10”slightly bent tree-fruit. Faced with your dilemma, I would go with the ‘Trinny & Suzanna’ approach – i.e. deny to yourself your obvious gross physical failings, and try to make the best of a cruel nature’s job. It’s all about marketing, my boy – go find a naïve, preferably drunk young maiden (perhaps try your local JD Wetherspoon’s freehouse between 12pm and 11pm, any night of the week), and convince her gobbling-up your fruity member counts as one of her recommended “five a day”. Bon apetit!

Reg, Teeside Reading these tales of woe as I do so regular, I have to be able to read between the lines and make some considered assumptions: In this case I must – for the good spirit of humanity – assume your pair-some have genuine biological issues, and that you’ve not in fact been trying to play ‘hide the sausage’ with a waxwork in the music section down at Madame Tussauds. Hoping (and praying), that my assumptions are correct, my advice therefore is simple: Issue her indoors with a firm but fair ultimatum – lube-up or get out. Otherwise sex will forever more sound like a few precious notes from some appalling hillbilly movie, with potentially eyewatering health consequences. You may also consider name-dropping valuable family assets during future ventures – nothing gets the ladies more moist than the prospect of a life spent filling walk-in wardrobes with expensive shoes. If you have an embarrassing problem that you’d like the world to know about, email


What do you think Debs?

The Debating Chamber

I think you should fok up and go home

Big Brother– are all the contestants nutters? Every month we ask a cross section of the population to cast their thoughts on a topical topic. This month we’ve spoken to several high profile people plus a tabloid columnist. Here’s what they had to say about this year’s Big Brother

The former housemate Lisa Jeynes I think since my series when I was put in to stir it up that producers realised they needed to put stronger characters in. (Hey I started that off!). Unfortunately, as the years have gone on the housemates are {well most of them} are quite unstable to start off with and trying to shock the viewer, also fame hungry. Most of them amount to nothing when they come out.

The rock star

The former housemate Imogen Thomas

Stuart Cable I don’t watch that shit mate….!!!!

The beauty queen Eleanor Glynn (Miss England 2006/07)

Apart from one or two of them...they act like 5 year olds carrying teddy bears.!! They need to wake up to the fact its a reality show and stop talking about deals they want when they get out.. You don't necessarily walk into a TV career from Big Brother

The tabloid columnist

One answer– yes

Clinton Handshandi

Are they nuts? Hmmm… Whilst I may not be the most knowledgeable on the subject – due to the fact I generally pass-out after watching the twincredibles for more than a couple of minutes – I would indeed support this theory: Where else would you find a six-foot man scared of animals, and a thirty-seven year old woman who collects carrier bags, I ask you?

Top Tips on How to be a Grown Up Woman By Josie Henley Girls these days don’t get to sit down with their grannies and taught what they should do. There are books on etiquette but it’s all outdated like lifting up your little finger when drinking from a cup. Who drinks from a cup and saucer any more? From my careful observation of more feminine females than me, I have developed the ten most important things to remember. Do this and you can’t go wrong. 1. Learn to walk in knife-sharp high heels without falling over. 2. Learn to get up gracefully when you fall over. 3. Use heels to kill any man who laughs at you for falling over. 4. Insist on drinking with a straw, even when drinking pints of beer. Something to do with your lipstick, I think. 5. Develop the art of putting on makeup in the car without looking like a clown. 6. Wait till the car stops before putting in earrings, unless you need new piercings. 7. Cross your legs when wearing a skirt. Unless you’re Sharon Stone. 8. Always wear good pants. Unless you’re Sharon Stone, see above. 9. Find your perfect perfume- it should attract men like flies and suffocate other women, thus ridding you of competition. 10. Pretend to be a lesbian. If you really are a lesbian, pretend you’re not. Next month: How to go shopping without any money Indulge in your passion for fashion! We provide bespoke, designer style leather handbags and purses at affordable prices. All of our products are handmade, to order from soft Italian calf leather, making them soft, plushand most of all durable. At special request, bags are available in manmade leather. All of our bags are handmade in the UK. Currently ALL ranges of bags are on sale @ £49.99 each Save up to £20.00! - Free p&p on orders over £150 - Current ranges include: The Metallics Range (4 colours) The Betty Shopper (5 colours) The Classic (12 colours) The Spy Range (4 colours)

Web: Email:

The Girls’ Page Bras * Bikinis * Bros * Boobs MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 17 MEEKIE

e v i l t s u m h t r a e the

by Meekie hack, James Harris

Join Meekie in looking into how you can save the world with the help of some popstars. This month: the live earth message with Joss Stone. Alright my lovelies? Me again– Joss ‘Supersoul’ Stone ‘ere with tips ‘n’ tricks I’ve made up to save the world, just like I saved soul music with my supersoul voice. Well here they are my lovelies: woof

1 Don’t drive to the shops to buy my new CD 2 Don’t buy my new CD 3 or any of the old ones (they’re just as shit) 4 Don’t turn your computer on to buy my songs off itunes 5 Turn the TV off when I come on 6 and the radio It may not save the planet but it’ll be the end of my career and that’s something at least. On a more serious note what is a really good idea though is to have loads of concerts around the world spunking carbon from the massive amounts of generators they’ll need to power the shows. Genius.

Editorial comment: some readers may be previously aware that the author James Harris isn’t a massive fan Ms Stone. We respect the fact that James has an opinion on the young singer.

Calculate your carbon footprint We’re all becoming aware of our carbon footprint, and we should all be working to reduce ours. Meekie Monthly tells you how to work yours out– and what to do to help the environment. 1.

Add together the amount of units you use for gas and electricity 2. Now add together the number of people in your household 3. Add the two figures together 4. Multiply it by ten 5. Add on a number of your choice between 1-1000 6. Multiply this by 49 7. Add on 754 8. Divide it by 6 9. Think of your favourite colour 10. Add on the amount of letters in the word of your favourite colour 11. Voila! Your carbon footprint! HOW TO REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT Meekie Monthly advises that you chop both your feet off


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Are you a screaming homo? Let Meekie Monthly decide whether you’re a normal homosapien or bit of a neanderthal START HERE Do you look like Bigfoot



Do you have big feet?






Is your name Yeti?

You are not a neanderthal

no You are a neanderthal





Can you growl?


Is your name Saskwatch?

Can you say “Pass me the no mammoth sauce please?”


Are they “Ug” and “Grr”?

no no

no You are not a neanderthal but you’re quite close to being one

Can you say simple words

Are you covered in hair all over?

no Do you live in a cave?


Do you wear animal skins out yes down the club?


Welsh,Yummy and Talented Here in Wales, the Land of Song, we are very proud of our musical heritage. To honour this, we’re celebrating the young, talented and frankly yummy girls of the classical world who are taking Wales to the world! Name: Cerys Jones Hometown: Cardiff- i grew up in Rhiwbeina (there's posh) Specialism: Violin Career highlight so far: I'm lucky to have quite a few

Name: Amanda Whiting Specialism: Ha rp Hometown: Ca rdiff things to choose from... but to narrow it down to three things: Career highlig 1. Performing as a soloist in St. David's Hall in Cardiff, and ht so far: Record then again at St. David's Hall on another brilliant occasion with ing with Danni Min Sinfonia Cymru and Bryn Terfel; 2. Travelling all over the ogue and supporting world giving concerts, including an amazing stint in New York 3. Performing in the first episode of 'Lewis' on ITV - Inspector l Jamie Callum Lewis comes to watch my concert in Oxford! Ambition: To d oa Ambitions: Prime Minister... perhaps one day, but for now i world tour in th e pop world would like to always be an interesting and innovative musician, Do you love b as a performer and researcher, working on a high profile level eing Welsh? I love the scenery and the feeling to provide an inspiring role model. of ’home’ Website: www Do you love being welsh?: wrth gwrs! cwestiwn gwirion... .amandawhitin especially as i live in London mostly these days I'm fiercely

patriotic. i do find that most of my non-welsh friends (and enemies) tend to develop a deep respect and admiration of the welsh... or else!

Name: Natasha Marsh Hometown: Born in Brecon but now live in Buckinghamshire Specialism: Opera singer Career highlight so far: Singing with Jose Carreras on his 60th birthday Ambitions: To bring classical music into hundreds of countries and make it accessible for people. Are you proud of being Welsh? It's the most beautiful country in the world and there is nothing like the sound of a Welsh Male voice Choir. It's incredibly stirring. I love it! Website:

y l l a t n e m n o r i v n e w Ho ? u o y e r a s u o i c s n co

Do you care about the Earth or do you just going around doing what you want? Let Meekie Monthly answer that for you

p on y, your cows kee el at n u rt fo n u t bu pay the milkman to g in av h u yo ach cow’s arse e f cows to save to o ? h k u c rc yo o to fl o w a D lo y b s. a a bu ke ne g 1. You nics, where you ta ng a lot of metha ch ci e u ot d yr ro P p e d in an ov B g ht? ht of fartin rapture and delig ily round for a nig ith m w fa w nd lo a g ds es n c ie fa fr r thei a) Invite ‘air biscuit’, watch an of y ricity for the local er ct iv e el el d n ce du b? ro and o p pu e to n th r attic s to your mate dow gas turbine in you e th to b m lu p d b) Sell the cow an Catcher™ device, rt a F a h ac tt A c) her own the road in d y er ? rs u ge n lla e vi th to d) a kid 2 year old pip of er h g n ? ki ta n o to osphere, do you our insists b m h at g e ei n th at she may want th or to g o g d tin in xt o es e d n gg is r su u e Yo sh nd t a 2. tha rbos reet, e, by fitting six tu alising the harm t vehicle in the st e tim R es r. rg rd e la co m e re m th u in g H n ry 4 ni e rs 4x ow tting her child to nu your neighbour on ge te la re u fo at re gr e th on C nd a r, a) rmance of the ca improve the perfo and a NoS kit? the exhaust? up a n na ba a g tin d put b) Move house down its tyres an g n tti le y b , er m m Hu Do you? c) Sabotage the gh your house. arby u ro th ht g ri y a large orgy in a ne torw a o g m in a st ho ild u b nd a to ave ants straight to Liquors ecides that he w g d in P iv M dr l , ca se u lo ho A e 3. w for th he’s offered you lace where the ne p 0 0 e th £4 t e a th g in ke nt Ta oi ) p a d the local paper an nd u ro g n lli ca ? re ld fo fie s be d for a few minute e rn ce n otographer? n workers below? co ph io k o ct e u th Lo tr r ) b ns fo d co e sa th g t ples a ild and lookin use and throw ap ho ee road would be bu tr a lf e rs u ee, build yo c) Climb up in a tr MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 24 MEEKIE MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 22

you? world’s climate. Do e th g in in ru is na hi how C documentary about s try? d for w ne a ch at w u Yo 4. sit this beautifu l coun en and looking worrie vi re to sc try TV e un th co at e g th tin of t in ht ou er, po a) Book the first flig out the local newspap ng lli ca re fo be e hil w for a the lystyrene trays down b) Look concerned po e th g fin uf st re fo be 59, the photographer? g in a Number 47 and rin de or , ay w -a ke ta e Chines c) Nip the the local en sink? plughole of your kitch le to reach 2 billion peop e change. Do you? ts at en im in cl nt of co s nt es re en ffe ar di in 7 e aw 5.You decide to rais mbining over 100 acts co , ts er nc co l na io at rn inte a) Arrange a series of imate problems? cl ’s ld or w e th ng lvi so and thereby nny and dumping them le’s residential home? Su op an pe d ss ol Ni a ur sit yo vi of d of an e ro berg b) Dress up as an ice used refrigerators to th un ur yo g in pp ra st , ts ough c) You have second th in a nearby stream? l council. Do you? ca lo e th by u yo to ing bin delivered l? 6. You have a recycl eful….like an ashtray? me deodorant aeroso us so e r or fo m ve g Sa hin ik et m Kw so to you pop down old trolley that you a) Recycle it into en an wh of t s ou kid ing ur liv yo r d fo an y e e bugg ur hous b) Use it as a substitut fore moving out of yo be it, in e us ho ur yo ts of c) Put the entire conten am? found in a nearby stre u? obal warming. Do yo gl op st to de ci de u pointing it skywards? 7. Yo d an on it ng hi itc sw rial fan, ach 2 billion people ing up your tan? a) Hire a large indust re pp to to ts ith en w in do nt d co ul nt co re u 7 diffe ts– yo bining over 100 acts in b) Have second though m co , ts er nc co l na io internat c) Arrange a series of al warming problems? ob gl ’s ld or w e th ng lvi and thereby so always be evolving– ill w rth Ea e th – up feet change. But put your e at im cl t ou ab ed ri ite wor Mostly As– you’re qu used to the idea you just need to get does not hold infinite a shat about it all. rth ve Ea e gi ’t Th . dn ld ul ou co sh ly u al d yo Mostly Bs– you re t the environment an ou ab re ca t n’ do ly al e ones after them. th d an n tio ra Mostly Cs– you re ne ge the next resources– think of





d r a c t s o P s ’ e Larry Sloan from Suburbia Greetings dearhearts!


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What a great honour it is for me to be talking to you – via the hallowed pages of the Meekie Monthly!!! I’m truly excited!!! You should be able to tell this purely from my persistent overuse of the exclamation mark!!! I s’pose I should introduce meself too…seeing as most of you won’t know who I am…My name’s Larry Sloane and I plan to bring you a new postcard from Welwyn Garden City every month…just so you know what’s happening in my life…I like to watch pornography, ‘The Fall Guy’ and golf! I like to make ART works too!!! I guess I’d describe myself as an artist/philanthropist/entrepreneur…I currently live at my mum’s due to conditions set out in my parole. You’ll have to excuse me if the tone changes a bit through this piece as I am doing it in between times my mother is asleep, goes to the toilet or nips up the shops – at the moment she is at Tesco’s head office trying out different varieties of finger-food, so I should have a couple of hours unmolested…Not that she ‘molests’ me in the biblical sense – she just gets on my fokking wick! With all her gabbing on about the fokking neighbour’s dog and the cat that keeps fokking laying turds on the lawn…on and on… just shut up! …Well, in case you dropped geography when you were 14 and just discovering the inherent joys-strokehorrors of the opposite sex, Welwyn Garden City is on the death line from Kings Cross – about 20 miles as the crow flies - and has the honour of being the world’s second Garden City!!! Oh yes!!! All you readers residing in concrete-based new-town shit-holes have old Ebenezer Howard to thank for that!!! Oh Yes!!! Anyway, I saw yesterday that a young lad has narrowly escaped death after mucking about with power lines in a disused factory??? On the front page of the Welwyn Times it was…great big picture of the little rat boy ‘n’ all!!! The bastards!!! That’s probably where fokking Posh Spice started – front page expose of the local paper fuelling her incessant need to be ‘seen’…to be ‘famous’ for something… anything…even being the most famous skeletal, talentless bint to come from Cuffley!!! I don’t begrudge her any of it though…I’m happy!!! I am…I don’t need to be shafted by David Beckham to know that…As long as Tim Henman remains in the draw at Wimbledon every year my humour remains undiminished!!!! ...come on then…? Let’s hear you…? Come on Tiger Tim!!!!! …that’s right…you know you want to… Lx MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 25

s e p o c s o r Ho

with Enog

ARIES ne, the planet s month. Luckily, Neptu thi on sti ige ind le rib Mar 21 - Apr 20 u ter eating any o Uranus is causing yo esn’t mean you can go int do up at Th ing ill. ris , St on h. mo alt e he Th ur disappearg a positive effect on yo friends and you keep vin ny ha ma is g ief kin rel ma e t tiv no es e of dig can. You’r se pickled eggs if you old rubbish. Lay off tho haze. ing in a green kind of TAURUS d refurbish,000 on a franchise an 50 £4 t ou 21 g y hin Ma las sp 21 r er Ap had broken d aft - and only as their car own pub this month an up ur n yo tur en le op op to pe e o tw cid t de You t when jus Matthews. ing night falls rather fla ok this month–Bernard bo to t ac rity ment, your grand open leb ce ky e the phone. Unluc down and needed to us GEMINI posite sex, trystop eyeing up the op n’t ca t jus u Yo n. rso May 22 - Jun 22 lly when s pe uble this month, especia ture, you are a flirtatiou tro na of ry ve rts so ur yo all o by int ni, u mi yo t thing Ge get with them and that las a chance. But this can off it th g wi vin in e ha u’r dy yo ea if alr e e se lawn y’r ing to you decide to mow the nd’s boss. You see, the y frie da st the be sur oe yo sh th d wi ole on you try it to wear rubber-s rie a trios. Lucky day you need is a menage in the rain. CANCER es chaos art this month and caus ch ur yo 23 in ly ce Ju an ar 23 pe ting ap June of paying a fiver and ea confectionary makes an s e ist ric ns t-p co cu y of da t h ne nc pla lau Mars, the road and its ward– B2. shop opens up down the a few days later. Lucky l ita sp ho ve lea with your diet. A new u Yo ctionary as you can. as much cut-price confe LEO e you. sh dictionary to describ gli En the July 24 - Aug 23 in s tive rla re enough supe Oh Leo. If only there we VIRGO bility to wash is losIt seems that your ina n. tio ua sit r ou od Aug 24 - Sep 23 dy elf down to t bo ed to get a grip on tha e these days. Get yours ne tte se do the ally of re d u en yo , er go oth Vir the e done all year. Even the dog sits down be the best thing you’v t jus t ing you a lot of friends. gh mi it – ies ell up on some sm Superdrug and stock MEEKIEMONTHLY Page 27

s e p o c s o Hor

with Enog

u had it you thought yo planet d n A . th on m ur chart this Neptune, the LIBRA resence to yo even tougher. However, p l y’s fu ht ig el d 23 get hard and Jud gs its to ic in t R br y ou s, la ab p ad e lo to ar Sept 24 - Oct y rk wo ately, things off. Lucky da net of heavy Yes, unfortun with it, a day k. nd Pluto, the pla ee a w t, a us rs ug 80 hou the end of A tough working your chart at to in s ve o m of light relief, m– Tuesday. Phone In Sca ful who you you. Be care ith w ir fa af IO n a rt problem’ SCORP wants to have has got a ‘wa n te de fe ar 22 ch v W ur o N ch ch Oct 24 up from the ven the Chur ker you pick o sexy, that e o S lo . t a io th rp – co io S Sexy month Scorp scandal. ices with this ju r u yo d in a church e te ar a sh lic p im e b nd you could downstairs a t started on f July and ge of te ri S w IU I'd R SAGITTA if I were you, 21 arius. In fact, c itt e D ag S h 23 nt v o o N t this m to shout abou Nothing much nth early. August a mo e days in beere'll be som h T . s ay d d r than the and some ba will be badde e good days CAPRICORN t m a th so e ys b 'll da e e er 20 ys and som in June. Th Dec 22 - Jan an the bad da varied month th a r ct tte e be xp e e n ar ys. re days that Capricorns ca t the chart sa s that are mo ha ay w d ’s e at m th so t u tween and last month, b ow I said this kn I s. ay d r bette AQUARIUS 19 Jan 21 - Feb you too. That goes for

ve to start at you will ha th s h– n ea m It . r chart feelings thoug u ’s yo ne in o s ny a nu PISCES t e ful not to hur e arrival of V 20 ther. Be care month with th ei Feb 20 - Mar is g in th th ve d lo ba of pect a lot uldn’t be a o the trick your teeth wo Pisces can ex ash should d g w in th sh ou ru m b o ls in and a washing aga

copes s o r o h ’s th n o m t x Next month: ne


Sport Due to the international ban on football, we are unable to bring you any sport at all. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and would like to recommend reading Reader’s Friend as an alternative source of excitement


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