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Fall always brings changes, new routines, and schedule adjustments to our lives. As you and your family settle in to the start of school and cooler weather to come, it is our desire to get you plugged into some of the tremendous recreation and fitness opportunities available here at ERBM Recreation & Park District (the District) this season. There really is something fun for everyone here at the District; whether you are an Active Adult program attendee, child in dance or tumbling, member of a sports team, or an informal drop-in guest, everyone can find a place to participate. Check out some of the following news and notes from around the District. NEW LINE-UP Inside this edition of the Line-Up you will notice several changes that we want to bring to your attention. First, the Line-Up will now be produced seasonally (4 times per year), so be sure to mark your calendar for all the opportunities available throughout the autumn season. Look for winter, spring, and summer issues to follow. Also, check out the enhanced overall design and several new features highlighting a wide variety of District and community opportunities. TOT-SPOT





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TOT-SPOT Speaking of new, you asked for it and now it’s back! Look on page 5 for details on the relaunch of the District’s Tot-Spot Drop-In Childcare Program. Be sure to pass the word along and get your kids in here so you can enjoy a fitness class, a workout, or a well deserved soak in our indoor hot-tub.


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SPHAGNUM MOSS? Did you know the leisure pool in the natatorium has been utilizing Sphagnum Moss since early this summer? Yes, that’s right. The naturally occuring moss has been harvested from nature and added to the District's leisure pool circulation system. This has helped inhibit the growth of microbes and ultimately requires less chemical additives and preserves water quality. Stop in for a dip and see if you notice the difference! SPORT FIELD & TRACK RENOVATION The District is thrilled to have partnered with the Meeker Education Foundation and the Meeker School District on the successful GOCO Grant Award to support the renovation of the high school track and football field. In addition to the GOCO Grant of $350,000, the District has contributed $400,000 toward the completion of this vital community amenity. Watch for updates on this project that starts Spring 2016. Lots of good things are going on for you at ERBM Recreation & Park District. Thanks for helping make our Meeker community a great place to live and recreate!

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Fall 2015