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Pixie Engine

What is a Pixie Engine? It’s not easy to explain. That’s why this was a project about identity.

Pixie Engine Project Structure Meeting Human Network Labs (creators of the Pixie Engine)

Research of Similar Technologies


Pixie Engine Project Structure

Design challenge: creating identity

Past film project review

Production of new films informed by previous efforts

What does it do?

Find Things.

What does it do?

Find Friends.

What does it do? Wakes U Up

Finds Parking

de Shot)

ulls up to a food market in their car. e asks the male to make sure he gets a specific item. car and enters the food market.

Alerts Blind

Hails Taxis

So what? It’s a circuit board. text

What have others done

to make technology human?

Video Makes Pixie Engine Human.

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Result: New image of Pixie.

Michael Barakat Designer University of the Arts 215.519.9164

Pixie Engine  

A technology project about user experience and identity.

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