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Bond Bubble 2001 Your best fund investment strategy Just in case Chicken Little is right and there is a bond bubble that deflates in 2011, what's your best bond fund investment strategy in regard to these income funds, which you probably own or are considering? If this so-called bond bubble bursts, even the best bond fund of yesteryear could make you feel like the sky is falling if you don't have a sound investment strategy in place to deal with it. Here are some investment ideas for average investors. The best investment strategy is everything if bonds unravel in 2011 or beyond and you are a typical investor in mutual funds in an IRA, 401k, or other account. That's because most people steered clear of riskier investments like stock funds after the financial crisis. Many invested in the best bond fund they could find - one that paid the most interest. Well, yesterday's best income fund is today's fund to avoid if interest rates go up, so here's your best investment strategy going forward. Cut back on bond funds (also called INCOME funds) in general in 2011. Bond prices are high by historical standards and could go into a freefall if investors start selling these securities and the shares of the mutual funds that invest in them. That's what happens when a bubble deflates prices (value) fall. Your best investment strategy for the money you free up: high-quality equity-income (stock) funds that pay dividends of 2% to 3%, and money market funds. Many income funds pay less than 3% in dividends. Money funds should earn increasingly higher interest income as bond fund prices fall and interest rates go up. The best investment strategy for the money you keep in bond funds: go with short-term and intermediate-term funds equally and avoid longterm funds. The latter will get clobbered when the bond bubble deflates and investor selling accelerates. Don't go with the highest or best quality funds that invest heavily in U.S. Treasury bonds and notes. These pay less interest because they are backed by the government. But they are in the same boat as other income funds if the bond bubble deflates and interest rates rise. Go with high to medium quality funds for the extra interest income. .

Keeping the cost of investing low will be a major part of the best bond fund investment strategy for 2011 and beyond. You're not trying to get rich in an income fund. You are trying to get higher interest income at a moderate level of risk. Why pay sales charges and high expenses? That's like riding in a leaky boat, and only takes money out of your account. Invest cheap with bond INDEX funds from either of the two largest fund companies in America: Vanguard and Fidelity. They offer broad diversification and very low yearly expenses, with NO SALES CHARGES to buy or sell If you are willing to be proactive in 2011 and beyond, here's a technique to add to make our best bond fund investment strategy even better. You've got a pool of money in your money market fund and some in an intermediate-term income fund. Tell your fund company to automatically move the same amount of money each month, from the money fund to buy shares in the income fund, so that in about three years you will have equal amounts in both. The advantage of this investment strategy: if the bond bubble deflates in 2011 and for a couple more years, you will be buying more and more bond fund shares as the fund price falls. This is called dollar cost averaging and it spreads out your risk. Plus, it lowers your average cost per share. Your best bond fund investment strategy for 2011 and beyond: cut your general exposure to income funds; go with shorter-term quality (not the highest) funds, lower costs with index funds, and dollar cost average back into intermediateterm funds. The bond bubble may or may not deflate significantly. If it does millions of average investors will take it on the chin and wonder what happened. With the best investment strategy, you shouldn't be one of them. Author James Leitz teaches investment basics, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investing and how to invest in his investing guide for beginners called INVEST INFORMED. Put Jim's 40 years of investing experience to work for you and learn how to invest at today. Article Source: expert=James_Leitz

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COMMODITIES – SAFE HAVEN INVESTMENTS FOR 2011 - 2012 Despite the recent financial crisis, many investors are nervous to simply throw their money at the stock market. The question on everyone mind lately is where will the strength lie in 2011 -2012? With tightening in China and India many investors do not realize that commodities are fast becoming a very safe haven in the next few years. The reason for this, is the rising food cost and inflation are giving these investment vehicles lots of speed and poise. If the economy start to get better, there are a lot of people who will make their fortunes in the commodities sectors. If the government keeps printing money, commodities will where you will want to be to protect yourself and your loved ones. One good example is with oil, which has been increasing in prices over the last 3 months. We are now starting to run out of this reserve and there is evidence backing up these claims. That will keep the oil prices high for some time to come. No one on the face of the earth has found any oil fields and with such a high demand for this commodity the prices of oil will keep increasing in price. No market, and no commodity ever goes up in a straight line, but as a hedge against inflation, commodities will be a very safe haven for the coming years. When there was violent inflation back in the the 1970's stocks were not a good place to be, commodities were. So owning stocks and bonds is very risky at the movement. Owning commodities and real assets is a very smart move for now. Want a looking glass into the future? World Recognized for their past trend forecasts and accurate stock market calls, Forecast For Tomorrow provides regular updates to help you make BIG profits in any economic climate. Get tomorrow's news today, Visit Article Source: expert=Jon_Safer Article Source:

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Thinking of Renting Your House?.....


MEDWAYROOMS.CO.UK We specialise in renting houses as HMO's in the Kent area of the UK. We are experts at providing advice on upgrades to homes needed to comply with government regulations as well as managing the proeprties from finding new tenants, to serving notices for eviction. We have over 8 years experience in this field. We achieve MAXIMUM RENTAL INCOME from each property. Call us NOW for a quote

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If you you have been thinking about investing in Gold or Silver, you might have an opportunity of a life time in 2011. Over the last 5 years Gold and Silver have been two of the best performing assets, well out performing the overall markets. Since October 2008 the Gold ETF GLD has gone from $66 to a high of $139.54 on 12/06/10, an appreciation of over 210%. SLV the Silver etf has gone from a low of $8.45 in 10/08 to a high of $30.00 on 12/06/10, an appreciation of over 340%. Silver in fact is the number one performing asset in the last five years as I write this. Gold once again is becoming a mainstream investment. From T.V. Personalities like Glenn Beck & Jim Cramer pontificating why you must buy Gold, countless of commercials on radio and TV, reality shows on Gold mining speculation, and even Gold ATM's. If you Google Gold you will find thousand of articles, videos, technical analysis charts on why Gold must go higher. The U.S. Deficit, European financial crisis, reckless spending in Washington, the Federal Reserves Quantitative Easing programs, J.P. Morgan huge short position on Silver, devaluation of the US Dollar, countless of conspiracy theory's, terrorism, and of course geopolitical issues. You will also find that smart money investors like Jim Rogers, George Soros, and John Paulson, have all taken positions in the Precious Metals. I myself have been a Gold and Silver bull for the past 3 years, and believe in the the long term value of both Gold & Silver, and that the bull market in the Precious Metals is not over. My conclusion on Gold & Silver is based up many years and hours of careful study of these markets,using both fundamental & technical analysis. Also many years of investing & trading these markets with success. In fact Silver has produced the best investment returns for my accounts in 2010. This careful analysis has also led me to a current theory that a BIG correction is coming for both Gold and Silver.

My analysis points to a possible Correction in the GOLD ETF GLD of 18% to 26% and for the Silver ETF SLV to correct by 26% to 33%. That means we could see GLD trading around $105 to the $100 area and SLV trading $21 to $19 area sometime in 2011. If you have experience investing or trading in Gold & Silver you understand that these metals are volatile. This volatility can be analyzed by it's past price action. For example in the last 5 years GLD has had two major corrections of over 20%. In 2006 GLD corrected by 21% and in 2008 GLD corrected by 34%, in both cases GLD continued to go higher after it finished correcting. As investors in the Precious Metals we must understand that nothing goes straight up and that when price become parabolic as they have over the past few months, the probabilities increase that a correction is imminent. If my analysis is correct and we see a large decline in the price of both Gold & Silver in 2011. This correction could provide some great opportunities to profit from the volatility of these markets. As for long term investors it could provide a great entry point, into Silver or Gold. With Silver still being our number one recommendation until we reach a Silver to Gold Ratio of over 18 to 1. In the short term once my synopsis is confirmed by my advanced technical studies, I will implementing shorting strategies in mine & my clients accounts not only to hedge our current positions, but also to profit from the potential down trend in these markets. If you would like information on investing or trading in Gold & Silver please contact: Humberto Contreras Article Source:

LEARNING HOW TO INVEST IN TAX LIENS - USA With critical economic times we are faced with and an outlook that is questionable, it seems difficult to invest money successfully. Many professional investors actually look forward to these times and know that it is during tough times when millionaires are created. The most important factors to consider when considering any investment is your risk and return. Many methods of investing are very risky and can be similar to gambling. Even though some people have made millions gambling the odds are not in your favour. Tax liens are one of the few investment vehicles that allow you to receive an excellent return on your money with very minimal risk. A tax lien sale takes place in many counties, and are auctioned off either online or in person. This type of investing has very minimal amount of risk because the lien is backed by the property itself. In some cases you can end up owning the property for a fraction of the price or even for as little as the taxes due on the property. Tax liens can yield anywhere from 12% to 36%, these can be huge gains especially when investing over several years at a time. Another advantage is the option to invest large amounts of money or even very small amounts of money and still make great profits. Other investment vehicles rarely produce the same yield as tax liens. Even more important, other investment vehicles often lose money. Losing money when investing any money or even your retirement is devastating. Learning about other investment techniques will allow you to increase your wealth with every passing year. Many types of invest are nearly a full time job. They take hours and hours to set up and manage, with no guarantee you will make any money. Tax liens do take time to research and buy. Although once you have bought the lien your money has already started working hard for you.

Most banks today would not even give you 2% interest rate for putting your money in a CD that is locked in for 5 or 10 years. This means that if you had $10,000 to put in a CD for 5 years at 2% you would make just over $1,500. Not to bad, but your money could be working much harder for you. If you invested $10,000 in tax liens at 18% for 5 years you would make $12,876. You would have more than doubled your money in just 5 years of investing. This is why tax liens are such a powerful investment vehicle that very few people even know about. Making money in today's economy can be very difficult. My goal is to teach people how to be successful investors. I have found a technique of investing in tax liens that can produce great returns with very little risk. For more information check out:

WHY NOW IS A GREAT TIME FOR BUY TO LET PROPETIES Obtaining buy to let properties is wise for many reasons. While there are many assets where to put your nest egg cash, not many options offer you as much tangible value with both rental returns and capital appreciation opportunity as a buy to let holding. We will look to demonstrate a few of the monetary positives from a taxation perspective and levered asset perspective, as to why such buildings, with an intelligent pick of buy to let mortgage rates, are smart purchases. Now, let's go through the logic behind why BTL's can offer you great profits while still not stressing you over your retirement fund. Versus other investments, here you own something for which you control and manage. A critical point in support of buy to let is the simple truth that it is totally in your control. It is up to you to select the location to purchase, if you want to upgrade it, where you would like to improve the property, and how much rent to request (to a point). If you do not approve of something about it, you can improve it. Can you do such a thing with junk bonds, gilts, stocks, pieces of art, old coins or other such investments? Not so much. As a matter of fact, often your equity might be at the behest of others company big wigs, government officials, or just a few dealers in some cases. In respect of a buy to let you are in full control of the price you pay, the renovations, and the rental income. Here, the buyer can really understand the market you are dealing in. Most likely, you have probably worked either within close proximity to or physically within the neighbourhood you are aiming to purchase a buy to let property. This can provide you a superior edge on its own. How knowledgeable can one be about the financials of most companies these days? Or, of the complex nature of the corporate debt market? By understanding the physical location, one can determine a substantial amount about the appropriate price of a buy to let home - if located close to schools, clinics, serene boulevards, historically low crime areas - all of these are attributes that provide you valued info to judge a building's true value. No third party can come along and proclaim they know more about a property either, or can "adjust" the numbers - the accumulation of your own intelligence with a standard inspection can give you a margin of error to profit on a buy to let.

The tax scenario is mostly quite positive for buy to let property purchasers. Rental returns which you do remit tax on is offset by the interest payments and other related expenses incurred on the property. The great thing is that you are strictly paying taxes for the difference over and above that which you are ultimately earning on the rental. At the time to exit ownership, there is a standard annual exemption for capital appreciation for which one is not taxed on - for the 2010-11 tax year the amount is 10,100bp, for which you only submit tax for the value of appreciation beyond this amount. One can take advantage of leverage, through a mortgage, to extend the value of your money. The wonderful part about property is you only need to have a part of the total price to ultimately obtain the asset a partial amount of principal with the entire capital appreciation means you get that magic from leverage that few other investment vehicles provide. Have you ever tried to borrow a marked majority of the purchase price towards a rare piece of art, a corporate debt holding, or even a common stock? You typically have to put forward either all or most of the full cost up front, from your own savings, for most investment opportunities. You make profits on each side of the deal - the monthly rental rate and the capital appreciation. This is just one of my favourite advantages of owning buy to lets. With a buy to let property, the buyer is not cashing-in on profits solely on the rent, but also on the natural improvement in principal of the building and land additionally. Within this, you not only are entitled to two different streams of profitability - one continual and in the current month, and another principal chunk of money in the future - but you additionally get a means to spread the risk of return. By having a recurring rental cash flow provide one method of return, it counters some of the investment risk of the one-time payment sale in the future. Discover superb buy to let mortgage rates to select from, you might just get a tidy regular sum in your account. So long as you make a reasonable return on your lease income, you often can afford to wait until a time the housing market is on your side to unload the property - one is not required to just a single means of return to earn profits. The most up-to-date buy to let mortgage rates as well as a buy to let mortgage calculator can be found at my site. All the best in your buy to let investments! Article Source: expert=Harold_Ford Article Source:

BUY TO LET – what does it mean and is it right for you?..... People purchase properties for many reasons, not just to set up home with their family. This article explores the meaning of 'buy to let', the reasons people choose this option, the advantages and disadvantages and the practicalities. A 'buy to let' scenario is when somebody purchases a property - usually either a house or a flat - with the main intention of letting (or 'renting') it out to somebody else to live in. The purchaser will remain the owner of the property whilst the person the property is let to will live there from day to day. It will be the purchaser's intention that the rent that letting out the property brings in will be enough to cover the cost of the mortgage and other bills and will, ideally, even leave a sum left over (over and above the bills and mortgage) to boost the purchaser's income. Indeed, some multiple property owners are able to make a living entirely buy purchasing and renting out properties. However, buying to let is certainly not a way to make money quickly - it is very much a long term plan. The advantage of buying to let to the property owner - at times when house prices are rising - is that while the property is being rented out it may be increasing in value and could become a sound investment for the future. The fact that it seems to be increasingly difficult for first time buyers to save a deposit to buy their own property means that the demand for properties to let remains constant. Mortgage lenders offer specially designed mortgages specifically for people who are buying properties to let. It is important that you research these mortgage options carefully to understand what will be required of you and whether you will qualify for such a mortgage.

There are, however, some disadvantages to buying to let which you must take into consideration when weighing up this option. These include - but are not limited to - the cost of purchasing a property (i.e. stamp duty, solicitors fees), tenants who are unreliable or difficult to deal with, and periods where you do not have any tenants to rent the property out to which leaves you with the mortgage and bills to pay yourself. In summary, it is clear that buying to let is an option available to those in a position to consider it but, as with all financial scenarios, the pros and cons must be weighed up and you should ensure you go into the process with great understanding of any risks or pitfalls. Copyright (c) 2011 Robert Gray Need specialist Moving Home Solicitors? Gray Hooper Holt are Redhill and Reigate Solicitors? Article Source: expert=Bob_R_Gray Article Source:

PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CYPRUS – WHY BUY NOW? Cyprus is a luxurious island with exotic wildlife, breathtaking landmarks, and an old history. Native to Cyprus is the mouflon. The mouflon is a type of sheep with curled horns and is found only in Cyprus. Other wildlife includes the long-eared hedgehog, the striped dolphin, doves, and bright pink flamingos. Besides the mountain ranges, there are miles and miles of beaches, two saltwater lakes, and the Akamas national park. The art history of Cyprus stretches beyond 10,000 years past.

Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean and is near Turkey, Greece, Syria, and Lebanon. Cyprus has subtropical climates with an average of 340 sunny and warm days a year. There are two major mountain ranges, the Troodos Mountains and the Kyrenia Range, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The tallest mountain on the island is Mt. Olympus in the center of the Troodos range. Cyprus is a stunning place to live or visit. Property for sale in Cyprus is ripe for the buying. This island has a successful and sustaining economy with a stable currency. It recently gained EU membership and was listed as the 10th least expensive business center in the world. It's also the least expensive business center in Europe. The standard of living is high while the cost remains relatively low. The property market is also extremely stable and the island is developing and growing its tourist industry. There are also constant flights to and from the UK and Ireland. Property for sale in Cyprus is mainly freehold. Freehold means that the buyer retains full ownership and can do as they like with their property as long as it is in agreement with the local laws and planning controls. Freehold property is also more valuable than leasehold. Some property for sale in Cyprus can also be rented or rent-to-own. Those who are not native to Cyprus can buy a flat, house, or land there, so there are not property laws restricting the purchase of property to natives

The climate in Cyprus is perfect for vacations, retiring, or enjoying what life has to offer. The summers are hot and the winters are only mild. It only snows in the Troodos mountains and rain rarely spoils a summer day. Property for sale in Cyprus has little to weather besides sun and wind. Cyprus is one of the only greenyear-round places in Europe. It's not just a great travel destination, it's a great place to live, kick back, and relax. The time to buy property in Cyprus is now.Because although the Cypriot economy is good.The world economy is not and there are many good deals in Cyprus now as there are not as many buyers as there would be in a good economy. Property for sale in Cyprus won't last long. Once it's gone, not many people would be willing to turn around and sell it for cheap. The time to act on this jewel in the Mediterranean Sea is now. Cyprus is a stable, luxurious place to reside with a growing tourist industry and an inexpensive business center. Surrounded by shimmering sands, glistening waters, looming mountains, exotic wildlife, old and rich culture and history, and cuisine that never fails to satisfy, Cyprus is one of the best places to settle in and a perfect investment for your future. Nick W Lee Internet marketer and Property Investor For your FREE guide to buying property in Cyprus click the link below. Article Source: expert=Nick_W_Lee

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