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Presenting the figures at a news conference, Chairman of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) Alecos Orountiotis said revenue from tourism in July increased by 18.8 per cent compared to July 2010, adding that the total revenue from tourism in July 2011 was €274.4 million compared to €231.1 million in July last year, an increase of €43.3 million. No need to worry then !

Orountiotis said, “That arrivals from Russia during the period January-July 2011 were up by 60 per cent, with Germany up by 17 per cent.” He added that, “Despite problems in Greece, arrivals from there recorded an increase of 12.4 per cent, while arrivals from the UK reversed the negative trend of the past five years, rising 1.5 per cent.”

Crisis what Crisis ?

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No one is really sure what is around the corner and how the figures predicted will work out but maybe something needs to be put in place to maintain the momentum. But what ? The present LOVE CYPRUS campaign has run for a long time and perhaps needs a new approach that reflects the attraction of Cyprus.

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So here is a suggestion from THE ADVERTISING MAN We are all aware of HAPPY HOUR and how it works – discounted drinks during certain hours of the day. Well why not introduce this idea ISLAND WIDE Introducing :

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A NEW IMAGE Cities across the globe have benefited from a new look – New York with the ‘BIG APPLE’ HONG KONG with its SMILE campaign which was then taken up across most of SOUTH EAST ASIA So why not

Well that is of course a possibility but consider this – presently across the island companies are offering discounts in one form or another for customers – By introducing HAPPY ISLAND into their psyche, they can look to increase not only awareness but profit too and not just for a select few but across a plethora of establishments island wide.

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By branding the idea of HAPPY ISLAND CTO is able to target hotels, airlines, tour operators restaurants and all service industries with one collective bargaining tool and one brand. A discount across the board of 20% for all tourists arriving into Cyprus for the duration of their stay in all establishments, to include transport and accommodation as well as service industries.

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Who ever would accept this ? In short and hopefully everybody – if there was a collective YES to HAPPY ISLAND the appeal of Cyprus would be enhanced but moreover it would be seen as a place that is affordable. And that means more people would come. Already there is conflict between establishments over ALL INCLUSIVE holidays HAPPY ISLAND would go someway to appease this problem.



Initially yes that might be the case but with correct marketing advertising and promotion the concept of HAPPY ISLAND would generate awareness on a scale not seen before. It will mean that people will have to make less than they currently do by reducing their profit margin. But this would be offset by the increase in traffic numbers.


CTO would invite companies to participate in their HAPPY ISLAND promotion for one year this would be sufficient time in which to test the market. At the end of which the result will determine whether the idea is a success or not. The Best result would be for all companies to offer HAPPY ISLAND discounts not just a select few – petrol stations, super markets, tourist and fashion stores the more participation the more acceptance of the scheme.

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Tourists would receive their HAPPY ISLAND Badge or card which would have their arrival and departure dates printed on them – this would be available at the airport upon arrival. In previous years passengers had to fill in landing cards if need be this system could apply for HAPPY ISLAND just a stamp is all that is needed to validate the card. In addition this system could be afforded by corporate sponsorship.


HAPPY ISLAND would become a Trade Name and a registered company – it would market all products like T shirts and merchandising and a percentage of sales would go to CTO.

A good time to start would be the new season 2012 – so it would need to be put into action quickly but again it would be possible if there was an agreement soon. I know it’s too late for 2012 – not so with social media and the internet at our fingertips bookings on line can be easily marketed. For standard rates and brochures the addition of 20% emblazoned over a Cypriot destination with HAPPY ISLAND RATE would be a marketers dream.

It is always easy to say NO – much harder to say YES – why because YES means that you need to do something. Of course you can do nothing and rely on providence and the fates to continue to bring the tourists in. Or you can do something about that. It’s really up to you !

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Devised and conceived by THE ADVERTISING MAN Design of Graphics by George THE HAPPY ISLAND CTO PRESENTATION is copyrighted 2011


This is a new idea I am proposing for this island and would welcome the support of Cyprus people and business's to make it happen thank you...