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ABOUT US MedTechEdge is a leading edge and privately owned global trading company that specializes in providing best-in-class medical solutions. We provide the Pulse Volume Recording and Laboratory equipment ideal for any vascular lab.

WHY CHOOSE US? Because MedTechEdge bring you the most advance medical devices for Peripheral Vascular diagnosis, dedicated to the vascular clinicians and sonographers. We are a leading medical device supplier offering CW Doppler& PPG diagnostics systems for vascular laboratories, private clinics and vascular departments.

MEDICAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS Vascular Edge Wearable’s Edge Paramedic Edge Dermatology Edge Innovation Edge Professional Services Edge

CONTACT US Company Name : MedTech Edge Website URL : Business Mail Id : Phone : 03 9013 3939

Raynaud's Syndrome Diagnosis System  

MedTech Edge offers leading edge devices for vascular market. Our excellent support includes on-site training and on-going technical service...