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WHAT ARE GENERICS? • Generic drugs are those manufactured by a company other than the original patent holder for a particular drug. • Generics are chemically identical to brand name drugs. • They can be purchased for less than brand name drugs simply because they do not carry the brand label and name.

ARE GENERICS SAFE? • Generic drugs sold by a company that meets FDA standards are safe. • There are some companies that operate outside of the FDA restrictions, so be sure that your drugs come from an FDA-approved pharmaceutical company. • Since the generics are chemically identical to brand name drugs, there are no additional health risks associated with generic medications.

THE BENEFITS OF SAFE GENERICS • Brand name prescription medications can put safe and effective treatments out of reach for many patients. • Safe generics offer the same medicinal value as brand name drugs at a fraction of the cost. • Generics make it easier for everyone to get access to lifesaving medications, as well as maintenance meds.

WHAT KINDS OF GENERICS ARE AVAILABLE? • Generic medications are available for anti-cancer treatments and anti-retroviral treatments. • Disaster relief medications are available, which save aid organizations a considerable amount of money. • Treatments for tropical diseases—which can be quite expensive—are made much more affordable with generics.

WHAT ARE THE POTENTIAL SAVINGS? • The price differences can be considerable. • The average cost for brand name Augmentin—a common antibiotic—is around $400, while the generic retails for around $80 to $100. • For anti-retrovirals and cancer medications, the difference can be in the thousands of dollars.

WHICH DRUGS ARE AVAILABLE? • Drugs that are available as generics depend on whether or not the patent is still valid for each drug. • In 2014, some popular prescription medications will be available as generics. These include Celebrex, Nexium, and Lunesta. • Other drugs already available in safe generic forms include Coumadin, Vicodin, Flonase, and Zitrhomax.

HOW DO I GET A GENERIC FROM MY DOCTOR? • Ask your doctor if he or she will switch to a generic for your prescriptions. Most doctors will check off the option to fill a script with a generic. • Talk to your pharmacist. If a generic version is available, he or she can get your prescription switched by calling your doctor. • Unless a drug is still under a patent, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to use a safe generic alternative.

WHAT OTHER COST-SAVING PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE? • In addition to safe generics, there is a range of other products that can be purchased at affordable rates. • These include vaccines, rapid diagnostic tests, and deworming medications. • Affordable medications and supplies benefit people in the US, UK, and around the world by providing safe, effective treatments at affordable prices.

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Safe Generics and New Available Solutions | Generic prescriptions offer an economic alternative to expensive prescription costs. Indivi...

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