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WORK EXPERIENCE Year 2014-2017: Summer internship in AB3D (

Year 2018-2019: Full time internship in AB3D (

Riga - Latvia Involment in Private, Residental housing interiour designs and documentation

Riga - Latvia Involment in Public, Private, Residental housing interiour designs and documentation

PERSONAL COMPETENCES TEAM WORK Experience collaborating in groups academically and professionally. Cooperating with members to make the work progressive and organising collective design desisions.


The creative challenges are the best part of the work process. I am always opened for new ideas, concepts, techniques and programmes.


Phone: +371 26547314 E-mail:

EDUCATION Year 2017: ERASMUS programme UPV University of Valencia, Spain

COMMITMENT I am commited to provide as much attention, time and effort as needed to attain the best result.


I am capable of succesfully managing the work with the given task and time what I have, taking into account the pressure of deadline and the needed quality.

LANGUAGES Latvian Native

Spanish Basic (A2)

English Advanced (C1)

German Basic (A1) Russan Basic (A1)

SKILLS Autocad Sketchup

Year 2018: ERASMUS programme UPCT University of Cartagena, Spain Year 2015-2019: BACHELOR degree RTU Riga Technical University

V-ray Lumion Photoshop Illustrator

Year 2019: MASTERS degree RTU Riga Technical University



PAVILION Spain - La Pagan University project

URBAN INTERVENTION Latvia - Riga - Zunda discrict University project

RESIDELTAL - OFFICE Latvia - Riga - Zunda discrict University project

URBAN INTERVENTION - RESIDENTAL Spain - San Pedro del Pinatar University project

WEDDING HOUSE Spain - San Pedro del Pinatar University project

CONCERT HALL Latvia - Riga University project

RESIDENTAL - CONFIRMATION Latvia - Riga Intership project

PRIVATE HOUSE - INTERIOR Latvia - Adazi University project

recommendation letter

To whom it may concern, This letter is my personal recommendation for Ms. Liene Medniece, who has been working in our office since 2014. Till year 2018 for 4 years Liene was working during the summers undertaking private house interior project including electricity designing.

PAVILION Caratgena - Spain - La Pagan University project

Object is located to the view of the coast of Meditarian and La Pagan town. Surrounded by beach promindade, port and restaurants but without any information center which leads the way. Multifunctional pavilion with functions such as - information point, view tower and exhibition center- located on the crossing of main car and pedestrian movement - gives oppertunity to explore the town effective.

the concept

The blocks of triangles assembles the form of the boat mast. The blocks are put in two directions with entrances on each side so the pavilion is accesable from each direction.

The movement inside the pavilion is made in 3 levels. In the first one are the entrances to the upper and ground level. All the blocks are connected to each other.

The outer cover is transparent, made from wood to reflect the sun making the game with shadows and light and to give the chance to see from upper levels the surrounded area.

surrounded area

general plan with the main movements


view from the street side

north and east facade

interior view

pictures with the model

south and west facade

URBAN INTERVENTION Zunda district - Riga - Latvia University project

Area surrounded by colourful urban carpet: high-rise buildings, low intensity living units, intensive streets and universty district. The aim of the proposal is to connect all the surrounding differences in one multifunctional NET.

the concept

OFFICE - RESIDENTAL Zunda district - Riga - Latvia University project

The object is located in buffer zone of Zunda discrit surrounded by linear park along the border of project area. Office and residental building idea is to make semi private - semi public space with different sport, relaxation and communication activities to make the community inside the building in each function.

vew from the park side (closer to office section)

the concept

vertical distribution with public zone in between

making change of levels gives the surrounded area human environment

“IN AND OUT� movement creates inner public/private space and saparates the movement of office workers and local community

sloped roofs give human friendly proportion

axonometric view to the office open space

The multifunctial public zone between the office space gathers workers and makes the inside local community with oppertunities to do sport activities, relax while taking a break from work.

general plan

tipes of offices and apartments

vew from the park side (closer to residental section)

URBAN INTERVENTION - RESIDENTAL San Pedro del Pinatar- Spain University project

The area is located in living district surrounded with block houses from last centurys 60s. Houses built with minimum allowed distance between, no green space, public area, parkings, comunication between the inhabitants. The aim is to chance the environment creating a modern, human friendly living standarts.

View to existing blocks all surrounded with streets and no human friendly environment.

Connecting two blocks together closes the street in between and creates closed green environment.

Creating pedestrian, bike roads and parking with green spaces to improve and conect the surrounded area.

axonometric view to the building unit

tipes of apartments

WEDDING HOUSE San Pedro del Pinatar- Spain University project

Wedding house located on the cross of a calm water front, flamingo watchpoint and sand bathing spots. The linear form represents the calm and smooth coast and quiet surroundings. The way through the life till the moment of ceremony makes the movement of the building and leads the way to the ceremony.

the concept

ALTAR exit from the altar zone

seats for the guests stuff only - preperation block entrance for the couple kitchen - restaurant block office block WC block information - entrance area entrance for the guests

ALTAR exit from the altar zone

entrance for the couple

entrance for the guests

CONCERT HALL Anderjsala - Riga - Latvia University project

Concert hall is positioned on the shore of river Daugava. Designed a new home for the Latvian orchestra, the venue will contain a 1.600 seat concert hall and a smaller 500 seat chamber-music hall. The roof contour re-interpretets physical aspects of sound and water vawes. Concerthalls typology allowes panoramic views across the city and engages the surrounding context to creates a connection between the landscape and public space.

the concept





general plan with movements and references

basement floor and first floor plan

west facade, view from the river


longitudinal section through the concert halls

interior view to the atrium

east facade, view from the river

longitudinal section through the public zone

picture with the model, exterior view from the river

RESIDENTAL - CONFIRMATION Strelnieku street 4C - Riga - Latvia Internship project

Residental building is located in the heart of the silent center - surrounded by the streets with art noveou and national romantism architecture heritage. The aim of the project is to confirm to the government that the exposed ventilation installations on the roof does not deteriorate the view of the building from main surrounded viewpoints.

view number 1

view number 2

view number 3

PRIVATE HOUSE INTERIOR “Atpūtas” LV-2164 - Baltezers - Latvia Internship project

Private house building is located to the view of Baltezers lake surrounded with pine trees. The kitchen zone with the view of lake is connected with living room and is seen from the entrance hall. The aim is to conncet all the zones with matching materials, texture and atmosphere. Mostly used materials such as wood, concrete and stone.

elevations of the kitchen furniture

Profile for liene.medniece

Architecture portfolio  

Architecture portfolio