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Exceptional Experiences The DSP Interview with Dr. Jonathan Parker


ow did you learn to provide sleep services in your practice? Did you find the instructor at the courses you took inspiring? Did you see her/him as someone you could emulate? Over a career, dentists take hundreds of hours of education from dozens of instructors. How many do you remember? Have you made a difference in your patient’s lives because of what you learned? Chances are, if you’ve learned sleep medicine from Jon Parker, every answer will be positive, and you are having fun helping people get healthier in your community. Dental Sleep Practice sat down with Dr. Parker to explore what makes him one of the premier teachers of dental sleep medicine.

DSP: Dr. Parker, thank you for taking time to speak to me about your role in our profession. All good teaching is fueled by wisdom, which comes from experience. You see patients every day; what do you think is unique about your practice?

My practice intention is unique in the way that my team and I work together to create an exceptional patient experience. It is focused on guiding the patients through this experience of being cared for and of learning about their sleep, health, treatment options and about themselves. We are able to develop a relationship with them and educate them from the initial phone conversation through all phases of their treatment. We have also created a wonderful healing energy in our space/environment and patients are keenly

aware of it from the moment they walk into the office. I want to empower them to make the right choices for themselves and I want them to feel good about their experience every step of the way in their treatment process.

DSP: Your practice is not just about making appliances for referred patients.

Our practice is about helping patients improve their sleep and their health. I have been influenced by a number of gifted holistic physicians and dentists who have created practices around developing a relationship with their patients in a way that helps them understand their health issues and guides them through a process of reclaiming their health and vitality. I have been influenced by many people in my professional career. I am inspired by practitioners who have taken DentalSleepPractice.com


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Dental Sleep Practice - Winter 2014 Issue  

Dental Sleep Practice - Winter 2014 Issue  

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