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Sacri Delfino Trio Argentina - Madrid Jazz / Bossa nova / Samba

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SACRI DELFINO TRIO is considered one of the latest revelations in the Spanish jazz scene. The great Argentinian guitarist SACRI DELFINO, based in Madrid, has created this group playing his own music works in the mainstream of modern jazz with a clear influence of different styles from his country like tango, milonga, chacarera and candombe. The group’s live performances feature a tremendous display of energy, subtle nuances and virtuosity. They have already captivated an audience of different ages and tastes with their homogeneous and elegant sound. They have also participated in different jazz festivals in Spain, on TV and in the Spanish jazz circuit.They are currently showcasing his first recorded album "JAIRANÍA"(2009),a work that was awarded the 5th Acid Jazz Hispano Prize and has been singled out by numerous specialized publications around the world. The trio is completed by Gerardo Ramos on the double bass and Diego Gutiérrez on the drums. This tandem of musicians has been acclaimed as one of the best rhythm sections on the scene. "There’s no shortage of guitar trios nowadays, but interesting ones with fresh, listenable material are harder to come by. Delfino has written an album full of ear-friendly, emotive compositions, especially “Luna de Hortaleza,” a soulful, poignant jazz waltz seemingly inspired by a memorable night spent in a popular Madrid quarter. The playing is relaxed and confident " - REVIEW@JAZZ.COM

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Delfino & D'Avilas Guitar – Voice Duo A perfect combination for small locals & light candle moments listening to jazz & soul classics

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Sacri Delfino Trio - Duo