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As a comprehensive design haus, Medina=Citi provides an array of visual services to our clientele. Our design collective boasts experts in fields ranging from Multimedia, Print, Web, to Photography and Video Production. Under Medina’s creative direction, each project receives custom visual work crafted to meet results-driven goals, regardless of size or scope. Our design haus has the following experience and capabilities.

P rin t is t hou ght of a s o n e o f t h e s t r o n g est elemen t s in v isu a l C o m m u n i c a t i o n . Creation of strong design pieces through the use of Typography, color theory, and layout are essential. Medina=Citi uses those elements along with our understanding of your product and company identity to create strong print work. The core elements to design must a l wa y s b e o b s e r v e d t o create end result that will interest your demographic.



Sig nag e / Bus ines s Ca r d s / Poster s Mark eting Co llateral / Billb oa r d s / Bus Wr a p s Pro po s al / Identity Sy stems / Logo Develop ment Apparel / Bo o k Co v er / Ma ga zine Ed itor ia l Green Print Des ig n / Pa cka ging / Ed itor ia l I ll us tratio n

Photography in itself can be commercial or artistic, and can make personal or public statements. B u t p h o t o g r a p h y i s a l wa y s t h e c a p t u r i n g o f a n i n s t a n c e , of a subject for a purpose. All avenues and angles for photography are possible for our clients. What is the n eed ? all can be accom plishe d. From A i r b r us h i n g t o color c or re ction the full spe ctrum ca n b e y o u r s . O n s it e or offsit e photography se ssions are opti o n s . A ls o i n d o ors or ou t d oor se ts are no obstacle to achiev i n g t he p e r f e c t sh ot .

P hotography C o m m er cial Edit o r ial Po r t r ait Event F as hio n


Pho to Reto uching / Color Cor r ection / Photo Restor a tion Co mmercial Pho to g rap hy / Cuisine Photogr a p hy

T h e creation of a med i a p r oje ct ca n b e a d a unt i n g t ask , but with our col l a b or a ti v e s p i r i t w e c a n b reat h e life into the v i s i on of your p r oje ct. As a team we work closely with our clients, from concept and sketches to the final viewing. MEDIN A = CITI i s k n o w n f o r f o r g i n g s t r o n g i n t e r p e r s o n a l relationships with our clients. This bond is woven into the fabric of our results. We offer an array of services inclusive of pre and post production.



Pre-Production Storyboard / Scripting / Location Scouting Location / B-roll Footage (NYC-NJ-PA) / Talent Casting General Casting / Shoot Scheduling / Pre-Interviews Interviews / Voice-Overs Production Educational & Arts & Culture / Short-Form Documentaries / Documentary Pilots Public Service Announcements / Educational and Supplementary Materials Audio and Video Guides / Artist & Exhibit Profiles Corporate & Non-Profit Overview / Profiles / Vignettes / Product Launch & Profiles Product Development / Process Demonstration / Commercials Training Videos / Customer Interviews (Formal and M-O-S) / Client Interviews New Media Campaigns Guerilla / Vignettes / Viral / Full Social Media Integration for event & campaign Post Production Rough Edits / Polished Edits / Output for Broadcast, Film, Web Voice Overs / Special Effects / Animation Subtitle / Title Sequence Design

The power of marketing and social media are key elements in maintaining your brand’s strength and relevance in a competitive environment. Utilizing major media platforms, Medina=Citi can develop proven marketing strategies to ensure your brand stands o u t a m o n g s t i t s c o m p e t i t o r s . C r e a t i n g awa r e n e s s , m a n a g i n g your reputation, and interacting with clients are essential to succeed. Transparency and awareness are the cornerstones of a brand’s longevity. Let us work with you to ensure your brand is truly unforgettable.

Planning Co py writing / Co nten t gener a tion / Ad cr ea tion Creativ e Dev elo pment / Br a nd Str a tegy & Pla nning / Ma r ket R e s e arc h I m plemenatio n Search Eng ine Mark e ting / Ema il Ma r keting / Geo Ta r geting Direct Mail Pro g rams / Pr int Ad ver tising Ca m p a igns Experiential Mark eting / Aud io & Visua l Pr od uctions Print & Bro adcas t Placement / Vir a l Ca m p a igns / Wor d of Mo u t h So cial Media / Co pyw r iting Manag ement Blo g Manag ement / Sched uling Messa ge Fr eq uency / Ana lytics Online Media Buying

D e v e l o p m e n t o f a su c c essf u l web identi ty r e q u i r e s a s t r o n g pl a n. At med in ac iti we c re a te a s i t e that is solid from all perspectives. The design, development, information architecture, and optimization of your website is researched and beta tested to assure a quality product. We

work with you to determine your needs and determine your










interactive solution that truly sets you apart.




W eb / Info rmatio n Architectur e / HTML CSS / Jav as cript / Fla sh Mini Site / Actio n Scr ip t / Rich Med ia L anding Pag e / Intera ctive / Ecommer ce Banner Ads / Blo g s / Ana lytics Tr a cking

The creation and maintenance of your brand requires stepping beyond the boundaries of standard web-presence or marketing collateral. Using cutting edge technology, MEDINA=CITI can create communication content that utilizes a mix of interactive, audio-visual, and/or animation elements to enhance your brand, giving the user a richer, more powerful experience. We work with our clients to utilize the perfect combination of technology and design that enhances a brand to become relevant, dynamic, and remarkable.

Multimedia and Rich Media


Multimedia & Ev ent Cover a ge / Lookb ooks / Cor p or a te Id entit y Pres s junk ets / Co mm unity Enga gem ent / La unch Pa r ties Grand Opening s / Re d Ca r p et / Sem ina r s / Confer ences Cus to m DVD and CD


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