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Annual Report 2017

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Medilink East Midlands (EM) Annual Report for 2017. This report contains a summary of our successes over the last year, plus an overview of life science activity in the East Midlands. The report also includes stories from our members and a full list of members and patrons. Our aim is for this report to provide an invaluable source of information for those in the life sciences community.



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Annual Report 2017

MEET THE TEAM Established in 2004, Medilink East Midlands (EM) is a founding member of Medilink UK, a national network supporting over 3,000 companies across the entire UK in the life science industry. Medilink EM provides specialist support to boost the East Midlands economic output through the life sciences by helping to overcome barriers to growth. We work alongside all aspects of the sector including private and public institutions from multinationals to high potential start-ups, as well as the NHS and universities. Our core team of 12 has extensive sector knowledge and significant experience in providing specialist business support, managing publicly funded projects and event management.

This report showcases our work for 2017 and demonstrates what we do and how we are structured.

MEMBERSHIP Medilink EM’s membership provides the opportunity to raise your profile and receive exclusive benefits. In addition, many of the 15 Patrons who work with us provide exclusive benefits to enhance our membership offering, plus host events on hot topics essential to the sector.

FUNDING AND business SUPPORT Medilink EM provides a range of specialist support. This support is primarily delivered through publicly funded initiatives. Currently we have 3 projects running which are all partfunded by the European Regional Development Fund. All the projects we run include information & advice, contacts, business opportunities and funding to enable businesses and individuals to develop and commercialise new technologies, processes, products & services. See pages 10 to 12 for more information.


Annual Report 2017

Management Team

Dr Darren Clark

Melanie Davidson

Costa Philippou Teresa Smith

Innovation & business support Dr Neil Barnes


Paul Edwards

Dr Nathan Walker Becky Sharpe

Merle Harrison


Catherine Hadfield

Julie Buda

Richard Hadfield


Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd is delighted to introduce their exciting new ergonomically designed limb support . . . . . . . . the ErgoRaiser ™ - a sister product to the highly successful ErgoKneeler ™

Annual Report 2017

The ErgoRaiser ™ is a modular limb support designed to address the postural and comfort needs of both patient/client and practitioner. It is portable, easy to use, has superior infection control properties and low maintenance costs.

Lightweight, self-storing and modular in design, the ErgoRaiser ™ may be assembled and configured in a variety of ways to provide a wide range of support options and heights of elevation. This range can enable patients/clients, including many with more complex mobility and treatment/care needs, to have their limb comfortably supported in a raised position. An ideal solution for providing effective limb support for individuals undergoing a limb recovery/rehabilitation programme, such as post-surgery/injury, management of pain/swelling, Return to Work and other therapy programmes.

Weighing only 2kg, the ErgoRaiser carries a maximum safe working load of 80kg in all configurations, making it one of the highest weight baring, non mechanical limb raisers on the market. When used at floor level in conjunction with its sister product the ErgoKneeler ™, the two devices form an effective system for managing the physical difficulties and postural stresses associated with low-working and kneeling posture. For more information contact Spectrum Healthcare UK Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)1793 762928

AWARD-WINNING, ISO 13485-ACCREDITED MEDICAL ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DESIGN & MANUFACTURE • Having an extensive track record in a variety of industries, in particular medical devices, scientific instrumentation, oil & gas and transport • Working closely with leading-edge companies, universities and start-ups to turn state-of-the-art technology and research & development into commercial products • Providing a flexible & comprehensive service offering, including feasibility studies, design, development, prototyping, verification & validation, certification support and full-scale production Tel: 01509 231023 E-mail: Web:


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Annual Report 2017

Meet the board The Board is selected from our membership, to represent the variety of interests across our membership base.

Keith Widdowson Chairman Medilink EM

Dr Faz Chowdhury Chief Executive Officer Nemaura Pharma Ltd

Professor Ian Macdonald Professor of Metabolic Physiology School of Life Sciences The University of Nottingham

Carol Aries

Professor Yvonne Barnett

Steve Clark

Dr Nik Kotecha

Board Member Medilink EM

Managing Director Help2Export Ltd

Dr Dave Mead

Business Development Director Albumedix Ltd

Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Nottingham Trent University

Chief Executive Officer Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Peter Rose

Managing Director Maetrics Ltd


Annual Report 2017


693 LINKEDIN 693







4044 NEWSLETTER 4044











34 1608 47 86%




Membership Breakdown






1-5 Employees



16% 6-19 Employees




20-49 Employees 50-249 Employees 250+ Employees

MedTech Service & Supply Chain



13% Derbyshire










Pharma & Biotech NHS & Universities

16% Leicestershire

11% 8%

South East Midlands (includes Northamptonshire)

Outside East Midlands

Annual Report 2017





If you have a project that could potentially beneямБt from wireless technology, call the team to discuss on +44 (0)115 922 5479 or email |


Annual Report 2017

FUNDING & SUPPORT 2017 has seen further progression of the three support projects run by Medilink East Midlands and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Each project is focused on a different Local Enterprise Partnership area in the East Midlands, allowing us to support a vast number of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups across the region. INSTILS, SoLSTICE and ACTIS which run in D2N2, LLEP and SEMLEP respectively, are a resource of grant funding and innovation support to companies in those areas, many of which have already benefited. The projects allow SMEs with a new concept, product or technology to accelerate their innovation and increase the likelihood of success in getting to market. This is achieved in several ways, including receiving expert advice from our team of innovation advisors, innovation funding up to the value of £20,000, and a Specialist Networking Grant allowing companies to attend specialist conferences or seminars that will be beneficial to their business. Through the ERDF-funded projects, Medilink EM is also proud to host a range of networking and collaboration events, which provide further opportunity for businesses to form partnerships with other businesses, academics and clinicians, share ideas and learn about the latest topics and trends in the sector.

Projects and Areas:




Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire


Northamptonshire, parts of Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire

The total project size is £4,058,927 of which £2,029,464 is of ERDF value

The total project size is £880,047 of which £440,023 is of ERDF value

The total project size is £948,009 of which £474,004 is of ERDF value

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ... The University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, BioCity Group, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, East Midlands Academic Health Science Network and Nottingham City Council.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ... University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ... Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and The Open University.

Support available: Innovation Grants

Conference Specific Grants Advice











ACTIS For further information please visit the website at 10

Free Events

DEVELOP start up programme INSTILS

Annual Report 2017



Companies enrolled on the projects


Case Study: SurePulse Medical SurePulse Medical Ltd, a joint venture between The University of Nottingham and Tioga Ltd, has created a platform technology for monitoring heart rates in newborn babies. The innovative device provides a reliable and hands-free heart rate display, allowing hospital staff to swiftly and effectively provide medical support, without the need for a stethoscope. With 10% of babies requiring some form of resuscitation at birth, the SurePulse VS will provide a ground-breaking addition to the delivery room, anticipated to save millions of lives. In order to be used in clinical environments, the device required rigorous safety testing and evaluations. In August 2017, Medilink EM provided £9,291 grant funding through the INSTILS project, part funded by the ERDF to accelerate the product testing process. Dr James Carpenter, CEO of SurePulse Medical commented; “The advisers at Medilink EM were incredibly supportive and allowed us to take time to consider our needs before deciding on which area of the business could benefit from funding. The grant has allowed us to accelerate the product testing process and greatly reduce any risks associated with the device.”

Grants awarded

£616,825 Value of grants awarded


Annual Report 2017

FUNDING & SUPPORT Case Study: Gordon Ellis

Case Study: Optima-Life

Gordon Ellis is the market leader in products to support the elderly and less able at home. While they offer a wide range of healthcare solutions, they were aware that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t always work for the customer, and looked to create an online interface that would allow customers to create their own products.

Optima-Life combines technology, coaching and motivational tools to work with organisations in supporting their employees’ health and wellbeing. Their mission is to use technology to understand ‘Key Human Performance Indicators’ which explore sleep, exercise, stress and resilience and inspire users to be more energised, focused and productive.

The proposed platform would be an ergonomic interface that would generate an instant drawing of the design as well as a quotation, and link to payment facilities. Gordon Ellis needed to purchase suitable new software for this product as well as the required IT equipment to develop and test the service. In June 2017 Medilink EM awarded £8,838 grant funding through the SoLSTICE project, part funded by the ERDF. Daniel Robinson, Financial Controller at Gordon Ellis, commented; “The project, which wouldn’t have been able to go ahead without the funding from the SoLSTICE programme, has helped us to increase sales and profitability which will in turn help to safeguard existing jobs and create new roles.”


In July 2017, Optima wanted to create an innovative new app which would allow employers to continually monitor a range of health metrics and encourage improved employee health, wellbeing and performance. With a relatively short time period to create a Beta version of the app, Optima required funding to support the rapid design and development of the product. Medilink EM provided £6,900 grant funding through the ACTIS programme, part funded by the ERDF. Simon Shepard, Director, Optima-Life commented; “Thanks to the funding received the project has been accelerated and the app will be the only product of its kind on the market. We anticipate that the success of the product will lead to increased revenue for Optima-life, opportunities for job creation and assist our clients in creating workforces that are engaged with the topic of health, wellbeing and performance on a regular basis.”

We are one of the UK’s leading business consultancies in our field.




Annual Report 2017

Providing innovation support to research and development organisations by accessing Grant Funding, R&D Tax Credits and much more ...






We are TBAT Innovation Everything starts here. Contact us now: 01332 819 740 |

01332 819 740 |


Annual Report 2017

Regional growth Launch of Medilink Midlands: 2018 marks the launch of Medilink Midlands: a new collaborative organisation that draws on the collective expertise of the East and West Midlands Medilinks. Over the last few years, a strong relationship has been established between the two Medilinks and this partnership is seen as a natural progression. The two organisations will continue to provide local support in their respective areas, whilst Medilink Midlands will be a pan-regional alliance that provides a strategic focus on Midlands-wide initiatives affecting the life sciences industry. Medilink Midlands’ sole aim is to help stimulate additional growth of the life sciences sector across the entire Midlands and as such will work closely with the Midlands Engine and other strategic alliances to ensure this prosperous community thrives.

Commenting on the news, Lord Henley, Business Minister, said: “Through our Industrial Strategy and the Life Sciences Sector Deal, we are committed to ensuring the UK is at the forefront of this burgeoning field and we will build on the strengths of our established clusters of excellence. The new alliance formed through Medilink Midlands will play a vital role in delivering this vision in the Midlands, ensuring that the region plays a leading role in the life sciences revolution while bringing together the collective expertise of the NHS, the huge number of life sciences SMEs and universities in the region.”

and Medilink Midlands has already been busy: Medical Technologies Innovation Accelerator (MTIA) MTIA is a proposal for how the Midlands can become a Cluster of Excellence in MedTech, driven by universities, industry and NHS partners coming together. Medilink Midlands would be a core partner of MTIA connecting the partners and associated infrastructure.

Medilink Midlands Internationally Working with The University of Leicester, Medilink Midlands entered into a new three-year European project in Jan 2018 that will support SMEs developing companion diagnostics. Led by BioRegio in Stuttgart, this project brings together a network of eleven partners from seven countries.


Midlands Engine: Driving Life Sciences Business inward investment report Medilink Midlands was commissioned by a consortium of Midlands based Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) working with the Department for International Trade to create a marketing brochure that profiles the Midlands as a destination for life science inward investment. The brochure highlights the strength and depth of life sciences across the Midlands including an economy worth more than £200 billion a year – the brochure documents the current successes and ambitions of the life sciences sector within the Midlands region. The strengths of the Midlands region highlighted include: 7 world-class universities, over 1,100 life science related businesses supporting over 30,565 high skilled jobs, and the Midlands’ leading position as the UK’s centre for Trauma and Defence Medicine and home to the new Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre. The brochure also demonstrates that the Midlands is an ideal location to start and grow a business.

Annual Report 2017

At a national level: Industrial Strategy and the Life Sciences Sector Deal Medilink EM has once again been selected as a regional data partner to contribute to the Office for Life Sciences (OLS) annual refresh of the UK health life sciences database. This forms the foundation for the OLS annual strength and opportunities report. The report highlights the strengths of the East Midlands and the region is ideally placed to build upon the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, presented to government in September. The strategy also provides recommendations on the long-term success of the life sciences sector, which cements the importance of the sector for the Midlands.

Out of the 64,000 medical technology employees in the UK, almost 20% are in the Midlands

Health Tech Alliance (HTA) With the help of HTA, Medilink Midlands is raising the profile of the Midlands’ life sciences sector and ensuring key decision makers are aware of its potential. In return, Medilink Midlands is supporting HTA in its aims to influence policy makers to achieve changes in NHS use of innovative solutions, which will benefit the entire healthcare sector.

Locally: East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) Medilink EM has continued to strengthen links to the EMAHSN, most notably working together to deliver Med Tech Trial Support Grants through the European Regional Development Funded INSTILS programme. 2018 will see further development of collaborative working to provide SMEs across the East Midlands with comprehensive support.

Medical Technology Innovation Facility (MTIF) Medilink EM are partners in MTIF, which will be an integrated, dual site facility focussing on the research, fabrication and evaluation of medical devices based at the Clifton campus of Nottingham Trent University and the Boots Enterprise Zone. MTIF will support businesses in all aspects of concept and product development activities in medical technologies and medical devices.

Enterprise Zone for Leicestershire In February 2017, Charnwood Campus was announced as being part of the latest enterprise zone for the Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership area, along with Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park and Leicester Waterside. The Enterprise Zone is part of a government initiative to support new and growing businesses to bring their innovative ideas and products to the market. It is expected that this new zone will generate over ÂŁ3.5 million in business rates during the first five years, which will be re-invested by the LLEP partnership into projects across the City and County. Charnwood Campus, which has specialisms in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and bio-medical sectors, continues to work in close partnership with Medilink EM, with a focus on supporting local businesses as well as attracting large international corporates looking to expand. 15

Annual Report 2017

Patron Success Stories We are proud to showcase the achievements of our patrons’ successes during 2017. Our patrons are a group of prominent regional organisations who make a valuable contribution to the Life Sciences sector.


3M announced plans to relo cate from Morley Street to Charnwood Campus in Lou ghborough, with phase one of the relocation taking place in early 2018. Late 2018 will then see the relo cation of 3M’s Research & Development Laboratories to a separate building on the Campus. 3M will continu e its manufacturing and distribution operations at the company’s Derby Road site, where over 600 people are based.

its new opened uarters y it C io dq n, B al t its hea xpansio citing e very Building a hed their annu x e n a s In o li c d b is n u lso p lion D ates a £30 mil ham. BioCity a rt, which coll e o g p ps in th e in u r tt tp o in N s star e e start-u r c e s n e w ie c s c n S ie Life Scie ata from Life more compan in 2017 sd at d e is a r analyse port found th s a nce w t n e re life scie UK. The d more investm ed in the UK an ord formed previously rec r e v than e sector.




e est Onlin ured for B s o n o h s a u ternet w e prestigio ing Hallam In B2C at th ph e c m n iu e ri tr e , p s User Ex nce Award names in the l Experie t UK Digita f the UK’s biggest significan eo string of a over som s s w r’ o e ll b ham This fo ding the C gional industry. am, inclu re ll d a n H a r , fo Award wins ss f the Year Women in Busine o r ye lo p e Em ft. th o f s o ro r winne nd Mic Midlands nsored by HSBC a po Awards, s


mso year, Ada nt AdamsonJones secutive n MA: Pate o T c A d P ir e th th

For the osition in 2017. a Tier 4 p al 500 UK ster, with g e L e received th ranking in panded into Leice nds. Attorneys ex idla ones also J e in the M Adamson of their third offic managing to d e g pass ar, with the openin ip of the company r Nic Ferr to h c rs e e ing ir n d w d o The nes stepp per an imon Coo r Steve Jo S D r n a to c m e ir ir d cha executive previous down.

De Montfort University

2017 was a successful year for microbiologist Dr Katie Laird and education expert Dr Sarah Younie, both of De Montfort University. The pai r created a book entitled ‘A Germ’s Journey’ to help educate preschool aged children about germs, particu larly invisible bacteria, and the importance of was hing their hands. In the same field, De Montfort Uni versity academics have been helping to tackle antibio tic resistance and remain at the cutting edge of resear ch into new antimicrobials.


HORIBA Medical’s latest poi nt-of-care testing analyser was installed by Thame & Marlow Community Hubs to streamline existing diagno stic pathways in the commu nity and help reduce local A&E admissions for frail patients. Another significant succes s was that Torbay Hospital Pathology department was the first laboratory in the wor ld to go live with HELO tracked Yumizen analysers, HORIB A Medical’s new automated hae matology system for large laboratories.

ognition 6 in rec s 1 0 2 e iz nuou n Pr the Lea ulture of conti cted d e d r a c sele was aw involved in a m was . harma nior tea h CTO Forum e s Orion P e staff getting e th f is o n 57, r r 9 in e ti 1 F b n mem hed in by the s of its e e d li n ly e b O d r ta t. a s men , aw as e roximate employ the year 2017 which w grants to app nary. , n o ti a f o h te nd as CTO researc tion of its cen rch fou n resea of 1 million in ra io b r le O e e c h l T ta , in ted a to Finland distribu rchers across a e 100 res

P Orion



To re a aboud more patro t our the mns, go to direc embe r tor 26 to y pages 34.

Annual Report 2017

Morningside Pharmaceuticals LTD

Chief Executive Dr Nik Kot echa was awarded an OBE, took up a role as a Boa rd Member for the Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, plus he was appointed by the Department for International Trade as a Midlands Engine Export Champion. The year then continued with successes as they collected the prestigious Asian Business of the Year Award and the Innovation in Generics Award at the Pha rmacy Business Awards in London. The company als o funded a brand new online stock control system for the charity Inter Care. The system will help to track the recycled surplus quality medicines which the charity sends to rural health units in Africa. Morningside have also made a substantia l donation towards a minibus for Age UK Leices tershire & Rutland.

Potter Clarkson

Potter Clarkson announced that a firm record number of their attorneys had been recognised as MIP “IP Stars”– a prestigious directo ry of the world’s leading IP practitioners. Following this success, Potter Clarkson further expanded their Dispute Resolution and Commercial (“DRAC”) team with two significant appointments, making the firm one of the largest of its type in the UK. Potter Clarkson also retained impressive rankings in the Legal 500 directory for 201 7.

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In an covery . Havin au drug dis al of Nuformix peare Martine s field of it e p k a tt, Sha hare c ategy entire s al IPO of Levre e ongoing str are th in f o s ig r e cts ak pe the o rt-up all aspe g business. Sh n o d e td, a sta spital is n L ti s is adv x m e o ho arero ire the to tackle ring of vised C e d to acqu a m e o h ls c tu au a nas truc Martine ith the NHS o n and s paratio w e r g . p in ts e k n r wo me on th al docu rtages, bed sho ite of contractu su the full

THE University of Nottingham

Research advanced leaps and bounds at The University of Nottingham. Scientists dev eloped a new technology that could speed up the tes ting of cancer drugs, while other researchers helped to form the foundation for the latest breakthrough in the global fight against malari a. Additionally, a study uncove red important new clues regarding the link between the pregnancy complicatio n pre-eclampsia and an increa sed risk of heart disease late r in life for both mother and child.

Trent Nottingham her ’ of the hig e ‘Oscars ersity th d e b b University du rd that’s Trent Univ

In an awa ttingham iversity ector, No her Education Un s n o ti a c edu s being s Hig ent follow Sunday ned Time m w ve ro ie c h s c a a w is r in The r 2017. Th of the Yea y it rs of the Yea e iv success 018. The odern Un re named M University Guide 2 l technology, whe ica od d o e G n a m s f e m o u im h T eld ca into the fi ting repli he continued have been 3D prin real bone tissue. T re e rs k e fo li h e l b rc e s a fe n e res rgeo t and spinal su which ac se u e in r a ra tr fo b e y lp d rt e a ve to h e re re aimed d could b models a live operations an to they go in . 8 1 0 2 in

Sciences with Quotient nally busy year had an exceptio es nc ie d. Quotient

Quotient Sc sational rebran s and an organi s of SeaView two acquisition the acquisition h ug ro th A US e (a expanded into th and QS Pharma ida-based CRO) Sciences or nt Fl ie (a ot ch Qu , ar lly se na Re MO). Additio CD d ber se em ba ov aN ni Pennsylva business in w name for the a ne ed e ifi th gn as si y ed launch new identit San Diego. This es. 2017, at AAPS, range of servic ed nd te ex an d an t in global footpr

TBAT Innovation

TBAT Innovation continued to support MedTech and BioTech companies in securin g grant funding to advance their innovations. Over £3.7m was raised for healthcare projects including a wrist-w orn device for sepsis detection, a mattress to reli eve pressure ulcers and an improved neonatal ventilation system. 2018 promises to be another bountiful yea r with the UK Life Sciences strategy pledging £197m of extra support to develop leading edge healthcare.

and of Leeicester sting into d on inve ersity hance s n v s e u c r e ni fo h U rt ster jects to fu y of Leice es and pro n £5m was spent Universit new centr g in d re tha p lo deve ering. Mo d £1m was investe rsity’s off n ree e a iv th , n e h u tr it e n th tion ce United w . va s o c n ti in a w on a ne of Inform Leicester partment ities, University of rt e D e th -of-the-a rs into nds unive set up a £6m state e centre la id M r e h oth e. T id to opy centr essfully b ge n microsc l bring cutting-ed also succ o tr c le e o il ry w c d l n a a n regio icester idlands. sed in Le will be ba hnologies to the M c te h researc


Annual Report 2017

making headlines The East Midlands Life Sciences sector has seen a lot of success and good news stories throughout the year. Here are just a few of the headlines created by Medilink EM’s members.

Strengthening Alliances boration their colla eus deepened

ra rapeutics mpany, He Locate The hopaedic co d on the use rt o ve ti va o n se with the in w deal focu ted, bH. The ne S® (Targe O TA ” rt a Medical Gm e th y, in f g o lo te o “sta ld techn of Locate’s ing) scaffo ll a n ig S . d on Orchestrate rthopaedic applicati of o new areas an exciting cy joined in orrocks Associates n a lt u s n o Pym’s C rkinson H on with Pa ills and collaborati range of sk r e id w ndon. n ve e office in Lo w e to offer an n a n e p ith Keele , and o working w experience n a g e b ’s , Pym ss Bridge In addition eir Busine th f o rt a p F) to help s a by the ERD University d e d n u -f lthcare e (part access hea programm s e ss e in s ccessfully u ire b tes also su ia c o Staffordsh ss A ccelerate ramme. markets. A of this prog rt a p e b to ed tendered ices extend arma Serv h P r e g ip n n li u b na and J und their E of XenoGesis alliance aro e addition ic th g h te g u ra ro st th n n e their o re ti c la S u d sim ies Rapid odelling an m Technolog K P B P andard the gold st . astroPlus™ G , re a softw

Celebrating The team

at Accele

rate Asso


ciates ce lebrated Microncle 10 years an took h in busine ome two Business ss. awards a Awards; th t th e Lincoln ey were h Year’ and shire Med onoured the most as ia prestigiou s award ‘B ‘Large Business o f the usiness o Renfrew f the Year Gro Overall’. Product D up International w as named esign – F u th rniture & Better He e winner Fix alt in the ‘Inte Clinician’s hcare Awards 201 tures’ category at the Build rior 7 , as well Choice A ing as taking ward. away the overall Chris Bark er, CEO o f CEO of M orningsid Spirit Healthcare and Dr N e Pharma ‘Faces of ik ceuticals a Vibrant were nam Kotecha OBE, Economy ed on the ’ list, prod 20 uced by G Spirit Hea rant Thorn 17 lth ton. 2017 as w care was also rec ognised in inner of th the Laing e ‘Health category. care Outc omes in C Buisson Awards linical Se rvices’ Locate Th erapeutic s receive Award for daB a potentia lly breakth iomedical Catalys developm t Primer ent proje rough pe ct. rsonalise d cell the rapy Charnwo od Molec ular were recognise d as a fin alist in th Midlands e East Ch in the ‘Sm amber business a wards all Busin es category and The E s of the Year’ ar Found were fina ati lists in th e ‘Comm on Impact’ c unity ategory.

Advances in healthcare The Government endorsed Charnwood Campus in Loughborough as an Enterprise Zone and UK’s first Life Sciences Opportunity Zone. These designations will help Charnwood Campus to foster an eco-system of local business, leading research institutes and government organisations to promote innovation and business growth.   Platelet Solutions announced the successful achievement of CE marking for its Platelet Function Testing Kits (PSK-001/002/003). Derby Clinical Trials Support Unit, which works with SMEs, large companies and non-commercial researchers, was awarded UKCRC CTU registration status. Spirit Healthcare’s Empower Structure Diabetes Education Programme received DSME standard certification. Designed as a way for providers to demonstrate that they follow best practice, the DSME Quality Standard is awarded to self-management education programmes that meet relevant national criteria.


Nemaura Pharma developed improved NSAID gels to treat sufferers of acute arthritic-related pain. The two new gels can be sold over the counter and will achieve an up to three-times faster drug penetration rate. BPR Medical’s Firesafe™ cannula valve, which can prevent patient deaths and limit injuries in the event of an oxygen fire, was licensed for use among Japan’s 160,000 home oxygen patients. In response to the new Medical Device Regulation which came into force during 2017, BPR Medical produced a White Paper on: ‘The status of home oxygen service providers under EU regulation and the legal requirement to fit oxygen firebreaks.’ Juniper Pharma Services reached a key milestone in its work with CrystecPharma and The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative to create a new platform to accelerate drug development.

Annual Report 2017

New Technologies S & Innovation the ErgoRaiser™ which, with its

tients troduced ort, enables pa lthcare (UK) in angles of supp Spectrum Hea d tion. si an po ns io ed is at e of elev ted in a ra or pp su ly ab versatile rang rt b more comfo ing to have their lim ith diabetics us al program w ic in cl ed a or sc ed et ce e devi ma compl tor device. Th lin Nemaura Phar lin Micro-injec standard Insu su a In to ch d at re sp pa m co n to io their Mem at ng ns nts faili % less pain se oblem of patie on average 80 combat the pr llion per year. to bi s m £1 ai S d H N an costs the tly pen injector, en rr cu ch erly, whi medicate prop Design helped ped, Bluefrog um st e er w ts dramatically and specialis plaint that was m When doctors co that in sk a ring with g technologies ing 3D printin a patient suffe us by e, e. lif om of ality ul outc er a successf affecting his qu Design to deliv g ro ef lu B ed allow

Business Growth XenoGesis reported a third year of export growth, with on e third of its revenue now coming fro m overseas. The increase in internati onal clients is a direct result of the bu siness’ growth strategy to develop ove rseas markets. Leading Innovation com pany Cresco Innovation, who specia lise in securing international grants an d funding for technology-based clie nts, opened their first Irish office at NUI Galway. Micronclean expanded into India, with plans to leverage their existing knowledge and experien ce in both the cleanroom supplies an d laundered garments arena and off er improved products and services to the Indian market.

topia, which care range, U in sk w her ne a ed nefits from ot lthcare launch d skincare be an s ue nt iq ie Snowden Hea un ed a gr atures t effective in Utopia also fe brings the mos unique range. e edients. on gr to in in e tiv ds ac leading bran ally proven, ic in cl t gh ei ex of Derma Compl lting Oberoi Consu d an developed an implemented w ne e tiv va no in for the billing system ery rg Su fe Westclif t es W in up Gro ch is Yorkshire, whi s of staff ur ho saving 60 th. time per mon te the te and popula Health to crea c te® te et En ou ith lh w Si y d closel t of the use of ou ll ro to CHEATA worke el ic impact mod in the NHS. health econom etic foot ulcers ab di ss se as 3D cameras to bilities acturing capa ned its manuf de ul oa sf br es cc es ic su a Serv wing the Juniper Pharm r on-line follo uipment ye eq dr y ng ri ra tu sp ac w ne manuf by bringing its the advanced d validation of an n tio la al st in ed site. at its UK-bas ® therapies NuVision Bio ndou gr launched a t lens called ac nt co breaking ® hich allows OmniLenz , w ication of pl the simple ap ® regeneration Omnigen r ique therapy fo (NuVision’s un ic in re) in the cl y or sutures. eye wound ca mplex surger co r fo ed ne e without th

iTs-Designs (Alert-iT) is on the way to becoming one of the country’s leading manufacturers of epilepsy assistive technology, ha ving secured contracts with two of the UK’s largest independent epilepsy car e providers. The company has also enjoyed overseas success with a major No rwegian deal, plus imminent contracts from three more European countr ies.

Appointments at the top Nemaura Pharma a ppointed D as Directo r Werner r of Strate Wessling gic Allianc commerc es to expa ial partne nd rships and drug form collaborati ulation an ons in d medical globally. device tec hnologies Professor Mike Han nay took u of Chair o p the posit f the natio ion nal AHSN collaborati Network; on of Eng a land’s 15 Science N Academic etworks (A Health HSNs). Platelet S olutions a ppointed D take the h r Tony Flin elm of the n to business Officer. as Chief E xecutive


Annual Report 2017

EVENTS FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Medilink EM provide a full range of events from national conferences to bespoke workshops specifically tailored to the Life Science sector.

Platform Events:

One of the largest events that we support is the Med-Tech Innovation Expo, which takes place every April in Coventry. Medilink EM leads on the Medilink UK offering which includes a 2-day conference attracting over 300 delegates, an exhibition stand share for organisations wanting a highly cost-effective presence at the show, and the Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards and Gala Dinner, where all the regional winners from the Medilink UK network compete for the national accolades. In June, we were delighted to provide event management for another national event launching the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre which attracted over 400 delegates. The theme for the day was “Pushing the frontiers of Medical Science” and the event explored the history of the region’s research and innovation, as well as plans for research programmes such as respiratory disease to provide patients with the very latest treatments and the highest standards of care. Medilink EM’s own showcase event also took place in June and attracted over 240 delegates. Innovation Day combines a conference, exhibition and regional awards dinner. The 2017 speakers included: Sir John Peace, Chair of the Midlands Engine, John Jeans, Med-Tech Champion, Office for Life Sciences (OLS), Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP for Loughborough and Lieutenant Colonel Chris Gibson, Senior Staff Officer, Defence Medical Directorate. In addition, our networking events offer valuable opportunities to make new contacts as well as catching up with existing ones. We hold 3 core membership events each year: our Annual General Meeting, a Summer BBQ and Meet in the Midlands where members of Medilink EM come together with those from Medilink WM to strengthen the thriving Midlands wide network. “Thank you for organising another excellent event, they get better every year. There were plenty of visitors to our exhibition space and I was very impressed by range and quality of the speakers.” Suzanne Coates, University of Leicester


Sir John Peace


Medilink Professional Development (MPD) courses are designed to provide essential training for companies in the sector. The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and these comprehensive courses ensure companies gain the knowledge needed to stay ahead of all the important issues affecting their business.

Project events:

Through our projects, which are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, we provide a programme of events that support the creation, acquisition and diffusion of knowledge amongst local Life Science SMEs and entrepreneurs. These events aim to create an environment for innovation, enable the exchange of ideas, and stimulate engagement of SMEs, leading to the formation of novel collaborations between academia, clinicians and SME businesses.

Annual Report 2017

Making new medicines? QP Services (IMP)

Audit Services

Strategic Quality Direction

JW Quality Consulting Ltd

Providing Quality Solutions +44 (0)1858 469636

The Centre for Healthcare Equipment and Technology Adoption is a unique contract-based service within the NHS We help medical device developers, manufacturers and suppliers progress their technology and gather the evidence needed for NHS adoption CHEATA will: • Work with you to advance your ideas and help you bring them into healthcare • Create bespoke project teams to work with you on regulatory compliance, clinical investigations, health economics, value propositions and NICE engagement • Facilitate, overcome and simplify the process of NHS adoption

For more information or to discuss your needs contact us: Phone 0115 970 9107 or 07595 284814 - e-mail - Clinical Engineering - A Floor Medical School - NUH NHS Trust - Queen’s Medical Centre - Nottingham - NG7 2UH

C H E ATA is a service hosted by NUH NHS Trust and is supported by EMAHSN


Annual Report 2017

BUSINESS AWARDS On Thursday 15th June 2017, the East Midlands Life Science community gathered at the annual Medilink EM awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of companies from across the region. The awards were held as part of the region’s premier Life Science event: Innovation Day.

And the winners were:

Export Achievement Ayva Pharma, Derbyshire

Ayva Pharma is a leading international pharmaceutical company which supplies medicines to hospitals, organisations and governments across the globe. Specialising in supplying to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Ayva Pharma has been exhibiting at Arab Health since 2013 as part of their commitment to this region. “I am honoured to have received such an important award. I am grateful for this recognition, because we are sure that every other nominee for this award was as capable if not more, of winning. We have faced several challenges, making us the company we are today. Since winning this award we have been recognised by more potential customers.” Sally Gibbons, Commercial Director, Ayva Pharma

Start-Up Award

NuVision® Biotherapies, Nottinghamshire

NuVision® Biotherapies is a spin out company of The University of Nottingham. Established in 2015 to commercialise high quality and affordable biotherapies for treating ‘front of the eye’ disease, trauma and broader wound care. Its regenerative therapy Omnigen® has already been supplied to over 100 clinical and veterinary centres worldwide as it is easily shipped and is simple to use. “Expanding our business, NuVision has now successfully taken Omnigen-regeneration into the clinic through the development of OmniLenz, an innovative bespoke contact lens. Furthermore, through Medilink EM/AHSNfunding, a pilot clinical study will evaluate Omnigen for the treatment of non-healing diabetic foot ulcers.” Dr Andrew Hopkinson, CEO, NuVision® Biotherapies


Collaboration with the NHS Award OCB Media, Leicestershire

OCB Media focuses on the development of digital healthcare learning interventions and online tools to improve healthcare education and patient outcomes. OCB Media’s SCRIPT programme, developed in partnership with NHS Health Education England and the University of Birmingham, provides a complete prescribing training resource and is currently used by 15,000 foundation trainees in England. SCRIPT is now recognised as a gold standard for training within the NHS, and has significantly reduced NHS training costs. “The assistance provided by Medilink East Midlands has allowed OCB Media to successfully develop and scale new IP, the direct result being a doubling of student numbers with over half a million e-learning courses delivered in the last year alone.” Nicholas Blackwell, Director, OCB

Annual Report 2017

Outstanding Achievement Award Promethean Particles, Nottinghamshire

Promethean Particles design, develop and manufacture inorganic nanoparticle dispersions to meet the needs of their customer’s specifications. In 2016, they opened the world’s largest continuous multi-nanomaterial manufacturing plant. This was very successful and the company now possess full scale manufacturing capabilities, and commercialise their solutions worldwide.

Innovation Award

Nemaura Pharma, Leicestershire Nemaura Pharma is a biotechnology company specialising in innovative drug delivery systems. Its patented Micro-Patch™ skin delivery system provides a highly consistent and effective method for delivering drugs such as vaccines using a low-cost disposable device. Frost & Sullivan, the global growth strategy analysts, recently identified Nemaura’s drug delivery technologies as having the potential to revolutionise the way drugs are delivered in the healthcare system.  

“2017 was a fantastic year for Promethean Particles – we have continued to develop our range of high-spec nanomaterials which are now being implemented in a range of industries from healthcare to automotive. Receiving this award from Medilink EM has helped to improve our profile and has provided a number of interesting new commercial avenues.” Laurie Geldenhuys, CEO, Promethean Particles

“Our goal is to improve the life experience of anyone who needs to regularly self-medicate. Several new projects in the pipeline have enabled us to grow our team of device technologists, chemists and scientists, with further expansion of personnel and facilities planned in 2018.” Dr Faz Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer, Nemaura Pharma


Annual Report 2017



Medilink EM strives to help members raise their profile and bring likeminded organisations together to share their passion for Life Sciences. Here are a handful of member companies who have found value in the support Medilink EM provides, and who continue to benefit from the many opportunities available. Upperton Ltd Upperton is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing company specialising in spray drying. In April 2017 Upperton were selected as finalists for two Medilink EM Business Awards: Export Achievement and Outstanding Achievement, and subsequently became members of Medilink EM in order to fully exploit the benefits and opportunities on offer. Additionally, Medilink EM has helped Upperton with funding, through the ERDF part-funded INSTILS project, which has enabled the company to go from strength to strength, including relocating to larger premises.

Access-Science Jobs Access-Science Jobs have been a member of Medilink EM right from when they were established in 2005 and have secured many new contacts and clients over the years as a result of their membership. As an online job portal specifically for the UK Life Sciences Industry, signposting and profile-raising opportunities are of particular importance to the company and they regularly take advantage of the opportunity to feature in the Medilink EM newsletter. Access-Science Jobs also offers a free recruitment advice service to all Medilink EM members. In addition, they have benefitted from attending several Medilink EM events; not only networking events but also workshops on important current topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation. Having been a member for so many years, Access-Science jobs are still finding value in the countless opportunities Medilink EM membership provides, and the approachable and highly supportive nature of the team.


Near Field Solutions Ltd Near Field Solutions (NFS) design and develop wireless connectivity such as Near Field Communications and Bluetooth Smart into products for their customers. When looking to expand into life sciences in 2016, NFS took out membership to raise their profile and increase their involvement in the sector. In particular, NFS have benefitted from attending specialised networking events and workshops, allowing them not only to collaborate with other members and reach new potential customers, but also stay up-to-date on advances in the life sciences market. As opportunities for new projects and collaborations continue to arise, Medilink EM membership remains a valuable support network for NFS.

Annual Report 2017

Conformance Ltd Conformance were established in 1997 and have been a member of Medilink EM for over 8 years. They support medical device designers and manufacturers by providing CE Marking, risk assessment and product safety assessment, and have found particular value in the training courses and seminars Medilink EM offer. Conformance, like all Medilink EM members, are part of a network of like-minded organisations from across the region, and have found the networking and collaboration opportunities provided by Medilink EM to be invaluable. As Conformance continues to progress and develop, they will endeavour to exploit these opportunities and continue creating links with other Medilink EM members.

Personal Care Packs Ltd Personal Care Packs (PCP) is an award-winning not-for-profit company which provides customised care packs to patients in hospital. Having won the Medilink EM Collaboration with the NHS Business Award in 2016, PCP have kept a close relationship with Medilink EM and received support in several different ways. One of the biggest challenges for any healthcare company is selling products to the NHS. The backing from Medilink EM has helped PCP to increase their exposure through clinical trials across several NHS trusts, which revealed that 98% of nursing staff wanted to continue using the packs on their wards. As PCP hope to diversify their product range and expand their customer base going forward, they will continue to consider Medilink EM to be an integral part of their journey.

V Formation Ltd V Formation is a marketing consultancy based in Nottingham and supports businesses in the life sciences and high-tech sectors. For V Formation, a key benefit of being a Medilink EM member is the opportunity to be part of a life sciences community and network, and to regularly catch up with other members and colleagues. Medilink EM are always on the lookout for opportunities for their members and have on numerous occasions facilitated introductions for V Formation, who have been able to pitch for business opportunities that they may not have otherwise been aware of. One of the biggest challenges facing V Formation is business growth, and Medilink EM continues to help combat this.


Annual Report 2017

MEMBER Directory 3di Consulting Ltd 3di Consulting are an established product design consultancy providing creative and technical solutions to industry. They have vast experience in a wide range of markets. tel: 01604 654 114 web:

3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With $30 billion in sales, their 91,500 employees connect with customers all around the world. The UK and Ireland is home to one of the largest 3M subsidiaries outside the USA, employing 2,900 people across 21 locations, including 10 manufacturing sites. Products manufactured in the UK include coated abrasives, personal safety equipment, adhesive tapes, industrial microbiology products, drug delivery systems and highperformance coatings. Tel: 01509 611 611 web:

Accelerate Associates Accelerate Associates is a marketing and market research consultancy for companies operating in the healthcare and science sectors. tel: 01785 747 102 web: Access-ScienceJobs Access-Science is a specialist online job and recruitment portal helping to bring great scientists and employers together. tel: 0115 824 6808 web:


AdamsonJones offers intellectual property (IP) services encompassing patent, design and trademark protection and advice in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. Tel: 0115 947 7977 web:

Advanced Expert Systems Ltd Advanced Expert Systems Ltd, trading as AES Group is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence and IT systems and solutions to public sectors and commercial markets around the world. tel: 01332 383 521 web: Agora Marketing Communications Ltd Agora is one of the East Midlands leading outsourced marketing companies and includes the unique Marketing Doctor service through Medilink East Midlands. tel: 0116 230 4967 web: Albumedix Ltd Albumedix improves patient outcome with a range of albumin-based products and technologies that facilitate the development of superior biotherapeutics. tel: 0115 955 1298 web: Archimedia Accountancy Services Archimedia Accountancy Services specialise in providing day-to-day book keeping, accountancy and payroll services for life sciences companies. tel: 0115 912 4530 web: Ariane Medical Systems Ltd Ariane Medical Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2005 to optimise the use of low energy X-rays for the treatment of accessible tumours. Working closely with clinical partners, the Papillon50 X-ray Brachytherapy system was developed to treat lower rectal tumours. tel: 01332 242 258 web:

Aseptika Ltd (Activ8rlives) Manufacture of connected medical devices and IVDs under the brand Activ8rlives, with a focus in: Respiratory, Cardiac and Cancer. tel: 01480 352 832 web: Astrimmune Ltd Astrimmune develops tools that physically capture and digitally record images of rare cells to diagnose disease conditions and provide noninvasive monitoring of known cancer patients. tel: 07989 386 326 web: Attenborough Dental Laboratories Ltd Attenborough Dental is a product stockholder, distributor and manufacturer of custom made medical devices, dental laboratory products and dental laboratory equipment. tel: 0115 947 3562 web: Avgo Biotech Ltd Avgo Biotech is a market driven company finding products and solutions from food industry byproducts. tel: 07539 310 985 Ayva Pharma Ltd Ayva Pharma specialise in supplying hospitals and non-profit organisations with pharmaceutical medicines across the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean. tel: 01283 732 181 web: Baltex - W.Ball & Son Ltd Baltex are manufacturers of medical textiles and compression and elastic bandages; they also manufacture 3D knitted fabrics for pressure relieving devices. tel: 0115 932 2403 web: Bendigo Systems Ltd Bendigo uses ground-breaking assistive technology to deliver simple, practical and personalised solutions to people living with dementia, physical illness or disability. tel: 0115 898 9089 web:

Annual Report 2017

BioCity provides a home to the curious, to the radicals and the pioneers going toe-to-toe with the healthcare challenges that affect us all, globally. BioCity is an ambitious business incubator supporting the growth of ambitious life-science businesses. Founded in 2002, when the concept of a business incubator offering 360° support within a selfcontained campus was unheard of, a small team of dedicated people fought hard to turn that great idea into reality. tel: 0115 912 4210 web:

BioStatus Ltd BioStatus develops innovative reagents for use in routine and research-oriented cell based analysis. The company has spun out three pharmaceutical subsidiaries; OncoTherics, BioSuspensions and BioTherics. tel: 01509 558 163 web: Biostone Co. Ltd Biostone are a medical device manufacturer who specialise in injectable synthetic bone graft, orthopaedic implant and external orthopaedic fixation device. tel: 07906 001 281 web: Biovation UK Ltd Medical Device Development & Sales Distributor for Cartiva SCI (Synthetic Cartilage Implant), manufactured in USA. tel: 0114 399 2990 web: Bluefrog Design Ltd Bluefrog Design is a multidisciplinary product design and innovation consultancy converting concepts and ideas into successful products for the Bio-Science and healthcare markets. tel: 0116 253 0612 web:

BPR Medical Ltd BPR Medical is an international leader in the design and manufacture of medical gas therapy solutions. tel: 01623 628 281 web: Camcon Medical Ltd Camcon Lifesciences exists to bring innovations to the life sciences, instrumentation and medical industries. tel: 01223 506 0580 web: Capatex Ltd Capatex is a manufacturer and convertor of technical textiles and related products for the healthcare market. Capatex Medical offers a range of single use medical devices & washable continence care products. tel: 0115 978 6111 web: Capital Innovation Ltd Capital Innovation’s technical and financial expertise allows them to specialise in accessing funding, including grant funding for business development growth and innovation. Research and development tax credits. tel: 07837 505 089 web: Centre for Healthcare Technologies (CHT) The Centre was launched as a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. The Centre aims to create a pathway from curiosity driven science through to clinical application in order to rapidly translate scientific discoveries into healthcare. tel: 0115 748 6381 web:

Charnwood Campus Management Ltd Charnwood Campus is a science and business park, Enterprise Zone and Life Sciences Opportunity Zone. It offers world-class laboratories, manufacturing facilities and office space with a range of amenities in a collaborative, thriving environment. tel: 0116 402 7541 web: Charnwood Molecular Ltd Contract research: Medicinal chemistry, process research and chemical development, custom synthesis. tel: 01509 232 007 web: CHEATA – Centre for Healthcare Equipment and Technology Adoption NHS Clinical Engineering department offering contract-based support to the MedTech Industry to gather evidence for NHS adoption including regulatory support, value propositions, health economics, clinical investigations and NICE engagement. tel: 0115 970 9107 web: Co-formulate Ltd Co-formulate provides a comprehensive range of formulation and early analytical development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. tel: 0115 706 0418 web: CompanDX Ltd CompanDX is a service and products company that applies advanced bioinformatics to biomarker discovery and molecular diagnostics for development of better diagnostics and improved drug design. web: Conformance Ltd Conformance is the leading UK Resource for all CE marking requirements. Their website offers self-assessment packages and extensive information. Their experts can assist you with all your CE Marking needs. tel: 01298 873 800 web:


Annual Report 2017 Consult2deliver Ltd Consult2deliver provide creative clinical and regulatory solutions for life sciences. Services include: regulatory & clinical strategy, pharmacokinetics (interpretation, training); expert witness, due diligence and project management. tel: 07914 010 009 web: Cranfield University Cranfield University offers a series of 3-day training courses for Medical Technology and Regulatory Affairs professionals covering topics including: Clinical Evaluation, Strategic Management, PMS and Vigilance. tel: 01234 754 189 web: Cresco Innovation Ltd Cresco Innovation helps companies to commercialise their innovative ideas by securing European and UK grant funding, IP support and project management. tel: 01509 228 495 web: Datalink Electronics Ltd Datalink Electronics are an ISO13485 accredited contract electronic product design and manufacturing company. They have an extensive track record in medical devices and scientific instrumentation, offering feasibility study, design, development, prototyping, certification support and full-scale production. tel: 01509 231 023 web:

De Montfort University (DMU) is a dynamic institution with a long and vibrant history of improving people’s lives through research and education. Named as one of the 150 best young universities in the world by the Times Higher Education, the majority of DMU’s research activity is worldleading or internationally excellent. Tel: 0116 255 1551 web:


Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides both acute and community based health services, treating over 1 million patients per year. The Trust hosts a UK CRC registered clinical trials support unit. tel: 01332 724 710 web: research Didsbury Meddev Ltd Didsbury Meddev provides international regulatory affairs and compliance, product registrations, quality assurance consulting services, auditing and project management for the medical device sector. tel: 07470 241 798 web: DidsburyMeddev Dr Regenold GmbH Dr Regenold GmbH specialises in the regulatory approval of medicines and medical devices, helping clients manage their development plans and processes to gain approval, using big data and machine learning where possible. tel: +49 7632 8226 300 web: East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) East Midlands Academic Health Science Network - Igniting Innovation. Bringing together the NHS, universities, industry, social care and third sector to transform the health of our East Midlands residents and stimulate economic growth. tel: 0115 823 1432 web: Edwards Chartered Accountants Edwards Chartered accountants assists its clients with R&D tax credit and patent box claims as well as all the normal services you would expect from professional accountants and auditors. tel: 0115 784 0025 web:

Entec Health Ltd Entec Health is a specialist digital technology business for healthcare innovation. The company’s portfolio includes the Silhouette digital wound assessment and information management system (ARANZ Medical) and the Wound Care Buddy Formulary App Platform. tel: 07917 007 859 web: Enterprise Europe Network (Midlands Region) The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in the Midlands is a fully funded service designed to help ambitious, innovative, growth-ready businesses expand their horizons, grow, scale their business and succeed overseas. tel: 024 7623 6236 web: EPSRC Centre For Doctoral Training in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing The EPSRC Centre aims to develop future leaders in the field of additive manufacturing and 3D printing through provision of a 4-year PhD programme. tel: 0115 748 4033 web: additivemanufacturing Finetech Medical Ltd Finetech Medical is a specialist manufacturer of active implantable medical devices and components involved in the medical industry for over 30 years. tel: 01707 330 942 web: Franklands Insurance & Risk Management Franklands (part of PIB Group) provides Insurance & Risk Management Solutions for the Life Sciences sector including Contract Research and Product Development Organisations. tel: 01332 545 720 web: Fresh Pharma Ltd Fresh Pharma specialise in providing flexible, agile and compliant logistics solutions for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical, medical and biological transportation. tel: 0800 612 6512 web:

Annual Report 2017 Geldards LLP Geldards is a commercial law firm with over 300 people operating out of the East Midlands and Wales. The firm’s healthcare and life sciences team provides clear and simple legal advice to a sector which is going through a period of rapid change. tel: 0115 983 3650 web: Gill Bowness and Associates Ltd Gill Bowness & Associates Ltd provides legal services specifically to pharma and healthcare. tel: 01509 674 355 Giltbrook Workwear Giltbrook Workwear are workwear suppliers to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors, they also provide laundry services.  tel: 0115 944 8464 web: GP Laboratories Ltd GP Laboratories is a healthcare distribution and solutions provider with over 85 years’ experience within the healthcare sales and marketing fields. tel: 01933 698 255 web:

Hallam is a full-service digital marketing agency with a wealth of experience of delivering specialist digital campaigns for businesses in the life sciences sector. Their team of 50 digital experts will work with you to increase your online visibility, generate leads and sales and grow your business online. Tel: 0115 948 0123 web:

Health & Recovery Ltd An evidence-based dietary approach for poor general health with chronic dysfunction of the psychoneuromuscular and immune systems, featuring fortified health foods, supplements and a guide book. tel: 01332 383 096 web:

Health Enterprise East Ltd Health Enterprise East delivers technology advisory services and innovation management to industry and the NHS, helping address the challenges faced along the product development pathway. tel: 01223 928 040 web: Healthcare Print and Packaging Ltd Healthcare Packaging is the UK’s leading supplier of a full range of packaging for Clinical Trials, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals and they now include a contract packing service. tel: 0115 786 0228 web: Help2Export Ltd Help2Export Ltd advises companies based in the East Midlands, who have little or no export experience, by signposting, networking and mentoring as required. tel: 01604 586 502 web:

The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Tel: 01604 542 650 web:

i:Med (Europe) Ltd Development and commercialisation of a range of cardiac stents and Balloon catheters in the med-tech sector. tel: 01327 236 745 Ian Baker Consultancy Ltd Ian Baker Consultancy provides both business development (sales) and sourcing experience (Asia) to healthcare businesses as a consultant. tel: 07783 339 773 web:

IDC IDC is a world-leading product design and development consultancy specialising in Healthcare Devices. tel: 01753 590 932 web: Integra Communications Ltd Integra Communications are media relations consultants specialising in communications in the B2B and enterprise sectors and within the business advisory community. tel: 0115 784 0081 web: www.integracommunications. InterCity RailFreight Ltd Cleaner air/sustainable delivery of time-sensitive commodities using rail and zero tailpipe vehicles. tel: 0845 125 9659 web: IPBC IPBC is a life sciences business consultancy helping in the areas of business consultancy, management development and non-executive director support. tel: 01509 266 341 web: www.internationalpharmaceutical. iTs Design Ltd (Alert IT) IT’s Design design, manufacture and supply care alarms for domestic, care homes and educational use. Their products are designed for people with epilepsy, dementia, incontinence, falling and general infirmity. tel: 0845 217 9951 web: Jubilee Electronics Ltd Jubilee Electronics are specialists in the Design, Manufacture and Commissioning of Electronic Systems. They design and manufacture innovative products for a wide range of applications and industries. tel: 01909 591 612 web:


Annual Report 2017 JW Quality Consulting Ltd JWQC work with clinical trial sponsors and pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing a range of high quality consultancy services, including Qualified Person services, GMP audits and training and remediation. tel: 01858 469 636 web: Locate Therapeutics Ltd Locate Therapeutics is a specialist regenerative medicine, drug delivery and devices company which has developed TAOS™; a patented platform polymer technology with multiple medical applications. tel: 0115 784 0041 web: Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd (LUEL) has a proven track record in applying world-class expertise in partnership with businesses, public and voluntary organisations to boost productivity and growth. tel: 01509 222 272 web: Maddison Ltd Maddison are a 30 year old, usercentred industrial and mechanical product design consultancy, specialising in medical devices and IVD equipment for universities, startups and SMEs. tel: 01798 865 711 web: Maetrics Ltd Maetrics provides regulatory compliance and quality assurance consulting services, training, auditing and project management services for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries. tel: 0115 921 6200 web: Marlin Therapeutics Ltd Marlin Therapeutics Ltd is a pharmaceutical research and development company dedicated to drug repurposing for the treatment of cancer.


MediCity Nottingham Ltd MediCity, (a collaboration between Boots, a member of Walgreens Boots Alliance, and BioCity) is an innovation hub providing stimulating lab, office and significant events environment for innovators across health, beauty and wellbeing. tel: 0115 784 0000 web: Medi-Direct Medi-Direct International is dedicated to bringing unique, scientifically proven new therapies to market. It is also an online pharmacy providing a range of pharmaceutical services. tel: 0115 977 8370 web: Micronclean Ltd Micronclean are the only cleanroom UK laundry company supplying a total contamination control garment and consumables service for the full spectrum of GMP cleanroom users activities, from ISO 4 to ISO 9. tel: 01754 767 377 web: Midas Pattern Company Ltd Midas is an award winning, specialist RIM moulding company dedicated to offering a high level of Quality, Service and Design for Manufacture Support. tel: 01234 358 394 web: MiTAC Europe Ltd MiTAC Europe designed the first Android Tablets specifically for healthcare. With an enlarged range MiTAC are one of the largest manufacturers of Healthcare handhelds. tel: 01293 566 291 web:

Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd are an established manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Branded Generic Medicines with products supplied to UK pharmacies and NHS hospitals twice daily. With service spanning over 25 years, they have become a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry and are one of the leading innovators of new products with a strong emphasis on patients’ needs. Tel: 01509 217 705 web:

Morris Healthcare Consulting Ltd Business Consultancy Services specialising in UK Healthcare Market (NHS) Access Regulatory (CE Marking) support. tel: 01434 605 545 web: www.morrishealthcareconsulting. MS3 Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare. tel: 0115 888 2952 web: Near Field Solutions Ltd Electronics design, software development, mobile and web applications development. Specialising in solutions utilising wireless communications (NFC and Bluetooth Smart) and the Internet of Things. tel: 0115 922 5479 web: Nemaura Pharma Ltd Nemaura has developed a range of platform technologies for topical, transdermal and micro-needle drug delivery. tel: 01509 222 910 web: Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust The Trust is actively engaged in Research and Innovation with a dedicated team and clinical research facility providing Innovation and Research support across all of the trust’s services. tel: 01604 685 563 web:

Annual Report 2017 Nottingham City Growth Hub Nottingham City Growth Hub contains all the latest information on the support available to help you if you’re starting or growing a business. tel: 0115 876 4946 web: Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre Ltd The Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre aims to provide reliable, high quality legal advice and information to the local community and individuals in need. tel: 0115 941 8418 web: centre Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is positive about providing integrated healthcare services, including mental health, learning disability & physical health services. tel: 0115 955 5370 web: www.nottinghamshirehealthcare.

One of the UK’s leading commercially focused universities, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has over 29,000 students from across 137 countries. NTU enjoys a thriving research community, that encompasses both staff and students, with a strategic focus on research themes key to the economy and society. These include: Health and Wellbeing, Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials; the sustained excellence and impactful innovation across these research areas led to NTU being awarded a Queens Anniversary Prize in 2015 - the highest national honour for a UK university. Tel: 0115 941 8418 web:

NUH NHS Trust - Research & Innovation NUH NHS Trust Research & Innovation are at the core of a vibrant research and innovation culture in one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country. tel: 0115 924 9924 web: NuVision® Biotherapies Ltd NuVision® Biotherapies is a regenerative medicine start-up company. NuVision develops and commercialises innovative high quality and affordable biotherapies for treatment of front of the eye disease and broader wound care. tel: 0115 748 0120 web: Oberoi Consulting Ltd IT Clinical Audit Services to NHS and Pharma Recruitment & Outsourcing Pharma Primary Care Clinical Systems Training. tel: 01332 224 251 web: OCB Media Ltd OCB Media design, produce and deliver healthcare e-learning. Specialist skills include instructional design, digital asset development, Learning Management Systems and Content Authoring systems. tel: 0116 285 5993 web: OCB Publishing Ltd OCB Publishing specialises in the development of learning technologies, mobile application development and digital learning content publishing. tel: 0116 285 5993 web: Olberon Ltd Olberon have combined technical innovation and scientific discoveries to develop products to make doctors and healthcare professionals tasks easier and ultimately reduce discomfort for the patient. Olberon’s products are in the field of vascular access and diagnostic devices.  tel: 0115 920 9552 web:

Orion is a globally operating Finnish developer of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests. Orion’s R&D core therapy areas are CNS disorders, oncology and respiratory for which Orion develops inhaled Easyhaler® pulmonary drugs. Tel: 0115 948 7120 web:

Orthogem Ltd Orthobiologics company, manufacturing and selling synthetic bone grafts. tel: 0115 950 5721 web: PageGroup PageGroup are a specialised recruiter of Life Science professionals across a number of disciplines within the UK including Procurement, Supply Chain, Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics. tel: 0115 934 9613 web: health-and-social-care-life-sciencesand-pharmaceutical.aspx Pal International Ltd Pal International are a UK manufacturer of Medipal Healthcare wipes products, from high level surface disinfection to patient cleansing mitts and Infection control systems. tel: 01455 555 700 web: Paracelsis Ltd Preclinical/nonclinical contract research company offering a comprehensive range of laboratorybased and consultancy services with focus on in vivo development and toxicology. tel: 0115 888 2842 web:


Annual Report 2017 Patricell Ltd Patricell is a direct provider of biotech supplies to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and universities. tel: 0115 871 8390 web: Pennine Healthcare Ltd Pennine Healthcare is amongst the largest of the United Kingdom’s privately owned manufacturers of single use, sterile medical devices, specialising in the area of surgical suction and customised procedure packs. tel: 01332 794 880 web: Personal Care Packs Ltd Personal Care Packs supply packs of essential care items to the NHS. tel: 0116 251 3941 web: Platelet Solutions Ltd Platelet Solutions Ltd provides a range of unique products and exceptional quality services for platelet function testing for academic research, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. tel: 0333 355 4091 web:

Potter Clarkson LLP is an awardwinning, full service intellectual property firm of patent and trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors. Recognising the need to understand their clients’ technologies and business objectives in order to devise effective patent strategies, they offer unrivalled expertise in protecting and commercialising innovation. With a team of over 35 in the biotechnology and chemistry group, they are particularly well-regarded for their successful prosecution, opposition and appeal work. Tel: 0115 955 2211 web:


Prevention of Infection New Technologies Expertise & Research Society POINTERS has developed and patented several products that together make a completely touch free and surface to surface infection free bathroom zone. tel: 0115 568 0100 web: Promethean Particles Ltd Promethean Particles design, develop and manufacture inorganic nanoparticle dispersions to their customers’ specifications. They also offer design and build of bespoke reactor systems. tel: 0115 967 8119 web: Protex Hygiene Ltd The only supplier of an innovative decontamination system, uses silver hydrogen peroxide chemical and a revolutionary air toxicity removal system. Dramatically reducing environmental turnaround times.  tel: 07779 305 628 web:

Quadralene Ltd Quadralene is an independently owned company manufacturing a wide range of high quality, specialised cleaning detergents and disinfectants for the healthcare and dentistry sectors. tel: 01332 292 500 web: Questmark Ltd Questmark develop, deliver and maintain innovative Video Conferencing Solutions that enhance how healthcare is delivered, through the use of teleconsultation. tel: 0115 983 7796 web:

Quotient Sciences is dedicated to accelerating the development of new drugs for patients around the world. They provide formulation development, clinical pharmacology trials, and clinical and commercial manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These services are provided either individually or as an integrated service offering via their Translational Pharmaceutics® platform which is proven to shorten timelines and reduce drug development costs.

Pure Drug Safety Ltd As a foremost provider of Outsourced Pharmacovigilance Services in the UK and Europe, PDS provides flexible, innovative solutions through Tel: 0115 974 9000 a partnership approach, to help web: “Pharma make sense of Drug Safety”. tel: 01476 512 395 web: R A Labone & Co Ltd R A Labone & Co Ltd manufactures Pym’s Consultancy Ltd injection mouldings, precision metal Health and Social Care Consultancy pressings and associated assemblies. specialising in: market access; tel: 0115 944 8800 UK and international sales and web: marketing; business development, including bid management/grant applications; Training/Mentoring/ Coaching. tel: 0800 564 2286 web:

Q Biotechnologies Ltd Specialists in infection prevention and control, Q Biotechnologies manufacture and distribute Q Shield persistent hand and surface sanitisers, rapid metabolic assays, UVC and air-filtration solutions. tel: 01522 837 220 web:

RemoteHealth Tech Ltd RemoteHealth Tech is a digital health software startup using wearable technology to improve the outcomes of people suffering from heart rhythm conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation. web:

Annual Report 2017 Renfrew Group International Ltd Renfrew Group is an award winning, medical product design and commercialisation consultancy. They convert science into successful products including hospital and laboratory equipment, diagnostic and drug delivery devices. tel: 0116 253 1961 web: SAAT Medical Ltd Research and design of novel sleep disorder products. This includes a new diagnostic technique and a wearable portable CPAP system with reporting software to GPs and consultants.  tel: 01858 571 377 web: Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd (SLS) Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd are the largest independent supplier of Laboratory Equipment & Consumables in the UK. tel: 0115 982 1111 web: Serrations Ltd Serrations manufacture and supply tungston carbide needle holder inserts used in the production and repair of surgical instruments, i.e. needle holders and tweezers. tel: 01246 456 595 web:

Shakespeare Martineau have one of the few life sciences specific legal teams in the country. They will use their legal skills, experience and knowledge of the industry to provide you with relevant and practical advice and solutions. The team includes experts in commercial contracts, intellectual property, corporate finance, employment, business defence, regulatory compliance and property law. Tel: 0115 945 3700 web:

Sherwood Labelling T/A directlabelsuk Sherwood Labelling has 25 years’ experience providing a trade label printing service. tel: 0115 920 7111 web: Siltech Ltd Products for Packaging, Healthcare, and Security, including “Sterisure” sterilisation indicators (Gamma, Steam, ETO, Gas-plasma), and “Silmark” laser-coding (Meets requirement of the Falsified Medicines Directive). tel: 0115 922 9182 web: Snowden Healthcare Ltd Snowden Healthcare is a health and beauty company specialising in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of natural pain relief products, fertility supplements / IVDs and premium skincare for mature skin. tel: 0115 953 2563 web: Spirit Healthcare Ltd Spirit makes the nation healthier and happier by delivering real value healthcare - empowering people to take control of their health, make best use of NHS resources and utilise new technology.  tel: 0116 286 5000 web: STARLAB (UK) Ltd STARLAB are liquid handling experts. Their product range of high quality laboratory consumables includes the TipOne pipette tip system, ErgoOne Pipettes, StarGuard disposable gloves and a UKAS accredited pipette calibration laboratory. tel: 01908 283 800 web: Steris AST Through a network of over 50 facilities globally, STERIS AST has been committed to providing contract sterilization services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial communities for over 40 years. tel: 08456 889 970 web:

Stisali Ltd Stisali provides the inside track to creating and deploying successful risk share, outcomes based, innovative contracts in U.S & Global pharmaceutical markets. tel: 07939 556 001 web: Suez WCS Ltd Suez Water Conditioning Service has a high degree of technical expertise providing technology, equipment, products, training and services to healthcare and water treatment sectors. tel: 0844 372 7344 web: www.sueztreatmentsolutions. SurePulse Medical Ltd SurePulse is a medical devices manufacturer producing vital sign monitoring solutions for newborn babies who need resuscitation at birth. tel: 01332 547 100 web: Surescreen Diagnostics Ltd Rapid point of care diagnostic testing kits, drugs of abuse testing, laboratory services, on-site testing, fertility testing, infectious disease, alcohol testing, nutritional supplements, health screening. tel: 01332 365 318 web:

TBAT Innovation is a business consultancy specialising in assisting organisations to access UK and EU grant funding, maximising R&D Tax Credit claims, project management and technical consultancy. TBAT has numerous successes in the life sciences sector across both grant funding and R&D Tax Credits. tel: 01509 670 610 web:


Annual Report 2017 The Ear Foundation The Ear Foundation is a charity providing services which ensure that all children and adults with hearing loss can hear and communicate using the latest hearing aids and implants. tel: 0115 942 1985 web:

Tyna International Ltd Production and Global Distribution of Stays-Hard, a penile support device which facilitates successful intercourse for Men who suffer from E.D. and P.E. tel: 0800 410 2888 web:

The Open University, Health and Wellbeing Priority Research Area The OU Health & Wellbeing priority research area brings together a multi-disciplinary team from across the OU with external collaborators from academia, the NHS, industry and government to work together to address health challenges. tel: 01908 659 338 web:

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Research and Innovation has been identified as an area of importance in the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust strategy: they have invested in a dedicated Research Space to house brand new studies and further develop their research portfolio. tel: 0116 258 4199 web:

The University of Nottingham is one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities. It provides a range of services to support companies, including innovation funding to enable businesses to access university expertise and facilities; providing professional development; making new technologies available for licensing and offering the opportunity to collaborate with leading academics on research projects. Tel: 0115 748 4555 web: servicesforbusiness

Tioga Ltd Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEM) working to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, offering a broad spectrum of electronic assembly, complete product manufacture and full turnkey solutions. tel: 01332 360 884 web: Total Health and Wellbeing Ltd Total Health & Wellbeing provide consultancy relating to nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. web:


University of Leicester engages in profound scientific discovery delivered through the Leicester Institute of Precision Medicine, Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology and Biomedical Research Centre in tandem with industry, to solve some of the world’s most pressing health concerns: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Tel: 0116 252 2522 web:

Upperton Ltd Upperton is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in the development and spray drying of dry powder formulations for a range of drugs from small molecules to biologics. Product development includes formulation, dosage form preparation, analysis and scale up. tel: 0115 787 0175 web: Uvamed Ltd Uvamed is a UK company dedicated to delivering healthcare led innovations in anaesthesia. They aim to improve standards, support best practice and enhance patient safety. tel: 01509 211 610 web:

V Formation Ltd V Formation is a Nottingham marketing consultancy that works with ambitious SMEs in the life sciences and high tech sectors, professional practices and family businesses. tel: 0115 787 0206 web: ViVO Smart Medical Devices Ltd Pupiloscope enables rapid assessment of pupillary response, used in emergency services and A&E to rapidly assess patients with head injuries and traumatic brain injury. tel: 0115 778 8178 web: XCAM Ltd XCAM designs and manufactures custom and low volume digital camera systems for science experiments and space applications. tel: 01604 673 700 web: XenoGesis Ltd XenoGesis is a laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in preclinical drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics (DMPK), quantitative bioanalysis and consultancy services including prediction of human phamacokinetics/dose and due diligence on drug discovery assets.  tel: 0115 837 0626 web:

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Medilink East Midlands Annual Report 2017  

2017 report detailing the performance, projects, headlines and stories from our members.

Medilink East Midlands Annual Report 2017  

2017 report detailing the performance, projects, headlines and stories from our members.