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Dear guests, and

Dear hiking enthusiasts!

A proverb says: „If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go a long distance, go with others.“ Those who love to travel know the feeling of wanderlust, the desire to discover new countries, unkown summits and distant mountains. However, desires alone are not enough - it‘s always good to start the journey with someone who knows the ropes. So if you want to go long distances and aim high, come with us. We know the most impressive and enchanting mountains around Galtür. We have compiled another new edition of „Summer in the Alps – pure NATURE“ for you. We would like to express how we see ourselves and thus our relationship to nature and our guests. Why we love our job and why it‘s worth to travel more by foot and why life and holidays in the mountains are so healthy. You know our philosophy and values: We would like to share our hospitality, the personal and individual service as well as the close relationship to nature with our employees as well to make your holidays unforgettable.

GENUINE hiking in the mountains: Breathtaking. Just as there are people who study books and those who just leaf through them, there are travellers and hikers who do the same with countries and mountains. A paraphrase from Abbé Ferdinando Galiani (1728 – 1787) The Italian author already knew during the 18th century what we have experienced for generations: To travel through the mountains requires time and attentiveness. Those who are in favour of the mountains slow down. Those who really travel and hike are always ready for something new and look forward to surprises – treat themselves to time, grasp the details and really feel the experience. Rushing from one summit or ridge to the next is something which should be left to others. Essential for us is the authenticity and far away from the paths of the tourists we leave our own tracks in this unique nature and cultural landscape. We want you to experience the emotional nuances which cannot be described in a small column on our offers. To immerse oneself into nature also means getting to know and appreciate the people. Overall: expanding into the true experience of genuine mountain hikes – in the country of mountains.

I invite you to visit us and I am already looking forward to go on brilliant hiking tours amidst the mountains - or simply meeting you at one of the traditional mountain huts chilling in the sun surrounded by the pristine nature. Until then we wish you much fun browsing through our magazine Summer in the Alps. Be inspired. Warmest of greetings – Your

Peter Lorenz Mountaineering Guide www.alpenhotel-tirol.com

Jamtal glacier

The Magic of Wellbeing Our Alpenhotel Tirol, with its 38 rooms, is Galtür’s smallest 4-star hotel. Vacationing with us means simply being human, finding quietude and security, experiencing our family hospitality, and allowing oneself to be spoilt. The surrounding countryside is abound with attractions - sports attractions, cultural ones, general ones... yes, here is where the quiet life is lived, but there is also lots to discover and experience. Looking after our guests, valuing connections, a sense of welcome - all this shows itself in small details and gestures, which are part of the atmosphere and day to day life here at Alpenhotel Tirol. Some are visible, some can be felt or tasted, while others do their work behind the scenes. We want you to feel at home here, and we would like you to have space to actively recuperate and enjoy yourself. Our establishment and its surroundings are perfect for this. A pleasant atmosphere, healthy and fresh mountain air. Of course we can talk about how beautiful it is here, but we’d rather prove it to you! Enjoy the “good old summer freshness” at the Galtür climatic health resort. Allow yourself to be “de-rushed”, and take home so much more than merely a sense of having been on vacation!


A Taste of Summer

Enjoyment and Hospitality

Concious indulgence

Tasting the flavours of Tyrol - that is the idea behind the “Bewusst Tirol” (Consciously Tyrol) project. Tyrol is shaped by its agriculture and traditions. This close alliance of tourism and agriculture becomes impressively obvious in the “Bewusst Tirol” (Consciously Tyrol) project. 160 award-winning hotels and guesthouses are putting their money on local foods. They embrace Tyrol, its traditional agriculture, its local producers, and hence live up to the current trend of “regionality” by making extensive use of Tyrolean foods in their kitchens. “Bewusst Tirol” makes Tyrol conscious. On your plate, in your glass, on your taste buds.


Auszeichnung Alpenhotel Tirol in Galtür setzt auf

Tiroler Lebensmittel und bietet damit seinen Gästen einen besonderen Genuss aus der Region.

Günther Platter Landeshauptmann

LH-Stv. ÖR Josef Geisler Beiratsvorsitzender Agrarmarketing Tirol GmbH

Bewusst Tirol genussvoll speisen.

“Tyrolean Cuisine is Healthy”

To make sure you feel good and healthy, we present to you our “alpine wellness cuisine”. Tyrol is a rural region, and this is where we buy our ingredients. Local produce, herbs and fragrances combined into a wonderful symbiosis of cuisine and nature. The crucial idea here is to present you with dishes and combinations that can be felt - experienced, even -, and which revolve around freshness, closeness to nature, health, and alpine aromas. Each new dish will dazzle you with enjoyment, lightness, and freshness. Be it milk calf or mountain lamb, fish from Lake Constance or asparagus - our talented chefs know how to appreciate and make perfect use of local products - since outstanding foods will enchant your taste buds with unforgettable flavours.

Food as Cultural Heritage Products of Tradition Potatoes Potatoes are a valuable treasure. Considering them “fat makers” or even “poor people’s food” is missing the point entirely, because beneath the innocuous skin a veritable powerhouse lies hidden. Magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C - those are what makes potatoes so healthy. Just three medium-sized potatoes are enough to cover half the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and 25% of the daily recommended potassium intake. Vitamin C is known for its positive effects on the immune system, and helps the body to absorb the iron, that is also contained in potatoes, better. Gerold Raggl’s organic farm in Roppen stands as a figurehead for the combination of tradition and modernity. Tradition, because its roots were never forgotten; modernity, because sustainability forms a solid foundation for the future, now more than ever before. Here’s where we go shopping!

Lingonberries Lingonberries, or “Granten” as they are locally known, belong to the ericacea family of plants, and are enormously resilient. These small bushes are found up to an altitude of 3000m above sea level. In autumn, the initially light-coloured berries take on a dark red hue, and after the first frosts, when the inherent sugar content turns these savoury and sour fruits somewhat sweeter, the harvesting season begins. But to enjoy them, one has to collect them first - the local Tyroleans call this “Klaubn”. Often this is a pursuit with almost meditative qualities - because what could be more beautiful than “Granten klauben” high above the valley floor, while being bathed in late-autumn sunlight? The mountainsides are swathed in ochre, the summits painted in white, and perhaps even it’s one of those last mild days prior to the first snows putting an end to this season’s harvesting activities.

For summer 2019, we have created a Tyrolean aperitif for you - the GRANTA SPRITZ. Derived from the lingonberry and its age-old anti-inflammatory properties, its minerals potassium, magnesium and phosphate, as well as the vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and beta-carotene, this natural Tyrolean aperitif emerges. We prepare it for you as follows:

4 cl Granta Spritz from the fine distillery Kössler 1/8 soda water 2 – 3 ice cubes Lemon slice Mint leaves

Our conclusion: This is a total eye catcher for the Galtür mountain summer - its full colours, very refreshing, perfect for hot summer days, a perfect combination of fruity and savoury flavours.

In a time when the entire world seems to be accessible online at the press of a button, one concept is undergoing its own renaissance: tradition. It stands for a conscious connection to our place of origin, its nature and food.


All Summer Long...

Whereas elsewhere the first produce is ready to be harvested, it is still spring time in Galtür. That’s because in the land of mountains, some things happen a little later, and take a little longer. Valuing the time-honoured ways makes for a simple life. Just like a summer’s day in the mountains. Where the sky is near and the horizon far. Here, the mountains still harbour secrets… Among the dreamy mountains in and around Galtür, trails and tours through fragrant meadows, to cozy “Almen” and wild peaks, beckon the traveller. Rediscover the good “old summer freshness” among these mountains. Our establishment and its surroundings are perfect for this: a pleasant atmosphere, healthy fresh mountain air, flowery meadows, and top class cuisine.

Summer Freshness

at Kopssee

... Simply Good

We often associate important life events with specific places, tastes, or smells. They function as anchor points of our memory. In times like these, when the whole world is at our fingertips on the Internet, we rediscover those places that are close to our hearts. The following recipes are our tribute to what we call home.

A Deep Breath... It is official as of 22nd April 1997: Galtür is Tyrol’s first official climatic health resort. Hay fever sufferers can relax and breathe in deeply our healthy mountain air.Galtür is proud of its “climatic health resort” designation, as it confirms what everyone had known all along: the air up here is especially good. For more than 15 years, measurements of air quality, traffic exhaust levels, and pollutants have been done, and numerous expert studies published. Even today, the TAWES weather station (a semi-automatic weather station which delivers information at 10 minute intervals) continues to record all relevant data as to wind, weather, and pollutants, and relays it to Vienna’s central authority for evaluation. Even people suffering from hay fever can enjoy outdoor sports, thanks to low pollen counts and a favourable climate. The medical officer of health and resident district physician Dr Fritz Treidl provides medical cover and supervision in Galtür. Active sports coupled with the healthy mountain air of Galtür constitute the best possible conditions for recuperation and regeneration during your vacation here. Give your body a time-out from all those allergens.

Galtür - The Right Vacation Spot for Those with Allergies… The ECARF-Seal for Increased Safety In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we also cater to people suffering from allergies. Special rooms with or without non-fluffy carpets, special hoovers with Hepa 13 filter, anti-allergic bed linen, pot plants without pollen, and special ECO cleaning products, all ensure maximum comfort during your vacation time here. Also, Galtür’s altitude of 1600m above sea level guarantees the absence of dust mites. As a result of all our efforts to increase the quality of life for those suffering from allergies, we received the ECARF quality seal in April 2018.

Summer Rates

Blossoming Variety

7-day package “Summer Days in Galtür” Silvretta Card – All Inclusive 2020 Between June and October, you will receive your personalised Silvretta Card as part of your stay. It doubles as your complimentary pass for all local cableways and chairlifts in Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See - no limits, every day, as often as you like. It also entitles you to use the hiking buses between Landeck and Bielerhöhe (2040m) at no cost. Entry fees to all indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as the bathing lake, are covered too. The Silvretta Card also allows you to drive the popular “Silvretta-Hochalpenstrasse” at no cost to you. We are also able to provide a voucher for you prior to your arrival, so that you can drive this route for free on your way over to us.

Wonderful summer days in the mountains 6+1 night for free

Finally, it’s time for me - under this motto we give you a whole summer day for free. For 7 days (in the given period) we charge you only 6 days incl. excellent half board. 07. June to 04. July 22020 11 July to 19 July 2020 29 August to 05 September 2020 13 September - 27 September 2020

5 + 1 night for free 18 July to 24 July 2020

Get to know the Alpenhotel

Room types

Overnight stays

Special offer 07.06. – 27.06.2020 11.07. – 18.07.2020 29.08. – 05.09.2020

incl. Silvretta Card

Saison I 27.06. – 11.07.2020 18.07. – 29.08.2020 05.09. – 30.09.2020

Daily or 7-day vacation package “Summer Days in Galtür”, inclusive of luxury half board and small afternoon snack (Austrian tray bake, sweets, and small snacks) from 7th June to 30th September 2019.

Single room Grand Lit approx. 20-22 m2

1 – 4 nights

€ 76,-

€ 84,-

from 5 nights

€ 72,- to € 74,-

€ 78,- to € 82,-

1 – 4 nights

€ 76,-

€ 78,-

from 5 nights

€ 68,-

€ 72,- to € 76,-

1 – 4 nights

€ 78,-

€ 84,-

from 5 nights

€ 74,- to € 76,-

€ 78,- to € 82,-

Single room with Grand Lit bed, shower, WC, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, without balcony

Double room without balcony approx. 22-23 m2 Double room with shower, WC or separate WC, sitting area, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, without balcony

Double room with beautiful with south-facing balcony approx. 30-31 m2 Double room with bathtub or shower, separate WC, sitting area, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, beautiful south-facing balcony

The mandatory local tax (visitor’s tax) of the Tourism Association of Paznaun of Euro 2,70 per adult per night is charged separately. Children and teens up to the age of 16 are not subject to this tax

of our Trail Network

An Overview

What a spectacle it must have been, when the earth got shaken and the Alps pushed their way upwards through cracked soil. Today we are lucky that there are not less than 20 3000m peaks in the Silvretta and Verwall Alps. This is where we take our hikers.

Mountaineering is much healthier than you’d think! Even back in our grandparents’ days, it was said that hiking was good for body and spirit. The only thing is that, up to now, there had been no consensus as to just why mountain vacations are so restorative. The AMAS 2000 study now reveals scientific reasons why vacationing in the mountains makes sense. Scientist Dr Egon Humpeler and his team, give comprehensive reasons why hiking has a positive impact on health, effects more than almost any other type of sport. According to the study, the secret of why vacationing in the mountains is so regenerative is that it mobilises the power of the human body. Our bodies detect the lower levels of atmospheric oxygen between 1400m and 2000m of altitude, and as a result they go into overdrive in order to compensate.

at the Zeinisjoch

This is followed by a later reduction in those heightened activities, which

structure are all strengthened without having to fear side effects, while

is a method of economising. Professor Humpeler compares this to how

the risk of cardiac arrest, cancer and diabetes is cut by more than half.

a car engine operates. “It first revs itself up to reach its full power, but

Consistency is key here. He who keeps up regular exercise is much less

then, at the end of a mountain vacation, it is calmer, at a lower RPM,

prone to illness, recovers faster, and has a longer lifespan. The great ad-

while maintaining the same or even higher power output levels.”

vantage is that hiking - amidst the flora and fauna of the mountains - can be made a lifelong pursuit, and is of measurable benefit even in old age.

The body already reacts at a threshold altitude of 1400m to 2000m, even though there is technically still enough oxygen. More young red blood cells are formed without an increase in their total number, meaning the blood’s consistency remains the same. But, oxygen delivery to peripheral cells is markedly improved. This “fountain of youth” effect is a direct result of being at altitude. It is altitude that mobilises the body’s reserves, and functions as an exercise method.

The Power of Mountains One can summarise all this by saying that hiking and mountaineering are good for body and soul. Continuous walking - just like a slow jog - has a positive impact on metabolism and the immune system. Having a few more strenuous stretches of trail means that the circulatory system can benefit as well. It takes a little longer to get fit this way, but the effects last longer too. Heart, circulatory system, metabolism, breathing, muscles, and skeletal

My Mountains

This is why we should go hiking more often

Hiking is healthy

Hiking provides new perspectives

It’s a fact that physical exercise is healthy. It strengthens the immune system, joints, and musculature; it reduces the BMI, and lowers blood pressure. But hiking isn’t just healthy for the body; it is also healthy for the mind: hiking makes you happier, a fact that is now also backed by science. Even a mountain hike of just three hours duration has positive effects on mental health. Mood is improved, one is more relaxed, and negative emotions such as lethargy or anxiety are reduced.

Everything you need for hiking is in your backpack. And you realise: it isn’t really that much at all. You feel that deep, warm feeling of gratefulness. For the beauty of nature. A hot cup of tea in the mountain hut. A snack after a strenuous bit of trail. Being happy really takes that little. And every meter of altitude climbed, every kilometre walked, takes you further from the stress and worries of everyday life. Sorrows and problems are left behind, down below in the valleys.

Hiking de-rushes you

You can hike everywhere, anytime

Everyday stress, constantly being connected, and having a whole load of responsibilities. Flashing, ringing, and calling. Just turn it all off - easier said than done... But hiking does the trick: persistent distractions are traded in for the restorative tranquillity of nature. Walking on foot means (re-)discovering the joy of slowing down, and making valuable time to switch off.

Hiking needs sunshine? Not at all! Taking that first step out your door doesn’t always need warmth and sunshine. Even hiking in pouring rain has its very own, very special charm. After all, there’s not really any such thing as bad weather, as the British author John Ruskin duly noted:

„Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather“ And it doesn’t always have to be the highest mountains either. There are ample opportunities to put on those boots, and start exploring. So what are you waiting for?

Fit Through Hiking

in Jamtal

Get up and go

Altitude x Exercise = Alpine Health It doesn’t need extreme altitudes to to something good for your health when hiking. Step by step you reach your destination. As long as the route is well planned out, the hiker can trust his strength: you can do it! Hiking is first and foremost healthy, as well as relaxing and communicative. Consistent and regular walking have - just like a slow jog - a positive effect on your immune system. All in all it takes a little longer to keep oneself healthy this way, but the effects are longer

What we offer:

BE WELL! Hike for Your Wellbeing It is no longer a secret that hiking makes you relaxed and happy, is a “soft” way to exercise your muscles and train your stamina, and above all is fun. Fresh air, the tranquillity of nature, and beautiful vistas have a positive effect on body and soul. 7 Alpine Summer Days of Mountain Hiking to Get to Know Us:

Room types

Arrival on Saturday or Sunday, depending on availability: 07.06. – 27.06.2020 11.07. – 18.07.2020 29.08. – 05.09.2020

7 Alpine Summer Days of Mountain Hiking: 27.06. – 11.07.2020 18.07. – 29.08.2020 05.09. – 30.09.2020

7 alpine summer days of mountain hiking in Galtür, including luxury half board and a small afternoon snack each day (Austrian tray bake, sweets, and small snacks) from 7th June to 30th September 2019. Single room Grand Lit approx. 20-22 m2

€ 511,-

€ 574,-

Single room with Grand Lit bed, shower, WC, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, without balcony

inkl. 4 days of guided hiking

inkl. 4 days of guided hiking

Double room without balcony approx. 22-23 m2

€ 497,-

€ 532,-

Double room with shower, WC or separate WC, sitting area, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, without balcony

incl. 4 days of guided hiking

inkl. 4 days of guided hiking

Double room with beautiful south-facing balcony approx. 30-31 m2

€ 511,-

€ 574,-

inkl. 4 days of guided hiking

inkl. 4 days of guided hiking

Double room with bathtub or shower, separate WC, sitting area, telephone, radio, satellite TV, safe, beautiful south-facing balcony

lasting, and there is no risk of overdoing it or of injuries, which would be the case with more intense types of sport. Come join us - discover the fascinating mountain world of Galtür. Peter Lorenz, your host and accredited mountaineering guide, will lead and accompany you on all hikes and tours into the Silvretta and Verwall Alps.

The mandatory local tax (visitor’s tax) of the Tourism Association Paznaun of € 2,70 per adult per night is charged separately. Children and teens up to the age of 16 are not subject to this tax.

• Includes 7 days of cosy, comfortable **** double or single room accommodation with bathtub or shower/toilet, small living area with radio, telephone, and satellite TV; south facing balcony is optional. • Includes luxury half board - buffet breakfast (featuring healthy organic options, homemade jams and spreads, freshly baked bread, local cold cuts of meat and ham. Juices, milk and yoghurts from local farmers, as well as fragrant tea and coffee). • 4-course evening menu - alternating options of traditional and homely cuisine with a Mediterranean touch of true lightness. Daily fresh seasonal salad buffet, as well as an afternoon snack. • 4 guided hikes, led by an accredited mountaineering guide, inclusive of packed lunch and drinks. Through meadows and past fragrant herbs, towards the most stunning viewpoints overlooking the Silvretta and Verwall Alps.

Wonderful summer days in the mountains

6+1 night for free

Finally, it’s time for me - under this motto we give you a whole summer day for free. For 7 days (in the given period) we charge you only 6 days incl. excellent half board. 07. June to 04. July 22020 11 July to 19 July 2020 29 August to 05 September 2020 13 September - 27 September 2020

5 + 1 night for free 18 July to 24 July 2020

How I would have loved to stay another day!

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