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Creative people from all over the world come to the region around Germany’s capital to realize their ideas. They set up companies, open branches or invest in start-ups. They have been a formative influence on the region, shaping an international creative metropolis with a climate that is both ­artistically and culturally stimulating. Along with all that, the creative sectors bring considerable ­economic dynamism to the capital region.

Matthias Platzeck

Games developers, filmmakers, TV producers, programmers, designers, publishers, musicians and other creatives from all over the world can sense that in Berlin-Brandenburg, you are on the cutting edge of our times. The region has become one of the leading German television production centers. It’s Germany’s most important film production venue, the capital of the music business, and more and more prominent publishers are also putting down roots here. Last but not least, the capital region has become the center of the booming digital sector. This is evidenced not only by the numerous new digital companies that have sprung up, but also by the premiere events – from BerlinWebWeek, including the digital conferences re:publica and NEXT, to Germany’s leading game developers event DGT – Deutsche Gamestage including the games award Deutscher Computerspielpreis, the medienwoche@IFA including the International Media Convention, to the most important prize for ­digital content in ­Germany, the animago AWARD in Potsdam-Babelsberg, the very location where the first German films were shot some 100 years ago. The Berlin senate and the Brandenburg state assembly recognized the value of these developments early on and together began systematically backing them. For several years now, the two states‘ joint film promotion organization, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, has been providing support not only for the film industry but also for the digital sector. And it has paid off. It turns out that incentive funds are a good investment. Almost € 30 million worth of subsidies was awarded to film, digital and other media projects in 2011. Those subsidies resulted in sales of more than € 100 million in the capital ­region, helping to create and secure jobs in the creative industries.

Klaus Wowereit

Quite apart from their economic significance, the artistic quality of the subsidized projects has ­achieved renown far beyond our national borders: Films made with the help of Medienboard have won five Oscars® in four years; 84 German Film prizes since 2004; 19 European Film awards; two Silver Bears at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival and five additional awards. That is the kind of success that speaks for itself and further enhances the region’s attraction. We hope you’ll allow yourself to be drawn in, too. Welcome to Germany’s capital region!

Matthias Platzeck State Premier of Brandenburg

Klaus Wowereit Mayor of Berlin


Creative Metropolis in the Heart of Europe

European Union Berlin-Brandenburg Capital Cities


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Anyone planning to found a company in the digital sector comes to Berlin-Brandenburg. The capital region has always enjoyed a reputation as the focal point for Germany’s film and creative industries. Now, it is also claiming the title as the country’s stronghold for digital start-ups. No other place in ­Germany can boast as many new companies in fields like social and interactive media, and all the other digital wonders. And more and more German and foreign investors are enticed by these young ­companies in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Elmar Giglinger

The atmosphere in the capital region is just right for these future-oriented sectors. The companies are often made up of young, international teams that are appreciative not only of the comparatively low cost of office space, but also of the hipness and the lifestyle advantages on offer here. So now it is not only the traditional media concerns that feel at home here, but also game and interactive media developers, and web designers and programmers from all over the world. This creative ecosystem makes Berlin-Brandenburg, with its attractive working and living conditions, the most powerful force driving Germany’s media and creative industries. Top-ranked conferences, events and award shows in all the creative fields lend the region a high ­international profile, while also benefitting from the cultural, media and economic weight that comes from being at the center of government. Among the many events the capital region hosts are the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), the IFA and the medienwoche@IFA, the DGT – Deutsche Gamestage, the M100 Sanssouci media conference, re:publica, Berlin Music Week, the Echo awards, the Art Directors Club Festival, Berlin Fashion Week and the Bread & Butter fashion trade show. Young, upcoming talent also flocks to the region. Berlin-Brandenburg is home not only to the best clubs on the continent, but more importantly, also a range of higher education opportunities that is unique in Germany. It’s not possible to plan the development of such a milieu on the drawing board. But we can help steer it in the right direction – with smart regional policies that ensure the right framework is created, the right facilities are in place for addressing important issues, and the necessary financing and subsidy instruments are available. Berlin and Brandenburg have done that. The cluster of media, ICT and ­creative industries here currently boasts 37,000 companies, some 300,000 jobs and an annual sales volume of about € 27 billion, making it the most significant growth sector in the capital region. On the following pages, you’ll meet the companies and entrepreneurs, the players and the networks. If you should see something you’d like to follow up on, you’ll find all the contact information in the trade directory starting on page 45. And, of course, we here at Medienboard are also here to give you advice and support. Together, we will continue to foster the development of one of the most fascinating and dynamic creative centers in Europe!

Elmar Giglinger Managing Director Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH


The Creative Capital Region

The Creative Capital Region Film | TV Cartoon Film Grundy UFA MME Moviement NFP neue film produktion Odeon Film Phoenix Film Senator Entertainment Studio Babelsberg Studio Hamburg Berlin­Brandenburg Studiocanal teamWorx UFA Film & TV Produktion Universal Pictures X Filme zero fiction film zero one film Ziegler Film TV and Radio Stations DW-TV Deutschlandradio Kultur MTV N24 rbb RTL Radio Deutschland VIVA Music Bechstein DEAG EuroArts Ministry of Sound Rolf Budde Music Publishing Musikverlag Universal Music ­Germany Publishing | Print Axel Springer AG Berliner Verlag Bundesdruckerei Cornelsen Egmont Ehapa Märkische Verlags- und Druckgesellschaft Suhrkamp Tandem Ullstein

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Digital Metropolis and Political Center As a member of the premier league of cities that ­includes New York, Shanghai, London and Barcelona, the capital region is known both at home and abroad as a key meeting point for creative professionals. As the major location for content production and creative producers, espe­ cially those working in the fields of film, TV and digital content, Berlin-Brandenburg is well equipped to deal with the challenges of the new digital age. Berlin is where benchmarks are set and innovation is driven forward. The city is home to Germany’s federal government and, as such, it is also the capital of news and political journalism. Nowhere else can you get as close to current ­politics as here. The region’s mix of media and cultural industries and their numerous interconnected projects is entirely unique: film and TV, games and Web, communications and PR, ­fashion and architecture, art, music and design join with the dynamic radio, newspaper and publishing communities to make the region a very ­exciting location for media and creative professionals. ­Together with trendsetting companies, politicians from Berlin and Brandenburg have ­generated

»Berlin is a key location for ZDF. We produce daily shows at our studios on „Unter den Linden“, but the city also provides us with scores of special locations and a creative and efficient production environment for our fictional programs.« Dr. Thomas Bellut, Director-General, ZDF,

»Berlin offers tremendous ­advantages for a publishing house like ours. The ­capital city is the focal point of all ­innovative, creative and p ­ olitical events in Germany. These are great conditions for great journalism.« Dr. Mathias Döpfner | Chairman & CEO | Axel Springer AG |

the basic conditions required to meet the needs of this booming sector. This includes several networks, initiatives and platforms, but also various funding support mechanisms and innovative ­financing tools. Leading Media Location and Europe’s Hot Spot for Start-Ups Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the most prominent and internationally appealing media locations in Germany due to its excellent economic conditions, favorable price-performance ratio, highly professional service providers and large pool of highly qualified workers. The capital is well on its way to becoming Europe’s new start-up metropolis. The region’s outstanding infrastructure, ­excellent educational opportunities and innovation-oriented environment are key in attracting an ever-increasing number of investors, founders, creatives and decision makers.

The Creative Capital Region

 Strong ICT, media and creative industry cluster with 37,000 companies, a workforce of almost 300,000 and roughly € 27 billion in annual revenue  Nr. 1 film region with major international productions   Headquarters of Axel Springer AG, Universal Music Germany, Viacom International Media Networks, Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Wooga, N24, DW-TV, rbb  Start-up metropolis for web content, games, social media, IT and mobile  Germany’s music capital with an annual turnover of € 700 million  Most varied newspaper region and Germany’s strongest publishing location  International event location: Berlinale, German Film Awards, medienwoche@IFA, DGT – Deutsche Gamestage, Deutscher Computerspielpreis, BerlinWebWeek, re:publica, NEXT, animago Award, ECHO, Berlin Music Week, DMY International Design Festival, Berlin Fashion Week and Bread & Butter  Unique environment for science, research and education in Europe

»As one of the most attractive hot spots in the world for creative media professionals, Berlin-Brandenburg offers an ideal environment for our activities in new media and for our core business, producing TV content and feature films. That’s why we’re committed to and inspired by the capital region.« Wolf Bauer | CEO | UFA Film & TV Production GmbH |

Meeting Point for Creatives Creatives meet in the capital: The most impor­tant media and creative industry gatherings take place in Berlin-Brandenburg, including the Berlinale, German Film Awards, medienwoche@IFA, Berlin Music Week, DGT – Deutsche Gamestage, the ­games award Deutscher Computerspielpreis, ­Digital Innovators‘ ­Summit, re:publica, NEXT, DMY International Design Festival, ­Design Award, Qubique and Berlin Fashion Week. In February, major movie stars meet at the ­Berlinale. In April, Germany’s highest endowed cultural ­prize, the German Film Awards, is handed out in Berlin. »Content Meets Technology« is the motto of

»Berlin-Brandenburg has special ­op­por­tunities in the digital age. While the number of new d ­ evices, uses and means of communication continues to increase, it is content that will play the central role in this new scenario. This means that the creativity of our region will be in great demand.« Dr. Hans Hege | Director | Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg |

the International Media Convention, an annual gathering that takes place during the ­medienwoche@IFA and focuses on key questions facing the media, content and device industries. The medienwoche@IFA is a leading event in Europe held in connection with the IFA, the world’s most important trade fair for consumer electronics, the International Media Convention, the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium and many other events. The global music industry meets at the Berlin ­Music Week with its Popkomm, Berlin Festival and other exciting ­tradeshows. The global digital scene meets at the re:publica and NEXT fairs ­under the umbrella of the BerlinWebWeek. The

»The realities of ­contemporary ­German life appear in an ­especially ­authentic way in Berlin­Brandenburg, an ideal ­environment for cinematic content. Over 300 film productions are proof of the region’s international standing.« Dieter Kosslick | Director | Berlin International Film Festival |

Berlin Fashion Week, the Bread & Butter and the DMY International Design Festival attract trendsetters from all over the world. Many other events, such as the interfilm International Short Film Festival, the ­animago Award & Conference and the East ­European Film Festival in Cottbus, continue to ­offer diverse opportunities for reflection and networking.

Games Bigpoint Berlin exozet games Frogster Interactive Pictures GameDuell Games Quality Just A Game morgen studios Tivola Publishing Wooga Yager Development Web | Mobile aka-aki networks DaWanda eBay Freshmilk.TV Groupon Jamba Mister Wong moviepilot VZ-Netzwerke Zanox IT | Telecommunications AVM Condat Deutsche Telekom Hasso Plattner Institute IBM Oracle PSI SAP T-Systems Vodafone Communications | Design Art +Com BBDO DDB fischerAppelt Jung von Matt/Spree Media Consulta MetaDesign Plex Publicis Scholz & Friends TBWA Zum goldenen Hirschen Useful Links



»Anonymous« by Roland Emmerich

»Unknown« starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger

»The Three Musketeers« in 3D starring Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz

Film Major Studios Berliner Union-Film CCC Filmstudios Park Studios Studio Babelsberg Studio Berlin-Adlershof Production Companies 23| 5 Filmproduktion Animation X Askania Media Badlands Film Barefoot Films Boje Buck Boomtown Media Cartoon/Rothkirch-Film CCC Filmkunst cine plus Gruppe Deutsche Columbia Pictures Dokfilm Egoli Tossell Film Hahn Film Kahuuna Films Majestic Filmproduktion NFP neue film produktion Novapool Production Odeon Film Provobis Razor Film Produktion Sabotage Films Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv Schramm Film Koerner + Weber Senator Film Trixter Productions UFA Cinema Universal Pictures X Filme Zentropa Entertainments Berlin zero one film zero fiction film Ziegler Cinema

How it all began … Berlin is the birthplace of cinema. On November 1, 1895, Max and Emil Skladanowsky wowed audi­ ences at Berlin’s »Wintergarten« theater with the world’s first public film presentation. UFA, which was the first large film company in Germany, was founded in 1917, and in 2012, Studio Babelsberg is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Germany’s ­largest film studio is also the oldest major film studio in the world and today boasts one of the highest turnovers in Europe. Germany’s Most Important Film Location More than 300 films are produced annually in the capital region. Here, at the very centre of German history, films are created that reflect the nation’s eventful history and approach to life. Many of these films have also gone on to achieve inter­ national success and receive several prominent awards, including Tom Tykwer’s »Run Lola Run«, Wolfgang Becker‘s »Good Bye, Lenin«, Oscar-­ winners »The Lives of Others« directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Jochen Alexander Freydank’s »Toyland« and Michael Haneke’s multiple award-winning »The White Ribbon«, but

»Babelsberg has a rich film tradition. In fact, in 2012 we’ll be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Studio Babelsberg. Our centennial motivates us to carry on this long tradition and to use our know-how to ensure the further development of our region as an attractive location.« Dr. Carl Woebcken I CEO I Studio Babelsberg AG |

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


»The capital region has the most enduring history of cinema in Germany and is also its most productive film location. International stars, such as Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Shah Rukh Khan, now carry on the tradition of Marlene Dietrich. Here, high-level creativity and technical expertise combine with a deep-rooted passion for cinema to create films for worldwide audiences. Roll film!« Kirsten Niehuus | Managing Director | Film Funding Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH | For further information on film funding visit

also hit comedies like Til Schweiger’s »Kokowääh«, Simon Verhoeven’s »Männerherzen« and Helmut Dietl’s »Zettl«. In the past several years, many new production companies were either founded here or moved to the region, including such leaders as UFA Cinema, Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion, the film and animation specialist Trixter Productions (txp), Ziegler Cinema and ­StudioCanal. Strong Funding and Networks The German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), which is operated by the Berlin-based German Federal Film Board (FFA), is a funding body set up by the federal government in 2007 and designed to strengthen the industry by providing a total of € 60 million annually to film productions in ­G ermany. Since 1994, Medienboard Berlin-­ Brandenburg has handed out over € 380 million in funding to over 3,525 films and business ­development projects. This funding generated a regional effect of over € 1.2 billion. Films made in


 Number 1 film location with over 300 films made annually in the ­region and major award-winning international productions  Most popular filming location in Germany: optimal production ­conditions and excellent price-performance ratios  Studio Babelsberg, Studio Berlin Adlershof, Park Studios and Berliner Union-Film »Vincent Wants to Sea«, winner of the 2011 German Film Award for Outstanding Feature Film and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.

 Over 2,000 film and TV companies with a turnover of roughly € 900 million  Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), German Film Awards, First Steps Award, interfilm and more than 70 festivals  Wide spectrum of educational facilities, e.g. at the Academy of Film and Television »Konrad Wolf« (HFF), German Film and Television ­Academy (dffb) and Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences  Strong partners for the financing and funding of film projects: home to FFA and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg – the second largest state film-funding agency in Germany

»Laura’s Star and the Mysterious Dragon Nian« by Cartoon-Film

Berlin-Brandenburg are increasingly invited to »I’ve lived and worked in Berlin since major world film festivals and have won many 1976, the year I founded ROAD German Film Awards. They have been nominated MOVIES, now called NEUE ROAD MOVIES. Since then, we’ve (co-) 41 times for Oscars, of which they have won eight. produced more than 50 movies from Among their prizes are also a number of Golden our offices here. I still don’t know of Globe Awards, for example Best Foreign Language any other city in Europe as exciting as for Ari Folman’s »Waltz with Bashir«, Best Actress Berlin. The capital is a European cinema hub par for Kate Winslet in »The Reader«, Best Foreign excellence.« Language Film for Michael Haneke’s »The White Wim Wenders | Director | Ribbon« and Best Supporting Actor for Christoph Waltz in »Inglourious Basterds«. Film financing is also carried out by regional banks, including the Brandenburg State Investment Bank (ILB) and the Berlin State Investment Bank (IBB), which intro­ duced their own GAP financing program in 2011. ­Roland Emmerich’s »Anonymous«, Paul W.S. The capital region is also an active part of C.R.C Anderson’s »The Three Musketeers«, Jaume ColletCapital Regions for Cinema, a network of Euro- Serra’s »Unknown Identity«, Joe Wright’s »Hanna«, pean film and media metropolises. Vision Kino Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s ­»Chicken supports and interlinks the many existing film- with Plums«, Agnieszka Holland’s »In Darkness«, education projects. There are also a number of Tommy Wirkola’s »Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters« industry-wide events that bring together crea­ and »Cloud Atlas« by Tom Tykwer and Andy and tives from different media sectors to generate Lana ­Wachowski. These films were of tremendous bene­­fit to various companies active in the region. new ideas and projects. Prominent Festivals and International ­Premieres International Cinema The excellent production conditions offered by Almost all national and international films celeBerlin-Brandenburg continue to attract promi- brate their premieres with lots of movie star nent international producers. In the past several ­power in Berlin. The Berlinale is one of the top years, many major international productions five film festivals in Europe. With roughly 500,000 were made here, including Stephen Daldry’s tickets sold and 20,000 accredited professionals, Oscar®-winning »The Reader«, Bryan Singer’s it is also one of the world’s most popular festivals. »Valkyrie« starring Tom Cruise, Tom Tykwer’s While major players and independent producers »The International« and Quentin Tarantino’s meet at the festival’s European Film Market, the »Inglourious Basterds«, for which Christoph Waltz Berlinale Talent Campus acts as a springboard for won the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor. »Don young talent. The German Film Awards are the 2« marks the first time a Bollywood production nation’s most prestigious film industry awards was made in Berlin. A number of major internati- and are presented each year at a gala ceremony onal productions were made in Studio Babels- in Berlin. The capital is also the site of the presenberg in the past three years alone, including tation of the European Film Awards every two

Berlinale: One of the most important film festivals in the world

With a total of € 2.955 million in prize money, the »Lola« is Germany’s most lucrative cultural award

The »First Steps« competition for the best graduate films at German-speaking film schools

Berlinale Talent Campus: International platform for a new generation of film talent



»Rubbeldiekatz« by Detlev Buck starring Matthias Schweighöfer and Alexandra Maria Lara

»Männerherzen und die ganz ganz große Liebe« by Simon Verhoeven

Post-Produktion | VFX Arri Schwarzfilm Basisberlin Berliner Synchron Chris Creatures Filmeffects cine plus Media Service CinePostproduction exozet effects media factory berlin Pictorion das werk Pixomondo Berlin postperfect vision & sound TeleFactory Babelsberg Financing | Funding FFA IBB ILB MEDIA Antenne Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Festivals | Awards Achtung Berlin! New Berlin Film Animago award Around the World in 14 Films Berlinale Berlinale Keynotes Berlinale Talent Campus Deutscher Preis für Synchron European Film Awards Fantasy Filmfest Film Festival Cottbus First Steps German Film Awards International Short Film Festival Interfilm Kinoprogrammpreis Berlin-Brandenburg sehsüchte Transmediale

The hit comedy »Kokowääh« directed by and starring Til Schweiger

2004 and 2009. Two other Berlin-based organisations, HDF KINO and VdF, received funding from the German Federal Film Board (FFA) to develop scenarios for the implementation of a digital rollout. Funding programs for cinema digitalisation have been in place since 2011 in all federal states. The new 3D Innovation Center Berlin operated by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute provides all players and developers in the 3D field a showStefan Arndt | CEO | X Filme Creative Pool GmbH | room and platform for products, prototypes and ideas. With the help of Medienboard funding, 61 screens in the capital region have been adapted to digital projection according to DCI norms since 2009. Medienboard also supported its years. The »First Steps« young talent award, a film first stereoscopic productions, including Wim competition for graduating students at German- Wenders’ European Film Award-winning and speaking film schools, is one of the many other ­Oscar® nominated dance project »Pina«, Detlev Buck’s »Die Vermessung der Welt 3D«, Michael sought-after prizes. Beyer’s »Berlin Philharmonic – A Musical Journey Successful Documentaries and Animated Films in 3D«, Til Hastreiter’s »Das verbotene Mädchen« Many of Germany’s most moving and successful and the animated short »Water Soul« from the documentary films have been produced in the Berlin-based firm MovieBrats. Other projects, incapital region, including Wim Wenders‘ »Pina«, cluding »Strangel oder der ­Engel des Seltsamen« Claus Wischmann and Martin Baer’s »Kinshasa from Potsdam-based ­morro images, help to make ­Symphony«, Ulrike Ottinger‘s »Unter Schnee«, the region an international competitor in the Pepe Danquart’s »Joschka und Herr Fischer« and field of 3D animation. Christoph Rüter’s »Brasch – Das Wünschen und das Fürchten«. Ani­mated films from the BerlinBrandenburg ­region, including »Laura’s Star«, »For me, Berlin-Brandenburg is »The Three Robbers«, »Little Big Panda«, »Moon Germany’s No.1 location for film­ Man« adapted from Tomi Ungerer’s book of the making. I’m thrilled about being able to make my new film ›Schutzengel‹ same name, and »The Sandman and the Lost here in 2012, once again with the Sand of Dreams« are number one with German support of Medienboard.« audiences. »I was very happy to be able to ­produce ›Little Thirteen‹, the debut film from up-and-coming director Christian Klandt, this past year in Berlin. We also produced „Die Quellen des Lebens“ by Oskar Roehler and „Cloud Atlas“, an epic film directed by Tom Tykwer and Lana & Andy Wachowski.«

Digital Cinema and 3D In the field of digital cinema, the »CinemaNet ­Europe« is a Berlin-based initiative that contributed significantly to digitalisation in Europe between Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Til Schweiger | Producer, Director, Actor | Barefoot Films GmbH |


Berlinale Palast at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

»Don 2« starring Shah Rukh Khan

»Berlin-Brandenburg is a very special location. It has countless backdrops, first-class studios, loads of creativity and professionalism, and strong support – all of which are crucial ­preconditions for high-quality productions. These factors and the region’s cosmopolitan flair have catapulted it right to the top, making Berlin-Brandenburg a Mecca for creative professionals across Europe.« Nico Hofmann | Producer and Chairman of the Management Board | teamWorx Television & Film GmbH,

High-Tech Production Facilities Berlin-Brandenburg has outstanding major production facilities, which include Studio Babelsberg, Park Studios, Studio Berlin-Adlershof and Berliner Union-Film. Studio Babelsberg is an ­internationally renowned full-service provider and offers optimal conditions for both international film productions and German TV producers. A total of 130 companies guarantee on-site services of the highest international quality in Babelsberg Media City alone. As a full-service provider, Babelsberg‘s Park Studios offer studio space ­totalling over 3,500 m² with ideal conditions for TV and advertising productions. Studio BerlinAdlershof offers high-tech studios and state-of the art technology as well as comprehensive film and TV production services. Berliner Union-Film is a prominent studio at the very heart of Berlin that provides complete services in HD-workflow, including visual effects, via the Service-&-­ExpertsAlliance. The internationally active visual effects specialist Pixomondo (»2012«, »Ninja Assassin«) is also at home here.

»3« by Tom Tykwer, winner of the 2011 German Film Award for Best Direction

Top-Level Visual Effects and Post-Production Regional post-production service providers offer state-of the-art technology, know-how and exper­ tise in all formats. Whether it’s high-quality digital visual effects for motion pictures, computergenerated special effects or comprehensive services for complex digital productions – BerlinBrandenburg has specialists able to meet each and every demand. In addition, the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television organizes »Insight Out«, Europe’s leading conference for ­digital cinema. The European animago Award & Conference in Potsdam-Babelsberg honours outstanding achievement in the 2D/3D field. Inspiring Locations In addition to excellent production opportunities, the Berlin-Brandenburg region also provides countless attractive film locations. Filmmakers in need of locations, filming permission and equipment are invited to contact the team of expert advisors at the Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission (, where they also have access to a catalogue of over 29,000 photos of 1,400 ­locations, an address database featuring 2,800 company contacts and a list of over 4,300 contact partners and film professionals.

Associations | Networks AG Kino AG Verleih Alliance of German Producers – Film and Television Bundesarchiv – Filmarchiv C.R.C. DEFA-FoundationStiftung Deutsche Filmakademie Deutsche Kinemathek European Film Academy German Federation of Film and Television Artists (BFFS) HDF KINO berlin­brandenburg Primehouse Verband der Agenturen für Film, Fernsehen und Theater (VdA) Verband der Filmverleiher (VdF) Verein deutscher Animationsproduzenten (VdAP) Vision Kino Useful Links

»Berlin is the home for creative ­people from Germany and the world. For us, this was the reason to make Berlin – besides Paris and London – the new home of STUDIOCANAL as well.« Rodolphe Buet | CEO Germany | STUDIOCANAL GmbH |



Daily soap »Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten« (RTL)

»The Whore« (Sat.1)

Germany’s first real-time series »Allein gegen die Zeit« by Askania Media (KI.KA)

Television TV Channels Comedy Central DW-TV MTV N24 Nickelodeon rbb VIVA Capital City Studios ARD n-tv Phoenix RTL Spiegel TV ZDF International TV Broadcasters ARTE BBC News Bloomberg TV CNBC Europe CNN International FOX Channel France 2 Fuji TV Berlin NHK ORF RAI SF DRS TRT-INT TVE Local TV Alex – Offener Kanal Berlin AGA Arnsdorf BFtv City TV Elster TV H-TV KW TV LTV-Lausitz TV Oberhavel TV ODF Potsdam TV SKB Spreekanal teltOwkanal TV Berlin Uckermark TV

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Leading Location for TV Production Berlin-Brandenburg has a highly creative production industry and is considered the most important production location of the future. Roughly 2,000 companies generate a turnover of over € 2 billion. The UFA Group, Europe’s biggest production house, has its head offices here, as does MME Moviement, the leading independent content producer for TV entertainment on the German market. Top production companies also include the UFA subsidiaries teamWorx and Phoenix Film, Studio Hamburg, Nostro Film, Ziegler Film, Producers at Work, NFP neue film produktion, Novafilm, Granada, Eikon and Askania Media. Leaders in the field of political talk shows are TV21, Vincent Berlin, Will Media and probono. The capital region hosts the international film and TV industry each year at prominent events, such as the medienwoche@IFA, Goldene Kamera Awards, Goldene Henne Awards, CIVIS Media Awards and the Prix Europa.

»As an avowed Bavarian, M ­ unich was the only city I initially ­considered for my daily show. ­However, I quickly realized that almost all of the things that p ­ eople find interesting these days are ­happening in Berlin. „Gottschalk Live“ is about entertainment, culture and lifestyle, and the capital is home to so many exciting ­personalities and perfect guests for my show. So I’ve decided to make Berlin my home, too. I’m excited and looking forward to it.« Thomas Gottschalk | Entertainer and host of »Gottschalk Live« (Mon-Thurs, 7:20 pm on ARD) |

»The capital and the countryside – the regional broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) unites these two in its programming. The daily task of our reporters is to find out what affects and interests the people living in our region. Always up-to-the-minute and close to the action – this is how we make the rbb a home for our listeners and viewers.« Dagmar Reim | Director General | Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting (rbb) |

Series, Daily and Weekly Soaps Roughly 28 percent of German TV series production takes place in Berlin-Brandenburg. The region has highly specialised studios that offer the perfect setting for industrial TV series production. Germany’s first ­telenovela, »Bianca – Wege zum Glück« (ZDF) was produced here, as were »Verliebt in Berlin« (Sat.1), »Anna und die Liebe « (Sat.1), »Alisa – Folge deinem Herzen« (ZDF) and long-term serial hits such as »Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten« (RTL) and »Unser Charly« (ZDF). Successful Entertainment, Docutainment and Show Formats Revenues show that Berlin-Brandenburg has Germany’s greatest growth dynamic. Major »event movies« are made in the region, including films with historical contexts, such as the three-part »Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter« (ZDF), »Am Ende die Hoffnung« (Sat.1), parts of the literary adaptation »Der Turm« (ARD), major music shows such a »The Voice of Germany« (Sat.1/Pro7), exciting crime and action series such as »Ein starkes Team«, »Der Kriminalist«, »Tatort« and »Polizeiruf 110«, and ­exceptional documentaries such as »George« and


 More than 2,000 film and TV companies with an annual revenues of € 2.7 billion  Home to leading production companies, including the UFA Group with teamWorx, UFA Film- & TV Produktion, Phoenix Film, Polyphon, MME ­Moviement, Granada, Ziegler Film  Excellent conditions for TV productions  Source of 25% of all fiction productions in Germany  Home of rbb, MTV, VIVA, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, N24 and Deutsche Welle TV  News capital, capital of talk shows and political journalism

The hit show »The Voice of Germany« produced by Schwartzkopff TV (ProSieben/Sat.1)

the Grimme Prize-winning »20xBrandenburg«, a multimedia TV event funded by Medienboard and rbb. Berlin is also the undisputed capital of talk shows with formats such as »Gottschalk Live« (ARD), »Günther Jauch« (ARD), »Anne Will« (ARD) and ­»Maybrit Illner« (ZDF). Innovative Television Location Berlin-Brandenburg is home to many classic TV broadcasters, such as rbb, N24 and Deutsche Welle TV, and the capital city studios of ARD, ZDF und RTL. Viacom International Media Networks has three mobile TV channels here, Nickelodeon, MTV Mobile and MTV Music. Traditional channels are accompanied by ten pay channels and digital platforms. rbb operates ARD Digital, the digital play-out ­centre for ARD, in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Many new ­offerings and digital special-interest channels, such as Astro TV, have emerged in the course of digitalisation. In 2003, Berlin-Brandenburg was the first urban region worldwide to begin digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (DVB-T). As part of a joint broadband pilot project, mabb and T-Mobile are using radio frequencies to supply broadband internet for the first time in Europe. Industry associations VPRT, VG Media and German IPTV Association are based here and represent their members’ interests.

»Berlin is the ideal location for global media companies like Viacom International Media Networks. The capital has an outstanding infrastructure and provides us with the economic and cultural environment we need to track and generate new impulses and to spur our own productivity far beyond the borders of the region.« Dan Ligtvoet | EVP, Managing Director | Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe |

 Innovative media metropolis: Reference region for DVB-T and pioneering position in Hybrid-TV and 3D-TV as well as in broadband internet access in rural areas via radio frequencies  medienwoche@IFA, IFA, Goldene Kamera, Prix Europa

»I’m convinced that, in the future, the Berlin-Brandenburg region will be able to further solidify its status as the most important location in Germany for producing films and TV content. We want to play a role in furthering this development, which is why we’re very active at both of our studio locations, in Adlershof and Potsdam.« Prof. Carl Bergengruen | Head of the Management Board | Studio Hamburg GmbH |

Diverse Regional TV With almost 30 channels, Berlin-Brandenburg has one of the most diverse regional TV environments in Germany. Programmes at the public access channel »Alex« are offered »tri-medially«, i.e. on TV, ­radio and the Internet. Unique in Germany is the Spreekanal, a channel shared by several independent operators. The Brandenburg TV Network (BFN) ­offers a networking project that encourages a ­faster exchange of programmes. Optimal Production Conditions Studio Hamburg Berlin Brandenburg, which is located at Berlin-Adlershof, provides 10,000 m² of stateof-the art facilities and four large digital broadcast vans for all types of productions ranging from ­information programmes to major entertainment shows. Studio Babelsberg also offers excellent conditions for film and television production. Quality production facilities and the highest level of professionalism and experience can also be found at Berliner Union Film, Park Studios in Potsdam and at many top Berlin dubbing studios and postproduction companies.

TV Producers Askania Media Chronos Media DOKfilm Fernsehproduktion Eikon Media Granada Grundy UFA Janus Film Kobalt Productions Magic Flight Film MedienKontor MME Moviement Moovie – the art of entertainment NFP neue film produktion Nostro Film Opal Filmproduktion Phoenix Film Producers at Work Provobis Film Rubicon Filmproduktion teamWorx TV 21 Vincent Berlin Will Media zero fiction film zero one film Ziegler Film Digital Broadcasters ARD Digital Astro TV Beate-Uhse.TV K1010 Motor TV Parlamentary Television tvister Visono / CLA / Medienmotor



Maybritt Illner (ZDF)

Unter den Linden (Phoenix)

Gottschalk live (ARD)

Hart aber fair (ARD)

Thadeusz (rbb)

Studio Friedman (N24)

Dickes B. (rbb)

Das Duell (n-tv)

Talkshows made in Berlin-Brandenburg

Mobile TV MicroMovie Media Neva Media Q.I.U. Software Solutions IPTV exozet Group FluxTV Freshmilk.TV GMIT Streamcast Media Versatel Berlin x.grad Institutions | Associations | Networks BFN Bitkom bmcoforum German IPTV Association Erich Pommer Institute FSF FSM mabb USK VG Media VPRT Events European Television Dialogue Goldene Kamera IFA IPTV Award Lokalfernsehtage Brandenburg medienwoche@IFA M100 Sanssouci Colloquium Prix Europa Useful Links

Heiner Bremer – Unter den Linden (n-tv)

Günther Jauch (ARD)

Capital of Political TV Journalism Roughly 2,000 national and international correspondents broadcast day-to-day from Germany’s political capital. Phoenix provides daily live broadcasts from the German Bundestag. Eighteen national and international broadcasters have studios in the capital, including ARD, ZDF, RTL, CNBC Europe, RAI, France 2, Al Jazeera, TRT-INT and business broadcaster Bloomberg TV and the news channel N24.


Anne Will (ARD)

»Berlin is the ideal location for the N24 Group. For journalism-based companies like N24 and MAZ&MORE TV-Produktion GmbH, our central location in the capital city gives us a real competitive edge in the business of broadcasting and producing news.« Dr. Torsten Rossmann | Chairman of the ­Management Board | N24 Media GmbH |

Next-Gen TV A number of innovations and important trends like IPTV, Smart TV and 3D-TV come from the capital region. For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communications (FOKUS) helps to develop Digital Content and Transmedia Formats and test the latest technology and standards in the Entertainment on new platforms – the region is field of Hybrid TV and 3D-TV. Leading multimedia also a capital of creative digital content. Germany’s companies are also represented in the region, in- most successful platform, MyVideo, has been in cluding exozet, and the Freshmilk.TV plat- operation here since 2007. The nation’s first Webiform. With its, Axel Springer AG offers sodes, including »They call us CANDY GIRLS«, »Deer a personalised web video recorder. Cutting-edge Lucy« and »Pietshow«, were also produced here. trends, new technologies and content are show- A rapidly expanding transmedia scene has also cased at the international medienwoche@IFA. ­developed out of Berlin. This is where new formats, such as the transmedia Internet crime show »Dina Foxx« (ZDF) and the Medienboard-funded transmedia event »Farewell Comrades!« (arte) arose. »The capital region offers almost perfect conditions for a production company with a broad range of activities like ours. It boasts a highly skilled workforce, unique settings and distinctive locations. What’s more, no other German city offers a casting pool as deep and diverse as the one found in and around Berlin. « Dr. Christian Franckenstein | Speaker of the Management Board | MME Moviement AG |

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.

Stuckrad Late Night (ZDFneo)

Unique Support for Talent Institutions such as the German Academy of Film and Television (dffb), the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television, medienakademie, Skript ­Akademie and Filmhaus Babelsberg educate new generations of TV talent from screenwriters and fiction producers to production managers and ­cameramen. The Entertainment Master Class is a unique training program that involves top international players in the development, production, marketing and distribution of TV shows. The UFA Lab supports creative talent working in interdisciplinary teams on unusual content for new media.


 Germany’s most diverse radio scene  More than 40 analogue and digital radio stations and a workforce of over 1,000  Almost 30 different VHF frequencies  Roughly 100 digital radio stations that are broadcast exclusively via Internet  Six foreign-language stations, three talk-radio stations, diverse music stations, one Christian station, two children’s stations  Home to Deutschlandradio Kultur and Germany’s largest radio group, RTL Radio Deutschland  Six regional radio promoters  Innovative formats for digital and mobile radio Berlin’s »Funkturm« Radio Tower

RADIO »Today, Berlin is once again what it couldn’t be for a long time: a capital, a metropolis and a European hub. For the radio stations of REGIOCAST, being here is always inspiring – and it’s a sense of inspiration we’re happy to share.« Rainer Poelmann | Managing Director | Regiounternehmen REGIOCAST GmbH & Co. KG |

Europe’s Most Diverse Radio Market With a total of 40 different stations, the radio market in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is among the most diverse in Europe. About 30 stations can be received via VHF analogue terrestrial alone. Almost all stations now broadcast via live stream on the Internet. The region is also home to BBC World, ­Radio France International and National Public ­Radio (NPR USA). Deutsche Welle Radio DAB, which broadcasts in 30 languages, has its capital city studios here. Furthermore, the region’s Inforadio and Deutschlandradio Kultur stations present quality news and information programming. Radio ­Russkij, the only private Russian radio station in Germany, also calls Berlin home, as does the private Turkish broadcaster Radio Metropol.

»RTL manages its Berlin radio station and all of its German radio activities from offices here in the capital. Berlin’s creative potential combined with its dynamic and innovative strength make it the ideal environment for our work.« Gert Zimmer | CEO | RTL Radio Deutschland,

Digital and mobile Radio The Berlin-Brandenburg region leads Germany in terms of the introduction of DVB-T. Seven digital radio stations are broadcast in the Berlin metropolitan area at a coverage rate of 100 percent of the digital radio broadcasting network. Radio Advertising A number of leading radio advertising promoters have offices in the region, including IR Media-Ad, Top Radio, RTL Radiovermarktung, urbanXD, R.H.B. Radiohaus Berlin, RaS Radioservice Berlin and ­Radio Paloma/UNITCOM.

»Berlin is indeed a bustling and sexy city. But Brandenburg is extremely charming and has a very high quality of life! It’s much easier to network with clients and partners here, especially because communication routes and hierarchy levels are more manageable than in the big city. « Juliane Adam | Managing Partner | Brandenburger Lokalradios GmbH |

Strong Networks The Association of Private Broadcasters and Telecommunications (VPRT) has its domicile in Berlin and represents the interests of private TV and ­radio broadcasters as well as several companies working in Germany’s multimedia and telecommunications industries. Radiozentrale offers comprehensive information about the German radio market.

Public Radio Stations Antenne Brandenburg Deutschlandradio Kultur Deutschlandfunk Fritz (rbb) Funkhaus Europa Inforadio (rbb) Kulturradio (rbb) OKB Radio radioBerlin 88,8 (rbb) radioeins (rbb) Private Radio Stations 100,6 Flux FM 104.6 RTL ABSV Blindenradio BB Radio Berliner Rundfunk BluRadio Energy Jam FM JazzRadio Kaufradio Kiss FM Klassik Radio Berlin METROPOL FM Radio Paloma Radio Paradiso Radio Russkij Radio TEDDY RTL Oldie Spreeradio Star FM International Radio Stations BBC NPR RFI Stimme Russlands (The Voice of Russia) WRN Digital and mobile Radio Stations 90elf – Das Fußball-Radio 104.6 RTL Deutschlandfunk Deutschlandradio Kultur ERF jayjay Oldiestar Radio Horeb Rock & Pop Spreeradio Sunshine WDR 2



Berlin: Home to Universal Music Germany, MTV and VIVA

The Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall,

Music Companies Ableton Beatport Bechstein DEAG Dubplates und Mastering EuroArts Music Magix Native Instruments SoundCloud Viacom International Media Networks Zero Inch Labels | Publishers !K7 B612 Publishing Basic Channel Bosworth Music Bpitch Control City Slang Keinemusik Kitty-Yo Meisel Musikverlage Ministry of Sound Motor Entertainment OstGut Ton Piranha Rolf Budde Musikverlag Russendisk Sony Music Ent. Traumton Records Tresor Records Universal Music

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Sound of Berlin »A shining national ­music scene, From techno to world music, jazz to electronic creative minds and international sound and pop to classical: Berlin’s music indus­ stars that love the city. As a market leader, we profit from Berlin’s endless try is vibrant, internationally successful and offers potential and we’re set to generate the most diverse concert and event scene in even more musical highlights in the ­Germany. The capital is home to the industry’s future.« most profitable companies, such as leading playFrank Briegmann | President & CEO | ers Universal Music Germany, Deutsche EnterUniversal Music Germany | tainment AG (DEAG), BMG Rights Manage­­ment and the piano manufacturers C. Bechstein. Worldrenowned orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic under Sir Simon Rattle, the Berlin Staats­ kapelle under Daniel Barenboim and the Berlin Academy of Old Music, influence the city’s repu- fields of classical, jazz and world music. Software tation as the capital of music just as much as its manufacturers such as MAGIX, Native ­Instruments countless events and festivals. Labels, such as and Ableton supply the music industry with the Tim Renner’s Motor Music, Piranha, !K7 Records, most up-to-date solutions in music software. The Jack White, Embassy of Music, Get Physical and Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall is the Traumton, underline Berlin’s status as an interna- world’s first virtual concert hall and provides all tionally prominent music metropolis. Many com- of the orchestra’s concerts via online digital panies, such as the artists’ agency Impresariat stream. Independent online ­platforms such as Simmenauer, the marketer Super­star Entertain- Zero Inch, Tonspion and Beatport provide a widement and the Keinemusik network, ­profit from ranging selection of downloadable music in a the city’s creative independent music scene. Add variety of genres. The SoundCloud platform helps to these more than 151 music publishing compa- to network, promote and distribute music on the nies, including market leaders ­Universal Music Internet. Net labels such as Pentagonik and ­Pulsar Publishing, Sony Classics, Rolf Budde Musik­verlag, Records are also forging new paths in music disMeisel Musikverlage, Bosworth Music and ­Boosey tribution. & Hawkes. More than 70 sound studios, a number of leading producers and many composers are Several web ­radio stations, such as Klubradio, also based in Berlin. This concentration of exper- wahwahFM and Aupeo, offer listeners the best tise raises business interest in the capital region sound quality and custom-made programming. and makes it an ever increasing magnet for the Web TV broad­casters such as and FluxTV global music ­industry. have also been able to firmly establish themselves in the industry. ­tape-tv’s new business model Driving Forces and Innovative Platforms offers personalized online music TV and was Many specialized companies benefit from Berlin’s ­recently voted »Start-Up of the Year« by Gründerstrong music industry and also act as driving szene magazine. forces for growth. EuroArts Music International is one of the most successful international produc­ ers and distributors of audiovisual content in the


 About 1,400 companies with a workforce of over 14,000 and annual revenues of almost € 700 million  Home to Universal Music Germany, Sony Classics, Viacom International Media Networks, DEAG, Sony Music Entertainment and EuroArts Medien  ECHO Awards, Berlin Music Week with the Popkomm Music Fair and Berlin Festival, Young Euro Classics, club transmediale (CTM)  Creative music scene as driving force behind the music industry  Most diverse concert scene in Germany Take That, 2011 ECHO Award winners in the category »Group International Rock/Pop«


 Home to important networks and national associations such as the ­Federal Association of the Music Industry, Clubcommission, Label ­Commission and Berlin Music Commission

The most important music awards in Germany

International Events, Festivals and Awards Among the most popular events in the industry is the glamorous ECHO Awards presentation, which bestows the second largest music award in the world after the Grammys. The Young Euro Classics Composer’s Award and the Hanns Eisler Award for Composition and Contemporary Music Interpretation are also handed out here. Berlin’s reputation as a vibrant and unique capital of ­music is enhanced by several music festivals such as Berlin Music Week with Popkomm and the ­Berlin Festival, the Berlin Music Days with a2n, musikfest berlin, Ultraschall, JazzFest, MaerzMusik, Fête de la Musique, Berliner Tage für alte Musik, Classic Open Air or In-Edit. The Sound­designforum presents new and innovative oppor­tunities in the field of sound design.

»Digitalization is forcing the media industry to reinvent itself. In order to change and adapt, it needs locations with a wide range of free space, curious people and a large degree of openness. Our region fits this description perfectly. It’s the ideal environment for the new digital media industry to grow and thrive in.« Tim Renner | Managing Director | Motor Entertainment GmbH |

sion and the industry-wide network berlinbrandenburg seek to intensify the already lively ­exchange within the music scene and with Strong Associations and Networks other industries. The Clubcommission is the ­voice Leading music associations, such as the Federal of Berlin’s club scene and supports its members Association of the Recording Industry and the via sector-specific training, advisory services, German Association of Independent Record Compa­ PR and networking. Roughly 400 Berlin-based nies, Music Publishers and Music Producers music companies participate in the MUSIK 2020 (VUT), are based here. The Berlin Music Commis- BERLIN campaign, which aims to create closer links between business and cultural policy activities. »Ministry of Sound/Embassy of Music was founded in 2001 and in that same year decided to move to Berlin. Our offices are now home to companies such as Flux FM, Melt Booking, Berlin Festival, Beatport and diverse artist management agencies. Viacom, Universal, the 02 World and BMG all have offices in our direct vicinity. From electrounderground to big corporations, Berlin is the city where music comes alive in Germany!« Konrad von Löhneysen | Managing Director | E ­ mbassy of Music GmbH |

Music Industry Information Online The music database at the Business Location ­Centre ( profiles 1,300 Berlin music companies and institutions. The Berlin Senate’s »Project Future« supports the industry via information campaigns, publications and networks. The »Discovering Music Archives« project ( headed up by rbb Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg makes audio archives avail­ able in a common, public-access online database throughout Europe. Information on industry-­ related financing opportunities, trade fairs and networks can be found at www.creative-city-­

Festivals | Trade Fairs | Awards a2n Berlin Music Days Berlin Music Week Berlin Festival Classic Open Air ECHO Award Hanns Eisler Prize JazzFest Berlin Karneval der Kulturen MaerzMusik Musikfest Berlin Open Air Classic Sommer Popkomm Sounddesignforum Potsdam Club Transmediale Ultraschall Young Euro Classic Initiativen | Clubs | Associations Berlin Music Commission Clubcommission Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI) Federal Association of Organisers of Musical Performances German Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT) German Association for Electricacoustic Music (DEGEM) GEMA Head Office Berlin Initiative Musik Label-Commission Berlin berlinbrandenburg Useful Links www.businesslocationcenter. de/musik



»Spec Ops: The Line« by Yager Development

Computer Games Museum, Berlin

Presentation of the »Deutscher Computerspielpreis« in Berlin with Bernd Neumann, Germany‘s Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media

Games Developers | Publishers Aeria Games Europe Bailamo point Berlin Binary Madness Crowdpark Covus Games exozet games Experimental Game Extrajetzt Interactive Frogster GameDuell Infernum Productions Just A Game kunst-stoff morgen studios Neonga Neutron Games Newtracks OnNet Europe Plinga Promotion Software Silver Style Entertainment Softgames Tivola Wooga XBlaster Yager Development Zeroscale Services Karakter SponsorPay GameGenetics (popmog) Games Quality nexxter interactive services Station54 Edutainment | E-Learning Condat Cornelsen Datango Digital Spirit Egmont Ehapa Kiddinx Lingua TV TEIA

Innovative Games Cluster »In 2012, YAGER will put the finishing Berlin-Brandenburg sets new game trends and touches on one of the largest game puts innovative developments into practice. The productions in the world. And we’ve already started thinking about our regional games industry now has almost 200 comnext big project. Berlin is like an panies and the strongest growth in the country. engine in this ongoing development No other location has such a dense and diverse process – for us, the city is always ­games infrastructure. In addition to successful new, unpredictable and inspiring.« game developers for PCs and consoles, such as Timo Ullmann | Managing Director | ­Yager Development and morgen studios, new YAGER Development GmbH | companies such as Wooga and Crowdprak are thriving on the social media games market. Frogster enjoys international success as a publisher of online ­games; GameGenetics has created a new business model for online games with its free-to- ming provider Extrajetzt Interactive. Industry serplay marketplace; and start-ups like Infernum Pro- vices, such as advertising, payment systems, ductions and Neonga are attractive for investors. sound r­ ecording, localization, quality assurance With more than 20 million members, GameDuell is and ­concept art, are provided by companies such one of Europe’s most popular games sites. »Panfu« as SponsorPay, Station54, Anakan, Audioberlin, is Europe’s largest children’s website with over ­Games Quality and Karakter. 15,000 new registrations per day. Bigpoint, the The national associations G.A.M.E. and BIU and the world’s most successful browser game provider, German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation has had its roughly 100 employees in Berlin since Body (USK) are headquartered in Berlin and were 2010. Award-winning indie studios, such as joined in early 2012 by the »Stiftung für Interaktive ­Neutron Games, Spaces of Play and kunst-stoff, Unterhaltungsmedien« (Foundation for Interacalso have their offices here, as does the public ga- tive Entertainment Media). The Centre for Com­ put­er Games Research at the University of ­Potsdam (DIGAREC) and the Gameslab at the HTW Berlin are also at home here. »The over 15 million people who play games »Made in Berlin« every day prove that the capital is Europe’s most attractive start-up center for the games industry and an ideal location for business. Together with the now over 130 games companies working here, we were able to establish our company very solidly here. And we continue to grow. « Kai Bolik | Management Board Chairman | GameDuell GmbH |

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


DGT, Quo Vadis, Deutscher Computerspielpreis Several events make Berlin-Brandenburg one of the most important meeting points for the ­games industry. The DGT – Deutsche ­Gamestage, Germany’s leading game developers event, with the Quo Vadis games developers’ conference, A MAZE.Indie Connect and the job fair »Making Games Talents« have taken place in Berlin since 2007. The »Deutscher Computerspielpreis« – the highest endowed games award in Germany – is handed out as part of the DGT together with the German Games Award »LARA«. Wii-Bar PLAY, the


 Strongest growth in Germany in the games and software industry (over 140 percent in the past 10 years)  IT capital with 4,000 companies with over 31,000 employees and an annual turnover of over € 1.4 billion in the software and games industry  Well-networked creative location for digital entertainment, online and browser games, serious games, social games, mobile games, virtual worlds, edutainment and E-Learning

Sketches for »Mr. X Neutral Agents« by Berlin-based studio Karakter for Bigpoint

 Excellent educational opportunities in games and computer-generated 3D animation  Top industry events: DGT – Deutsche Gamestage, Quo Vadis game ­developers’ conference, Deutscher Computerspielpreis, LARA – German Games Award, AR Business Conference Europe, A MAZE. Festival etc.

Transmedia Project »TwinKomplex« by developer Ludic Philosophy

DGT – Deutsche Gamestage: Germany’s leading game developers event

Next-­Level-Lounge, Gamestorm, A MAZE. and the Streetgame Initiative Berlin Invisible Playground round out the picture. International Creative Capital with Excellent Educational Opportunities The region’s vibrant cultural scene attracts crea­ tives from all over the world. Hardly any other location in Europe has such wide educational offerings as Berlin-Brandenburg. Games Academy, Qantm/ SAE Institute, Macromedia Hochschule, Media­ design Hochschule, School for Games and the L4 Institute provide training in games. Game-orient­ ed study programmes are also offered by state ­institutions such as the HTW Berlin, Humboldt ­University, TU Berlin, FH and the University of ­Potsdam. Computer-generated 3D animation is taught at the Konrad Wolf Academy (HFF) and the power of innovation is explored at the HPI School of ­Design Thinking.

Quo Vadis: The largest German-speaking game developers conference

Deutscher Computerspielpreis: The highest awards for interactive entertainment media in Germany

»Berlin is international, creative and affordable. This unbeatable mix attracts highly skilled individuals from all over the world – and it’s essential for allowing a company like Wooga, in the still relatively young games segment, to be able to establish itself and expand.« Jens Begemann | Founder and CEO | Wooga GmbH |

nies and institutions have come together to promote the development of game-based application. ­Publishers such as Tivola or Cornelsen, as well as companies such as Quadriga Games, exozet or ­Digital Spirit, offer platforms, applications and technology for edutainment and E-Learning. ­Online Educa, the largest international E-Learning conference, takes place each year in Berlin.

Serious Games, Edutainment and E-Learning The first network for serious games was estab­ Funding and Financing lished in Berlin-Brandenburg. Roughly 15 compa- A strong array of advisory services, networks, finan­ cing and funding provides the right environment for new projects, business ideas and start-ups. ­Medienboard has funded computer game devel­ »As a creative hot spot, Berlin opment since 2006 and offers ideal conditions, attracts high-level talent from all ­including a number of networking events and over the world to Germany. We benefit from this, as well. The ­trade conferences. The regional funding program industry is given fresh impetus for has established itself as a quality seal for digital growth by events such as the DGT – ­entertainment formats, with funded projects winDeutsche Gamestage, the Quo ning prizes regularly. The states of Berlin and BranVadis Developers Conference and the delegation denburg fund up to 50 percent of capital expensent to the G-Star games fair in South Korea with the support of Berlin’s Senate Department for ditures or wage costs; they provide grants and Economics, Technology and Research.« loans for R&D projects; and they support competitions, ­public-private partnerships and tradeshow Heiko Hubertz | Founder and CEO | Bigpoint GmbH | | appea­rances via infrastructure projects. The business ­development companies Berlin Partner and Branden­­burg Economic Development Board (ZAB) provide information on financing opportunities.

Education | Research DIGAREC Center for Computer Research Games Academy HFF Konrad Wolf HTW Berlin Gameslab L4 Institute for Digital Communication Macromedia Hochschule MD.H Mediadesign Hochschule Qantm/SAE-Institute School for Games TU Berlin University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) Associations | Networks Berlin Games & Web 2.0 Forum BIU G.A.M.E. Gamesköpfe Berlin Interface Berlin Serious Games Berlin Stiftung Interaktive Unterhaltungsmedien USK Events | Exhibitions A MAZE. Festival Berlin 2.0 Deutscher Computerspielpreis DGT –Deutsche Gamestage Invisible Playground Berlin Making Games Talents medienwoche@IFA Online Educa Berlin Quo Vadis Funding | Financing Berlin Partner Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) Medienboard Useful Links www.businesslocationscenter. de/games


Web | Social Media

Germany’s biggest online shopping club: brands4friends

Transmedia project »Rescue Dina Foxx!« (UFA, teamworx, ZDF)

Groupon: The coupon platform with offices in Berlin

Web | Social Media Companies 45info 6Wunderkinder castaclip Dooyoo eBay Filmwerte Freshmilk.TV Futurice GameDuell Grundy UFA Immobilienscout24 Jesta Digital Juno Metaversum MME Mokono MyHammer Pixelpark Smava Stepmap Trabayo Zanox Social Media | Blogosphere

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Digital Centre »Berlin is the Silicon Valley of Europe. Berlin-Brandenburg is Germany’s digital capital With its over 60 start-ups, it has and well on its way to becoming Europe’s digital become the hot spot for people launching Internet companies. This is centre as well. In leading publications, such as where creative entrepreneurial spirit ­Wired UK, Financial Times Germany and Gründerunites with technical know-how and, the region is described as the leading innovative strength. And the result is hot spot on the Web scene. In the past several successful companies like Groupon.« ­years, the number of IT companies has grown by Dr. Daniel P. Glasner | almost 150 percent. Industry leaders like Google, CEO Groupon Central Europe | Groupon GmbH SAP and Microsoft have set up offices in the capital region alongside eBay, Groupon, Zalando and brands4friends. This is where Web 2.0 pioneers, such as, the VZ Networks and Mr. Wong were founded and where promising start-ups like 6Wunderkinder, Amen, Gidsy, the Scout Group, Newtracks and SoundCloud attract international Tracks & Fields and Juno Internet. The number of attention. investors active in the region has also grown ­tremendously in the past several years. Venture The Center of Venture Capital for Web and IT capital funds, such as Earlybird Capital, Atomico, Start-Ups Holzbrinck Ventures, HP Ventures, Tengelmann Since 2004, the Berlin-Brandenburg region has Ventures and actor Ashton Kutcher invested € 136 been the site of the most web and social media million in regional high-tech companies in the first start-ups in Germany, including DaWanda and three quarters of 2011 alone (see chapter Startnewcomers like 7trends, 9flats, castaclip, Tvype, Ups | Founders’ Scene, p.31). Leading media corporations are active participants in the development of several innovative Internet companies in the ­region: for example, Axel »Berlin is the perfect location Springer AG with,,; for producing media for the global market. Here, we have found the the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group with right partners and employees for studiVZ and; and Burdadigital with all our innovation-related activities, ­GameDuell. such as connected TV, augmented reality and social gaming. The fact that foreign investors like the city a lot, that it has a wealth of creative ­energy and that it enjoys the good reputation of »German ­engineering« makes Berlin the ideal place for us.«

Frank Zahn | Managing Director | Exozet Group GmbH & Co. KG |

New Content, Transmedia Formats and Digital Distribution Berlin-Brandenburg has developed a creative trans­ media producer scene, including companies such as doodem, Gebrüder Beetz, Ludic Philosophy, MobileMelting, MovieBrats, UFA Lab and vm-­people. Major innovations in the field of linear media also originate here. Companies such as Jesta Digital, Mediapeers, Moviepilot, Filmconfect, castaclip

Web | Social Media

 Active founders scene with start-ups like SoundCloud, 6Wunderkinder, brands4friends, Amen, Newtracks and Gidsy  Innovative companies such as MyHammer, Groupon or Zalando  Creative Capital Region for New Content, Transmedia Formats and Digital Distribution  BerlinWebWeek with re:publica and NEXT, droidcon, Chaos Communication Congress, Social Media Week, webinale

re:publica: Germany’s most important bloggers conference

NEXT: The leading European ­conference for the digital industry

webinale: The holistic web conference

GameDuell – Germany’s largest game portal

and 45info open new markets in digital film and TV use. The fields of social media, web content and transmedia are actively supported in the capital region. Regular industry get-togethers take place here, including Transmedia Storytelling Berlin, Transmedia Meeting Berlin and the international Pixellab. World-renowned events such as the BerlinWebWeek with its re:publica and NEXT digital confer­ ences, as well as the droidcon and Chaos Communication Congress attract Internet pioneers year after year to the region. The Berlinale Keynotes, DGT – Deutsche Gamestag, the International Media Convention at the medienwoche@ IFA and »Media Meets IT« regularly highlight online strategies and promote exchange among industries. Pioneers in Politics and Digital Society The Wikimedia Foundation, operator of Wikipedia, opened its Berlin offices in 2008. The globally ­active Creative Commons movement works from Berlin to develop new forms of copyright and knowledge sharing. The annual Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin draws the attention of the international web community to critical ­security gaps and data leaks. In 2011, the ­»Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and ­Society« opened in Berlin with support from Google. There are also leading platforms such as, and here. In ­addition to and, among the best known and most influential German Weblogs are Spreeblick and Perlentaucher. Institutes, Networks and Industry Platforms Several networks have been established in BerlinBrandenburg that are designed to support young companies in their efforts to find investors and to expand their business and networking. These networks include berlinbrandenburg, the ADT Association of German Innovation, Technolo-

»Our goal is to support and promote free knowledge. This is why it’s really important for us to have close contact to political decision-makers. Berlin-Brandenburg also provides us with an open, creative and IT-friendly environment where we can create and maintain valuable partnerships. « Pavel Richter | Managing Director | Wikimedia Germany |

gy and Founders’ Centers, the Berlin 2.0 Initiative and, since 2012, the matchmaking platform ­ Startup Match. Medienboard, Berlin’s Senate Depart­ment for Economics, Technology and ­Research, Brandenburg’s Ministry of Economics and European Affairs and ZAB support the industry via initiatives, events, publications and many more. The portal gives an overview of Berlin-based companies. The initiative dotberlin caused a stir around the world with its campaign to introduce the top-level ».berlin« ­domain, in the meantime raising enthusiasm in other major cities like Paris and New York.

»Berlin is Germany’s only global ­metropolis. And the capital’s ­magnetism continues to grow ­unabated. The city’s mix of ­start-ups, creatives, digital society and ­publishers is utterly unique. Come to Berlin!« Andreas Gebhard | Managing Director | ­newthinking communications GmbH / co-Founder re:publica |

E-Commerce | Online Shops Networks | Institutions Berlin 2.0 Bitkom Creative City Berlin Echtzeit Berlin ECO Association eCOMM Federal Association of German Innovation, Technology and Founders Centers (ADT) Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) German IPTV Association berlinbrandenburg media.connect brandenburg Medienboard Berlin­Brandenburg Project Future (Projekt Zukunft) SIBB Wikimedia Events Berlin Open BerlinWebWeek droidcon Next Conference re:publica Social Media Week UX Camp Webinale Awards Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award BIENE Award DMMA Onlinestar Deutsche Welle Blog Awards Digital Lifestyle Award German IPTV Awards Webcuts 19

Mobile Business

Bitbop by Jesta Digital: Series for PCs, laptops and smartphones

Mobile Business Companies Avero checkitmobile exozet Futurice GMIT hiogi Hiwave Jesta Digital lieblinx Nokia gate5 textunes Visono Vivendi Mobile Entertainment YOC Mobile Entertainment aka-aki networks dailyme exozet games Extrajetzt Freshmilk iconmobile group Jamba! komoot Micro Movie MME Moviement mobile melting motain MTV Mobile/Business Development playSocial UFA Interactive Spaces of Play the binary family webxells WeFind Mobile Zed Germany

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Hot-spot for Mobile Business »As one of the world’s leading Berlin-Brandenburg is a major centre for the devel­ providers of digital entertainment opment and production of creative and ­innovative formats, we’ve profited from Berlin’s international flair and enormous incontent for mobile applications, and it plays a leanovative potential for already more ding role in European comparison as the hot-spot than a decade.« for mobile business. More than 50 companies in Markus Peuler | Managing Director | Jesta Digital the capital region currently specialize in devel­ oping content for mobile services, mobile marketing and mobile communities. The region is home to the major players in Europe’s mobile entertainment industry, including Jesta Digital as well as MTV Mobile and Vivendi Mobile Entertainment. With their business applications, the iconmobile ping apps. Nokia’s 1,000 employees in Berlin devel­ group and Futurice are among the interna­­tio­n­al op new location-based applications. Also wellmarket leaders. Start-up projects such as the estab­­lished here are companies such as exozet, ­mobile knowledge platform hiogi, the location- ­madvertise, Fonpit and Hiwave. based storyteller MobileMelting, the mobile radio, the cross-platform task-manager The mobile sector meets regularly in Berlin at the Wunder­list from 6Wunderkinder and the mobile »MobileMonday« meetings and, in 2009, the Intersocial network aka-aki are among the most inno- national Android Conference established itself as a major date in the mobile calendar. New trends and vative apps worldwide. The YOC Group is one of the leading full-service developments are presented at the ­International providers for the use of mobile phones as a Media Convention of the medienwoche@IFA and ­medium for advertising, information and trans­ at IT-Profits. actions. Dealomio from Berlin-based Servtag is one of Germany’s largest mobile community shop- Mobile TV, Entertainment Apps and Fresh Content More and more traditional media companies are also entering the market and offering mobile »Berlin is the region where high­entertainment content. MTV Mobile Business ­quality content producers meet ­modern communication network ­Development produces mobile content for the TV ­providers. It’s also the place where broadcasters VIVA, MTV, Nickelodeon and ­Comedy we can work together to develop Central in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The the business models of ­tomorrow, so Bertelsmann subsidiary UFA Interactive is ­heavily that all customers can have access to involved in the development and production of ­attractive content every­where and at all times.« new content for mobile applications. With its Harald Geywitz | Berlin Office Head | »Big in America« series, MME Moviement was the E-PLUS GRUPPE | E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG | first company to create a mobile soap in ­Germany. MicroMovie concentrates on the development and implementation of mobile video ­formats. With the »dailyme« service, users can create their

Mobile Business

 Leading position in mobile content and mobile TV in Europe  More than 50 companies focussed on mobile entertainment and mobile communities   Innovative app developer scene: Jesta Digital, MTV Mobile, Vivendi Mobile, Futurice, iconmobile   Over 700 WLAN hotspots in Berlin alone

iPad version of »Catan – The First Island« by exozet games

  Leading location for technological innovations and broadband ­internet in rural areas   droidcon, Augmented Reality Business Conference, MobileMonday etc.  Telekom Laboratories, Fraunhofer Institutes, TU Berlin, HU Berlin, HTW Berlin, Hasso-Plattner-Institute etc.

»The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic« by kunst-stoff, winner of the German Developers’ Prize for Best Mobile Game

own TV channel for their smart phone out of current TV formats and video casts. Softgames is the first company to offer mobile game ­developers a unified interface to distribute their games, and Look Mommy! advises parents as to which games and applications are best for their children on smartphones and tablets. Attractive Conditions The development agencies Berlin Partner and the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB), the ILB and IBB state banks, the TSB Berlin and ­Medienboard support the industry via a number of funding measures and targeted networking. Thanks to Medienboard support, the producers at LunaLand were able to get their interactive iPad children’s story also shown as a TV series on ZDF. kunst-stoff won the German Developers Prize with its mobile game »Galaxy Racers« and the app ­storytude made Mobile Melting one of the most promising start-ups of 2011. Additionally, start-­ ups such as webxells and komoot were able to profit from the funding opportunities provided by ­Brandenburg.

»Ninety out of iconmobile’s 170 employees are based in the capital. We work for brands such as Microsoft, BMW and Colgate, and we recruit a great deal of foreign talent. Berlin’s international allure really helps us make that possible.« Burkhard Leimbrock | Managing Director for Mobile Marketing (CE-SE-MEA) | iconmobile GmbH |

»Berlin is a diverse and ­cosmopolitan city bursting with life. For us, the capital is the perfect location from which to shape the digital future.« Dirk Kraus | CEO | YOC AG |

Technological Innovation and First-Rate Re­search Almost 100 regional companies develop software and hardware in the field of wireless technologies and over 200 institutions from business, science, administration and politics work for the secure use of wireless technologies in healthcare, administration, transport, trade, logistics and project and counterfeit protection. In 2012, with the help of the »Digital Dividends« pilot project launched by the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) in cooperation with T-Mobile, a radio frequency was made available for broadband internet use for the first time in Europe. This allowed Brandenburg to take the lead in the use of radio frequencies for new mobile services. Regional research institutions, such as the ­Fraunhofer Institutes and Telekom Innovation ­L aboratories, develop new technologies for ­mobile devices and the so-called second screen, i.e. interaction between smartphones and smart TV, among others. The Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum (bmcoforum) lobbies governmental agencies on behalf of mobile broadcast companies and seeks to accelerate technological inno­ vations such as the development of content for mobile TV. Future-oriented developments in Augmented Reality Technologies are also presented at the ARB Conference.

Institutions | Associations | Networks Alcatel-Lucent Stiftungs­Verbundkolleg Berlin bmcoforum eCOMM Freifunk Berlin berlinbrandenburg Medienanstalt Berlin­Brandenburg Medienboard Berlin­Brandenburg Research | Technology Fraunhofer-Institute IuK-Group FIRST FOKUS IZM ISST Telekom Innovation Laboratories Events | Festivals ARBcon.Europe animago Award droidcon medienwoche@IFA MobileMonday Viral Video Award



dpa Newsroom: multimedia broadcasting

iKiosk by Axel Springer with more than 100 magazines and newspapers

Publishing Publishers Audible Aufbau Verlag Axel Springer Berlin Verlag Blumenbar Verlag Cornelsen De Gruyter Der Audio Verlag Duncker & Humblot Egmont Ehapa Klaus Wagenbach Reprodukt rowohlt Berlin Seyfried Software und Support Springer Science+Business Media Suhrkamp Tandem Ullstein Buchverlag Ueberreuter Hanser Verlag Berlin Regional Newspapers B.Z. Berliner Kurier Berliner Morgenpost Berliner Zeitung Der Tagesspiegel Lausitzer Rundschau Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung Märkische Oderzeitung Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten National Newspapers BILD BILD am SONNTAG Die Welt Freitag Jüdische Allgemeine Junge Welt Jungle World Neues Deutschland taz Welt am Sonntag Welt kompakt

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


book Connect. The company is also involved in Unique Variety With roughly 10,000 publications annually and the development of a variety of innovative Berlinabout 300 book and 500 press publishers, the based internet companies, including, ­capital region is the most important publishing and kaufDA. The Holtzbrinck Group location in Germany. Axel Springer AG, one of (Berlin’s Der Tagesspiegel and Potsdam’s Neueste Europe’s largest media corporations, has its head- Nachrichten) is also the owner of studiVZ, Audible quarters here, including the editorial offices of its and MyHammer. In 2011, Zeit Online won two Lead newspapers Die Welt, Welt Kompakt, Welt am Awards in Gold and a Grimme Online Award, and it Sonntag, Bild, B.Z. and Bild am Sonntag. Twelve was also the first German editorial team to receive daily newspapers, nine weeklies, three Sunday the American Online Journalism Award. In the field ­papers, 79 classified ad papers, 15 city magazines of eBooks, the Berlin based start-up txtr devel­ and several national magazines are read by mil­ oped products and services for digital reading. lions of people every day both in print and on The start-up textunes specialises in hosting pub­ lish­ers’ content on mobile devices. e-paper on mobile devices. About 20 news agencies from all over the world are represented in Berlin, including dpa, dapd, Leaders in Science Publishing Reuters, ANSA, Hsinhua, Saudi Arabia News ­Agency Berlin’s publishing landscape features several and AFP. More than ten percent of German journal­ world-renowned scientific, textbook and specialists and press photographers live in the capital. In interest publishers. With 2,000 special-interest addition, more than 90 regional daily papers and magazines, 6,000 book titles and a wide-ranging over 20 national papers and magazines, such as eBook segment, Springer Science+Business Media Der Spiegel, Focus, Die Zeit, Stern or Wirtschafts- is Germany’s largest publisher of trade journals woche, have editorial offices in the capital. The and scientific magazines. With its roughly 1,500 Foreign Press Association in Germany (VDP) counts titles per year, Berlin-based Cornelsen Verlag is more than 400 members from 60 countries. one of Germany‘s leading educational media pubThe capital region is also the source of numerous lishers. The portfolio of De Gruyter, Europe’s larg­ award-winning journalistic blogs such as and Digital is now! Digitalization has transformed the business models of traditional publishers. Axel Springer is not the only company active on all relevant mobile and stationary internet platforms with offerings from its various media brands (e.g. Bild, Die Welt, iKiosk): almost all Berlin daily newspapers have expanded their social media activities and are present on Xing, Twitter and Facebook. In 2009, was the first news portal to integrate Face-

» The WELT GRUPPE’s recipe for ­success in Berlin: high-quality ­journalism, creativity and ­innovation. The result is a number of daily papers, a digital all-round package and the unique reading pleasure of the WELT am Sonntag.« Jan-Eric Peters | Editor-in-Chief WELT-Gruppe | Axel Springer AG |


 Strongest publishing region in Germany with over 300 book and press publishers, a total turnover of over € 4.9 billion annually and roughly 38,000 employees   Headquarters of Axel Springer AG, Ullstein, Suhrkamp, Cornelsen, Egmont Ehapa, Aufbau Verlag and Tandem   800 printing companies, including the Bundesdruckerei, Springer Druckerei, BVZ Berliner Zeitungsdruck and Märkische Verlags- und Druckgesellschaft   10,000 new books published annually, more than any other German city   Editorial offices of over 90 regional newspapers and more than 20 national newspapers  Capital of writers: 60 percent of Germany’s PEN members live in Berlin  Headquarters of important associations: BDZV, VDZ, Federal Press Conference ­Association (BPK)

Unique variety of newspapers International Media Meeting M100 Sanssouci Colloquium during medienwoche@IFA in Potsdam

Digital Innovators’ Summit: Renowned experts discuss future strategies

published in the capital region each year make it the leader in Germany. No other German city has as many bookstores as Berlin, currently around 400. With its collection of roughly 10,000 works, the city’s Comics Library is absolutely unique in the country.

News Agengies ANSA AFP dapd dpa DPP KNA Reuters Sport-Informations-Dienst

Booming Magazine Scene Berlin has the widest diversity of cultural and ­scene-specific magazines in Germany. This makes it the ideal test market for new formats, such as Spex, Dummy, Monopol, Achtung, Cicero, the ­G erman edition of Vice and 032c and Andy Warhol’s Interview. These often bilingual maga­ est publisher specialising in the humanities, con- zines target an international audience and convey tains more than 170 scientific magazines, over 35 Berlin’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. In 2010, Rolling databases and more than 850 new publica­tions Stone, Musikexpress and Metal Hammer, all of each year. The science specialists Duncker & which belong to Axel Springer AG’s WELT Group, ­Humblot publish roughly 300 new books, over 150 moved from Munich to Berlin. Germany’s Umweltwriters’ series and about 15 science magazines hilfe moved the editorial offices of its environ­ mental magazine zeo2 to the capital. Other na­ and almanacs annually. tional magazines, such as Test and Finanztest published by the German Consumer Protection Popular Publishing Location In recent years, many publishers have moved back Agency and special interest magazines like De:Bug to the capital region and several prominent houses complete the picture. have set up offices here, such as the renowned ­Ullstein Group, Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin Verlag, Edition Braus, Blumenbar Verlag and Tandem »As the market leader in magazines ­Verlag. Hanser Berlin was recently founded in and comics for children and young ­Berlin and Ueberreiter Verlag will move from adults, being based in Berlin gives us a major strategic advantage. Berlin is ­Vienna in 2012. Berlin’s roughly 300 publishers young and dynamic, and it radiates have enriched the German book market for years: innovation and creativity. These are whether it’s Rowohlt Berlin, founded immediately ideal conditions not only for „Mickey following the fall of the Berlin Wall, or Aufbau Mouse“, „Asterix“, „Wendy“ and the like, but also for ­Verlag. Die Andere Bibliothek was sold to Aufbau developing new business models. « Verlag and will also publish here from now on. Ulrich Buser | Managing Director | Egmont Ehapa Other prominent houses, such as Klaus Wagenbach, Verlag GmbH | Eulenspiegel, Rotbuch, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Transit and BeBra, as well as comic publishers, such as Egmont Ehapa, Seyfried and Reprodukt, are ­located here. A total of 9,000 first edition books

Editorial Offices | Online Editorial Offices Der Spiegel Die Zeit Financial Times Deutschland Focus Frankfurter Allgemeine Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung Frankfurter Rundschau Handelsblatt Stern Süddeutsche Zeitung Wirtschaftswoche

»Our location in Potsdam provides our publishing company and its roughly 60 employees with an ideal mix of culture, media, and history. We publish over 200 non-fiction books in 40 different languages in this exciting environment.« Herbert Ullmann / Managing Partner | h.f.ullmann publishing GmbH |

Magazines 032c Achtung – Zeitschrift für Mode Cicero Das Magazin DE:Bug Deutsch Magazine Dummy Eulenspiegel Finanztest Friedrich Guter Rat Interview Leonce Monopol Mosaik Politik & Kommunikation Siegessäule Spex Test The Ex-Berliner Vice ZEITmagazin Leben ZEO2



M100 Sanssouci Colloquium 2010: (from l. to r.) Jann Jakobs, Mayor of Potsdam, Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist and 2010 M100 Prize Winner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, eulogist Joachim Gauck and M100 Managing Director Moritz van Dülmen

Aufbau Haus: Berlin’s newest creative center and home of Aufbau Publishing

Associations | Institutions Association of German Magazine Publishers Berliner Journalisten Bundesverband Deutscher Anzeigenblätter Bundesverband Deutscher Pressesprecher Deutscher ­Fachjournalistenverband Deutsche Journalisten Union DJV Berlin Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers Federal Press Conference Foreign Press Association in Germany (VAP) German Publishers and Booksellers Association Märkischer Presse- und Wirtschaftsclub The German Printing and Media Industries Federation Vereinigung Berliner Pressesprecher

houses, a number of public and private funding initiatives and trade fairs and literary events. It is the home of prominent literary agencies, such as Eggers & Landwehr, Graf & Graf, Mohrbooks Berlin, Behrens & Richter, Herbach & Haase and The Berlin Agency.

Events | Awards AKEP-Award Alfred-Döblin-Preis Axel-Springer-Preis Berlin-Brandenburgische Buchwochen Berliner Bücherfest Berliner Krimi-Tage Berliner Literaturpreis Deutscher Reporterpreis Digital Innovators’ Summit Goldener Prometheus internationales literaturfestival berlin M100 Sanssouci Colloquium open mike poesiefestival Theodor-Wolff-Preis ver.di Literaturpreis BerlinBrandenburg Zeitschriftentage Useful Links

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


»Since it was founded in Berlin in 1946, Cornelsen Verlag has grown from a small, family-operated publishing company into one of Germany’s leading providers of educational ­publications and services. But it’s not just our history that ties us to the capital. Berlin’s attractiveness as a location gives us a decisive competitive advantage when it comes to attracting the best employees.«

Top-Level National Associations and Events Many important print-related federations, institutions and associations have their headquarters in Wolf-Rüdiger Feldmann | Managing Director | Berlin-Brandenburg. These include the Federal Cornelsen Verlag | Press Conference Association (BPK), the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) and the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ). Awards such as the Alfred Döblin Award, the open mike Award – the most important German prize for young authors – the Golden ProSuccessful Audio Book Publishers Audio books are one of the strongest growing pro- metheus for Journalist of the Year, the Theodorducts areas in publishing today. With a total of Wolff Award (every two years), the Axel-Springer1,500 audio book productions, Berlin-based Audio Award for Young Journalists, the German Reporter Verlag (DAV) is one of the leading audio book pub- Award, the AKEP Award and the Award for Innovalishers in Germany. With more than 40,000 titles in tion in Electronic Publishing are given out on an four languages, Audible is the world’s leading pro- annual basis. Prominent international events, vider of audio book downloads and the worldwide such as the Digital Innovators’ Summit, the Zeitschriftentage, Potsdam’s M100 Sanssouci Colloexclusive partner of Apple’s iTunes store. quium and the International Media Convention of the medienwoche@IFA, complete the picture. The Writer’s Capital Berlin is the capital of authors and a magnet for writers from all over the world. Roughly 60 percent of Germany’s PEN members, 10 percent of all »In just a few months time, we’ve ­German authors and a large number of awardsucceeded in transforming Aufbau Haus into the headquarters of a winning writers are based in Berlin. Herta Müller, number of publishing houses as well winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature, also as an attractive place to host events. calls Berlin home. Judith Herrmann, Ingo Schulze, Indeed, we’ve already become Tanja Dückers, Julia Franck, Katharina Hacker, Sven an integral part of Berlin’s literary Regener and Vladimir Kaminer all live in Berlin and community. « examine the city in their novels and short stories. A Matthias Koch I Managing Director Aufbau Haus unique and creative environment is created by Gesellschaft I Owner Aufbau Verlag I I initiatives such as the Wissenschaftskolleg, the ­American Academy and the Literary Colloquium Berlin, as well as by four literature publishing


 Strongest design/advertising cluster in Germany with annual revenues of € 2 billion  B  erlin recognised by UNESCO as an official »City of Design«   2 ,700 advertising and PR agencies / Strategic location due to proximity to political bodies  U  nique educational and training opportunities for young creative professionals and communications experts   International events and festivals: Berlin Fashion Week, Bread & Butter, Premium Exhibitions, DMY International Design Festival Berlin, Qubique. National Events: Effie-Gala, Werbekongress, Communications Congress, German Design Award

»Illustrative« Art Festival

In 2006, Berlin was named an official UNESCO »City of Design«

CREATE BERLIN: Berlin’s design community network

Communications | Design Trendsetting Metropolis Berlin is the capital of creativity. Hardly any other European city has such a magnetic appeal on creatives and offers such a variety of artistic currents. Roughly 8,900 companies (5,400 design and ad companies and 3,500 architecture companies) are active in the fields of design, advertising/PR and architecture in Berlin-Brandenburg and have a ­turnover of roughly € 2 billion annually. The capital region is now one of Germany’s strongest design and advertising clusters, and over 500 new design companies have been founded in the past several years alone. Innovative projects and young talent thrive on the dynamic atmosphere and the variety and quality of cultural events and educational ­opportunities offered here. One strong regional trend is increasing networking and ­interdisciplinary cooperation, for example in the design and health­ care industries. Center of Creative Advertising Leading (network) agencies, such as BBDO Group, Scholz & Friends, Heimat or TBWA, have offices in Berlin. The multiple award-winning DDB Tribal Group influences the concept of social creativity

»The fact that Berlin is one of the most creative cities in the world prompted MSLGroup to move its German headquarters to the capital last year. From our offices here, we work with PR and public affairs clients from around the world. Of course, exciting mixes of politics, media, culture, academia and creativity can be found elsewhere. But, in Berlin, it is faster and less complicated to interact and communicate than in other cities.« Axel Wallrabenstein | Chairman | MSLGroup Germany GmbH |

»Today, Berlin is the flagship city for an entire industry and it’s simply not possible for any leading national or international agency to operate without offices in the capital. Berlin-Brandenburg has become a unique melting pot of policymakers, international representative offices, the film and publishing industries and the international jet set.« Dr. Tonio Kröger | CEO | Doyle Dane Bernbach Group | | |

and developed integrated campaigns for some of Germany’s biggest brands. Jung von Matt/Spree opened the first social media stage together with the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin. Plista operates one of the most successful online and mobile ­advertising networks in Germany. Many Berlinbased agencies have received numerous awards and work for international clients. Leading events and awards ceremonies, such as the Werbe­kon­ gress, Communications Congress and the Effie Gala, attract the industry to Berlin on a regular ­basis. Centre of Political Communication Many public affairs companies and lobbying ­agencies are found in the capital. These companies include Johanssen + Kretschmer, Publicis, MSL Group, Media Consulta, WMP EuroCom and A&B One, whose »Seelenverkäufer« campaign for 1. FC Union Berlin caused a sensation far beyond the ­capital. The only German magazine for political communication, »politik&kommunikation« pub­ lished by Helios Media, offers a professional plat­ form for political themes and hands out the ­renowned Politikaward each year.

Agencies A&B One Art +Com BBDO Damm und Lindlar DDB Dorland fischerAppelt GKM Hill & Knowlton Communications index Johanssen + Kretschmer Jung von Matt kempertrautmann McCann Erickson M&C Saatchi Media Consulta MetaDesign Pleon Plex Publicis Scholz & Friends Schindler Parent Identity Schröder+Schömbs Public Relations GmbH TBWA Triad WMP EuroCom Institutions | Associations | Networks ADC Berliner Kommunikationsforum Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher Create Berlin Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft Fashion Gallery Berlin Kommunikationsverband Berlin/Brandenburg Labels Berlin Marketingclub Berlin berlinbrandenburg The German Brands Association Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft


Communications | Design

Detailed information on Berlin’s fashion industry is provided in the »Fashion in Berlin« brochure published by Berlin Partner

The University of the Arts, Berlin (UdK)

Labels [aem’kei] c.neeon Claudia Skoda Esther Perbandt Firma kaviar gauche Lala Berlin Michalsky Sisi Wasabi Wunderkind Platforms Berlinerklamotten Designszeneberlin Fashion Patrons Trade Fairs | Events | Awards Berlin Fashion Week Bread & Butter createurope Designmai Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland DMY GWA Effie-Gala Premium Exhibitions MB Fashion Week Politikaward Qubique PR Report Awards TYPO Berlin Werbekongress Wettbewerb Jahrbuch der Werbung Useful Links

Exhibitors at the DYI International Design Festival

Unesco City of Design Berlin is the first German city to be named a »UNESCO City of Design«. This honor acknowledges the achievements of Berlin-based companies in different design fields and the support measures set up by the state of Berlin. The DMY International Design Festival Berlin, the German Federal Design Awards and the Qubique fair, which ­moved to ­Berlin in 2011, are among the many must-attend industry events. The ID Berlin industry campaign and exhibition and the Design Transfer Bonus ­Programme are just two of the new measures ­developed in 2011 by the state (Project Future ­initiative) together with companies and networks as part of a master plan for the design industry.

Andreas Wiek | Managing Director and CEO | ART+COM |


Uli Mayer-Johanssen | Chairman and Managing Director | MetaDesign AG |

­fashion meets worldwide with over 240,000 ­professionals and an added economic performance Berlin Fashion is Booming Berlin labels set international fashion trends. of € 140 to € 180 million per season. Brands such as Michalsky, Firma, kaviar gauche, ­Esther Perbandt, C.Neeon and Lala Berlin produce Young Talent & Creative Leadership their fashions primarily at workshops in the region. The capital region offers a wide array of study proBerlin’s nine fashion schools provide an outstand­ grams. About 27,000 students are currently pursuing environment for fashion training. There are ing degrees in about 70 media-, communicationsabout 600 fashion designers currently based in and design-related programs. In addition to Berlin. After only a few seasons, the Berlin Fashion re­nowned institutions, such as Berlin’s University Week has established itself as one of the TOP 5 of the Arts (UdK), private institutes, such as the Institute for Marketing and Communication, also offer worldwide unique course programs. Executives in the creative industries receive professional edu»Even in turbulent times, the cation at the private Berlin School of Creative Leacreative industries are a catalyst for dership. the capital region. Their potential continues to attract international companies and communities. All of us at ART+COM have a very positive outlook for the future.«

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.

»MetaDesign is the leading German agency for corporate identity, ­corporate design and corporate branding. Berlin contributes ­significantly to our success – the ­diversity of the city ­generates a steady flow of new ideas for our projects and helps to attract ­highly qualified professionals.«

IT | Telecommunications

 More than 7,300 companies with about 63,500 employees and an annual revenues of approx. € 10.14 billion  Global players: SAP, Siemens, IBM, Motorola, Oracle, eBay, Microsoft  1.4 million DSL connections make Berlin Europe’s largest and most ­modern communications network  Strong initiatives and networks: SIBB, BITKOM, VPRT, VATM  Test market for new applications and services  Largest digital communications network in Germany with over 200,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable  70 internet providers and 160 network operators, about 800 public WLAN hot spots in Berlin alone  IFA, IT Profits, German DMMA OnlineStar, LinuxTag Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, wireless communication with visible light

IT | Telecommunications Business Location Advantages »Since 1999, the Hasso Plattner Berlin-Brandenburg is the place to be for new ­Institute has graduated roughly technological developments. The first telephone 900 IT engineers, whose practice­oriented education has ­provided network was created here in 1877. Konrad Zuse them with excellent career ­developed the first computer here in 1936. Radio prospects. Likewise, since 2007, the and television also got their start in the region. HPI School of Design Thinking has ­Today, the IT and communications industries been teaching students how fresh, new ideas can gener­ate key technologies that play a vital role in be transformed into user-friendly products and services.« the regional economy. As a strategic base in Europe for young IT companies, Berlin is more in deProf. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner | Chairman of the Supervisory Board | SAP AG | mand than ever. Top funding, low rents, affordable ­salaries, a highly skilled workforce and a lively ­urban environment make the region an attractive location for international companies. Today, more than 7,300 companies employing about 63,500 people and posting annual revenues of € 10.14 ­billion offer IT solutions for commerce, industry the IFA, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer and administration. Many of the market leaders of electron­ics. Berlin also hosts LinuxTag, Europe’s the IT and telecommunications industry, such as leading computer trade fair for Linux and Open Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Deutsche Telekom, Source. It is also home to the German DMMA OnliE-Plus, O2, Vodafone, Motorola, SAP, Aastra neStar Award, the leading competition for innova­D eTeWe, ADC Krone, AVM, T-Systems, NextiraOne tive ­online applications and solutions. and ­Oracle, are represented in the capital region. A number of small and medium-size companies, Strong Initiatives such as PSI, City & Bits, ]init[, Netfox, beyo, Pixray State and nationwide initiatives, such as »innoBB« – and alfabet work here on developing innovative The Joint Cluster and Innovation Strategy of the products. ­Numerous innovative start-ups, such as States of Berlin and Brandenburg and »Project SMS Guru and Mister Wong, energize the scene ­Future – Berlin in the Information Age«, work in with their promising ideas. Every year, Berlin hosts close cooperation with companies active in the industry to transform Berlin-Brandenburg into one of the leading IT centres in Germany. »Our offices in Dreilinden provide eBay with excellent conditions in Germany. At the same time, our proximity to Berlin – with its cosmopolitan and creative environment – is very attractive to our employees.« Dr. Dirk Weber | Managing Director | eBay GmbH |

Companies Aastra DeTeWe ADC Krone Aircall AM-SoFT IT-Systeme Archikart Software AVM City & Bits Condat Deutsche Telekom DNS:NET eBay E-Plus Gruppe Fujitsu Technology Solutions Hasso Plattner Ventures IBM ]init[ Motorola Netfox Oracle O2 PSI Rohde & Schwarz SAG SAP Siemens SNT SSG Lange & Partner Telegab Teles T-Systems Viafon Vodafone VoxGen WorkXL Zertificon Solutions

Research and Development Highly-specialized high-tech research institutes, such as the Fraunhofer Institute HHI, FOKUS, FIRST and the Telekom Innovation Laboratories, stand for innovative and cutting-edge research in the region. In 2011, the SAP Innovation Center was opened in Potsdam as was the Google-backed »Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society« (see Science | Innovation, p. 30). 27

IT | Telecommunications

The Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam

Research eGovernment Zentrum Electronic Business Forum Ferdinand Braun Institute for High Frequency Technology Berlin (FBH) Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommunications (HHI) Institute for Innovative Microelectronics (IHP) Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering Telekom Innovation Laboratories Fraunhofer Institute ICT Group: FIRST FOKUS SIT ISST IZM WLAN-Hotspots E-Security Bone Labs e.siqia Fraunhofer E-Security Allianz

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


The 1st National IT Summit under the of patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam

E-Government As a result of the many federal, state and municipal authorities in Berlin and Brandenburg, the region has become a pioneer in E-Government. A major part of total public-sector expenditures is man­ aged from here. Microsoft Germany moved its ­Public Services department to Berlin; IBM has an ­E-Government Center here; SAP moved to Berlin’s Mitte district in 2004; and Google opened its capital city office here in 2008. A number of small and Ulrich Otto | Chairman | NETFOX AG | middle-size companies, such as EITCO, ]init[ and | infopark provide solutions for the region and ­b e­yond. The Project Future Initiative uses its E-Govern­ment initiative to bring together devel­ opers, ­service providers and users with the goal of creating solutions for improved collaboration be­ tween business, administrators and the public. The Fraunhofer E-Government Center combines Mobility and Communication The Berlin-Brandenburg region is an important the industry expertise of eight institutes and runs test market for major mobile phone suppliers. This a test lab for development and presentation. is where the first UMTS networks went »on air«. ­Representatives from the fields of research, admin­ In 2010, Deutsche Telekom began operating its istration and business meet here and cooperate first LTE transmitter mast, thus laying the ground- ­directly on the development of pioneering E-Gov­ work for the 4th generation of broadband internet. ern­ment solutions. The Institute of Electronic BusiThe region has an ever-expanding state-of-the-art ness at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) offers communications infrastructure and an excel­lent a study programme in E-Government that is and highly innovative research landscape. At the unique in ­Europe. The Amt24 network plans to Mobile Communications Institute of the Fraun­ make the ­capital region a leading E-Government hofer’s Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommuni- center in Europe as well as to offer a catalogue of cations (HHI), mobile transmission technology is E-Government solutions for the entire field. being developed together with China. The region is also home to Teles WBI, one of the largest ­suppliers of satellite-based broadband internet access services and infrastructure systems for telecommunications networks. Another regional focus is VoIP (Voiceover IP). Companies like AVP, Deutsche Telekom and the creators of Asterisk® Open Source develop and produce their products in the region. »New Internet services, most of which are shaped by the communi­ cation ­habits and information patterns of the younger generation, are the engine ­behind the development of even more efficient network infrastructures and software. In particular, above-average increases in the use of mobile applications provide long-term growth opportunities to regional companies offering innovative and secure IT solutions.«

IT | Telecommunications

Centre for Photonics and Optical Technologies (also called the »Amoeba«), Berlin-Adlershof

Security with IT E-Security is very important to the capital region. Prominent international companies and research institutes, such as Zertificon Solutions and Fraunhofer E-Security Allianz, are located in the BerlinBrandenburg region. Security and IT/IT Security is one of the key fields of activity in the ICT, Media and Creative Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg. The tech-support programs initiated by Berlin and Brandenburg therefore favor IT security solutions, i.e. those designed to protect people, buildings, public events and documents. Cooperative networks, such as »SeSamBB – Security and Safety Made in Berlin-Brandenburg« bring together a number of firms that do business in applications for the ePass, for IT security in municipalities, for secure and business-oriented use of all building guidance systems and for security in open spaces. A number of companies and institutions work at the intersection of IT, geoinformation, optics and sensor technology to develop security applications, such as flood protection (e.g. DHI-WASY, ­Infoterra and RapidEye), early fire warning systems (IQ Wireless and Pronet), document and product protection (Bundesdruckerei, Fraunhofer IAP and dpm identsysteme) and security telematics (IABG, Derdack, e*Message and lesswire).

»The locations in Berlin and Potsdam ­offer excellent conditions for our work as the global leader in ­company software. Oracle employees ­appre­ciate the proximity to the ­Berlin metro­polis and the high quality of life in the Brandenburg region.«

IT Profits 2011, Cloud Award nominee presentation

»The decision to set up our „Fujitsu for you“ telesales center in Berlin was undoubtedly the right one to make. Berlin is a very charismatic city with excellent universities that continues to attract highly qualified people.« Rolf Schwirz | CEO | Fujitsu Technology Solutions |

E-Business-Region Prominent and leading Internet portals and ­E-Business companies, such as Zalando, PayPal, Groupon, the Scout Group, reBuy and eBay are ­located in Berlin and Brandenburg. They profit from the region’s efficient telecommunications ­infrastructure and excellent educational programmes as well as from the large pool of well-edu­ cated young professionals. With its many small and medium-size businesses and thriving start-up community, Berlin-Brandenburg leads the ­industry in the fields of E-Commerce and E-Logistics. Companies such as T-Systems and Condat develop and implement asset management systems, mobile applications, E-Business solutions and E-Learning platforms. Nokia Services supplies Nokia smartphones with its »Smart2go« navigation software, which provides users with maps to help them find their bearings in cities across the world. offers international eCommerce and online marketing services and boasts cooperation agreements with a million foreign distributors in 30 countries.

Associations | Networks | Initiatives Amt24 BCIX BITKOM BVDW Deutscher Kabelverband Innovationswerkstatt für die IT- und Medien-Branche Brandenburg Innovation Centre Berlin (IZBM) Projekt Zukunft Netzwerk neue Medien SeSamBB SIBB TSB Technology Foundation Berlin Technology Foundation Brandenburg TelematicsPRO TimeKontor AG VATM VPRT Events | Awards DMMA OnlineStar Fachmesse IT Profits German Multimedia Congress (DMMK) IFA LinuxTag medienwoche@IFA Potsdam Multimedia Conference Useful Links

Jürgen Kunz | Managing Director | ORACLE Deutschland GmbH |


Science | Innovation

 Highest concentration of research institutes in Germany  Historical and innovative science location  Seven universities, 21 technical universities, roughly 250 research institutes, 42 tech parks and founder’s centres  Intensive networking among companies and research institutes  Numerous awards and prizes, including the Berlin Science Award and the Berlin- Brandenburg Innovation Award, support innovative projects and ideas

SAP Innovation Center, Potsdam

Science | Innovation Institutions Berlin Partner Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) Brandenburg Ministry of Economics and European Affairs Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture Capital Region Innovation Monitor Berlin­Brandenburg Medienboard Berlin-­ Brandenburg Technologiestiftung Berlin TSB Innovation Agency Berlin (TSB) Networks media.connect brandenburg Sesam BB Portals Events | Awards Academy Awards of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Berlin Science Award Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award German Future Prize Long Night of the Sciences

Highest R&D Concentration in Germany The capital region’s sheer density of research institutes is unique in Germany: seven universities, 21 technical universities, over 100 non-university research facilities, roughly 250 research institutes and 42 tech centers offer a wide range of innova­ tion potential, including such renowned institutes as the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Association, the Fraunhofer Society and the Max Planck Society. The capital region’s Innovation Strategy (innoBB) consolidates its innovation policies so as to secure and expand the region’s leading position in the German and European R&D scene.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Grallert | Executive Director | Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications | Heinrich Hertz Institute |

Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer, Google, SAP SAP founded an internationally unique inno­ First-class research institutes such as the Ferdinand vation center in Potsdam, and the »Alexander von Braun Institute for High Frequency Technology Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society« was (FBH), the Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommu- opened in Berlin with support from Google. The nications (HHI) and the IHP – Innovations for High International Media Convention, which takes place Performance Microelectronics in Frankfurt (Oder) during the annual medienwoche@IFA, puts the support the work of regional companies. Deutsche focus on science, research and innovation in its Telekom has consolidated its top research at its new »Science Meets Content« section. ­Telekom Innovation Laboratories in the capital ­region. The Fraunhofer IuK Group is the largest Future Prizes and Interdisciplinary Networking ­European association for practical research in The capital region showcases innovative projects ­information and communication sciences. In 2011, and ideas with the Berlin Science Award, the ­Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award and the ­Future Awards. The many networks and institutions active on a cross-sector level are one of the »Berlin-Brandenburg’s many research region’s biggest strengths. The TSB and ZAB institutes and universities hold tremendous innovation potential. At ­support SMEs in the use of innovative technolothe SAP Innovation Center, we want to gies and offer advisory services on financing make use of this potential and work ­opportunities. The Enterprise Europe Network together with scientists, students and provides information on EU innovation-oriented partners to develop innovative and de­ve­lop­ments, initiatives and programmes and application-orientated solutions.« assists in finding business and tech partners. Cafer Tosun | Managing Director | SAP Innovation Center |

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.

»We successfully develop ­cutting-edge information and media technol­ogies at our location in Berlin. Our excellent cooperation with ­regional clients and partner ­institutions, for example with ­Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, plays an ­important role in our work.«

Start-ups | Founders‘ Scene

 Germany’s highest start-up rate: 2.67 percent and 80,000 new ­businesses registered per year  Home of successful start-ups, including 6Wunderkinder, Amen, Gidsy, SoundCloud, and Wooga  Attractive start-up-incubator for investors, international Business Angels and VCs, including Ashton Kutcher, Earlybird, Rocket Internet, Springstar and Team Europe  Meeting Point of the entrepreneurial scene with events such as the re:publica, NEXT, medienwoche@IFA, deGut, etc.  Attractive financing and funding instruments

App from the online opinion platform Amen

Start-ups | Founders’ Scene Hot Spot for Founders »In recent years, Berlin has emerged The capital region is on its way to becoming as the place to be for IT start-ups. Europe’s new start-up metropolis. Berlin draws The opportunities here are very unique. The city boasts many young companies and entrepreneurs from all over ­creative people and a pulsating Europe – this fact is confirmed by the highest startcultural life, and ­every part of it is up rate in Germany. The region is an ideal location, constantly ­reinventing itself. « especially for internet companies. It is home to Christian Reber | Co-Founder and CEO | ­established names, such as Dawanda, Zalando, 6Wunderkinder GmbH | the Scout-Group and eBay, but also to promising young companies in the fields of E-Commerce, IT-Services and digital media, including Amen, 6Wunderkinder, Gidsy,, 12designer and SoundCloud. Since its founding in 2009, ­Wooga Attractive Start-Up Scene for Investors has emerged as the largest social game developer The capital region is considered one of the most in Europe. Platforms such as, attractive start-up centers in the world and thus and pro­ increasingly interesting for international investors. vide an overview of the scene. In addition to uni- Incubators and investors, such as Springstar, Team versities and technical colleges, there are also a Europe, Rebate Networks, Earlybird and Rocket number of innovation, technology and founders’ ­Internet, help young companies put their ideas centers that create the entrepreneurial-friendly into practice. FoundersLink brings exciting ideas setting that young companies need to turn together with the right investors. ­research findings into market-ready products. ­InnoKolleg is one of the most compact networks International Gathering Point and Match­making of the region’s innovations centres. The largest gathering of Europe’s digital community takes place in Berlin at the BerlinWebWeek, which unites the re:publica and NEXT under one roof. The who’s who of the start-up scene also »Berlin will continue to generate a meets at the annual medienwoche@IFA in Berlin. number of large-scale companies! The renowned Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Entrepreneurs have everything they need here: a high quality of living at a Award supports start-ups in the region, and the low cost, an inspiring founders’ scene, Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg hands attractive locations, highly motivated out its BACB Entrepreneur Award each year. A employees from all over the world, number of events, such as the Investors Dinner, excellent services, countless support measures such the Venture Lounge, Echtzeit Berlin, Silicon Allee as, and a constant stream of investors.« Meetup, Spätschicht-Event, Ideacamp and deGut link the industry and promote exchange. For curOliver Beste | Partner | FoundersLink GmbH | rent events, visit and the homepage of the Entrepreneur Club Berlin, which also organizes a start-up camp.

Start-Ups Amen 6Wunderkinder 12designer 45info Aupeo Bailamo Barcoo Bettermarks Brands4friends CastaClip Dailydeal Gidsy Groupon Komoot Lieferheld Madvertise mediaexist pixray plista Readmill UPcload ResearchGate Smava Sofatutor SoundCloud SponsorPay Tweek Txtr Wooga Zalando Investors | Incubators Business Angel Club BB Earlybird Capital Entrepreneur Club Berlin Founders Link HackFwd Berlin Rebate Networks Rocket Internet Springstar Team Europe Funding | Financing Berliner Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (BIG) BFB Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg GmbH EXIST Federal Ministry of Economics IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft InnoKolleg Profund (FU Berlin) 31

Education | Young Talent

The Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television (HFF), Potsdam-Babelsberg

Campus of the Technical University of Berlin (TU)

Education | Young Talent Universities | Colleges Beuth University of Applied Sciences Europe University Viadrina Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (FH Potsdam) Ernst Busch School of Dramatic Arts Berlin (HfS) Filmhaus Babelsberg Free University Berlin (FU) Hanns Eisler Academy of Music (HfM) HTW University of Applied Sciences HPI School of Design Thinking Humboldt-University Berlin (HU) Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television (HFF) Lausitz Technical University Media Design Hochschule für Design und Informatik Steinbeis University Berlin TFH University of Applied Sciences Wildau Technical University Berlin (TU) Technical University Cottbus University of the Arts (UdK) University of Potsdam UMC – University of ­Management and ­Communications Potsdam Weißensee School of the Arts Berlin Film | Television Akademie der Medien Berlin Arts and Stage Academy btk berliner technische kunsthochschule Deutsche Film- und ­Fernsehakademie Berlin die medienakademie Entertainment Master Class Erich Pommer Institute Institute for Acting, Film and TV Professions (iSSF) Kaskeline Film Academy Screenplay Master School SchulFunck

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Talent Capital With roughly 20 public universities and universitylevel colleges and more than 20 private colleges and 90 research institutes, Berlin-Brandenburg ­offers a unique landscape for science and research. The region currently has about 185,500 registered students. Each year, approximately 1,500 students graduate from the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television (HFF), the German Film and Tele­ vision Academy (dffb), the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music (HfM) and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). With more than 20,000 students registered in film, media and communications, Berlin-Brandenburg is known as a major creative talent pool and offers companies a unique spectrum of young talent in the creative industries. Over 70 additional private educational institutions offer programs designed to qualify students for careers in the ­media and communications industries. The region also offers individuals a total of 380 professional training opportunities.

»Babelsberg represents a century of film production in a creative environment. With its children’s film university, film museum and tradition of academic instruction in filmmaking stretching back almost 60 years, the HFF is an engine of growth in this unique media location.« Prof. Dr. sc. Dieter Wiedemann | President | »Konrad Wolf« Academy of Film and Television |

»Nobody refers to Berlin as an »up-and-coming« city anymore – Berlin has ­already arrived. The city’s unique mixture of creativity, artistic and technical know-how and entrepreneurial spirit attracts people from each and every continent.« Thomas Dlugaiczyk | Managing Director | Games Academy GmbH |

A New Generation of Leaders in Film and Television The Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television (HFF) is one of Europe’s largest film schools and gives students hands-on training with the help of its proximity to Babelsberg film studios and a ­diverse array of collaborative agreements with ­private industry. The HFF offers all major study programs, including directing, producing, drama­ turgy, acting and animation. At Babelsberg, ­students from 15 regional universities and academies produce the programme for the campus TV project XEN.ON° broadcast on rbb. The renowned German Film and Television Academy (dffb) has produced some of Germany’s most prominent ­international filmmakers, including Wolfgang ­Petersen and Wolfgang Becker. Today, the dffb’s teaching staff includes personalities such as cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and director Mike Leigh. Potsdam rolls out the red carpet for a new generation of international film talent each year at the »sehsüchte« International Student Film Festival. »Insight Out« is the annual digital cinema and HDTV symposium that takes place at the HFF’s ­Digital Media Institute with film and TV producers from all over Europe. The Berlin-based Media­ design Hochschule für Design und Informatik ­offers study programs covering digital film

Education | Young Talent

 One of the most attractive locations for education and training in Germany   Over 70 media and communications programs with over 20,000 ­students   Numerous institutes with top training opportunities for the next ­generation of global industry leaders Students at the HFF in Potsdam

  Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television (HFF), Berlin Film School, German Film and TV Academy (dffb), University of the Arts (UdK), HPI Design School and Games Academy   Unique training programs for TV producers, TV authors and TV design  Special training programs for professions in the games industry  International students festivals: sehsüchte and Insight Out

UFA Lab: Content lab in the field of new media

­ esign, animation/ VFX, game, media and fashion d »The HPI School of Design Thinking design and media and communication managehelps to advance innovation in the ment programmes. Each year, films made by HFF field of IT and also acts as an engine for the creative industries in the and dffb students receive numerous awards, inclucapital region. « ding the German Short Film Award and the Student ­Academy Award. The international Entertainment Prof. Ulrich Weinberg | Head of the HPI School of Design Thinking | ­Master Class (EMC) represents a globally unique Hasso Plattner Institute training format for the development of ment TV formats. The UFA Lab has been giving young talent the opportunity to create content for new media and generate market-ready products since 2009. The Media Innovation Centre (MIZ) ­offers professional training programs and ­opened in Babelsberg in 2011. The Hasso Plattner Institute International Programmes in Potsdam collaborates with Stanford University’s The region offers several continuing education School of Engineering to offer a unique, interdis­ programs sponsored by the European MEDIA ciplinary academic programme entitled »Design ­Program in the fields of film, television and new media. Training initiatives include the Essential Thinking« at the HPI School of Design. ­Legal Framework, the new European TV Drama ­Series Lab at the Erich Pommer Institute (EPI) and Games and Innovative Content Berlin-Brandenburg represents a unique array of the seminars offered by the Screenplay Master educational opportunities for young talent in the School. The EU programme Nipkow supports games industry, such as at the Macromedia Hoch- ­media professionals from other European counschule, Qantum College/SAE Institute, L4 Institute tries in the form of scholarships for continuing for Digital Communication, Mediadesign Hoch- education and internships in Berlin. schule MD.H and the School for Games founded in 2011. Almost all institutions have expanded their Advertising, Communications and Design curriculum to include study programmes and re- Berlin’s UdK offers programmes ranging from search activities covering computer games. The business communication and producing/media HFF offers a degree in 3D graphic design, and the marketing to experimental media design and Fachhochschule Potsdam teaches game design as ­visual communication. Berlin’s HTW University of part of its interface design program. The ­Games Applied Sciences also offers programmes in comAcademy teaches game design, level design and munication design and business communication. game art and animation. The HTW Gameslab has The Weißensee School of the Arts has communications, fashion and production design programs. its own motion capture studio. The Berlin Design Academy offers unique programs, as well.

New Media| Games DIGAREC Center for Computer Game Research DEKRA Media Academy Games Academy HTW Berlin Games Lab Institute for Electronic Business L4 – Institute for Digital Communication Macromedia University for Media and Communication Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences Qantum College/SAE-Institute SiliconStudio/Berlin am itw UFA Lab Journalism Axel Springer Academy Berlin School of Journalism German Press Academy (depak) Freie Journalistenschule Electronic Media School Babelsberg Protestant School of Journalism KLARA School of Journalism Advertising | Design BEST-Sabel Education Centre btk berlin technical university for design Design Academy Berlin German Institute for Public Affairs ESMOD International Fashion School Institute for Informatics and Graphic Design (figd) Institute for Social and Business Communication (GWK) at the University of the Arts (UdK) Lette Foundation PR Kolleg Berlin


Education | Young Talent

Graduates of the Media Design Hochschule, Berlin

Students at the HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam

Students at the Games Academy, Berlin

IT | Telecommunications – Medienakademie Berlin Competence Center für Digitale Medien eLearning-design Fachinstitut für Informatik und Grafikdesign Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik indisoft-upgrade Institute of Electronic Business Kompetenzzentrum Mikroelektronik Frankfurt/Oder TEIA AG – Internet Akademie Zentrum für ­Mikrosystemtechnik Berlin/MANO

gramme »Leadership in Digital Communication« in close cooperation with the Institute of Elec­tronic Business (IEB). Program modules are carried out at the UdK and at St. Gallen University in ­Switzerland.

Young Talent | Business Leadership Berlin School of Creative Leadership Business School Potsdam Europäische Medien- und Business-Akademie Europäische Wirtschaftshochschule ESCP Europe European School of ­Management and Technology (ESMT) Hertie School of Governance Multimedia »Hochschulservice« Berlin Berlin MHSG SRH Hochschule Stanford an der FU Berlin Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin Internships join media berlinbrandenburg Nipkow Programm Useful Links Weiterbildungsdatenbank Berlin

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


»The Erich Pommer Institute accompanies the process of media convergence by carrying out research, consultation and advanced training. The close links between the film and TV industry and the games industry, telecommunications and IT industry is on full display in Berlin-Brandenburg.«

International Business Leaders Tomorrow’s international business leaders are Prof. Dr. Lothar Mikos | Managing Director | ­trained at the Berlin campuses of the European Erich Pommer Institute for Media Law | School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Media Management and Media Research | the ESCP-EAP European Business School, the SRH School Berlin, the Business School Potsdam, the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and at satellites of Stanford and Harvard universities. At the private Berlin School of Creative Leadership, young executives in the creative industries take part in a globally unique study program. The mulYoung Journalists from the Capital City Also young journalists profit from this strategic timedia »Hochschulservice« Berlin (MHSG) sup­position. The Axel Springer Academy, the Protes- ports the region’s many universities with materials, tant School of Journalism, the Berlin School of multimedia study programs and operational assisJournalism, the KLARA School of Journalism and tance. With its Media MBA, the Steinbeis-SMI cre­ the Electronic Media School all offer a wide range ated a study program for international media of outstanding study and training programs. ­management that combines ambitious teaching ­Beyond its programs in communication ­sciences, with knowledge transfer. It is the top ­media train­ Berlin’s Free University (FU) also has a journal­ism ing programme of its kind in Europe. Over 150 department. In addition, the region is home to ­European media companies have enrolled their ­numerous private institutions offering various best people in the Media MBA. educational and training courses in journalism. Internships A wide range of offers make it easier to turn theory IT and Communications The region also has much to offer in the field of IT to practice. In the »join media« project initiated by and communications. The renowned Hasso ­Plattner berlinbrandenburg and media.connect Institute (HPI) educates tomorrow’s software engi- brandenburg, ambitious students are given ­insights neers. The largest share of computer science stu- into the capital region’s most famous media and IT dents at Brandenburg universities is found at the companies. Companies have quick and easy ­access Technical University Cottbus. The MANO Micro­ to a pool of potential interns. systems Engineering Network also produces highly-qualified experts in microsystems technology. Members of the network include the Technical University Berlin (TU) and the Fachhochschule Brandenburg. The UdK created the master’s pro-

Financing | Funding

Berlin’s »Rotes Rathaus« City Hall Building

The fx.Center in Potsdam, home of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Financing | Funding Film, Television and Digital Content Berlin-Brandenburg supports the local film and ­television industry with sureties and guarantees designed to foster profit-oriented projects. The State Investment Banks of Brandenburg (ILB) and Berlin (IBB) support production companies with film financing portfolios and offer common inter­ im financing program for TV and film co-productions. With an annual budget of approximately € 29 million, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg ­pro­vides funding for film and business-location projects as well as for the development of digital content in the fields of games, Web and mobile. As the regional information office of the EU’s ­MEDIA Programme, MEDIA Antenne Berlin-­ Bran­denburg provides advice and support for applications to Brussels. The German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) subsidizes producers with up to 20 percent of the German production costs. Addition­ ally, loans of up to € 3 million can be applied for at Germany’s government owned KfW Banking Group.

»The creative industries are of key ­importance to Berlin, where you can find ideal basic conditions for further growth. As the state’s subsidy bank, we offer the financing and advice ­needed for such growth. This can come in the form of equity capital from the »VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft« or loans to ­finance growth. And those looking for well-­informed business advice can find qualified partners to speak with at the Creative Coaching Center!« Ulrich Kissing | Chairman of the Board of Management | Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) |

»The Brandenburg State Investment Bank (ILB) has been fostering the ­potential of Berlin-Brandenburg’s media industry to­gether with ­Medienboard for the past 15 years. Our offers range from interim ­financing for film productions to the allocation of risk capital for new m ­ edia/digital media.« Klaus-Dieter Licht | Board Chairman | Brandenburg State Investment Bank (ILB) |

Attractive Funding Opportunities Berlin and Brandenburg support media and ICT companies by means of targeted funding and ­effective regional technological and economic pol­icies. Companies receive the highest funding possible for investments and R&D projects. The region also profits from the funding programmes of Germany’s federal ministries. Investments in new assets are subsidised by up to 50 percent in Brandenburg and up to 35 percent in Berlin. Alternatively, companies can also receive wage subsidies. A series of further funding programs are provided for the foundation of new and innovative companies and to strengthen existing ones. The IBB has expanded its portfolio to include two venture ­capital funds, namely the € 30 million »Creative ­Industries VC Fund« – the first of its kind in ­Germany – and the € 52 million »Technology VC Fund«. Initiatives such as »Projekt Zukunft« and the Berlin and Brandenburg Innovation Fund strengthen R&D projects in the media, creative and IT fields. In Brandenburg, the BFB BeteiligungsFonds ­Brandenburg GmbH and the BFB Frühphasenfonds ­Brandenburg GmbH also invest in tech-­ ori­ented SMEs in the early and growth phase. The states of Berlin and Brandenburg also provide ­attractive loans.

Film | Television | Digital Content Brandenburg Investment Bank (ILB) Berlin Investment Bank (IBB) Federal Film Fund (FFA) German Federal Film Board (DFFF) MEDIA Antenne Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Attractive Funding Opportunities Berlin Partner Berlin Investment Bank (IBB) Brandenburg Investment Bank (ILB) Brandenburg State Ministry of Economics and European Affairs Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) Projekt Zukunft (Project Future) Financing BBB Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg Bundesverband Deutscher Banken Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalgesellschaften KfW Bankengruppe Useful Links


Investing in Berlin and Brandenburg

The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport: Europe’s most modern air traffic hub

Investing in Berlin und Brandenburg The Region on the Internet

Capital City and Decision-Making Centre Berlin-Brandenburg is Germany’s top decisionmaking region and offers investors ideal conditions for production, distribution and R&D. Various ministries, project managers, investment banks and all major IT and media associations are located here. In addition to the German parliament, the ­federal government and 156 diplomatic offices, the capital is also home to more than 200 top-level national and international business and science associations. Several industry initiatives and more than 400 annual trade fairs and congresses foster strong personal contacts. They also make it easier to enter the business community and secure new markets. International Flair and East-West Expertise Once a symbol of Cold War division, Berlin now lies in the heart of Europe. On an east-west axis, the capital region lies between Paris and Moscow, and on a north-south axis between Stockholm and Rome. Roughly one-third of the world’s 50 largest companies, including Sony, Siemens, IBM, eBay, Universal Music Germany, Vodafone and Viacom Germany, operate in Berlin-Brandenburg and take advantage of the pivotal East-West hub. These ­major corporations benefit from the expertise, ­experience and language skills available in the ­region and from the over 200 institutions active in the promotion of East-West cooperation. People from 190 different nations call Berlin-Brandenburg home and enrich the region’s creative and inspir­ ing landscape.

Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure Trans-European transport routes intersect in BerlinBrandenburg. Germany’s capital region has excellent connections to national and international ­traffic routes as a result of its highly modern network of highways and water routes, its dense railway system, its Central Train Station and its new

airport (BER) close to downtown Berlin. Starting in 2012, the high-tech Berlin Brandenburg Airport will replace both Tegel and Schönefeld inter­ national airports and offer even better connections and flights to destinations worldwide. The new ­airport will also have direct access to the Highways and its own train station directly under the terminal. Low-Priced Real Estate in All Areas Berlin offers companies a wide variety of inexpensive urban office space and commercial real estate ranging from high-tech offices to large-scale ­industrial parks. Such well-equipped office and ­industrial space is available at short notice both in the inner city as well as in the suburban districts at prices considerably lower than in other German and international cities. The State of Brandenburg hosts more than 700 commercial, industrial and office locations at attractive rental and purchase prices. Development land in Brandenburg costs an average of 45 percent less than in western German states. Culture and Diversity Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the most exciting cultural regions in Europe. More than 1,400 events take place here every day. About 375 museums, 200 theatres, 11 symphony orchestras, a thriving music and progressive arts scene and roughly 200 cinemas with more than 400 screens also represent an important economic factor. There are more than 500 palaces and parks in Berlin and Brandenburg, including Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Brandenburg’s state capital. More than 25,000 people from all over the world work in Berlin’s 2,300 cultural venues alone.

Investing in Berlin and Brandenburg

  Superior cost-benefit ratio when compared with other major ­economic centres: favorable costs for commercial property, land and residential real estate and living   Low commercial taxation rates   Flexible working hours and an excellent cost-benefit ratio   Highly qualified and flexible workforce   Excellent IT and telecommunications infrastructure   One of the most exciting cultural regions in Europe   Almost 200,000 students at universities in Berlin and Brandenburg

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

A Great Place to Live Berliners and Brandenburgers live in one of Europe’s largest capital regions. One quarter of Berlin’s territory is made up of water, forests and green spaces. From freshly restored downtown neighbourhoods to waterside villas, the region’s housing market is characterized by attractive residential areas and affordable prices. The region has many recreational and sports facilities ranging from golf and water sports to rollerblading. Berlin is surrounded by the sweeping landscape of ­Brandenburg, which has 3,000 lakes, 30,000 kilometers of rivers and waterways as well as 15 biosphere reserves and nature parks. Attractive Funding Programmes Berlin-Brandenburg has the best funding opportunities of any metropolitan region in Europe. For example, companies receive maximum subsidies for investments and R&D projects. Many programs are specifically aimed at entrepreneurs and at strengthening the innovative capacity of existing companies, in particular in the ICT industry. Knowledge and Creativity Berlin-Brandenburg’s cultural, science and research environment is unique in Europe. Over 20 universities and colleges, numerous private university-­ level schools, 250 research institutes and 42 tech centres offer great opportunities for strategic ­cooperation. The region is home to leading institutes such as the Helmholtz Society of German ­Research Centres, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Society, the Fraunhofer Society and the Max Planck Society. Berlin-Brandenburg also has a very long history of outstanding scientific research: 29 ­Nobel Prize winners were members of Berlin universities. Potsdam has the highest science concentra­tion of any city in Germany. 50,000 scientists currently work in Berlin and Brandenburg, which means that 10-15 percent of Germany’s scientists are

Melanie Bähr

Dr. Steffen Kammradt

»Germany’s capital region provides innovative and creative companies with outstanding development opportunities. Here you’ll find an efficient and attractive cluster of ICT, media and creative industries. Berlin Partner and the ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (Brandenburg Economic Development Board) are the ideal partners for new investors, existing companies and entrepreneurs in the region.« Melanie Bähr | Managing Director | Berlin Partner GmbH | Dr. Steffen Kammradt | ­Management Board Spokesperson | ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (Economic Development Board) |

a­ ctive in the region. These qualities help to ­attract a steady flow of highly qualified professionals and executives but also young creatives. BerlinBrandenburg sets trends, and this is where new business ideas, services and products are put into practice. The region also trains the leaders of ­tomorrow in the fields of ICT, telecommunications, film, TV, games, Web 2.0, radio, publishing, advertising and design.

Support/Funding Berlin Partner Berlin Investment Bank (IBB) Brandenburg Investment Bank (ILB) Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) Brandenburg State Ministry of Economics and European Affairs MEDIA Antenne Medienboard Berlin­Brandenburg Projekt Zukunft Research Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society Branchentransferstelle Bikum eGovernment Zentrum Electronic Business Forum Ferdinand Braun Institute for High Frequency Technology Berlin (FBH) Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute for ­Telecommunications (HHI) Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOCUS) Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering Institute for Innovative Microelectronics (IHP) SAP Innovation Center


Business Locations (Selection)

FOCUS Teleport

The FOCUS Teleport office park is located directly on the Spree River in Berlin’s ­Tiergarten district. The total surface amounts to 50,000m² with spaces ranging from 300 m² to 10,000 m² and over 800 parking slots. Current tenants include prominent companies from the fields of research, development and IT, such as ­DaimlerChrysler, AVM and Condat AG.

Potsdamer Platz

Developed by investors such as DaimlerChrysler, Sony, ABB/Terreno/Roland Ernst, Bewag, Delbrück and Deutsche Bahn, this new urban district at Potsdamer Platz is located close to several world-renowned cultural institutions, e.g. the New State Library, the National Gallery, the Philharmonic, the Chancellery, the German Bundestag, federal state representative offices and many embassies.


A district for both new and established companies representing a variety of ­ service industries has emerged on this huge 46,000 m² site at the Spree River. The European headquarters of the ­American fibre-optic manufacturer Corning Cable Systems are located here, as is a BASF European shared services centre.



The diversity and ideal mix of companies at Germany’s most important tech centre, which also happens to be Berlin’s most diverse science and media site, helps to generate successful and efficient productions. Studio Berlin-Adlershof offers an excellent technical infrastructure with eight state-of-the-art studios and extensive film production services. |

Brandenburg EUROPARC covers over 45 hectares and is located in a park area near the A115 autobahn between Berlin and Potsdam. At the moment, 65 companies are active here with more than 2,500 employees. Commercial space with cutting-edge facilities is available to buy or rent in all shapes and sizes.

Potsdam Technology and Founders’ Center

Potsdam Center for Technology

Ba be ls

Europarc Dreilinden

M rg be

City edia scheid-

August-Bebel-S tra ße

it lf-Bre Rudo






MedienHaus ­Babelsberg St ei ns

t r.

str aß e

Str .

Gro ßbe

Guido-Seeber-Haus Babelsberg

Three of the most interesting locations in Potsdam feature high-tech spaces that can be modified to meet any need. Companies active in the fields of film, media and communication will find ideal conditions at MedienHaus Babelsberg and Guido Seeber Haus Babelsberg! The Potsdam Center for Technology, which offers office, technical and exhibition space, is the first stop for companies active in services and technology. The GO:IN centre located at Golm Science Park provides a range of easily customised office and lab space. In addition to affordable rental conditions, companies here will be surrounded by a true entrepreneurial spirit!

Babelsberg Media City 38

This 45-hectare complex provides full­service facilities at the highest international standards. The most historical site in Media City is Studio Babelsberg, whose roughly 25,000 m² make it the largest connected studio complex in Europe. The production facilities of public broadcaster rbb and many other companies and institutions are also located here.

MIZ Babelsberg supports creative and interdisciplinary projects that explore and develop innovative media content and ­applications relating to radio, TV, the Internet and new technologies. They also support projects that contribute to diversity in radio broadcasting, strengthen private radio and generate social added value. Babelsberg Media Expertise and Innovation Centre (MIZ)

Business Locations

mediaspree between Jannowitz Bridge and Elsen Bridge is currently the most dynamic economic space in the city with residents such as Universal Music, Viacom, Labels Berlin, maz&more and O2 World. The area features both newly built and historical warehouse spaces from famous architects for offices, apartments and retail stores. mediaspree

  Excellent price-performance ratio for commercial real estate at cost levels up to 20 percent below the national average   Attractive locations and lofts in the city, along rivers and lakes and in the countryside of Berlin and Brandenburg   Ability to live and work in districts very close to one another   Unique working atmosphere in renovated historic buildings   Office and commercial space in all sizes, from small units to several thousand m²

BLC: The central information portal for the business community

Business Locations Where Tradition Meets the Future The capital region thrives on diversity and con­ trast. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Berlin’s new city center, Potsdamer Platz. This highly modern urban quarter was developed on 125,000m² by famous architects such as Renzo ­Piano and Helmut Jahn. The Spandauer Vorstadt, a historic neighborhood at the heart of Berlin, has become a fashionable meeting place for artists and young creatives. The ambiance of the district appeals not only to advertising, PR and multimedia agencies but also to service providers and IT companies. EUROPARC Dreilinden is an attractive location situated between Berlin and Potsdam and home to Germany’s eBay headquarters. Only ten minutes from there by car in the state capital of Potsdam is the vast Medienstadt Babelsberg, famous for its international film and TV productions. Across from Babelsberg Studio are the offices of UFA Film & TV Produktion GmbH, the production facilities of public and private German broadcasters, countless high-tech companies and top educational facili-

The fx.Center has formed an important part of Babelsberg Media City since 1999. Roughly 15 media-related companies are located here. The fx.Center features on-site studios for film and TV production as well as tech facilities for digital image processing and outstanding opportunities for development and increased synergy. fx.Center Babelsberg

»As home to 140 companies, Adlershof is Berlin’s largest media ­location. This is where you’ll find ­everything you need for ­productions, from studios to stage sets. This has allowed Adlershof to secure a leading position among its competitors.« Walter Leibl | Managing Director | Adlershof Projekt GmbH |

Central Contact Partners Berlin Partner GmbH Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) Information Portal of the Business Location Center (BLC)

ties, such as the HPI and HFF. In addition to the MedienHaus and the VCC one also finds the fx.Center and the Guido-Seeber-Haus. Plans for a significant expansion of the Media City are in the works. The forthcoming BBI Airport City and other business parks with a wide range of modern and high-end commercial space are scheduled for completion near the new Berlin Brandenburg International ­Airport, which is set to begin operating in June 2012.

»The Business-Campus Europarc Dreilinden lies directly on the A115 highway between Berlin and Potsdam and is already home to 80 companies with roughly 2,500 employees. Our location has many strategic advantages, including excellent ­accessibility, a 320 percent local trade tax multiplier and a 030 area code. We are currently leasing at full ­capacity, and we’ve got a new office building G4 scheduled for completion in fall 2012.« Jacky Starck | Managing Director | Europarc Dreilinden GmbH |


Net works

30th mediengipfel (media summit) with Wolf Bauer (UFA Film & TV Produktion), Frank Briegmann (Universal Music), Dr. Mathias Döpfner (Axel Springer), Dr. Tonio Kröger (Doyle Dane Bernbach Group), René Obermann (Deutsche Telekom), Dr. Hajo Schumacher (Host)

Guest of the medienwoche@IFA 2011 at the ICC International Congress Center Berlin

Networks Industry-Wide Media Institutions | Associations | Organisations Berlin Partner Brandenburg Economic Development Department (ZAB) Deutsches Digital Institut Erich Pommer Institute IfM Institut für Medienpolitik IHK Berlin IHK Cottbus IHK Ostbrandenburg IHK Potsdam Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Kulturprojekte Berlin media.connect brandenburg berlinbrandenburg Medienboard Technology Foundation Berlin Transfer media GmbH Film | TV | Radio AG Kino Allianz Deutscher Produzenten Deutscher Kabelverband Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) Filmverband Brandenburg German Film Academy Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater (HDF) Medienanstalt (mabb) ­berlinbrandenburg The Assocation of Private Broadcasters and ­Telecommunications (VPRT) Verband Deutscher ­Drehbuchautoren Games | Web 2.0 | Mobile Alcatel-Lucent Stiftung Berlin 2.0 Berlin mobil BIU bmcoforum Deutscher eSport Bund Deutscher IPTV Verband DIGAREC G.A.M.E. MOBKOM open source berlin Serious Games Berlin Vikora Contact information for the companies mentioned here as well as for a selection of others in the region can be found in the service section of this brochure.


Institutions and Networks for Strong Ideas Numerous institutions, initiatives, programs and networks support the creative industries. ­These orga­nizations provide the region’s industry players with ideal conditions for implementing important projects and they also foster productive exchange among different media sectors. A number of Berlin-Brandenburg administrative and political offices also provide strategic development support to companies active in the regional media and ­creative industries. Since its launch, the State of Berlin’s cultural-industry initiative has generated an entire series of projects designed to support and interlink the region’s creative sector. Among the most prominent examples is, which provides information on all cultural and creative sectors in Berlin. In 2011, on behalf of the Brandenburg Ministry for Economics and European Affairs, a creative coordinator at the Branden­burg Economic Development Board (ZAB) took up the task of better networking the state’s various creative projects. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is the first stop for creatives in the film and media industries in Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition to film funding and media business development, it also funds and connects entrepreneurs and creatives industrywide. As the largest and most successful network serving the region’s media industry companies, berlinbrandenburg and media.connect brandenburg together offer a platform for diverse synergies. The networks unite activities relating to policy-making bodies and R&D; they convey information on companies with specialist skills; and they cooperate with institutions and networks. In addition, surveys and studies analyse the potential of various sectors and perform research into the topics and trends of tomorrow. The non-profit transfer media GmbH strengthens the expertise of the Potsdam- Babelsberg media location and supports companies active there.

»Berlin-Brandenburg is more dynamic than ever. It’s exciting to be a part of these developments and to support regional companies with our strong and reliable network.« Andrea Peters | Managing Director | berlinbrandenburg |

Meeting Point: Capital Region Numerous high-ranking opportunities for exchange and networking are provided by such events as the Berlin International Film Festival, the medienwoche@ IFA with the Media Congress, IFA and M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, the Berlin Music Week with the Popkomm trade fair and the Berlin Festival, the DGT – Deutsche Gamestage with the Quo Vadis developers conference and the »Deutscher Computerspielpreis« awarding outstanding German games productions, the BerlinWebWeek with re:publica and NEXT, the Berlin 2.0 network meet­ ings as well as many regular professional get-­ togethers organised by Medienboard. Twice a year, Medienboard and invite guests from politics, business, media and ­culture to their mediengipfel and medien.dinner for high-calibre networking in an exclusive setting. ­The Medien ­Dialog Berlin is a regular industry get-together ­organised by Medienboard and the IHK Berlin in cooperation with


 Top networks for decision-makers from the fields of politics, business, media and culture  Highest concentration of national media institutions in all media sectors  Home to important media associations: Alliance of German Film & Tele­vision Producers, ADC, BITKOM, German Newspaper P ­ ublishers ­Association, (BDZV), German Trade Association of Interactive ­Entertainment Software, ADC, BITKOM, BDZV, BIU, IFPI, G.A.M.E., HDF, Association of Film Distributors, Association of German Screenwriters, VDZ, VPRT, ZAW  Important industry platforms and networking events: Berlinale, ­medienwoche@IFA, DGT – Deutsche Gamestage, BerlinWebWeek ­including re:publica and NEXT, Berlin Music Week  Ideal conditions as a result of the region’s strategic proximity to major political and business communities

Network event at the fx.Center in Potsdam-Babelsberg

Associations Combined Strength in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg has a vibrant and diverse ­media landscape and is famous nationally and ­internationally as a leading cultural and creative metropolis. As home to Germany’s federal government, Berlin offers ideal conditions for cooperation among associations, institutions, clubs and initiatives. This is why the most important institu­tions and associations in the media, creative, IT and communication industries have offices in the ­region. These include the Association of German Cable Operators (ANGA) and the Association of Private Broadcasters and Telecommunications (VPRT), which represents the interests of private TV and radio broadcasters, as well as several companies working in the multimedia and telecommunications industries in Germany. More than 1,600 companies are represented by BITKOM, the voice of the IT, telecommunications and new ­media industries. The leading publishing industry organizations, i.e. the German Newspaper Pub­

Birgit Roth

»Berlin-Brandenburg is where the most important political and social debates are taking place. This fact is exactly what prompted games-industry associations to set up a foundation focused on interactive entertainment in the capital region.« Birgit Roth | Managing Director | G.A.M.E. – Federal Association of the Computer Games Industry |

Dr. Maximilian Schenk

Dr. Maximilian Schenk | Managing Director | Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) |

»One of the most important features of the German production industry is its regional diversity. Even self-­ declared federalists are fascinated by Berlin’s creative restlessness and are drawn to its cosmopolitan flair. The fact that the capital region offers ­excellent conditions for film and TV production goes without saying. It’s one of my favorite media locations.« Dr. Christoph E. Palmer | Chairman | Alliance of German Film & Television Producers |

lishers Association (BDZV) and the Association of ­German Newspaper Publishers (VDZ), are located here, as is the German Journalists Association (DJV), the German IPTV Association and the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI), which represents roughly 300 labels and music companies. The games industry also has its key contact partners in the region, including the G.A.M.E. Computer and Video Game Developers Association, the BIU publishers association and the brandnew “Stiftung für Interaktive Unterhaltungsmedien” (Foundation for Interactive Entertainment Media). In addition to the large national associations, a number of regional groups are also hard at work: 25 institutions represent industry interests in the field of film and radio; there are 13 in the field of games and interactive; 8 in the field of literature and publishing; 16 in music; 21 in design; 14 in advertising/PR; 15 in fashion and nine in archi­tecture.

Music all2gethernow Berlin Music Commission Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI) IFPI Club Commission German Composers Association GEMA Label-Commission Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT) Publishing | Journalism Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher Deutscher ­Fachjournalistenverband Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) Federal Press Conference Verband Deutscher ­Zeitschriftenverleger VDZ Verein Berliner Journalisten Verein der ausländischen Presse in Deutschland Advertising | Design ADC Association of German Industrial Designers Alliance of German Designers Create Berlin Communication Association German Designers Association IDZ Berlin Marketing Club Berlin ZAW IT | Telecommunications AKUS Amt24 ANGA BITKOM BrainTrust IT BVDW eCOMM Berlin interface! Berlin SIBB Telematics Pro


Contacts Film Funding and Media Business Development On behalf of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg brings together film funding and media business development under one convenient roof. The Medienboard’s Media Business Development department showcases and promotes the region’s national and international stand­ing and image while also providing up-to-date regional information and encouraging state and industry-wide networking among the film and media industries. It also supports film and media companies interested in setting up operations in the capital region and funds regional media-related projects and the development of innovative audiovisual content. The Film Funding department ­supports films and film-related projects in the categories of content and project development, production, sales and distribution.

Elmar Giglinger Managing Director /  Media Development

Kirsten Niehuus Managing Director /  Film Funding

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 15 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 19

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 10 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 19

Anastasia Ziegler Coordinator Media Business Development

Christian Berg Coordinator Film Funding

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 80 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 88

Sigrid Herrenbrück Head of PR & ­Communications

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 70 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 99 s.herrenbrueck@

August-Bebel-Straße 26 – 53 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 23 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 99

Christiane Raab Head of Film Commission

Susanne Schmitt Head of MEDIA Antenne

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 31 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 99

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 51 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 99

MEDIA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Non-Bureaucratic Support for Investors The capital region’s two development agencies – Berlin Partner GmbH and the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB) – offer comprehensive support for companies looking to set up operations and/or expand their business in the capital region: profes­ sional, quick, free of charge and with no red tape. These complimentary services are provided to companies new to Berlin as well as those already operating in Berlin and Brandenburg. Both development agencies are easy to reach: Berlin Partner has representatives available in all Berlin districts and ZAB has five Regional Centers in Brandenburg. • Location scouting and location tours • Assistance relating to funding and financing opportunities • Marketing and event coordination and cooperation • Networking with associations and companies in the capital region • Support in recruiting staff and a Business Immigration Service Fasanenstraße 85 10623 Berlin

Alexander Kölpin Business Development Head of Business Unit Media, ICT & Creative Industries

Tel.:  + 49 (0)30/ 39 98 02 45 Fax:  + 49 (0)30/ 39 98 02 39


Steinstraße 104  –106 14480 Potsdam

Stephan Worch Team Leader Media/ICT

Tel.:  + 49 (0)331/ 660 31 09 Fax:  + 49 (0)331/ 660 31 44

Further important institutions at a glance

Kleine Präsidentenstraße 1 10178 Berlin

Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) As the state media authority for Berlin and Brandenburg, the mabb’s central task is to encourage diversity and the freedom of information and expression, in particular in the private TV and radio sector. The mabb’s activities include authorization supervision and license monitoring, the promotion of digital ­projects and innovative broadcast technologies, advancing further education for media professionals and providing support for projects promoting media expertise. Dr. Hans Hege | Director | Tel.: + 49 (0)30/ 264 96 70 | Fax: + 49 (0)30/ 26 49 67 90 |

Martin-Luther-Straße 105 10825 Berlin

Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Projekt ­Zukunft (Project Future) Projekt Zukunft is a state-wide initiative designed to promote the region’s overall structural transformation into an information and knowledge-based society. The initiative supports the media and IT industries and encourages close connections to regional scientific, political and administrative communities. Projekt Zukunft also promotes technical, economic and cultural innovation and optimizes basic conditions for the IT, telecommunications, E-Government and cultural industries. Projekt Zukunft takes the form of initiatives, projects and networks and seeks to inform the public via podium discussions, publications, on the Internet and at t­ rade fairs. Ingrid Walther | Media, Information and Communications Department, Projekt Zukunft (Project Future) Tel.: + 49 (0)30/ 90 13 74 04, -74 77 | Fax: + 49 (0)30/ 90 13 74 78 |

Heinrich-Mann-Allee 107 14473 Potsdam

Fasanenstraße 85 10623 Berlin

Breite Straße 2 a –c 14467 Potsdam

Wöhlertstraße 12 – 13 10115 Berlin

Brandenburg Ministry of Economic and European Affairs The Brandenburg Ministry of Economic and European Affairs supports the ­development of the cultural and creative industries – in particular the media and IT sectors – in Germany’s capital region. As a result of successful business development ­projects undertaken in the past several years, a signif­ icant number of media businesses – from traditional film companies to digital media and IT firms – have set up and/or expanded their offices in the region. Torsten Fritz | Department Manager, »Information and Communication Technology, Creative Industries« Tel.: +49 (0)331/ 866-1575 | Fax: +49 (0)331/866-1730 |

Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) The IHK Berlin works to improve institutional and financial conditions in the creative industries. Its goal is to increase collaboration and networking within the sector and to act as an interface between business and politics. The IHK supports and advises creative professionals in setting up new businesses and acts as a platform for exchange between small and middle-size companies, on the one hand, and major corporations on the other. Jürgen Schepers | Coordinator, Creative Industries Tel.: + 49 (0)30/31 51 06 76 | Fax: + 49 (0)30/31 51 01 06 | Katrin Safarik | Coordinator, IT Business & Industry Tel.: + 49 (0)30/ 31 51 06 21| Fax: + 49 (0)30/ 31 51 01 06 |

Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) The Potsdam IHK is the self-administered organisation of the commercial ­business sector and its representatives in the IHK district of Potsdam. The IHK acts as a partner to companies and an ­intermediary between the state and business in all matters, including questions affecting the media industry. Dr. Manfred Wäsche | Head of the Department of Economics Tel.: +49 (0)331/2786-211 | Fax: +49 (0)331/28429-11 | berlinbrandenburg e.V. Key Media Industry Association berlinbrandenburg is the key industry association for media companies in the capital region. Its members range from young start-up companies to renowned global players. Andrea Peters | Managing Director Tel.: +49 (0)30/2462 857-17 | Fax: +49 (0)30/2462 857-19 |



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IMPRESSUM Published by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH Location Marketing & Media Business Development August-Bebel-Straße 26 –53 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg Tel.: + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 0 Fax: + 49 (0)331/ 743 87 99 In cooperation with Berlin Partner GmbH ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH With the additional support of Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg Brandenburg State Ministry of Economics Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research Editorial Team Anastasia Ziegler (Supervisor) Carolin Klyk Sabine Sasse Michael Liebe Anna Sarah Vielhaber Translation Julie Hagedorn, The Hagedorn Group Rebecca Stuart Design Büro Watkinson Jenny Watkinson, Rik Watkinson Maurer Thanks We would like to thank everyone featured in this brochure for contributing their time and involved in the Berlin-Brandenburg media region.


Fotos (from above to below and/ or left to right) Cover image: Jenny Watkinson p.3: Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg/M.Hube; p.4: Jenny Watkinson, Axel Springer AG, ZDF; p.5: UFA Film & TV Produktion, Berlin International Film Festival, Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg; p.6: Sony Pictures, StudioCanal, Constantin Film, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg/ U. Schamoni, Studio Babelsberg; p.7: Constantin Film, Cartoon Film, Neue Road Movies; p.8: Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Ent. (2x), X Filme Creative Pool, Barefoot Films; p.9: Rapid Eye Moovies, Berlin International Film Festival, X Verleih, TeamWorx, StudioCanal; p.10: SAT.1/ TV60/Jiri Hanzl, RTL Television, Universum Film, ZDF, rbb; p.11: SAT.1/ ProSieben/Richard Hübner, Studio Hamburg, Viacom International Media Networks; p.12: Map (clockwise): rbb/ Oliver Ziebe, ZDF/Carmen Sauerbrei, PHOENIX/Matthias Luedecke, dasErste, WDR/Herby Sachs, N24, NDR/Andreas Rehmann, ZDF/Svea Pietschmann, NDR/Max Kohr, n-tv, n-tv, rbb/Oliver Ziebe, N24, MME Moviement; p.13: K. Seidt, Regiocast, Brandenburger Lokalradios, RTL Radio; p.14: Universal Music, Berlin Phil Media/Monika Rittershaus,Universal Music; p.15: BVMI/Markus Nass, Motor Entertainment, Embassy of Music; p.16: Computer Game Museum, Yager Development, German Computer Game Award/Büschleb, Yager Development, GameDuell; p.17: Bigpoint GmbH, Ludic Philosophy, Wooga, Bigpoint; p.18: UFA Film- und TV-Produktion, brands4friends, Groupon (2x), Exozet Group; p.19: GameDuell, newthinking communications, Wikimedia; p.20: Jesta Digital (2x), E-Plus; p.21: Exozet Games, kunst-stoff, Yoc, iconmobile;

p.22: dpa, Axel Springer (3x) p.23: Ullmann Publishing, Egmont Ehapa; p.24: M100, Baubild/Stephan Falk, Cornelsen, Aufbau Verlag; p.25 Íllustrative, DDB Group, MSL Group; p.26: University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin Partner, DMY/7Company, MetaDesign, Art+Com; p.27: Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, SAP, eBay; p.28: HPI / Kay Herschelmann (2x), Netfox; p.29: Berlin Partner, IT-Profits, Fujitsu, Oracle Deutschland; p.30: SAP Innovation Center, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, SAP Innovation Center; p.31: Amen, 6Wunderkinder, FoundersLink; p.32: HFF, TU Berlin, Games Academy, HFF; p.33: HFF/K. Kästner, UFA Lab, HPI School of Design Thinking; S.34: HPI / Kay Herschelmann, Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin, Games Academy, Erich Pommer Institute; p.35: K. Seidt, ZFF Facility Management/M. Prachensky, ILB, IBB; p.36: Björn Rolle/Berlin Airports; p.37: Berlin Partner/W. Scholvien, Berlin Partner, Brandenburg Economic Development Board, p.38: Focus Teleport, Berlin Partner, Berlin Partner, WISTA Management Brandenburg Economic Development Board, Ulf BöttcherZFF Facility Management(3x), Studio Babelsberg AG, Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg; p.39: Berlin Partner, Adlershof Projekte, ZFF Facility Management/M. Prachensky, Europarc Dreilinden; p.40: Medienboard/, Medienboard, berlinbrandenburg; p.41: BBFC/C. Raab, Allianz Deutscher Produzenten, G.A.M.E, BIU; p.42: Medienboard/M.Hube, Medienboard Brandenburg/U. Schamoni, K.Seidt, Medienboard (4x), Berlin Partner, Brandenburg Economic Development Board

Print Druckerei Arnold, Großbeeren © Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, Februar 2012 Sources (a selection) Business location information and studies published by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Business location information drawn from Projekt Zukunft (Project Future)/ Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research standortinformationen Business data drawn from the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, based on surveys conducted by DIW Berlin 2011 according to the 2008 WZ Schlüssel classification. Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg FFA information issued by the Federal Film Board (FFA) Television Production in Germany – A long-term study of production from 1999-2008 on behalf of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Chancellery and carried out by the Formatt Institute, Dortmund, 2010 The selection of companies and locations contained here is designed to be representative of the region and does not claim to be exhaustive.




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Medienboard Media Location Booklet 2012  
Medienboard Media Location Booklet 2012  

Over the course of almost 70 pages, the brochure 2012 showcases the companies, networks and major players active in the media and creative i...