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Strengthening Midwifery Organizations and Leadership

Frances Ganges ICM Board Member Americas Region

Region at a glance 108 ICM Member Associations globally Total of 16 in the Americas LAC region: 13 members Guyana is our newest member (Nov. 2012) Two regional organizations: CRMA (13 members) FLO

Caribbean Regional Midwives Association (CRMA) Launched in April 2012 13 + members Based in Trinidad & Tobago Committees: Education, Regulation, Association Workplan for 2013: focus on Education and governance Goals include: unified midwifery in the Caribbean region

Models and Types of Midwifery Oganisations Regulatory and/or accrediting bodies Professional Associations (Canada; Trinidad) Interest groups within the nursing organization (Barbados) Combined professional association and regulatory body (Chile) Association of midwifery schools (Peru) ICM encourages a unified voice for midwifery

Why Strong Midwives Associations Enables midwives to speak with one voice about the issues that affect the profession and MCH Liaise with government, regulatory and academic bodies and other stakeholders regarding practice standards, education, research and other professional issues Provides a focal point for the profession; Policy makers; community; civil society know where and whom to consult Makes the profession visible

The Member Association Capacity Assessment Tool (MACAT) Way of assessing the strength of an Association. Purpose: Provides a framework to help the Association to decide what can be done to address the areas that need strengthening. Can be used as a guide to plan the most appropriate activities and actions Available in English, French and Spanish) Simple to use; requires minimal resources to carry out. Used by Guyana (2009) ; Haiti (2012) and Trinidad & Tobago (2010)

Twinning One approach to share skills and strengths between associations Formal or informal relationships: USA and Zambia; UK with Uganda, Nepal and Cambodia; Canada and Haiti. CRMA: discussing plans for working with small or aspiring midwives associations

Leadership As profession of midwifery becomes more visible: Midwives increasingly taking on leadership roles Called upon to represent the profession in policy discussion; health system strengthening; education; regulation; research and advocacy. Disseminate and implement ICM global standards For many, these are new roles; multiple roles Young Midwifery Leaders Mentoring

2013 Plans Ongoing dissemination/implementation of ICM Standards •

Focus on ERA


Profiles; gap analysis;

Preparation/planning for ICM Congress

Thank you International Confederation of Midwives Laan van Meerdervoort 70 2517AN, The Hague The Netherlands Telephone +31 (0)70 3060 520 Fax +31 (0)70 3555 651 Email

Ganges strengthening midwifery and leadership  
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