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“Being able to use my experience in the collegiate athletic setting and apply them to elite athletes was very humbling.� Ashley Plante

“Necessity is the mother of invention so essentially that’s where it all started.” Lyndon Wester

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with Dr. Terry Cooper



JOIN US Public retirement celebration for Dr. Terry Cooper Thursday, May 20, 2010 DATE TIME 4:00-7:00 pm (presentation at 5 pm) LOCATION Centennial Hall


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“They’re good kids. That’s what I’m most proud of. They are true to our philosophy and our belief of what a student-athlete should be at the college. They’re here for all the right reasons.” Kelly Almer

TIP Start from the ground up! Even if it means limiting your garden to a container (or two) invest in having the best possible soil for your garden including adding lots of compost every year. Your plants will thank you and reward you with amazing owers/fruit.

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