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Lessons From Nature ALIGNMENT

Mike Madhava -

CONNECTING WITH YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME & YOUR SURROUNDINGS I was hunting in the forest the other day trying to photograph a kangaroo. I never saw one... in fact I got close, very close! Close enough to hear warning thumps on the ground just the other side of a tea tree bush but by the time I got there it was long gone. Yet the other day I practically ran into one while just walking along. So what's the difference? One day I'm sneaking, stalking... I'm even dressed in some camo, and I can't get close to one - not even a sighting. Another day I'm just ambling along not thinking about it and bam! there's one practically running into me. No camo, no stalking, not even being conscious of walking silently... As far as I can tell the difference is alignment. The other day I was fully aligned with my surroundings, at peace, in love even, with my surroundings. I had no intention other than loving being there and enjoying every minute. Today I had intention, I had purpose. I was not in alignment with my surroundings, I was only aligned with what I wanted which was to sneak up on a Roo or a Wallaby. Let's put aside the fact that my opponent in that endeavour was far superior to me in survival senses and far more adept and moving with speed through the bush, and examine my own experience in that moment. In moving with that purpose I did not have the same connection with my surroundings, I was not in love with the wild, I was not paying attention to the beauty that was surrounding me, I was not looking up the magnificence of what was around me, in fact; I was looking down, following tracks and listening for the sound of one animal only. It was almost like it could sense my purpose and in sensing it had been forewarned to get out of there. Coming into alignment with your surroundings is a skill which can be learned but it can only be learned hand in hand with being able to also bring consciousness to your own thoughts, desires and emotions. Nature will teach you what you need to know if you are open to it and you can separate it's messages from your own internal dialogue. Once you have come into alignment with your surroundings however two things occur... Firstly, you will be showered with all kinds of blessings that you were not aware of before. I notice that people are friendlier, nature is much more beautiful, signs seem to appear that answer the questions I have in mind. Also competition disappears and a symbiotic harmony seems to run though everything including me and it will tend to provide you with everything that you need when you need it. Secondly, you will find that you are given what you need - yes this is a repeat of that last sentence but it bears repeating because this is a very important point. When you

are in alignment you tent to automatically get what you need, and this happens effortlessly. When you are not in alignment, or when you are in alignment with the wrong thing, no amount of effort gives you the same result. You may still get what it is that you want but it will be a struggle every step of the way. Much effort will be required to achieve the same result and you will be stuck in the realm of non alignment, meaning that you will most likely engage in competition, greed, jealousy, and other lower emotions. The result of this is that even when you fight your way to the top and get what you want, it will not be enough. There is a fight against nature, a fight against your own internal wisdom and you will be cut off from the pipeline that freely delivers the gifts of the universe. Wallace D Wattles in his book "the science of getting rich" talks about taking the actions you need to take to get rich, but doing it in "a certain way". Taking the actions but having your mind think "in a certain way". What is that certain way? Well Wallace does a very poor job of explaining this in his book however nature can reveal the answer. Come into alignment with your desired outcome. For example you may want money, you want to be rich. It's easy to see how falling in love with work is not the right place to be, that will just bring you more work. In fact with this process in mind it's even easy to see how just wanting something even REALLY wanting it only puts you in alignment with 'wanting' not with the money - and the universe will gift you more 'wanting'. So what is the environment of wealth, or health or happiness? It is the thing itself you must come into alignment - you must fall in love with, engage in the beauty and wonder of wealth itself - health itself - engage in the feeling of being happy and bathe in that feeling. The best way is to practice this with something tangible like being in nature - and notice what it feels like when you come onto alignment with your surroundings. You will notice it when things start to look more beautiful, when they begin to glow and become more radiant in your eyes. You will notice it when people start to look more radiant and divine. When you can walk through a shopping mall and kind of "be in love" with everybody - when you can see everyone's divinity - at that point - notice your own Beauty. Your own Radiance... Your own divinity. ============================================================= Mike Madhava is a visionary, a healer and an experimenter. His passion of finding ways of living more of our potential, expanding our thinking and our horizons and "dreaming in" a more connected world living in sync with the earth is expressed in his writings and experiential training programs and recordings. You can find out more about this work at

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Alignment and attraction  

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