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Why Wear Medical Identifications? Today, millions of people choose to wear medical alert bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry with their medical information engraved on it. Why? Medical IDs are a simple way to communicate important information to first-responders in an event of an emergency. These jewelry pieces or tags are often made up of stainless steel or sterling silver, and intend to alert paramedics, physicians, emergency medical service personnel, or any other first responder of an existing health issue. Examples of medical conditions in which medical jewelry can be a real asset are: 

Diabetes: Regardless of whether you have type I or type II diabetes, wearing medical ID bracelets can be a life-saver. In cases of accidents or medical emergencies, first responders can instantly be informed the person is diabetic, and take action accordingly. They will instantly know whether to administer insulin on sugar as required. Without that information it would not only be difficult to help, but would also take much longer to determine the root problem.

Allergies: People with allergies often wear medical ID jewelry. You may never know what situation you may have to face, and you may or may not be able to communicate your allergies. In the unfavorable circumstances, wearing a medical identification tag informs the responder about your allergies and the action required. The situation can get worse if you have food allergies. Because regardless of how careful you are, there is always a risk of random exposure or cross contamination. Those close to you be aware of your allergies, but what about strangers? Let’s assume you are having dinner at a new restaurant and suddenly pass out. If you are wearing a medical alert bracelet which says SHELLFISH ALLERGY-GIVE EPIPENCALL EMERGENCY means that people will look into your bag for an epi-pen without wasting any time or waiting for emergency services to arrive. This may be a life and death situation.

Epilepsy: If an individual is suffering from epilepsy, wearing an identification bracelet is a must. By doing so, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will immediately know that the seizure is not a new symptom but an ongoing medical condition. This way, EMTs can stop wasting their time in identifying the cause of seizure, like head injury, trauma etc. and can start implementing the correct treatment.

Alzheimer's: When people have Alzheimer’s, it causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. People become increasingly disoriented and forgetful day by day. In such cases, it is very beneficial to wear jewelry with identification. This will not only help others determine the issue, but also help to return them home.

Kids: Kids don’t carry a driver’s license, or ids as most adults do. So, medical id tags are very important to help understand the child’s medical condition and safely connect them to their parents.

For more information on medical bracelets in Canada, please visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Julie Hanson is a recently retired medical professional. She now writes articles and blogs to help a social cause and spread medical awareness. She recommends for all your medical jewelry needs.

Why wear medical identifications  

Medical IDs are a simple way to communicate important information to first-responders in an event of an emergency. Read the full document an...

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