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Important Webinar Preparations Webinars are a popular way to deliver training, education sessions and demonstrations of your products and services. But be careful: a poorly designed and presented webinar can leave participants bored to tears. A good webinar begins long before the participants log into your presentation. Here are some webinar design tips you can use to create a winning webinar.

Webinar Software • Adobe Connect Pro and Go To Webinar are two popular, fully featured packages. • Choose a software that allows people to listen to the audio feed of your webinar either through their phone or through voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP). • Look for a recording feature, so you can have people “attend” the webinar after the fact. • Your webinar software should allow you to mute all participants other than a single presenter.

Webinar Topics and Timing • • • •

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Choose topics that can be handled comfortably within the allotted time. Carefully plan your content well ahead of time. Practice your pacing, speaking slowly and clearly. Your presentation visuals should have few words and should show images that illustrate the information you are providing. Never read information off of the visuals you are presenting. Make sure font sizes on your slides will be readable on the smaller screens of laptop computers.

Webinars Topics and Timing


Zoom in on sections of an image in successive slides, letting participants see more clearly what you're referring to. Cover the first three items, and then promise to cover the remaining three points during the remainder of the webinar. Keep the pacing of the slides rapid, changing the slides between every 30 seconds and 1 minute. You'll lose webinar participants quickly if they get bored, so start with your most important content.

Questions and Wrapping Up • People like to ask questions during webinars; if possible, provide multiple ways for them to do so. • Have a couple of prearranged questions ready to roll out if the webinar participants are at first shy about asking questions • End your webinar with a link to a survey program, such as Web Monkey, so participants can provide feedback about your presenters, the topic and your webinar delivery system. • Get email addresses so you can follow up with your webinar participants and invite them to future webinars.

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