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CONCUSSION IN SPORTS June 23 at Rodd Crowbush resort

10:00 – 11:30 am. Dr. Walling will focus on the signs, symptoms and treatment of concussions. Ms. Keunen, will discuss the Return to Play guidelines and “return to learn” issues, as well as some of the prevention activities she coordinates. Dr. Taylor will present a more thorough overview of the recovery process as well as demonstrating a Smart Phone app he is developing for physicians and others. The project is a decision support system that is useful for parents, coaches, players and front line clinicians. It is intended to assist with the transfer of information, and the recognition and management of concussion by all caregivers, including the family and emergency physician.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most devastating of catastrophic injuries, with twice the death rate of injuries overall. A brain injury can permanently change the way a child or youth talks, walks, learns, works and interacts with others. Frequent coverage recently in mainstream media has provided significant attention to the prevalence of concussion in sports, particularly with respect to the potentially devastating consequences. Evidence that children and adolescents take longer than adults to recover following a concussion is why prevention and appropriate return to play is so important for team sports, particularly in the pediatric and adolescent populations. With the increased awareness of concussions and continued media attention, parents, coaches and others may look to Island physicians for credible consistent ThinkFirst Canada, under the leadership of Dr. Charles Tator, a prominent information and approaches to treating these injuries. Canadian neurosurgeon, has been instrumental in raising awareness about the preventability of concussions and other traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. The Public Health Agency of Canada recently announced three Tiers of funding ThinkFirst Canada is holding a national meeting in PEI June 22-24 including a to reduce sport and recreation related injuries sustained in high participation stop at Crowbush, June 23 to speak with physicians. activities among children and youth (ages 0-19). The initiative focuses on serious injuries such as concussions/brain injuries, drowning and fractures. PEI recreation, Three of ThinkFirst Canada members – Dr. Simon Walling, neurosurgeon, Ms. sport and injury prevention organizations together with the Medical Society of Elaine Keunen, neuro-trauma nurse, and Dr. Brett Taylor, ER physician, will be PEI, applied for funding in Tier 3 (community based initiatives) and is awaiting presenting a Concussion Education Session to Medical Society members from ministerial approval.

See You, in September..... Plans are well underway for the 157th Annual General Meeting of the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island, September 7-8, 2012, at Rodd Mill River Resort. Check in on Friday and bring the kids! This year the AGM agenda includes an array of fun activities for children (more adult time to relax). Of course Mill River Resort offers big folks all kinds of recreation and relaxation too! Early Friday evening a special presentation of interest to physicians and spouses/partners will take place with more detail to follow. The Saturday portion of the AGM begins with a breakfast CME followed by a concise morning Business Session. As is tradition, the evening event is the President’s Dinner your chance to mix, mingle and dine with colleagues and newly-made friends! The format promises a healthy mix of business and pleasure. A detailed program will be sent electronically as soon as it is finalized.

September 7-8, Rodd’s Mill River





uicide prevention research – A template for suicide data is in development for an epidemiologic study on suicides in PEI. The study will strive to collect data from the past 10 years. Drs. Amanullah and Sanford (PEI provincial epidemiologist are collaborating on this initiative. Dr. Trainor will be asked to assist in his capacity as Chief Coroner for PEI. It is expected work will commence this summer.


andatory Headlights – Drs. White and Trainor met with transportation and government to discuss potential legislation and were advised that daytime running lights are included in an MVI.


PG Survey – At the request of PEI’s Deputy Minister of Health, MSPEI representatives from HC&P will offer comments to a Pan-Canadian Initiative on the Adoption of a Select Group of CPGs survey now in its second draft. The survey is supplied by a Clinical Practice Guidelines Working Group cochaired by the Ministries of Health in Alberta and Ontario and established with representation from the Canadian Nurses Association and the CMA. They are responsible for identifying a small number of CPGs whose deployment across the country could be accelerated through an integrated, collaborative, Premier-directed strategy. PMI Prescribing Quality Improvement on May 17-18, 2012, was a success with a full house of physician leaders from across PEI participated in an intensive 2 day training session. Look for details for our next PMI event in the Spring of 2013.

A fond farewell to one of MSPEI’s long standing members. Dr. Baldev Sethi, has provided exemplary care for Tignish and area patients for over 47 years. A recipient of many deserved accolades and awards for his faithful service including MSPEI Life Membership Award in 2011, Dr. Sethi, you will be missed! Enjoy retirement.


ctive and Safe PEI – Active and Safe PEI, is currently a Tier 3 proposal being recommended for ministerial approval by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Recreation PEI is the primary lead with Cycle PEI, Hockey PEI, Sport PEI, the Island Network for Injury Prevention (MSPEI is a founding member) and the Brain Injury Association of PEI as well as various provincial government departments. The proposal includes the development of town hall style meetings on concussions for hockey players, parents and coaches in locations across

FUTURE HEALTHCARE PROMOTIONS: CMA General program and to be available for ids’ Run Club (Doctors NS Kyouth running program) – a questions related to getting such Council 2012 made-in-PEI version of DoctorsNS much celebrated program is under discussion. Via teleconference, Samantha Holmes, Communications Director, Doctors NS, and Kerry Copeland, Kids’ Run Club coordinator explained how their youth running program was initiated and how it grew in Nova Scotia and offered their thoughts on how PEI might initiate a similar program in Island schools. Ms. Copeland and Ms. Holmes expressed their willingness to share print materials used in the school

a program off the ground. They stressed the need to identify a dedicated and interested person to coordinate the pilot and support from sponsors.


ids Racing Event - Dr. Kristy Newson approached MSPEI to consider sponsoring an annual running event for children – outside of the school curriculum. She has enlisted the support of several colleagues and members of HC&P may consider taking part in a subcommittee to assist her efforts.


cil 2012. You can follow the proceedings online at from Aug ?-?, 2012 DR. RACHEL Kassner DR. DAVE Bannon DR. ROLAND Chiasson DR. TREVOR Jain DR. CHRIS Stewart DR. KATHERINE Burleigh CMA DELEGATES DR. SCOTT Cameron DR. FRANK MacDonald STAFF OBSERVERS MR. SANDY Irwin MRS. HEATHER Mullen

2012 PMI Program in Halifax

Enhance your leadership skills with CMA’s PMI program this September in Halifax! Do you have the necessary skills to lead, influence and engage others? Do you understand complexity as it relates to health care leadership, collaboration and systemic change? The Physician Management Institute (PMI) courses Engaging others (9–11 September) and Dialogue: navigating complex systems (12–13 September) may be just what you need to gain a strong advantage in these areas. Each of these courses is accredited by the RCPSC and the CFPC for a total of 16.25 CME credits for Engaging others and 13 CME credits for Dialogue. PMI will provide you with leadership and management skills to complement your clinical expertise — and puts you en route to achieving a nationally recognized physician leadership credential. Join us in Halifax to enhance your skills! For more information and to register, visit You can also talk to one of our education experts in the CMA’s Leadership and Professional Development department about setting up the right program and schedule for you or your team. Call 1-800-663-7336 ext. 2178 or email




MEMBER AT A GLANCE Name: Katherine Burleigh Specialty: Family Medicine Location: O’Leary as of Oct 2012 Med School: Northern Ontario Medical School Favourite Food: Anything sinful Shoe Size: 9 How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Three less than my husband Golf or “a good walk spoiled”? Good walk spoiled, unless there are windmills and fluroscent balls involved Most recent place traveled/ visited? Hawaii Last or current book read? The Red Queen by Phillipa Greggory Pets? 4 sheep and soon 12 ducks What colour pen do your write prescriptions? Whatever colour the one I stole from my nurse is What are you listening to in your car stereo? Book on CD

For Hamilton, Ontario born Katherine Burleigh spending summers with her grandmother, Sylvia Smith, in Bideford was one of the highlights of her childhood. It was also one of the things that brought her back to West Prince. “I am certainly happy to be home,” said Dr Burleigh, who went on to say she plans to start a practice in western PEI this fall. She also plans to work in international missions. Dr Burleigh has an extensive health related career, including being involved with the Canadian Cancer Society for five years and working with a family medicine research team at the University of Western Ontario for three years. One motivation to become a family doctor came shortly after a mission experience in South Africa and India which caused her to re-evaluate her career plans and apply to medical school. After being accepted at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine she wanted to come home to PEI to practice. “I chose to come home to PEI for the residency program...I was thrilled when this program was created (it didn’t exist when she started medical school),” said Dr Burleigh, who explained “I thought I would have to be away for another two years of residency training before I could be home.” The residency program offered after medical school is to prepare new graduates for independent practice as a family doctor. Residents are doctors

who can see patients on their own, write prescriptions and order tests, but who work with supervising doctors. “Being a resident is similar to apprenticeships in other fields,” said Dr Burleigh. According to Dr Burleigh, most of the residency training is on the island with a combination of rotations in family medicine (urban and rural), pediatrics, internal medicine (including intensive care), general surgery, geriatrics, oncology, palliative care, emergency medicine and obstetrics. A typical day for a resident involved

with the residency program changes daily depending upon the selected rotation. “For me in O’Leary, I arrive at the clinic, see any inpatients admitted in Community Hospital, then start my clinic schedule, seeing patients all morning and afternoon.” said Dr Burleigh who went on to explain, “I review cases with my preceptor (Dr Gil Grimes) at the end of the day.”

Once a week all the residents gather for teaching sessions in Charlottetown where Island doctors give talks about health issues in their areas of speciality. “Evenings are a lot of studying... with some time for family squeezed in too,” said Dr Burleigh, who is a busy stepmother to a 10-year-old girl and 19-year-old boy with husband Shawn Burleigh. Residents are usually on call once every four days and work one weekend a month. The biggest challenge for Dr Burleigh is balancing work life, family life and time to exercise. “I was away in Northern Ontario for four was a very rich experience but very difficult for our family,” said Dr Burleigh. One of the highlights of the residency program so far is finishing her training in PEI and having the flexibility of the program.  “Because the Island is smaller, there are less medical students and residents training and we get the attention and teaching from our preceptors with one on one time,” she said. According to Dr Burleigh most cities would have up to seven learners on one team with one preceptor leading the team. Having a smaller group of residents means more hands on experience. “It also allows you to get the skills you want or need to be the kind of doctor you want to be,” she said. REPRINTED ARTICLE FROM WEST PRINCE GRAPHIC. BY CINDY CHANT



Five out of six spring 2012 graduates of the Prince Edward Island Family Medicine Residency Training Program have already committed to practice family medicine in the province, says Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie. “Training family medicine residents right here in the province and providing them with an opportunity to experience practicing medicine in Prince Edward Island has proven to be a excellent recruitment tool,” says Minister Currie. “A special thanks is owed to the physi-

cian preceptors who have taken time from their busy schedules to mentor these residents.” Dr. Nicole Fancy, Dr. Hal MacRae,  Dr. Katherine Burleigh,  Dr. Jocelyn Peterson and Dr. Aakriti Chawla have all decided to practice in Prince Edward Island after graduation. Dr. Hal MacRae said he feels fortunate to be able to live and work in the province where he grew up. Dr. Katherine Burleigh, who has decided to practice in west Prince, is

pleased with the opportunity to finish her training at home. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to work at home, serving the communities in western Prince Edward Island which have been so supportive and welcoming.” The Government of Prince Edward Island welcomes these residents to the medical staff of the province and wishes them the best in their medical careers.  by Doug W. Currie



Sheila MacLean, Physician Recruitment Coordinator for the province, was the recipient of the 2012/13 Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CASPR) Recruiter Recognition Award, says Minister of Health andWellness Doug Currie. This recognition of Ms. MacLean by her peers is a testament to her leadership, vision and success in physician recruitment, said Minster Currie. Ms. MacLeans dedication to her job is evident every day and her recognition with this award is well deserved. The CASPR Recruiter Recognition Award

recognizes a CASPR member who has been selected by his or her peers as a leader who has developed innovative and collaborative approaches and solutions resulting in successful physician attraction and retention in their community. Ms. MacLean has been in the Physician Recruitment Coordinator role for the past seven years. Her efforts have effectively resulted in the success achieved in the recruitment and retention efforts for family physicians and specialists to the province. Since 2007, 62 physicians have been recruited and retained in

Prince Edward Island. Ms. MacLean has also been instrumental in bringing together partners in the province to develop a toolkit for internationally educated health professionals. The Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CASPR) is a professional organization from across Canada whose members primary role is to recruit physicians for their communities, local hospitals and other healthcare organizations. CASPR offers a means for Canadian Physician Recruiters from coast to coast to share

best practices, techniques and tools for physician recruitment and retention. With the creation of the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat in 2009, our government showed its commitment to recruiting skilled health professionals for our health care system, said Minister Currie. I commend all our staff in the secretariat for their successful efforts and their continued dedication to growing our Island health care system.



Medical Society students re Summer Medical Student Education Program 2012 2nd Year Medical Students Colin Burgoyne Natasha Gaudet Daniel Keefe Aimee MacDonald Jaclyn O’Brien Joanne Reid Steve Walsh

Dalhousie University Memorial University Dalhousie University Dalhousie University University of Ottawa Dalhousie University Dalhousie University

4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks

1st Year Medical Students Harrison Carmichael Taylor Ferrier Kyle MacDonald Scott Murray Stephen Reid Megan Tesch

University of Toronto University of Ottawa Memorial University Dalhousie University McGill University Memorial University

4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

July 2 – July 27th July 9-27th Aug. 13-17 July 9-August 3 June 25th- July 20 July 2-July 31 June 11-15, June 18-22, July 2-6, July 9-13 & July 30-Aug. 3 June 11- July 13 Harrison Ca


June 11- July 9 June 4-29 June 25-29, Aug. 6-17 & August 27-31st July 9-August 3 August 6-24th July 23- August 17

BBQ 2012 - July 13th

lsh Steven Wa

In the Medical Society Gardens Join us at noon in the tranquil Medical Society gardens. Meet other members, including our Summer Students and Residents. This is a casual event and you are welcome to bring your family. RSVP to or call 368-7303.

Congratulations to Alf & Anne Morais who won our Early Bird registration draw and will be enjoying two nights at Rodd’s Crowbush. Watch for our next Early Bird Draw!!




Sheila MacLean, RPR Physician Recruitment Coordinator Recruitment and Retention Secretariat Department of Health and Wellness.,



March, 2012


Pediatrics - QEH

April, 2012


Anesthesia/Pain Management

May, 2012


Family Medicine - Souris

May, 2012

Committed to Begin Practice

(Signed letters of offer)


Pathology - QEH

July, 2012


Family Medicine - W est Prince

July, 2012


Family Medicine - Montague

July, 2012


Family Medicine - Charlottetown

July, 2012


Family Medicine - East Prince

July, 2012


Family Medicine - Charlottetown (2 year return in service)

July, 2012


Family Medicine

July, 2012


Emergency Medicine - S’Side

Sept. 2012


Medical Microbiologist - QEH

July, 2012


PMI & PEER TO PEER 2012 PMI program in HALIFAX! Enhance your leadership skills with CMA’s PMI program this September in Halifax! Do you have the necessary skills to lead, influence and engage others? Do you understand complexity as it relates to health care leadership, collaboration and systemic change? The Physician Management Institute (PMI) courses Engaging others http://www. Content_Images/Inside_cma/ Leadership/2012/descriptions/ Engaging-others.pdf . (9–11 September) and Dialogue: navigating complex systems CMA/Content_Images/ Inside_cma/Leadership/2012/ descriptions/Dialogue-navigating. pdf (12–13 September) may be just what you need to gain a strong advantage in these areas. Each of these courses is accredited by the RCPSC and the CFPC for a total of 16.25 CME credits for Engaging others and 13 CME credits for Dialogue. PMI will provide you with leadership and management skills to complement your clinical expertise — and puts you en route to achieving a nationally recognized physician leadership credential. Join us in Halifax to enhance your skills! For more information and to register, visit You can also talk to one of our education experts in the CMA’s Leadership and Professional Development department about setting up the right program and schedule for you or your team. Call 1-800-663-7336 ext. 2178 or email

Please note: Dr Douglas Moore will be re-opening his practice in General Psychiatry and Psychyotherapy on the 23 May 2012. Referral only. Call 902963-3891. 

“On a personal note, the board, staff and assessors of APMPR would like to extend our best wishes and appreciation to Dr. David Hambly, a Family Physician from Prince Edward Island who has been a key member of the APMPR board since the program was in the planning stages in 1991. David has decided to step down from his current role as Board Chair and Medical Director to spend more time with his family, especially his much-loved grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.”

”FROM PEER TO PEER” Jean-Marie Auffrey. M. D. Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review June 2012

A CRITICAL component and the heart of the Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review process is the onsite assessment carried out by a physician peer. It is a fundamental principle of our program that the assessor should be engaged in a practice somewhat similar to that of the physician being assessed, and he or she has been carefully chosen for the role. Assessors are sensitive to the professional judgement of individual physicians, conscious of the concerns about confidentiality, and committed to making the peer review process a positive and rewarding experience for those involved. As a former assessor myself, I can tell you that it is an equally rewarding experience for the assessor. I don’t believe I have visited a single practice – even those where there have been deficiencies – where I have not learned something from the way my colleague practices medicine. THE AVAILABILITY of qualified assessors is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by APMPR. A number of those who started with our program in the mid 1990’s have either retired or are planning to do so soon. We need additional English and French Family Medicine Assessors. Also, since we now review physicians in most of the specialties, we would like to recruit Eng-

lish and French specialist assessors from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland as well. Currently, when we do not have a specialist assessor in our region, we contract with those from Ontario who are willing to come and do reviews here. This year, we will be utilizing Ontario assessors for the assessment of Ophthalmologists, Nephrologists, Otolaryngologists, Radiologists, Urologists, Neurologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Hospitalists.

to ensure that the assessor who is appointed has no professional or other relationship with the physician being assessed. If either the assessor or the physician being assessed is not comfortable with the match, another assessor will be assigned. If you would like to know more about becoming an assessor, please contact us at the Moncton office by phone at 506-852-4441 or by email: We hope you will consider joining the APMPR team – we need your help!

ASSESSORS WORK for APMPR an average of three to five days each year, doing assessments either within their own province or elsewhere within the Atlantic Region. For this work, they will be paid an honorarium of $1000/day, a flat-fee of $250/assessment to cover preparation and report time, and an accommodation and living per diem of $300. Travel costs by air or ground are also fully covered.

ON A personal note, the board, staff and assessors of APMPR would like to extend our best wishes and appreciation to Dr. David Hambly, a Family Physician from Prince Edward Island who has been a key member of the APMPR board since the program was in the planning stages in 1991. David has decided to step down from his current role as Board Chair and Medical Director to spend more time with his family, especially his much-loved grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.

NEW ASSESSORS are partnered with an experienced APMPR assessor for the first assessment or so; then, if they are comfortable, they begin handling reviews on their own. Assessors are usually assigned several visits in the same area, and co-ordinate their own schedule with the physicians being reviewed. Every attempt is made


FROM YOUR PRESIDENT: PRESIDENT’S REPORT - JUNE 2012 I attended Doctors N.S. Annual Meeting in Digby, NS this month. Whenever possible, I attend provincial meetings in other provinces where MSPEI is extended an invitation. I have found that there are real benefits from networking with other Division members, representatives from the CMA and potential sponsors. Heather Mullen, MSPEI staff, also attended DoctorsNS AGM. I know that she too connected with counterparts and came away with new ideas for our Society functions and operation. Building these relationships is important as we share similar challenges and it is constructive to see how other provinces respond. I come away stimulated with new ideas and thoughts for our Society and strongly recommend that our future Presidents, and if possible, staff members, be encouraged to attend when MSPEI is invited. There are two upcoming meetings of interest to members: Michael Mayne, the new Deputy Minister of Health will be meeting with our Board this summer. This is a great opportunity for dialogue and collaboration. Also, Dr. Richard Wedge has advised that Health PEI wants to hear from physicians to discuss challenges to the profession and what is needed to get more physicians engaged. Again, this invitation should be viewed as an opportunity for the medical profession to be pro-active in helping to improve the system for the betterment of patients – and our profession. An area that requires attention for our Society is succession planning – a strategy to ensure our Society is well represented by a knowledgeable and optimally functioning Board of Directors. Having visited and networked with many Society Presidents, I come away with the feeling that our Medical Society is unique. In other provinces and territories people want to serve on the Board, and to become President is an honour and a plum. Members serve for years slowly working their way up to the role of President. We have to question why that is not the case here. We must question why we have to seek out candidates. A good succession plan would assist in ensuring that all Board members participate with a good working knowledge of MSPEI’s operations, policies etc. Somewhat to this end, I believe the Society must embark on developing a new strategic plan immediately following the upcoming Annual General Meeting (September 8, 2012). I think it would be helpful for Board members (and in particular, those on the path to the Presidency) to take advantage of the many PMI Leadership Courses available. I have found them to be invaluable; I only wish that I had started taking them sooner. I am presently enrolled in a two-weekend PMI sponsored by Doctors N.S. called “Fully at the Table”. So far, it’s excellent. One of the side benefits of the course is that each participant gets a Lead 360 evaluation – something we could all learn from. The instructors expressed an interest is offering the course in PEI. I know that we have a Committee on Healthcare & Promotion, and it certainly does good work. I see health promotion and preventative medicine initiatives becoming more and more significant in maintaining a sustainable health care system. I suggest that as a Medical Society we have to take a more public leadership role in this, and look to ways to partner with groups with similar goals. I point to the success of the running program created by DoctorsNS, Kids Run Club, as an example of this type of initiative (16,000 kids ran last year) and DoctorsNS received several awards and public recognition for this program. I believe that this type of leadership can illustrate to the Government and the community our commitment to the health of our citizens and our recognition of the connection between a healthy lifestyle and the sustainability of our health care system.

Your MSPEI President “out and about” enjoying the camaraderie of colleagues and friends at the third annual Right Brain Released art show, May 1. Her contribution to the show included a collection of travel photographs.


The Medical Society of Prince Edward Island’s launched a newly redesigned website. In a continuing effort to “green” Medical Society operations, the website will enable members to make applications online. Electronic forms will include MSPEI Membership; CME funding (Supplementary Funding, Clinical Skills Fellowship Fund); Student Membership; Student Bursary; and Summer Medical Student Program applications. As before, the redesigned site will provide a Health Directory, the province’s easiest and most up to date online access to physician listings for use by members and the public. The Medical Society plans to track its use and confirm its popularity! MSPEI staff can attest to its usefulness. When www. goes down, for even a short amount of time (it happens), the office is inundated with calls regarding this feature.

What’s NEW or new-to-you? Well, did you know....? • MSPEI now uses Twitter - Aside from tweaking the MSPEI website, MSPEI now “tweets.” In order to stay abreast of current issues and responses in a timely fashion, MSPEI has branched out to Twitter in Facebook. The Society’s Twitter account is MSPEI_Docs. This is especially useful since PEI’s current Health Minister and Medical Director are “tweeting” almost daily. • A recent addition to Facebook is The Medical Society of PEI’s “page” allowing users to “like” posts (the same as is posted to MSPEI’s twitter account). • MSPEI uses Facebook - The Medical Society uses Facebook to communicate effectively with Island medical students including those studying around the world. This is a private Facebook group entitled “Island Medical Students and Alumni.” Experience has shown that even upon completion of study most users remain in the group – thus the term “Alumni.” • MSPEI maintains a digital archive of the PULSE – MSPEI archives, via a digital bookshelf, MSPEI’s newsletters (The PULSE) at medicalsociety/docs/ Readership continues to grow with 150 – 320 unique viewers per edition. • MSPEI sends email blasts – MSPEI sends registered members email notices to communicate timely information. If you are not currently receiving notices via email, and would like to, please send a note to to join. It goes without say that the occasional growing pain may occur from the website renewal; please contact the office should you experience any difficulties navigating the site. Suggestions for website improvements are welcome. A Needs Assessment survey regarding your MSPEI membership expectations and wishes will be posted to the website following its official launch; your input is invaluable. You are urged to participate.





RIGHT BRAIN RELEASED Dr. Shabbir Amanullah and family

Dr. David Wong

If record attendance at this year’s opening of Right Brain Released is any indication of a continued and growing interest in art by physicians, the small-but-mighty art show committee of Drs. Jenni Zelin and Jennifer Ashby, and MSPEI staff member, Heather Mullen should be very pleased with their efforts. Of course, without the contributions of physician artists the show would not be. This year’s exhibit featured approximately 70 new pieces.

THANK YOU! Thanks to Marcus Lutterman for his help in setting up and taking down the show, including fixing the walls. Thank you to Jennifer Ashby & Celeste for making all the show labels. Thank you to Paul Price for helping hang the show. Thank you to the Ghislaine O’Hanley and her staff at the Gallery @ the Guild for hosting our event again this year. Many Thanks to Jenni Zelin for being the driving force behind the Art show again this year!

Dr. Jennifer Ashby & Celeste, Heather Mullen & Dr. Jenni Zelin


Dr. Jurgen Kontor & Patt Hobbs

First-time contributors included Drs. Jurgen Kontor, David Silverberg, Sarah Lea, Joanne McGinn, Angus Beck, and Shannon Curtis. MSPEI members who have exhibited since the inaugural Right Brain Released (2010) include Drs. David Wong, Dagny Dryer Rossignol, David I. Stewart and Ashley Crane (Medical Student). Again this year, the show also featured the work of Drs. Rachel Kassner, David Ashby, Mona Reck, Paul Price and Shabbir Amanullah. Dr. Amanullah’s contributions to the Medical Society - both to the art show and to the profession - will be sorely missed as he bids farewell to the Island later this summer.

Dr. Shannon Curtis

Dr. David Silverburg showcased several books he has published


ISLAND HEALTH UPDATES IMMUNIZATION TO PREVENT HZ SHINGLES IMMUNIZATION TO PREVENT HZ SHINGLES AND POST-HERPETIC NEURALGIA IS BOTH SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Written by Dr. Paul Price ZOSTAVAX 2 (ONE DOSE) *Protective efficacy 70% *Reduction HZ pain 70% *injection site reaction rare (same as placebo) *Systemic SE also rare (1/12,000) *Does NOT induce HZ Contraindications: *active untreated TB *Wait three months to get pregnant (not YOU you Idiot!) *Immunosuppression (Prednisone >20 mgm/day,MTX HIV Systemic Malignancy+-) *works 5 yrs study on Booster due 2013 NACI RECOMMENDATIONS: >60Y (IRRESPECTIVE OF PRIOR CHICKENPOX) 50-59Y-Reccomended by Health Canada May 2011/Current PEIDH age 55 *Already had HZ??…5% risk of recurrence..probably don’t need vaccine Influenza Vaccine OK same visit different site *wait 4 wks for Pneumococcal vaccination 17VACCINATIONS PREVENTS 1 HZ, 31 PREVENTS 1PHN STORE IN DARK/(Any) ORDINARY FREEZER +5deg F/-15deg C or colderC or colder(1) Give within 30 mins of reconstitution like other live-attenuated vaccines. AVAILABLE: Merck-Frost--$150 Wholesale, minimum 4 doses,may use VISA Sherwood, Murphy’s Kensington,Friendly,Cooke’s,VON Summerside Private Insurance Coverage only “high end” (ex:Feds,Doctors NS) REFERENCES: (1) Product Monograph, Georgette Roy Office of Regulatory Affairs HC *Vaccines patient info) * *Shapiro et al: Update on Herpes Zoster Vaccination: A Family Practitioner’s Guide: Can Fam Physician2011;57(10):1127-31 *Erickson and Dewars Analytic Framework *Erickson and Dewars Analytic Framework


PEP TALK; DIABETES HEALTHY FEET & YOU Dear Clinician/ program Director, Diabetes and Diabetes Foot complications are on the rise in Canada. One of the challenges for patients with diabetes and their healthcare providers has been the lack of awareness of foot care, the measures that need to be taken to avoid foot ulcers and how to access proper care when ulcers do occur. Over the last two years the Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC), with support from the Public Health Agency of Canada has been attempting to address this gap by developing a suite of readily available tools for Canadians with diabetes, their families and their caregivers called the “Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You” project. The project involved the development of a patient appropriate leaflet, a clinician leaflet, posters, an on-line web-based interactive questionnaire with links to appropriate information and a monthly healthy feet tip With the increasing rates of diabetes in Canada there is a need to develop willing volunteers (Peer leaders) to address the issue of limited resources and to support the efforts of healthcare professionals to improve outcomes for patients. Peers may be more approachable and can relate to the experiences of living with diabetes. The CAWC in conjunction with the Public Health Agency of Canada is now spearheading an initiative to create a Canadian network of volunteer Diabetes Foot Ulcer Prevention (DFUP) Peer Educators. Their role is to work in partnership with community diabetes healthcare professionals to assist Canadians living with diabetes to

keep their feet healthy. They will be supported in that session by a Healthcare worker. The diabetes healthcare professionals chosen for this program may be diabetes educators, nurses or chiropodists. The Peer leaders and Healthcare worker in your community have received training through the Canadian Association of wound care and would like to support you in your efforts to prevent Diabetic Foot complications by providing a one Day educational work shop on Preventative Diabetic Foot care, educational resources and communications through our Portal. For more information on local workshops, patient and clinician resources or registration, please visit For more information on the National program contact Andrea Martin at andrea. or Mariam Botros botros.

“Diabetes and Diabetes Foot complications are on the rise in Canada. One of the challenges for patients with diabetes and their healthcare providers has been the lack of awareness of foot care, the measures that need to be taken to avoid foot ulcers and how to access proper care when ulcers do occur.”

Workshops have been arranged to take place at the Four Neighborhoods Building boardroom. This has elevator access. Workshop dates: Time is set at 6:00pm to 8:30pm July 26th August 23rd September 20th October 18th November 15th December 13th More workshops to be scheduled in 2013! We hope to have one or two up west and down east. Health care professionals involved are Michele Langille BScN RN and

Jackie MacPhail.

No Small Potatoes

, a clinical day about babies and children, included an invitation for children too! Members attending the CME Clinical Day were invited to come and learn – and bring the kids! It was a PD day for children and the venue, offered a children’s program. This well-attended day was a win-win! Look for another PD day/CME in the Fall of 2012.


As you can see, the family sleigh ride was a wonderful afternoon of fun.

Another “not to be missed” event hosted by the Medical Society

Spring/Summer 2012  

Spring & Summer Pulse - 2012

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