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Operating Manual Mechanical Floor Scale M35812

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Installation and Use Set up and use of scale: ADE scales are instruments of high precision. In order to get the most accurate results please read and respect the instructions of the Operating Manual. 1. Remove the packing material and the plastic transport safety screws which you find on the backside of the scale. 2. Place and use the scale on a safe and even ground. (no carpet) 3. Adjust the indicator exactly to zero by using the adjusting wheel. 4. Charge the scale several times and make sure the indicator comes back exactly to zero. If necessary repeat procedure as mentioned under 2. 5. To get a reliable statistical weighing result take weight every day at the same time preferably after getting up without clothes. 6. Make sure the feet are placed evenly on the platform. 7. The less your movements affect the scale, the better the reading can be taken.

Cleaning and Storage 1. For cleaning just take a damp cloth or common disinfection products. 2. Do not use any aggressive cleaning fluids. 3. In order to achieve a long lifetime of your scale, make sure no water or fluids can penetrate and keep the scale away from high humidity or direct heat or sunlight. Warranty – Liability ADE will repair or replace this product within a period of 2 years from date of delivery applying to defects occurred due to poor material or workmanship (presentation of invoice is necessary). All moveable parts – batteries, cables, mains units, rechargeable batteries etc. – are excluded. Warranty does not include natural wear, damages caused by incorrect or negligent handling, overuse or unsuitable or improper storage. The cost of transport will be borne by the customer should the equipment be located anywhere other then the customer’s premises. In the event of transport damage, claims under warranty can be accepted subject to using the complete original packaging and the equipment secured the way it was packed and secured originally. All the packaging should therefore be retained. Any warranty claim will be rejected if the equipment is opened by persons not authorized expressively by ADE to do so. Customers abroad are kindly requested to contact their local dealer for any warranty claim, customer service and spare parts. Any legally guided customer rights are not affected by this warranty agreement. Technical data 1

max. Capacity: 160 kg Graduation: 1 kg Dimensions: 320 x 70 x 430 mm Weight: approx.: 2,4 kg Weighing platform: Metal Easy to read Non-slip synthetic mat 060100-Rev000-M35812


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060100-Rev000-M35812 2



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