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Electronic sphygmomanometer: be careful when using Dr. Philip Roze, American Geriatrics Society, said: It’s easy to read electronic sphygmomanometer because the data is directly readable on-screen results. It’s very convenient for poor hearing people because of heartbeat. However, higher priced machines blood pressure steam wallet and the accuracy of the machine changes as body movement or irregular heartbeat, and sometimes be more expensive battery replacement after a period of use . We occasionally take it to the doctor to check and adjust the machine precision. According to the professionals: for electronic sphygmomanometer, there are abnormal blood pressure, you should call your doctor or family doctor for advice. We should not arbitrarily use of antihypertensive medications, especially antihypertensive drugs work fast. Because, in many cases the increase or decrease in blood pressure is due to the wrong meter. Not to mention the use of antihypertensive medication too quickly can cause sudden death in patients at risk of myocardial infarction or cerebral circulatory insufficiency, the new campaign is complete, irregular heartbeat, accuracy was wrong deviation. Dr.Mark Marsden, head of thoracic surgery, vascular Medical University Hospital: patients in emergency cases, due to wrong measurement blood pressure, are not uncommon. Emergency cases usually happen due to blood pressure result index higher than the actual. Consecutive patients use calcium-channel blockers to lower blood pressure. If we do not taken to the emergency room in time can lead to death. After emergency hospitalization from 5 – 7 days for the doctor to follow. According to Dr. Marsden, wrong blood pressure is also partly caused by measurement error way. So you should relax about five minutes, the hands put over heart level, was measured after the previous measurements from 5 - 10 minutes. Features of Electronic medical record machine memory can store multiple results; calculate the average value of the measured results; radios blood pressure; digital clock display day-hours-month-year; trayrear integrated container cuff, cuff molded, with guidance from the measuring cup. It shows both blood pressure maximum and minimum blood pressure and heart rate; has big keys to auto power off when not in use.

Electronic medical record