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Common Injuries & Treatments

Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists can offer accessibility to

orthopedic surgeons with several subspecialties under one roof. One of these subspecialties, orthopedic sports medicine, serves the needs of those who play high school sports, professional athletes, and weekend warriors. In general, sports medicine is the specialty that focuses on injuries caused by involvement in sports or athletic activities. These injuries usually involve the back, shoulder, knee, elbows, and hands. For younger athletes, preventing injury and being able to recover quickly after an injury is of utmost importance; for older

Healing through

Anti-Inflammatory Foods While we all know that what we eat has an impact on our

health, there are specific foods that can actually impact the healing processes in the body. There are several foods that have inflammatory properties and can make inflammatory conditions like arthritis worse in addition to slowing the

athletes, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is usually the

Inflammatory Foods to Avoid: • Vegetables in the nightshade family, including

an overuse injury that causes inflammation and pain, and generally heals with rest, rehabilitative exercises, anti-inflammato-

soybean, and sunflower oils • Fried foods

several foods that have an anti-inflammatory affect on the

aiding in the stability and flexion of the foot. Achilles' tendonitis is

• Omega-6 oils including peanut, corn,

omega-6 fats including corn, peanut, and soybean oils are promotes an inflammatory process. Thankfully, there are

connects the muscles from the back of the leg to the heel bone,


• Red meats

ry medications, icing, and possibly bracing the foot. A tear of the Achilles' tendon occurs when the foot is pivoted beyond its normal range-of-motion. Pain is typically immediate, and other symptoms include heat, swelling, the inability to bend

• White flour • White sugar

body to promote healing and overall health. For those who are healing from surgery or injury, or who suffer from an inflammatory condition, an anti-inflammatory diet can have a significant impact.

and walnuts

inflammatory properties and can make inflammatory conditions like arthritis worse...

• Healthy fats including avocado and olive oil • A wide variety of fruits and vegetables of all colors, but excluding inflammatory vegetables • Ginger

To repair a torn ACL, the surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists will reconstruct the ligament utilizing a piece of tendon from another part of the leg. Surgery will be done through several small incisions arthroscopically, and by using a small camera to guide the instruments.

aid in the flexibility and stability of the shoulder. Injuries to the rotator cuff can be caused by any sport that involves repetitive shoulder motion including baseball, tennis, and weight lifting.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

as a twinge felt when lifting the arm. Over time, pain and weak-

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the major ligaments

Depending on the severity of the injury, conservative treatments

of the knee and is responsible for much of the support and stability of the knee. A common sports injury, ACL tears, occur

indication of an ACL injury, and will usually be followed by pain, swelling, weakness, and difficulty putting weight on the affected

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level, surgery may be recommended.

tissue that is tough, fibrous, and causing pain.

knee. | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

is an active athlete wanting to return to their previous physical

The rotator cuff is the combination of tendons and muscles that

foot and making a hard pivot. A popping sensation is a good

• Lean Proteins

patient. If conservative treatments are not effective, or the patient

If the Achilles' tendonitis is severe or a tear of the Achilles' tendon

when excessive force is placed on the knee, such as planting the

• Green tea

severity of the injury and the medical and personal history of the

Shoulder Injury

ists may recommend surgery to repair the tendon or remove any

Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

Conservative treatments may be recommended based on the

the foot downward, and difficulty putting weight on the foot.

has occurred, your physician at Arizona Bone and Joint Special-

• Omega-3 foods including salmon, flaxseed,

There are several foods that have

Achilles' Tendon Injury The Achilles' tendon is located at the back of the ankle and

tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, and

healing process following a surgery or injury. For example, metabolized by the body into a hormone-like substance that


Tears in the rotator cuff may happen over time, and will often start ness will begin to have an effect on strength and range of motion.

may be the first step. Rest, rehabilitative exercises, icing, and anti-inflammatory medications may treat pain and weakness. If conservative methods fail, surgery may be the next option. The type of surgery will depend on the nature of the injury and may include stitching the torn tendon, debridement (smoothing a partial tear), or reattaching the bone with anchors. | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

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Dominican Republic

Physical Therapy Successful orthopedic surgery often depends on comprehen-

sive physical therapy. A surgery may go extremely well, but if a patient does not properly rehabilitate the previously injured joint, they may not regain full function and range of motion.

The surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists are

Arizona Bone and Joint offers newly renovated physical

dedicated to helping the community, both at home and abroad.

therapy offices at both the Scottsdale and Phoenix locations with qualified physical therapists at each location. One of the

Bone and Joint also offers physical therapy to those who are

major advantages to using this on-site physical therapy

not currently patients at either location.

There are several projects that the medical staff is involved in, but one of the longest running projects is a medical missions trip to the Dominican Republic in conjunction with Arizona Domini-

program is that the physical therapists have access to the surgeons who performed your surgery, and can speak with

Post-surgical physical therapy is intended to not only get the

them directly regarding any questions or concerns. Arizona

patient as close as possible to normal function and range-of-motion, but to also help them get back into the tasks they performed pre-injury. Whether it's helping someone to walk after a hip surgery, being able to stand on their feet at their job for several hours after a foot surgery, or lifting a child after shoulder surgery, the physical therapy team at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists is dedicated to the rehabilitation of their patients.

can Medical Friends and supported by the HOMS Foundation. Brad Bruns, M.D., Richard Martin, M.D., Lance McKay, PA-C, and Christopher Lang, PA-C, were the volunteers from Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, and were able to spend seven days in the Dominican Republic treating patients of all ages with severe pathologies. Due to lack of access to basic medical care in the Dominican, Dr. Bruns and Dr. Martin worked on severely deformed joints that were far more advanced than cases usually seen in the United States.

Dr. Bruns, Cindy, and Thomas performing a total hip arthroplasty

In addition to days full of performing reconstructive surgeries, the medical staff worked with local residents on medical techniques and skills. Over the week, the orthopedic team performed 38 surgeries, including total knees and hips, with all prostheses graciously donated by Biomet. | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

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For more information and photos from the medical mission trip to the Dominican, be sure to check out the blog at | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

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Francis Tindall, MD

Brad Bruns, MD

Richard Martin, MD

David Camarata, MD

Founder of Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists and board certified in

Dr. Bruns is Board Certified with the American Academy of

Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and

Dr. Camarata is Board Certified by the American Board of

orthopedic surgery in both Canada and the United States, Dr.

Orthopedic Surgeons and has been practicing since 1985. After

Board Certified in Sports Medicine, Dr. Martin was the third

Orthopedic Surgeons and has been practicing since 1995. Dr.

Tindall has been practicing medicine since 1974. After completing

completing most of his undergraduate studies at The United

member to join the Arizona Bone & Joint team. After completing

Camarata has a special interest and specializes in arthritic joint

his undergraduate work and medical school education at Queens

States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Dr.

his training and residency, he was honored with a Sports Medicine

replacement and revision joint replacement surgery.

University in Kingston Ontario, Canada, Dr. Tindall went on to

Bruns attended medical school at the University of Arizona,

Fellowship with Dr. J.R. Steadman of the world-renowned

complete his postgraduate work and orthopedic residency training

followed by orthopedic training at the University of Oklahoma.

Steadman Clinic. It was there that Dr. Martin honed his skills and

Dr. Camarata graduated with honors from the University of Kansas

in Ottawa Ontario, Canada and Queens University Hospital in

With a special interest and expertise in total joint replacement,

became an expert in shoulder, elbow, and knee arthroscopic and

School of Medicine. He then completed his orthopedic surgical

Kingston Ontario, Canada.

trauma, and sports medicine, Dr. Bruns is dedicated to the

reconstructive surgery. He serves as team physician for several

residency at the State University of New York - Syracuse under

community, helping his patients restore mobility and quality of life.

local high schools, and is proud to have served as a team

the direction of the renowned Dr. David G. Murray.

Dr. Tindall is particularly interested in Sports Medicine, Trauma, and Joint Replacement Surgery, and is proud to have medically

Dr. Bruns currently serves as a team physician for local Valley high

consulted with the ASU Hockey Team, The American Track and

schools. In addition to working with the local community, Dr. Bruns

Field Association and served on the board of the United States of

has donated his time over the last 12 years to medical missions

America Track and Field Doping Hearing Board.

aiding the less fortunate internationally.

Michael Pappas, MD

Brian Shafer, MD

Dr. Pappas is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthope-

Dr. Shafer is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic

dic Surgeons and is the newest member of the Arizona Bone &

Surgeons and holds an additional Subspecialty Certification in

Joint team. He practiced orthopedic surgery in east Texas for

Sports Medicine. His particular focus is in sports medicine,

twelve years before making the decision to relocate to Arizona in

particularly shoulder and elbow reconstruction. As an expert in

order to be closer to his family.

minimally invasive shoulder, elbow, and knee arthroscopic and

Dr. Pappas is interested in all of the facets of orthopedic surgery both operative and non-operative. He is well qualified to treat

physician for the Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as a member of the medical team for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Redwings during his residency training at Henry Ford Hospital.

Dr. Camarata is a nationally and internationally recognized lecturer for Zimmer and Synvasive companies on the topics of technological advancements in knee replacement surgery. His practice

Dedicated to the advancement of medicine, Dr. Martin is a

consists of hip and knee replacement surgery and revision

published author and frequent lecturer on a variety of topics

replacements. He has been recognized 5 times as Phoenix

pertaining to his specialty. His current research projects include

Magazine “Top Doc� in Orthopedic Surgery.

evaluation, treatment, and prevention of golf injuries. Dr. Martin has also been selected by Phoenix Magazine as a "Top Doctor" multiple times.

reconstructive surgery, he serves as a team physician for several professional and college sports teams.

orthopedic conditions at any stage of life, whether pediatric, adult,

As a native Arizonan, Dr. Shafer is committed to serving his

or elderly. With a passion for treating pediatric cases and a special

community. Currently, he is the Spring Training Team Physician

focus on trauma, Dr. Pappas is uniquely qualified in sports

and a Team Orthopedic Surgeon for the Los Angeles Dodgers and

medicine, non-operative, minimally invasive spine procedures, and

Associate Team Orthopedic Surgeon for the National Hockey

adult reconstruction and joint replacements.

League's (NHL) Phoenix Coyotes.

Brian Gruber, MD Dr. Gruber is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons and has specific training in Sports Medicine. He has expertise in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee. His specific interests are rotator cuff disease and anterior cruciate ligament injury of the knee. Dr. Gruber has been published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Gruber has remained involved as the team physician for several Valley sports teams. He has been involved with University of Michigan team sports, including Wolverine Football. While in St. Louis, he was an integral part of the medical team for the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club and the St. Louis Rams Football Organization. He was also involved with the March Madness Basketball Tournament and Team USA Development Hockey.

Top Row - left to right: David Camarata, MD; Brian Gruber, MD; Richard Martin, MD; Francis Tindall, MD; Michael Pappas, MD Bottom Row - left to right: Brian Shafer, MD; Brad Bruns, MD | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

Pg. 3 | Scottsdale: (602) 493-9361 | Phoenix: (602) 863-2040

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A Welcome Letter

It was 25 years ago that Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists opened its doors for the ďŹ rst time. Having grown from one physician's vision into

a large practice, there are now seven board certiďŹ ed orthopedic surgeons on-staff offering several subspecialties within orthopedic surgery. Francis Tindal, MD moved to the Phoenix area in 1985 and opened Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists shortly thereafter. Brad Bruns, MD

and Richard Martin, MD soon joined Dr. Tindall in what was the early stages of an extremely successful orthopedic surgery practice. Over the years, David Camarata, MD, Brian Shafer, MD, Brian Gruber, MD, and Michael Pappas, MD have joined the original physicians to make Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists the premier orthopedic surgery practice in the Phoenix Metro Area. The practice has grown to two locations - one in Scottsdale, and one in Phoenix - both offering in-house physical therapy and x-ray for the ultimate inpatient convenience and accessibility. The surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists offer those in Scottsdale and Phoenix several subspecialties under one roof.

Whether your family's needs are sports medicine, joint replacement, or revision surgery, there is an orthopedic surgeon at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists to treat all members of your family at any stage of their life. This team of surgeons are dedicated to serving the Phoenix community as well as the community-at-large. Several of the physicians volunteer their time as team docs for local high schools and sports leagues, and volunteer on an international level by frequently participating in medical missions. At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, the orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and entire medical staff are dedicated to empowering patients and helping them return to a healthy, active lifestyle! We look forward to your visit,

-The Team at Arizona Bone & Joint



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