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Delving Into Your Dental Health Dental health is an oft overlooked aspect of one’s overall healthcare. When it does become a concern, dental health issues can put quite a strain physically and even financially. United Medical Credit offers dental financing for oral health surgeries and related procedures. While many people put great care into overall health maintenance, an oft overlooked aspect is dental health. Of course, there is more to dental health than just brushing and flossing daily and regular dental cleaning. According to, there are various surgical oral procedures that can help improve dental aesthetics, periodontal health and bone anatomy. Some of these procedures include the familiar ones such as oral appliance of dentures, implants or orthodontic braces, and dental extractions. Here are other oral conditions that may require dental surgery. 

Impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop. Sometimes one or more of these molars do not come out properly aligned or do not come out at all. This is called an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted tooth normally causes swelling and pain, and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth. An impacted tooth requires a surgical procedure because it can lead to more complicated dental health issues.

TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. TMJ disorder causes headache and facial pain. While some patients get well with oral medications, therapy and splints, others may require joint surgery especially for advanced cases.

Tooth fracture or periodontal disease. According to, tooth fractures include both minor issues like chipped outer layers, and the severe ones like root fractures. Before any surgery takes place, a dental x-ray is conducted to assess the extent of the damage. For serious fractures, a root canal is sometimes necessary to counter symptoms such as pulp death and tooth infection.


Dental abscess. A dental abscess may refer to an infection at the root of the tooth or between the gum and a tooth. Often, it is caused by severe tooth decay but it can also be the result of gingivitis, gum disease or tooth fractures. Incision and drainage is usually done to relieve pressure from this painful infection.

Dental Financing There are many other dental issues that may require surgery, and of course, where there is surgery, there is substantial cost involved. For situations wherein dental health maintenance and treatment becomes a strain on the finances, and is not covered by insurance, United Medical Credit (UMC) helps prospective patients get the dental financing they need. UMC offers financing for cosmetic dental procedures including veneers, root canals, dentures, gum surgery, reshaping, contouring, and teeth whitening, among others. Dental financing clients get same as cash and interest-free financing options with extensive service support from UMC representatives. UMC also helps provide cosmetic surgery loans for procedures such as body lift, face lift, scar removal, nose surgery, breast augmentation, and hair restoration, among others. UMC acts as an intermediary between patients and a network of trusted partners which includes experienced physicians and vendors, and competitive lenders. For More information on UMC’s dental financing solutions contact (888) 647-4333, send an e-mail to or visit the website,

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Delving Into Your Dental Health  

Dental health is an oft overlooked aspect of one’s overall healthcare. When it does become a concern, dental health issues can put quite a s...

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