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Medical Coding Specialist Source: What is Medical Coding? It is the process of transforming and coding of narrative description of medical practitioners (say physicians, doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical departments etc) prescription or patient examination details of diseases, injuries or any procedure for patients into alphanumeric codes.

Why Medical Coding Is Needed? Coding is needed to describe the diagnosis accurately so that clear reasons for seeking healthcare or medical services of a professional is required. Based on this the medical practitioner is going to get reimbursements.

What Medical Billing India Offers? Medical Billing India Offers specialize medical coding services to hospitals in accordance to their and third party coding guidelines compatible to HIPAA compliance with best accuracy and complete data security. Get a FREE QUOTE. ******************* Medical Billing India (MBI), primarily aims to provide more accurate medical coding, speedy reimbursements

while staying compliance to major healthcare standards and decrease financial loss to array of medical practitioners across the globe. Highly scalable medical coding services is provided by certified and professional breed of medical coding specialists, medical billing managers at Medical Billing India to physicians, healthcare facilities, hospitals and more at lowest price. Know more on medical coding services and benefits provided by inquiring more information at Year of experience and expertise of over thousand plus successfully completed projects at Medical Billing India enable it stand out as one of the best medical billing and coding, insurance claim processing service provider in India. Offering Services for Multi-specialty medical coding, billing and reimbursement solutions, including: • Services and consulting to physicians and facilities in all specialties • CPT and HCPCS procedure coding services • ICD-9-CM diagnosis coding services • Up-grading skills and evaluating effects of up coming ICD-10 Offers coding and reimbursement solutions for: • Anesthesia

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Ambulatory Surgery Billing and Collection Ob-Gyn Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pain Management Pathology and Clinical Lab Pediatrics and Urology General surgery Emergency services Clinical coding Medical reports, documents coding And more

Medical Billing India process excellent track record of providing right reimbursements, an estimate of over 20 to 25% increase in cash flow and comparatively reduced denials and rejections of claim. Company: Medical Billing India (MBI) Email Us:

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What is Medical Coding? It is the process of transforming and coding of narrative description of medical practitioners (say physicians, doct...