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a r o f E Y E P SHAR D E S O U O A G C The John Fawcett Foundation has been working on saving the sight of poor Balinese for the past 23 years with help from the medical profession.

What can $2250 buy you? A lot, if work by the John Fawcett Foundation in Bali is anything to go by. John is a well-known West Australian and the various eye groups that have supported him (e.g. Eye Surgery Foundation) over the past 23 years can attest to the innovative outreach eye care services the Foundation provides. It is the hinterland poor in Bali who benefit big time. Talk about an amazing ‘bang for the buck’! Here is what a tax-deductible AUS$2250 for Adopt a Mobile Eye Care Clinic achieves in two days: så 9OUåCANåINCLUDEåANåEYEåCLINICåVISITåDURINGåAå Bali trip by travelling off the main tracks to see first-hand the team in action så 2EMOVALå OFå ADULTå EYEå CATARACTSå INå THEIRå unique mobile theatre (40,000 so far overall, about 10 per clinic) så 3CREENå POORå VILLAGEå PEOPLE å CHECKå FORå infections and other blinding diseases (about 500) så 2EFRACTå ANDå (about 250 pairs).





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On the second day, post-operative checks are done on those who received surgery the day before and there is a visit to a primary school to screen about 300 children, and refract and issue prescription glasses to about 10 children. This is their Blindness Prevention Program.

så 4AILOR MADEåTRAININGåMATERIALS åPOSTERSåANDå other visual aids are distributed to participating elementary schools as part of school-based eye health care education. This education leads to word of mouth information dispersal which reduces blindness.

There are cultural barriers to overcome. Family elders must give permission. Hindu beliefs often attribute today’s physical illnesses to superstition or an act in a previous life. The elderly do not step forward because they feel less important and are more accepting of their lot. So, gentle campaigning is part of the philanthropic work.

“We try to accommodate the donors should they want to select a particular village and, to some extent, the date of the program to provide an opportunity should a donor be in Bali the day of the sponsored clinic. In this way they are able to see how their money is spent,” foundation CEO LeRoy Hollenbeck said.

You can invest just in the Blindness Prevention Program (a $750 donation). så #HILDRENå AREå THEå TARGET å ONå THEå BACKå of a mobile clinic visit. One or two nearby elementary schools are screened – refractive errors fixed with free glasses and eye screening examinations for an estimated 300 school children. så ,OCALåGOVERNMENTåNURSESåAREåTAUGHTåBASICå skills on how to refract and examine eyes (and they help cataract surgery patients post-op).

Contacts LeRoy Hollenbeck, CEO of The John Fawcett Foundation, E: Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia (translation: Indonesian Humanitarian Foundation). Jalan Pengembak 16, Br. Blanjong, Sanur Bali 80228, Indonesia T: +62 361 270812 F: +62 361 287707 E: W:


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