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Slightly Offensive Steve – Rock the Boat 2:35

Storyline brief: Slightly Offensive Steve is playing a gig. Steve is telling the story of a couple going through a break-up which is set at her house and she is throwing him out and arguing with him.

Scene: The Marquee, Norwich. My House. Camera: black and white, wide screen for narrative. Naturalistic for gig scene. Cast: A couple, Sami and Tom. Audience, Steve. Dress: casual, informal clothes that you would wear to a gig. Normal/casual clothes - for house scene. Props needed: Guitar, amp, fig rig, tripod, two cameras, lights, make-up STORYBOARD Scene 1: Style - live performance all the way through video, flashes of narrative showing throughout

Opens with Steve walking onto stage and sitting down and beginning to play shot from the back of crowd zooming in on his face as he starts to sing. ⋅ Crowd cheer ⋅ Sing along to Song Scene 2: Style – part outside, part inside at door of house ⋅ Sami answers door to tom who has come over to speak to her ⋅ He looks guilty ⋅ Sami gets upset Scene 3: Style – in kitchen of house ⋅ Tom tells Sami something and she starts yelling at him and starts to throw him out of house, camera on Sami as the line “… didn’t know that anything was wrong” is sung Scene 4: Style – back at door ⋅ Sami throws tom out of house angrily and is crying. ⋅ Camera on Tom for line “she just started yelling…” Scene 5: Style – outside in garden

⋅ Sami is throwing Tom’s clothes at him out of the window as he stands shivering in the garden ⋅ Close-up of Sami acting extreme as Steve sings the line “it just your time of the month, that might explain why your so mean to me”

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