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30/10/09 Date Heather Tulloch Director

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Slightly Offensive Steve - Rock the Boat Production Title Production Company

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Rope mirror guitar stands table of drnks towels make up two suits (one damaged) Tripod/fig rig. Lighting. Microphones. Amp.


Stage, dressing room, toilets

Crew / talent

Fans, Steve, Dumbfoundus, Ex-girlfriend, new boyfriend, compere The marquee, a flat, the street outside marquee

Location / studio

Description of how the product will be made: The main body of the video will be the performance based gig. We will need an amplifier, a microphone with stand and Steve with his guitar. We will be filming this section in the back room at The Marquee pub which has a stage and sufficient space for a crown to watch the gig. I will be filming as well as another camera man who will help to give me more of a variety of shots. Props involved n the section will be as above. Possibly some banners saying Dumbfoundus if time allows us to make them. For this scene I will have to have make-up and blood so that Steve’s suit is damaged and his face bruised. Also I need some transparent powder to take the shine off of his face. For the flashback section when he meets his girlfriend I will need somebody to help shoot the scenes where he is walking towards the camera so that I can follow him walking backwards and I don’t fall over. I will also need two actors a girl and a boy who will play the part of Steve’s ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. For the 2nd flashback we will need the girl from the previous scene. I will be

shooting and the only people involved will be Steve and the girl. I will need the make-up again to help suggest that she has given him a good beating. We will be filming in Steve’s flat. We will need one camera for this scene. For the scenes with Dumbfoundus where they are tied up we will need rope, chairs, a mirror, guitars and general musical instruments and equipment, a table with some cans on it and possibly some towels to set the scene of the dressing room. We are going to do this in the dressing room at The Marquee and we are going to shoot it with two cameras. The cast involved will be Steve and the band. This scene will show the band singing along to the track whilst they are tied up.


media coursework

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