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Slight l y O f f e nsi ve Ste ve Rock the Boa t 2 Production Title Page

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ROCK THE BOAT 2:32 16/11/09

Detailed description: The music video will be about Steve (the artist’s) and his abusive relationship with his ex girlfriend, and the troubles that she puts him through. Meanwhile he is playing at a gig which he has hijacked from band Dumbfoundus. Before the music starts we see Steve, who is bruised and has bloody clothes, leading the band into a room and putting a do not disturb sign on the door to the dressing room. It cuts to Steve on the stage who tells the audience that instead of the band he is playing instead. The audience are confused when Steve starts playing (because it is not who they expected and also because he looks like he has been beaten up) but throughout the performance they come round to him and realise that he is really good and they enjoy the performance. Whilst most of the video will be performance based there will be two flashbacks that relate to the narrative in the song, and one that shows what he has done to the band. The first flashback is of Steve walking along the street – in a smart and undamaged suit. He see’s the boy and girl kissing “I watched you kissing him but I couldn’t help notice that you were thinking ‘bout you and I,” we see a close up of the girl giving him a look and then Steve runs back to hit her new boyfriend with his guitar. The second flashback will be set in a flat where the girl is over-dramatically shouting at Steve and grabbing his throat to the lyrics “got myself into a little bit of trouble again.” At the end of the flashback we see the girl slam the door and Steve appears with a big bruise on his face. The third flashback will be in the chorus section where he has tied up the band and the band are singing along to the lyrics while Steve is in the room sitting on their knees/singing the song to them, bragging about the gig. The video will end with all the audience cheering, Dumbfoundus breaking free – suggesting Steve is going to get another beating. Steve runs off and they chase after him. We will be filming in the Marquee, outside in the street and in a flat. We will need two cameras.


rock the boat