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Wellness Centre’s Philosophy The Relais Rocca Civalieri’s Wellness ahead for personalized treatment with high results, suggesting only the finest technologies and high quality cosmetic that will allow specialized operators to reach targets that were, until now, unthinkable. We would like to create around our guests a space where every gesture, every sound, every colour, every treatment, every glance or word become a sign of professionality that aims to reach the total well-being.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, reservation is racommanded.

For information and Reservations Tel: +39 0131 79.73.33 Mail:

Program “Acqua Spa”

€ 35,00

(90 minutes)

* The bio sauna (15’), thanks to a particular “stove” that emits aromatic medical herbs, we obtain the bio sauna, this happens at a temperature of 50-60° with a 50% humidity. * The multi-sensory shower (5’), “the emotion of the water on the body”: a sensory program that switches a deep fog, with a pleasant mint perfume, to tropical storm with changes of temperature and maracuja essence, all of this together with coloured lights. * The calidarium (15’), a steamed bath that belongs to the ancient tradition of purifying bath, has a temperature of 55° and 100% humidity. The calidarium has toning, relaxing and detoxinant properties. * The ice toning (5’): the ice falls restore in a little space the “frigidarium” from the ancient Roman bath. Thanks to the ice energetic rubbing on the body, after the bio-sauna or the steamed bath we obtain a beneficial effect on the lymphatic and circulatory system. * The pool with hydro-massage (40’), the pleasure of the hot water together with the hydro-massage to revitalize and improve the microcirculation.The pool area has immersion beds for the total relax thanks to the sprays that make the Vichy effect for a total well-being sensation, has Cervical Massage with water curtain and Plantar Massage * Relax and herbal tea * Outdoor swimming pool is open during summer season (verify availability).

Aesthetic Face cleaning Cold wax depilation: • Full leg • Full leg including bikini line • Half leg • Bikini • Arms • Underarm • Lip Cosmetic Manicure (30’) Cosmetic Pedicure (30’) Curative Pedicure (50’)

€ 40,00 € 30,00 € 40,00 € 18,00 € 15,00 € 15,00 € 15,00 € 8,00 € 20,00 € 25,00 € 40,00

Manicure SPA (50’) € 40,00 Ideal for the arms and hands wellness, the treatment consists not only on the nails care: it gives elasticity, moisturizing and tone up the tissues thanks to a revitalizing pack and a relaxing massage.

SPA Pedicure (50’) € 50,00 Ideal for dehydrate and stressed feet: it begins with a foot bath with perfumed salt, continues with an oil massage and afterwards the foot will be wrapped with a hot cloth; the treatment will be completed with the application of a soothing cream.

“Nuvola” Treatment … The return to maternal womb … Abandon yourself and relax in the warm and voluptuous hug of “nuvola”… you will go back, as with a magic spell, to the ancestral and protective memory, surrounding yourself with sweet and warm aromas and in this harmony between man and environment, among soul, body and nature, you will get to a matchless well being status. • • • • • •

Mud wrap (60’) Chocolate wrap (60’) Red grape oil wrap (60’) Soya wrap (60’) Amber and Yoghurt wrap (60’) Vanilla and Rice wrap (60’)

€ 90,00 € 90,00 € 90,00 € 90,00 € 90,00 € 90,00

• • • •

Without Wrap: 20’ Treatment 30’ Treatment 40’ Treatment

€ 40,00 € 50,00 € 60,00

All treatments start with a body scrub, and go on with the application of the chosen treatment in the “nuvola” tub, shower, and final massage with dedicated active principles. Every treatment can be integrated with a dedicated program which includes bio sauna, calidarium and multisensory aromatic shower (20’) € 20,00.

Beauty Treatment – Visage “Anti-ageing” treatment regenerating for sensitive skin (75’) * € 70,00 Suitable for all skin types, prevents and contrasts the formation of stain on the skin and the discolouring skin. Anti-wrinkles treatment with lifting and regenerating actions (60’) * € 70,00 Concentrate of pure energy, it has an immediate relaxing and stimulating action on the face: it stimulates the production of collagen endogenous giving back a new plasticity to the face and an elastic and vital skin. Specific treatment for visage and neck skin tone (60’) * € 70,00 It guarantees the recovery of tone and the density of the face skin, deeply stimulating the auto-regeneration of the skin structures: the skin will be again toned and full-bodied, and the face lineaments settle back. Detoxifying, Rehydration Treatment (60’) * € 70,00 Treatment for thick, poisoned, asphyxiated skin. It’s based on clay, rich in trace elements and herbal extracts with stimulating and detoxifying properties. It gives the face a better oxygenation and hydration . Cosmetic treatment for couperose and/or sensitive skin (75’) * € 70,00 Exclusive treatment that prevents and reduces the couperose and calms the hyperactivity of sensitive skins. Cosmetic treatment for skin that suffers from acne (75’) * € 70,00 It acts on the acne primary factor, balancing the lack of linoleic acid, and also on the secondary factor, controlling inflammation and creation of bacteria and encouraging the healing process. Anti-wrinkles/Face, neck and Décolleté Restructuring Treatment (60’) * € 70,00 It remodels the sustaining structures of skin starting from deep inside, in a sweet but efficient manner. The result is a global anti-aging action: deep or superficial wrinkles are refilled, the tissue returns more tonic and remodelled, and skin becomes nourished and smooth.

Beauty Treatment – Body Modelling and Reducing Treatment (60’) € 80,00 Intensive adiposity treatment that helps fat cells to reverse, regenerating the stiffness of tissues. Stimulating, energizing and bracing treatment (60’) € 80,00 Treatment that redefines the silhouette leaving a prompt sensation of well being. Excellent partner in remodelling, reduction, cellulites and thickening treatments, it gives back the beauty to the body with moments of intense sensorial pleasure. Toning treatment/Remodelling body treatment (60’) * € 80,00 Ideal for the recovery of emptied and atoned tissues also in most delicate areas: breast, inside arm, inside thigh. Its applicative technique triggers a “long lasting” treating action which continues for hours after the end of session. Treatment against edema and micro circulation problems (75’) € 80,00 Combined treatment composed by: a pack with trace elements associated to vegetal extracts for an immediate anti toxin and purifying action and a “malleable” gel with a powerful draining, anti inflammatory and vascularising action. Treatment against localized adiposity and cellulites (60’) * € 80,00 Treatment able to affect the critical areas of the silhouette with an aimed attack. It acts on adipose and lowly reactive tissues by producing a triple anti toxin, lipolytic and oxygenizing action. Body Scrub (45’) € 60,00 Body exfoliating treatment with salts and essential oils with smoothing and regenerative properties * This treatment can be combined with radio frequency


Relax massage with aromatherapy (60’) * € 90,00 It’s the classical massage of Swedish tradition, ideal for those who look for relief from everyday stress. It is characterized by sweet movements and by the choice of specific oils with natural perfumes typical of essential oils, indispensable for a psycho – physical well being. It gives the body its nature equilibrium and makes the body functions free from all disturbs. Pinda Swedana massage (60’) € 90,00 Ayurvedic treatment consisting in massage made with warm sponges (pinda) on the whole body. The sponges contain a preparation based on seaweeds and aromatic Salts. Extremely salutary, it creates a status of great harmony. It relieves rheumatic disturbs; it gives force and warmth, and rejuvenates tissues. Red grapevine oil massage (60’) € 90,00 From the numerous grapevine products, a large range of active principles, being a natural remedy to ageing maturation. The hot red grapevine oil, luxurious and fruity, proclaims the energetic action and harmonize the senses.

Neuromuscular massage (60’) * € 90,00 It produces heating and releases muscular contraction, it reactivates the blood circulation, brings oxygen, frees crystals of lactic acid and it’s suggested also in somatised emotional problems, it removes the stress, and induces to the relax and well-being. Stone massage (60’) € 90,00 Striking massage with hot lava stone, it combines the particular manual to the energetic property of volcanic stones, stimulating certain body’s areas where there is an energy lack and dispending where there is a concentration of energy with an harmonic effect. Hawaiian or Lomi Lomi Massage (60’) € 90,00 Ancient Hawaiian rite that marked the passage to a new phase of life. A unique experience to touch by hand the essence of well being, the uncatchable ecstasy that involves body, mind and soul with an energy explosion. It improves the functioning of lymphatic, immunity, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems, and it helps to restore the ideal muscular mass. The LOMI LOMI massage reveals all its powerful holistic strength, by acting efficiently on the emotional and physical spheres. The manuality that characterizes this massage is aiming to unlock the energy, by rebalancing the mental, spiritual and physical levels. Chocolate massage (60’) € 90,00 From the ancient Maya tradition, a delicate treatment for the body performed with a precious oil with energetic, nourishing and stimulating active principles. Its numerous properties act on both body and mind: the chocolate smell stimulates the well-being hormones leaving a well-being and peaceful sensation. The cocoa butter nourishing property sooths the skin leaving it soft and compact.

*possibility to have a partial massage (30’)

€ 50,00

“Berber” Treatment 70 minutes - € 90,00 Traditional Moroccan Massage with an application of black olive soap and fully-body exfoliating using a traditional kessa silk glove. The treatment leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth and revitalized and relax every sense

“Beldji&Rassoul” Treatment 65 minutes - € 90,00 Rassoul, that meaning “washing stone”, is a precious kind of clay, extracted from Moroccan mountains rich in minerals with restructuring and toning action on your skin

All products for the above treatments, produced by Namastenatura, are biologic, not tested on animal, without preservatives or colorants, 100%natural origin.

Body Rituals AMBER TREATMENT(1h30’) €130,00 Aphrodisiac aromas for an all senses ancient ritual combined with human touch, a truly ceremony of oriental fragrances which purifies body and leaves a smooth skin, promoting it with a very deep tone. HAWAIIAN OR LOMI LOMI TREATMENT (70’) €110,00 A body restorative treatment with rose and peony flowers, a unique experience to relax both body and mind. VANILLA TREATMENT (70’) €110,00 The luxury of vanilla to renew the skin whilst soothing the emotions and lifting the spirits. LULUR DI JAVA (70’) €110,00 The Indonesian reinvigorating body treatment, with yoghurt, oats and fruit, promises to tones and rejuvenates your skin thank to its properties and is relaxing for your mind. WINE TREATMENT (70’) €110,00 Multi-sensory treatment with red grapevine oil with its large range of active principles is a natural remedy to ageing-maturation and improve blood circulation. MULTI SENSORY CHOCOLATE TREATMENT (70’) € 110,00 Multisensory chocolate treatment. Chocolate, food of Gods has anti-inflammatory , protective and velvety qualities; it makes your skin toned, bright and elastic.

CANDLE MASSAGE 60 minutes - â‚Ź90,00

Borning Energy. Characteristics: purity, concentration, clearness, authenticity, simplicity, essentiality, intensity. Description and Candle Massage Indications: Human Being is an extraordinary mixture made up of Physical Body and thinner Energetic Corpses. Wellness is based on the balance among the different parts. Since life is in constant motion and Mankind is in constant evolution, our energies are not static and the balance we have to reach is a dynamic balance. It’s something we must learn to keep and repair every time that external or internal conditions make a change in it.

Candle Massage has the aim of balancing the energetic centering. Composed by gentle and harmonic handling made on backbone and abdomen, areas full of nervous terminations, this particular massage gives a prompt feeling of deep energetic balancing by stretching and relaxing back muscles which are often subject to somatic and postural contractures. This massage is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

REIKI 40 minutes - â‚Ź 60,00 Reiki is a spiritual practice developed in Japan, which has since been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of complementary therapy and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of ki through the palms, which allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

REFLEXOLOGY 40 minutes - â‚Ź 60,00 Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on what reflexologists claim to be a system of zones and reflex areas that they say reflect an image of the body on the feet, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage 60 minutes - € 90,00 Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of gentle massage which is intended by proponents to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues space body. The effect consists in eliminating fluids from skin texture, reducing edema, eliminating toxins by dieresis in order to reduce cellulite.

Connective Massage “Silhouette” 60 minutes - € 90,00 Connective tissue Massage is an intense but non-invasive technique which does not involve the use of oil or lotion, for releasing connective tissue to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, oxygenating tissues, modeling your silhouette and reducing adipose tissue. It can be helpful to fight cellulite.

Radio Frequency Treatments “The new frontier of cellular regenerators”

Radio frequency treatments – Visage Skin ageing (30’) Visage drain (30’) Visage lineaments redefinition (30’) Impure skin (30’)

€ 50,00 € 50,00 € 50,00 € 50,00

Radio frequency treatments – Body Breast toning (30’) Internal arms toning (30’) Abdomen toning (30’) Internal thigh (30’) Gluteus toning (30’)

€ 70,00 € 70,00 € 70,00 € 70,00 € 70,00

Dolce attesa Day SPA - € 120,00 per person

Acqua Program: 20 minutes in our indoor pool with heated water and the possibility to use the hydro massage to relax the muscles of the whole body and to reactivate blood circulation and 5 minutes of emotional showers with aromatherapy and chromotherapy to relax your mind. Body and Visage Peeling: half an hour clearing treatment to remove all dead cells by body and visage. Nuvola Treatment: 15 minutes of immersion to be cradled on the water the same way your child is cradled in your womb. Relax Massagge: 1 hour massage with almond oil to relieve the problems due to pregnancy and to stimulate the reflexing points of foots and hands. It also helps to counteract the retention of liquids and the swelling of legs and ankles and to give shine and hydration to your tired skin. Relax Room: relax and enjoy the last moments of this delightful day by tasting a tisane in our realx room. Solarium and Outdoor Pool: in case of good weather, you can enjoy a swim in our outdoor pool and solarium. The above offer is subject to availability and requires to be booked in advance, quoting as reference the package “Dolce Attesa Day SPA”. If you want toshre this special monet with a special person you can reserve a table for in our Gourmet restaurant with a special € 35 menu (three courses, water, glass of wine, coffee included) or you can reserve an overnight staying in our beautiful rooms.! - € 45,00 per person ü ü ü ü ü ü

Calidarium Multi-sensory shower Cervical Massage with water curtain Bio Sauna Ice Toning Aperitive with Hot and Cold snacks

Brevi ma dolci coccole - € 90,00 per person ü ü ü ü ü

Welcome, Wellness Centre visit and consulting by our staff Program Acqua SPA Light Lunch (3 courses lunch ,water, glass of wine and coffee included) Relax Massage or Nuvola Treatment Relax and Herbal Tea

Riflessi di Benessere - € 135,00 per person ü Aqua Spa” program ü Light Lunch ü Whole Body peeling ü Multi-sensory shower ü One treatment between: ü Manicure, pedicure or 30 min Relax Massage ü Relax and Herbal Tea

Il Rituale di Cupido - € 70,00 per person ü Pool with Hydromassage ü Chocolate Massage ü Multy-sensory shower ü One bottle of Sparkling Wine with fresh fruit each couple

Dimensione Uomo - € 180,00 per person 1st day: “Aqua Spa” programme - Beldjii &Rassoul treatment 2nd day: Neuromuscolar Massage - Manicure 3rd day: Face cleaning - “Aqua Spa” program

La rinascita di Apollo - € 160,00 per person 1st day: “Aqua Spa” program - Berber treatment 2nd day: Nuvola Treatment with mud, seaweed, chocolate or wine wrap Wellness touch express SPA pedicure

Redabue...for men - € 190,00 per person ü ü ü ü ü

Fruits and salts peeling Visage lifting Stone Massage Abdomen toning with radio frequency Wellness touch express SPA pedicure or manicure

Afrodite e Apollo - € 150,00 per person – beverage excluded • • • • • • • • •

Overnight in double superior room with buffet breakfast Welcome drink Welcome gift Tasting dinner in our Gourmet Restaurant Free outdoor swimming pool (only in summer time) Wellness centre entrance with “Aqua Spa” program Lifting Effect Visage treatment Arms and Hands Regenerating treatment Late check-out on request if available

Ritrovarsi… in tutti i sensi … - € 120,00 per person – beverage excluded • • • • • • • •

Overnight in double superior room with buffet breakfast Welcome drink Welcome gift Tasting dinner in our Gourmet Restaurant Free outdoor swimming pool (only in summer time) Wellness centre entrance with “Aqua Spa” program 30 minutes relaxing massage Late check-out on request if available

… Al di là delle Nuvole - € 180,00 per person – beverage excluded • • • • • • • • • •

Overnight in double superior room with buffet breakfast Welcome drink Welcome gift Tasting dinner in our Gourmet Restaurant Free outdoor swimming pool (only in summer time) Wellness centre entrance with “Aqua Spa” program Nuvola Treatment with mud, seaweed, chocolate or wine wrap Anti-aging with radio frequency treatment Private parking Late check-out on request if available

GENERAL REGULATIONS ü BOOKING: It’s recommended book in advance wellness treatments in order to fix your treatment in the day and time you prefer. A valid credit card is requested in order to guarantee you reservation. ü CANCELLATION POLICY: if you need to cancel your appointment kindly advise us at least 24 hours before. If you cancel you appointment within the 24 hours a charge could be raised for the full amount of the treatment booked. ü DELAY: please note in case of late arrival, your treatment will end at the time settled at the moment of reservation , in order to not create further delay for other guests. ü ARRIVAL: we suggest you to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment in order to receive our best attention and get into the right relax dimension. ü CHANGHING ROOM: we suggest you to reach our wellness Centre wearing bathrobe and slippers you find in the room. ü CHILDREN: for safety reasons and in order to preserve the silent and relaxing atmosphere of Wellness Centre, the entrance is forbidden to people under the age of 16. ü DRESS CODE: for respect of all cultures and religion, thong swimsuit and topless are not permitted, we kindly ask you to wear a suitable swimsuit. ü OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL: open from June to September (verify the avaiability). ü ANIMALS: entrance is not permitted.

A SPECIAL GIFT: voucher is a gift for any occasions.. Our special offers and services can be bought as gift voucher. You can buy your voucher directly at hotel desk or sending an email to

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