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A Life in Leadership

2007 Leadership New Zealand Yearbook Acknowledgements We thank the following people for their generous support of Leadership New Zealand. Leadership New Zealand Trustees Jo Brosnahan – Chair, Leadership New Zealand and Corporate Director Tony Nowell – Deputy Chair, Leadership New Zealand and CEO, ZESPRI International Ltd Michael Barnett – Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce Reg Birchfield – Group Managing Director, 3media Group Lindsay Corban – Managing Director, Lindsay Corban & Associates Ltd Peter Kerridge – Director, Kerridge & Partners Pauline Kingi – Regional Director, Te Puni Kokiri Louise Marra – Director, Auckland Ministry of Economic Development David McGregor – Senior Partner, Bell Gully Frank Olsson – Corporate Director Mark Otten – General Manager Finance, The Warehouse Rewi Spraggon – Alumni, Leadership New Zealand Dr Morgan Williams – Former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Leadership New Zealand Advisory Trustees Rob Fenwick – Managing Director, Living Earth Jenny Gill – Chief Executive, The ASB Community Trust Bob Harvey – Mayor, Waitakere City Council John Hinchcliff – Advisory Trustee, Leadership New Zealand Ian MacRae – Managing Director, Hay Group Bennett Medary – Chief Executive, Simpl Tim Miles – Director, Macquarie Goodman Jenni Raynish – Managing Director, Raynish & Partners Sir Paul Reeves – Chancellor, AUT University Dr Jan White – Chief Executive, Accident Compensation Corporation Leadership New Zealand Key Partners Accident Compensation Corporation, The ASB Community Trust, Bell Gully, New Zealand Post, Simpl, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd, Raynish and Partners Leadership New Zealand Supporting Partners 3media Group, Kerridge & Partners, Hay Group, JR McKenzie Trust, Hewlett Packard

Vision A culture of leadership in an integrated community. Mission Weaving the threads of community leadership into New Zealand by raising the debate around leadership and to actively assist and promote the identification, nurturing, development and celebration of leaders across the community. Values Courageous, Generous of Spirit, Integrity, Diversity, Inclusive, Innovative. Leadership New Zealand Lesley Slade – Chief Executive Michelle Jurgens – Programme Leader Vijaya Nory – Administrator Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Leadership New Zealand, its members or publishers. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility can be accepted by the publisher for omissions, typographical or printer’s errors, inaccuracies or changes that may have taken place after publication. 2 All rights reserved.

People who have helped to further establish The Leadership New Zealand Trust and to make the third year of the Leadership New Zealand Programme a success include: The 2007 Programme Selection Panel: Jo Brosnahan, Tony Nowell, Kate Cantwell, Peter Kerridge, Lindsay Corban, Theresa Le Bas, Carrie Hobson, Morgan Williams, Peter Fenton, Elaine McCaw, Robyn Scott, Peter Townsend. Craig Wallace from PricewaterhouseCoopers for providing us with accounting and financial assistance. David Levene, Lianne Dalziel and Sarah Trotman for their generous contributions to Leadership New Zealand. Nick Hadley, 2005 Alumni for the design and maintenance of our website and design of our CRM System. The team at 3media Group for publishing Issue 3 of ‘Leaders’ and the 2007 Yearbook. All of our speakers who have generously offered us their time, energy and thoughts throughout the year. James Holt for assisting with the production of the 2007 Programme DVD. Johnnie Freeland, Auckland Regional Council and Makaurau Marae for hosting our April session. Mark Baker and his team at Foodstuffs for hosting us for the May session. David McGregor and the team at Bell Gully (Auckland) for hosting our first Dialogue Event in May, the first 2008 Information Evening in August, 2008 interviews in October and November and our Trustee breakfast meetings throughout the year. Tim Miles, Macquarie Goodman for speaking at our Dialogue Event in May. Dr Jan White and the ACC Team for hosting our second Dialogue Event in June. Rob Fenwick, Living Earth Ltd for speaking at our Dialogue in June. Robyn Cormack, Diana Crossan and the team at the Retirement Commission and the Ministry of Social Development for hosting us in Wellington at our June session. Milton Henry and the Selwyn College staff for hosting our visit in July. The Rt Hon Helen Clark, Sir Paul Reeves, Dame Cath Tizard and John Allen for speaking at our Leadership Week event in August. Accident Compensation Corporation, Bell Gully, New Zealand Post, Ngatarawa Wines, 3media Group, Pavillion Café and Dawsons Catering for sponsoring our Leadership Week event. Leisa Siteine and Rewi Spraggon for their inspired assistance with the Leadership Week event. Jim van der Poel, Tim Mackle and the team at Dexcel in Hamilton for hosting our visit to Dexcel in August. Jeanette Burns and her team for hosting our visit to Auckland Region Women’s Correction Facility in August. Jim Mather and his team at Mäori Television for hosting our August session. Neville Pulman, Vodafone for hosting our strategy day in August. Richard Copeland and the team at Tait Electronics in Christchurch for hosting our September session. Our 2008 Auckland Information Session panel – Cheryl Bowie, Matt Anderson, Caroline Knight, Teresa Tepania-Ashton, Mike Davies, Minnie Baragwanath, Johnnie Freeland, James Smallwood, Quentin Doig, Debbie Chin, Gavin Pearce and Chris Fogarty. Peter Fenton and the team at New Zealand Post for hosting our Wellington 2008 Information Session in September and our third Dialogue Event in October. Dr Keith Turner, Meridian Energy for speaking at our Dialogue in October. Rod Gibson and the team at Shell New Zealand in Wellington for hosting our October session. Auckland City Council, Ngatarawa Wines, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd, Bell Gully and 3media Group for sponsoring our Graduation Celebration. The 2008 Programme Selection Panel: Jo Brosnahan, Frank Olsson, Leisa Siteine, Ian McCrae, Peter Kerridge, Maureen Crombie, Neville Pulman, Lindsay Corban, Joris de Bres, Denise Cosgrove, Chris Fogarty, Morgan Williams, Elaine McCaw, Teresa Tepania-Ashton, Claire Nesus The Programme Speakers Opening Retreat: Frances Tweedy, Pat Snedden, Mayor Bob Harvey, Ian MacRae and Tony Nowell Session Two: George Fistonich, Morgan Williams, John Buck, Philip Gregan, David McGregor, Bob Cook, Mike Peterson, Allan Sutherland, Jenni Vernon and Jim Van der Poel Session Three: Sir Paul Reeves, Jenni Broom, Gary Poole, Qemajl Murati, Chief Judge Joe Williams, Pauline Kingi, Dr Manying Ip, and Sam Sefuiva Session Four: Barry de Geest, Vivian Naylor, Simativa Perese, Jenny Gill, Major Campbell Roberts, Diane Robertson, Dr John Hinchcliff and Carol Beaumont Session Five: The Rt Hon Jim Bolger, Maarten Wevers, Hon Margaret Wilson, Colin James, Mark Prebble and Mai Chen Mid-Year Retreat: Commissioner Howard Broad, Jo Brosnahan, Dr Judy McGregor, Lesley McTurk, Judge Mick Brown, Geraint Martin, Carole White, Bill Lennox, Roy Clements, Margaret Chittenden, Robyn Gerrity Session Seven: Niva Retimanu, Rick Ellis, Nevil Gibson, Jim Mather, Sonya Haggie, Rhonda Kite and Wayne Hope Session Eight: Michael Chick, Peri Drysdale, Diana Lady Isaac, Dr Peter Cammock, Peter Townsend and Bill Highet Session Nine: Gaylene Preston, Gisella Carr, Rob Jager, Dr Helen Anderson, Geoff Dangerfield, Bennett Medary and Karen Fifield Closing Retreat: Vino Ramayah, Steven Carden, Qiujung Wong, Rod Oram, David Skilling, Frank Olsson Graduation: His Excellency the Governor-General of New Zealand, the Honorable Anand Satyanand, and Michael Barnett.

Chair’s Foreword Each year in November we celebrate the weaving of a further strand into our

kete – our network of New Zealand leaders who are committed to New Zealand’s future. We celebrate the graduation of this year’s leaders from the Leadership New Zealand programme – and the joining of these with the graduates of the previous years. This year, the life and future of each graduand has been changed in some way. And they will always now be a part of a wider leadership family, with a commitment to give back to the New Zealand community. Over the year, there has been an opportunity for each graduand to hear the stories of a diversity of key leaders from every sector and to talk with them of their successes and their failures. In the safe environment created by the programme, leaders have made themselves vulnerable in sharing their experiences. They leave a rare gift of insight into the challenges of leadership and who we are as a nation. In the reading relating to the programme, graduands have also had the opportunity to enjoy the challenges and perspectives offered by a range of authors, to experience the pleasure of gaining new insights and new ideas and to enjoy the opportunity for reflection. They have been hosted by a range of businesses and organisations around New Zealand and have experienced at first hand the diversity of environment that is New Zealand. As leaders, they have learned that leadership is about people – it is spiritual and heartfelt. It is about taking risks – and about creating the environment within which others can take risks. For by definition, leadership is about change and innovation and without risk taking, this cannot occur. They hear of the optimism and energy that is the key to success – and the need for resilience to the inevitable knocks. They talk about vision and passion and that driving compulsion to make a difference. There is also conversation about the need for a good citizen and leader to understand issues, to look behind initial impressions, and to form a considered view. In the final event, there is the realisation of the responsibility of leadership; to confront issues and opportunities and to engage with others to create a community of common purpose. Graduates depart with the responsibility to remain involved and in touch – and to make a difference. New Zealand is a small player in a large global economy. The challenge for us all is to nourish our nation so that New Zealanders can both enjoy personal prosperity and sustain our beautiful environment, while ensuring that our communities are vibrant and supportive and that our people are healthy and well educated. To do this requires a network of leaders who are able to listen to one another, who benefit from diversity of perspective and opinion and who will then take responsibility for our future. The network of leaders within this yearbook provides the foundation for that future. To the graduands of 2007, the Leadership New Zealand whanau extends warm congratulations to you all. It is time for you to take the baton and pass on the gift of leadership to others over the next decades. And to all who have contributed in so many ways to support Leadership New Zealand and its vision, thank you from us all. Jo Brosnahan Chairman

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“Great leadership begins with a response to the call to serve life.” – Peter Cammock








01. Out to dinner in Christchurch, 02. Gaylene Preston, 03. Lesley Slade & Peri Drysdale, 04. Simativa Perese, 05.Roslyn Pere & Peter Townsend, 06. Greg Glover & Judge Joe Williams, 07. Jeanette Burns, Jim van der Poel & Graeme Olding, 08. Wendy McGuinness, Jo Kelly-Moore, Tara Pradhan, Matt Anderson & Greg Glover, 09. Jodi Mitchell, Andrew Aitken, James Smallwood, Johnnie Freeland, Robyn Cormack, Cheryl Bowie, 10. Karyn McLeod, JR Pereira, Roslyn Pere, Mark Crosbie, Sally Bramley & Greg Orchard, 11. Graeme Olding, Jeanette Burns, Caroline Knight, Rod Gibson & Ngaroimata Reid, 12. Philip Gregan, David McGregor & John Buck, 13. Ngaroimata Reid & Jodi Mitchell, 14. Richard Copeland, Minnie Baragwanath, Jennie Vickers, Michael Price & Serena Walker








“Never lose the art of dreaming with your eyes open.” – Judge Mick Brown

2007 Leadership Programme Events Calendar Opening Retreat Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Session Two Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Friday 16 – Sunday 18 February Waitakere Estate, Auckland Exploring Leadership The different faces of leadership; leadership and the community; characteristics of leadership; toolkit day. Frances Tweedy – Managing Director, Capability Group Pat Snedden – Author, Chairman, Snedden Publishing Ltd Mayor Bob Harvey – Waitakere City Council Ian MacRae – Managing Director, Hay Group New Zealand Tony Nowell – Chief Executive, ZESPRI International Thursday 15 – Friday 16 March Villa Maria Estate, Auckland Rural and Urban New Zealand The shape of rural New Zealand in the future; export market challenges; rural/urban partnerships; tensions and sustainable practice in the wine, kiwifruit, dairy and meat and wool industries. George Fistonich – Managing Director, Villa Maria Estate Morgan Williams – Former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment John Buck – Chief Executive, Te Mata Estate Philip Gregan – Chief Executive, New Zealand Wine Growers David McGregor – Senior Partner, Bell Gully Bob Cook – Kiwifruit Orchardist Mike Peterson – Chairman, Meat and Wool New Zealand Allan Sutherland – Director, ZESPRI International Jenni Vernon – Chairman, Environment Waikato Jim Van der Poel – Chairman, Dexcel / Director, Fonterra

Session Three Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 26 – Friday 27 April Makaurau Marae, Auckland Our People I Ethnicity; changing populations; cross- or bi-cultural New Zealand; realities of the melting pot; human rights. Sir Paul Reeves – Chancellor, AUT Jenni Broom – National Manager Client Services, RMS Refugee Settlement Gary Poole – Chief Executive, Refugees as Survivors New Zealand Qemajl Murati – Immigration Manager, Department of Labour Chief Judge Joe Williams – Chief Judge, Waitangi Tribunal Pauline Kingi – Regional Director, Te Puni Kokiri Dr Manying Ip – Associate Professor, School of Asian Studies, The University of Auckland Sam Sefuiva – Principal Race Relations Advisor, Human Rights Commission

Session Four Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 24 – Friday 25 May Foodstuffs, Auckland A Civil Society Elements of a civil society; poverty; employment; trade unions; human rights; disability; philanthropy; ethics. Barry de Geest – Director, Renaissance Consulting Vivian Naylor – Auditor and Disability Awareness Educator, CCS Auckland Simativa Perese – Barrister, Chair National Pacific Radio Trust Jenny Gill – Chief Executive, The ASB Community Trust Major Campbell Roberts – Director Social Services, Salvation Army Diane Robertson – Auckland City Missioner, Auckland City Mission Dr John Hinchcliff – Auckland City Councillor / Former Vice Chancellor, AUT Carole Beaumont – Secretary, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Session Five Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 21 – Friday 22 June Ministry of Social Development, Wellington The Government and issues of 21st Century Governance Changing role of the State; global trends of government; participation in decision making; the role of the citizen. The Rt Hon Jim Bolger – Chair, New Zealand Post Maarten Wevers – Chief Executive, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Hon Margaret Wilson – Speaker of the House of Representatives Colin James – Political Journalist and Analyst Mark Prebble – State Services Commissioner Mai Chen – Founding Partner, Chen Palmer and Partners


Mid-Year Retreat Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 July Northridge Country Lodge / Selwyn College, Auckland Our People II Law and order; our children; education; health; the aging population; sport. Commissioner Howard Broad – Commissioner of Police, New Zealand Police Jo Brosnahan – Chairman, Leadership New Zealand Dr Judy McGregor – EEO Commissioner, Human Rights Commission Lesley McTurk – Chief Executive, Housing New Zealand Corporation Judge Mick Brown – Former Principal Youth Courth Judge of New Zealand Geraint Martin – Chief Executive, Manukau District Health Board Carole White – Principal, Selwyn College Bill Lennox – Education Consultant Roy Clements – Adult Refugee Director, Selwyn College Margaret Chittenden – Adult Refugee Director, Selwyn College Robyn Gerrity – Childcare Director, Selwyn College

Session Seven Location: Focus: Content:

Thursday 16 – Friday 17 August Maori Television / Parnells on the Rose Garden, Auckland The Media Our national identity; cultural issues and the media; how does the media support meaningful debate; what is the media’s role in shaping public opinion? Niva Retimanu – Newsreader, Newstalk ZB Rick Ellis – Chief Executive, TVNZ Nevil Gibson – Editor, National Business Review Jim Mather – Chief Executive, Maori Television Sonya Haggie – General Manager Communications, Maori Television Rhonda Kite – Managing Director, Kiwa Media Wayne Hope – Associate Professor, School of Communications, AUT


Session Eight Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 20 – Friday 21 September Tait Electronics, Christchurch Our Future I Economic; environmental; social responsibility; innovation and business success. Michael Chick – Managing Director, Tait Electronics Peri Drysdale – Chief Executive, Snowy Peak Limited Diana Lady Isaac – Isaac Construction / Isaac Wildlife Trust Dr Peter Cammock – Senior Lecturer in Organisational Development, School of Management, Canterbury University Peter Townsend – Chief Executive, Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Bill Highet – Chief Operating Officer, WhisperGen

Session Nine Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 October Shell New Zealand, Wellington Our Future II Information age; science & technology; entrepreneurism; export markets; economic challenges; energy and the arts. Gaylene Preston – Film maker, Writer, Director, Producer Gisella Carr – Director, Funds Development, Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa Rob Jager – Country Chair, Shell New Zealand Dr Helen Anderson – Chief Executive, MoRST Geoff Dangerfield – Chief Executive Ministry of Economic Development Bennett Medary – Chief Executive, Simpl Karen Fifield – Chief Executive, Wellington Zoo Trust

Closing Retreat Location: Focus: Content: Speakers:

Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 November Waitakere Estate, Auckland New Zealand on the World Stage Our place and our identity in the world; selling New Zealand to the world; the Asia Pacific region – what are the issues? Vino Ramayah – Chairman, Cereus Holdings and CEO, Medtech Ltd Steven Carden – Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company and Author Qiujing Wong – Co-founder, Borderless Productions Rod Oram – Author and Contributing Editor, Unlimited Magazine David Skilling – Chief Executive, The New Zealand Institute Frank Olsson – Corporate Director and Regional Manager New Zealand, FINSIA

Graduation Location: MC: Guest Speaker:

Saturday 17 November Auckland Michael Barnett – Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce His Excellency the Governor-General of New Zealand, the Honorable Anand Satyanand 5


The essence of leadership

leadership Lesley Slade: In your new book The Spirit of Leadership* you write that “we may be looking for leadership in the wrong places”. Can you please comment further on that statement?

“We need to have more faith in the capacity of ordinary citizens to change the world.” Dr Peter Cammock, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Leadership and Development at the University of Canterbury, and author of The Dance of Leadership and the soon to be released The Spirit of Leadership, addressed the 2007 Leadership Programme in September 2007 in Christchurch. The conversation continues...


Peter Cammock: Well, The Spirit of Leadership is about how relatively ordinary people bring a touch of the extraordinary into their lives. I think it’s very relative to leadership – I think the essential foundation of leadership resides in people finding what they are passionate about in their lives and pursuing that passion in the support of a cause and/or organisation that is making a meaningful contribution. The theologian Frederick Buechner captured this concept nicely when he said, “the vocation for you is the one in which your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. When you are doing what you are happiest doing, it must be something that not only makes you happy but that the world needs to have done.” This is an interesting idea in terms of leadership and it relates to my statement about looking for leadership in the wrong places. We spend a lot of time looking at the overt behaviour of ‘big’ leaders, in the political and business arenas, and they remain very important. The real leadership challenge however, is for more ordinary people to bring greater vitality into their lives and one way to do that is to do as Buechner recommends and find work that engages us fully and allows us simultaneously to make a contribution that moves our communities forward. It is this foundation in the lives of many seemingly ordinary people that I believe is the greatest hope for positive transformation in the world. It is this same foundation and the question of how to build it in our lives that is the focus of The Spirit of Leadership.   So when I say we’re looking in the wrong places, I think we need to have more faith in the capacity of ordinary citizens to change the world. I agree with Margaret Meade when she advised that we should “never underestimate the power of a group of ordinary citizens to change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever has”. LS: How do we create an environment where that can happen? PC: I think it’s happening already. With increasing affluence in the West, there appears to be more interest in living and working in a way that is meaningful and contributing. There are also indications that these elements are an increasingly important aspect of organisational competitiveness. When I started doing the research for The Spirit of Leadership, I was focused on personal vocational journeys and frankly I was unsure about their relevance to the corporate world where I was doing much of my consulting. Since that time, however, there have been some interesting developments in the organisational literature. For example, the poet/consultant David Whyte has called for a blending of the creativity of the artist with the more conventional rational/empirical capacities that normally

dominate management. Daniel Pink has described an emergent “conceptual age” in which business competitiveness requires high levels of creativity, artistry, purpose and meaning all of which he suggests is based on finding out “what makes you unique and doing that persistently in the service of something larger than yourself”. In New Zealand Rod Oram has highlighted the need for more effective high value-added organisations that also require a degree of passion and creativity. These ideas suggest an emphasis on personal alignment and vitality that is strengthening after a period of some neglect. LS: Why has it been neglected? PC: It’s difficult to say. In New Zealand, the 1980s saw a strong focus on rationality, structure and managerialism that continues today. In many instances we have lost touch with the softer side of management. However this may be changing.   LS: Why do you think people are more open and willing to hear and talk about this now?   PC: I think there are three reasons. The first is our desire for meaning. As I mentioned there is a growing personal desire for greater meaning as our material needs are satisfied.   The second is that people wanting meaning in their lives often seek to find that meaning by making a difference – they want some money too, and recognition, but also a sense that they are making a difference. The third is that, even though there is much to be grateful for and to acknowledge, the world is in deep trouble. Terrorism, inequity in wealth, food production/consumption and global warming are examples of some of the challenges we are facing. These kinds of issues are complex and will not be solved by conventional management prescriptions. Rather they require the kind of creative approaches I’ve alluded to and a very different mode of conversation and attention.   LS: You talked to the programme participants about the notion of leadership as an invitation. Can you elaborate more on that?   PC: Otto Scharmer talks about this as does Joseph Campbell. It’s an issue of how we listen, how we pay attention. In business organisations, most of our listening is done with our heads. We often impose frameworks on to situations that may actually require fundamentally different approaches. If we can get out of our heads, out of our rationality for a time, we may get to what Scharmer calls empathic listening; deep heart-to-heart dialogue within a group or with another person. Empathic listening can then lead on to generative listening. Generative listening is about being fully present in the moment and that’s when we can discern invitations to move in another direction, to take a different future trajectory to the one that we’re on at the time.   In Scharmer’s terms generative listening involves “listening from the emerging field of the future”. It requires profound ‘letting go’ of many of our preconceptions and frameworks and ‘letting come’ a different, new way of doing things. In many ways it involves a form of surrender – a falling into different ways of going forward. With this type of listening we can find opportunities in our lives and work that we simply cannot discern with our more conventional approaches to communicating and strategising. It was this type of listening that led to the transformations of the life and work experiences of the people in The Spirit of Leadership.

One of the great opportunities in our organisational and personal lives resides in the possibility of building a capacity for deep empathic and generative listening.  We spend much of our conversation debating rather than really listening. That’s why so many organisations despite the fact that people are working harder than ever, struggle to make an impact on some of their most deep-seated challenges. The fundamental shifts, the real transformations, cannot be achieved by rationality and closedminded debate alone, rather they require deeply empathic and generative listening.   So it’s about paying attention to the moment of invitation. Both organisationally and personally, we need a bit more of that capacity to listen, to pay attention to what might be emerging, in our context and to create conversations of deep empathy, generativity and humanity where there can be a real flow of respect and creativity.   LS: You have said that “the purpose of education is to introduce people to themselves” – what did you mean by that?   PC: That concept came from Michelangelo, who said that as an artist he was releasing the sculpture from the stone rather than imposing it on the stone. With education, that’s not to say that there isn’t room for the baseline skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, etc. But the real trick is helping young people find out what their central creative images are, what they are passionate about and to learn to pay attention to the invitations that life will give them to live and work with that passion intact. The critical purpose around education is to provide the skills necessary to do that. We have an excellent schooling system in New Zealand, but I think we can do better in this area.   LS: I imagine that it’s never too late though…   PC: No, absolutely not.          LS: Looking at Leadership New Zealand and our vision of creating opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to come together in conversation – learning from leaders from throughout New Zealand and from each other, exploring issues and together finding positive paths forward for all New Zealanders...   PC: I really like the approach you are taking because it’s about conversation and everything that we’ve been talking about here is about conversation. It’s about having a deeper conversation with ourselves, with the invitations and the possibilities present in our lives, and then it’s about the possibility of real conversation with others. If you think about what you’re doing, you’re aiming at creating a more vibrant national conversation and it’s these kinds of conversations and the collaboration that can flow out of them that have the greatest chance of taking us forward. The great paradox here is that as we get in conversation with our own highly localised images and sense of contribution we may find that we may be contributing to a much larger process of change. Peter Senge talks about a “new systems axiom” in which what is most local may also be most systemic and globally relevant. This is a new conception of leadership that is a central theme of The Spirit of Leadership. It suggests that the ultimate gift of our most profoundly personal leadership journeys may well be a participation in conversations that are creating a better world. *The Spirit of Leadership (available from February 2008, RRP: $29.95) 7

2007 Andrew Aitken

Executive General Manager, Vero General Insurance

Andrew has worked in a broad range of roles in the in-

surance industry since 1978. As a member of the senior leadership team at Vero Insurance Andrew’s role is to lead a team of dedicated people who deliver insurance solutions to New Zealand businesses and people. Vero as a business embraces business excellence, utilising the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and the Baldrige Criteria to drive business performance and improvement. Vero has been judged Insurer of the Year by New Zealand Insurance Brokers for three of the past four years, Top Performing Business in the Promina Group for two of the past three years, Australasian General Insurer of the Year for 2006 and rated the third in the 2006 New Zealand Best Places to Work Survey (large workplaces). Vero is also a New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation ‘Silver’ award winner for 2004. Andrew lives in Devonport with his family, and uses any spare leisure time boating, skiing or travelling. Skills offered: Governance; business excellence; values-based leadership. Community involvement: Member of Auckland Rotary. Location: Based in Auckland CBD and travel widely throughout New Zealand. “Participating in the 2007 Leadership Programme has given me the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the issues facing New Zealand and our people. Having been in the insurance industry for my working life, it has been great to be able to broaden my knowledge of New Zealand, the issues and opportunities facing our country. It has also been great working with the wide range of course participants and business leaders while growing my understanding and knowledge of the discipline of leadership.”

Matt Anderson

Branch Manager – Henderson, Accident Compensation Corporation

Working for ACC has enabled Matt to gain diverse skills and experience as a Senior Policy Analyst (Wellington), Manager of an Account Management Team (Auckland), National Project Manager (Local Government Engagement), and since late 2005 at the ‘coal face’ as Branch Manager of the Henderson Branch. Matt is married, has 2.5 children and has lived in

Waitakere since 2001. He is co-director of a small business, The Sleep Store, which is managed by his wife Louise. The Sleep Store provides sleep solutions for babies and toddlers. Matt has a Master of Arts in Philosophy. Skills offered: Operations management; project leadership (inter-agency collaboration); policy analysis; e-commerce; sound writing and analytical skills. Areas of service: Accident insurance; injury prevention; local government; small business management. Community involvement: Liaison with the Waitakere community in his capacity as Branch Manager of ACC’s Henderson Branch. Location: Waitakere City and Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has exposed me to a spectacular array of leaders and ideas. It has strengthened both the how and why of leadership for me.”

“We can be blown by the wind or be the wind.” – Tony Nowell 8


Mark Baker

General Manager – Retail Sales and Performance, Foodstuffs Auckland Limited

After completing a science degree from Canterbury,

Mark embarked upon a career in Information Technology, spending much of it in senior IT management in the primary manufacturing sectors. During his time in the dairy industry, he was involved in several post-merger integration initiatives and the introduction of Fencepost. com, the leading dairy industry portal. After completing his MBA, Mark moved to the retail sector as CIO for Foodstuffs Auckland, operator of the Four Square, New World and PAK’nSAVE brands. The change to retailing presented a number of challenges and opportunities at a professional and personal level. However his background in IT, process manufacturing and a near-religious belief in the works of Jim Collins, provided a solid base which supported his appointment to the role of GM Retail. Skills offered: Scenario planning; performance management; IT solution design and operations; commercial and economic management; organisation design; change management; critical thinking. Areas of service: Not for profit groups; small to medium businesses. Location: Auckland with regular travel to Wellington and Christchurch as well as all towns north of Taupo where there is a PAK’nSAVE, New World or Four Square store. “Leadership New Zealand has provided a solid building block for the next stage of my career, exposing me to the many areas and aspects of New Zealand that are important to me in my professional life, but also my personal life as a husband, father and community citizen. The insights into the complex and inextricable interconnectedness of social, economic, cultural and environmental policy and practice have provided reinforcement of existing knowledge. However, it is the depth of relationships and networks of the diverse group that is the Class of 2007, that provides the energy and nourishment to apply this to make a difference, instead just of talking about it.”

Minnie Baragwanath

Strategic Disability Advisor, Auckland City Council

Minnie has worked in the area of disability transforma-

tion in a local government context for the past six years. During that time she has led Auckland City’s disability programme, and has created some significant results towards improving access for disabled Aucklanders. She has tried to advocate for and to inspire local authorities across the country to develop similar disability programmes. She believes in the right of all people to feel they belong and contribute to their community including social, cultural, economic and civic life. Before working for Auckland City Council Minnie spent five years as a researcher and presenter for a television series about disabled New Zealanders called Inside Out. This put her in touch with the stories and experiences of many disabled people which in turn gave her quite an insight into the challenges and opportunities they face. It also left Minnie with a passion for the power of storytelling as a means for generating meaning and understanding between people. Minnie’s interest in disability and communication has been with her most of her life. She was born with a sight condition that has left her partially blind. This personal experience has driven her to work in the area of social change. Minnie believes that collaboration and partnering between the private, public and community sectors is the key to solving many complex social problems. In October 2007 she attended the Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute programme in Canada to learn more about how to use this approach effectively here in New Zealand. Minnie also loves innovative thinking, creative problem solving, fashion design and magnolia trees! Skills offered: Disability knowledge and expertise; local government knowledge; communications and collaboration. Areas of service: Local government; disability; Department of Building and Housing Access Advisory Panel; social change; media and communications. Community involvement: Local government. Location: Auckland “I have found the experience of Leadership New Zealand to be quite life changing. I’ve not only learnt about the major issues facing our nation now and into the future but have also gained a huge amount of personal and professional insights. I have learnt that good leaders are people with vision, with integrity and with drive. They are people with an exceptionally high level of self awareness and an openness to understand others who are different from themselves. Leadership New Zealand has made me a better human being and now it is my turn to inspire others to reach their potential too.”



Cheryl Bowie

Business Consultant, VisionOn Limited

Cheryl has more than 10 years’ experience consulting

within business management, project management, and driving business process improvement projects. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Management. Her career includes strong project management experience that spans a range of industries including telecommunications, New Zealand postal services, utilities, and management consulting. This includes extensive experience in managing large scale business improvement reviews and projects. A previous member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Cheryl is accomplished as a Project Manager who can manage multi-disciplinary projects. Services offered include project management, strategic consulting, business performance analysis, process re-engineering and benchmarking/best practice advice. Key clients to date have included Metrowater, TelstraClear and New Zealand Post. Skills offered: Project management; strategic consulting; business performance analysis; benchmarking and best practice advice and process analysis and re-engineering. Areas of service: Business advice and project management. Keen to be involved in not-for-profit boards.

Sally Bramley

Manager Relationship and Provider Performance Northern, Accident Compensation Corporation

Sally lives in the Bay of Plenty and has spent the past 15

years working for both the private and public sectors in senior management roles. She enjoys going out in search of new opportunities and designing initiatives to respond. It is possibilities, opportunities and consequences that really motivate her. Sally’s core leadership belief is that happy people are productive people and this belief forms the foundation for how she leads and manages the people she works with. Skills offered: Culture change; performance enhancement. Areas of service: Profit and not for profit organisations. Location: Currently based in the Bay of Plenty, Sally travels regularly to both Waikato and Auckland also monthly to Wellington. “Leadership New Zealand has been an amazing experience, the learnings I have taken from this year’s programme and the interaction with both the other programme participants and the speakers has been a truly inspirational experience, taking my leadership thinking to another level.”

Community involvement: Previous volunteer with IHAD. Current volunteer at Selwyn College. Location: Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has taught me a tremendous amount about myself and what it takes to truly be a great leader. I think this course really rounds you out as a leader. It has helped me to widen my perspectives and knowledge around not only the issues but to appreciate where other people may really be coming from, rather than where I expect them to be! It has helped me to put on a new or different ‘lens’ whether it be dealing with people or the issues.”

“To make progress as a nation we must reconcile ourselves to our history.” – Pat Snedden 10


Jeanette Burns

Prison Manager, Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility, Department of Corrections

Jeanette is the Prison Manager of a 286 bed women’s

facility based in Auckland. She has been a Manager within Corrections for the past seven years. As part of her role, Jeanette has undertaken significant project management, resulting in the successful commissioning of the new Women’s Prison in 2006. Prior to this Jeanette has had an extensive background in health services management (22 years) in both public and private health companies. Jeanette has a BA Social Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management. Being a mother of three gorgeous children aged 11, 17 and 21 years keeps her active, in touch with the local community and well grounded. Jeanette loves running with her husband and the shared support that similar professional backgrounds brings to this relationship. Skills offered: Extensive general management experience in both public and private sectors; operational management; project management; change management. Areas of service: State sector organisations; private health organisation; not for profit organisation. Community involvement: Currently involved in daughter’s intermediate school activities and son’s soccer club. Previous involvement includes Child Cancer Foundation Executive committee member, Chair for local primary school BOT (10 years), Ronald McDonald House executive committee member. Location: Based in Auckland but travel to Wellington on a semi regular basis. “Leadership New Zealand has offered me the unique experience of being exposed to some of New Zealand’s great leaders from across all sectors of society. Sharing this experience with the other programme participants has been equally rewarding. “The Leadership New Zealand programme has validated my desire to work in service environments where I am able to make a difference to people’s lives, either through direct involvement or through empowering others to deliver that service. “Leadership New Zealand has endorsed for me that, notwithstanding some of the enormous social issues this country is facing, New Zealand is a truly wonderful place to live, and to raise children in a way that encourages them to contribute positively to our society.”

Richard Copeland

Human Resources Manager, Tait Electronics Limited

Richard is married and has three young children. He

has been working in generalist HR for 15 years in both the smelting and electronics industries. He currently manages a small team, providing generalist HR support to the Tait Group of companies. He was in partnership with his parents in a sheep farming operation in West Otago for a number of years. Richard has a BCom from Otago University. He enjoys keeping fit and his greatest achievement was completing the Coastal Classic in the Abel Tasman last year – five hours running! Skills offered: Broad range of HR skills and experience; management experience; relationship building skills – facilitation and project management. Community involvement: Men’s support group; range of community service mostly associated with Church. Location: Work is based in Christchurch but I do provide HR assistance to subsidiary companies in the UK, USA, Singapore, Thailand, China and Australia. “The first observation I want to make about Leadership New Zealand is about the speakers. There is enormous commitment and contribution to this programme from a number of New Zealand leaders. These people represent excellence in leadership across a range of New Zealand’s most significant institutions. Their contribution is a very significant learning/mentoring input into all of our lives. Thank you. “The experience has made the following impressions on me: A very unique, arguably habit-forming opportunity over 10 months, for me to reflect on the skills I have and do not currently have as a leader; Reminded me of the value of developing leadership skills in others – across the community; The value of taking more time to be appropriately informed before taking a position; Practise being articulate both orally and in written form; Appreciate diversity. The final observation is about authenticity. Leadership New Zealand is not just about being challenged to be sincere in my interactions with others but challenging me to do work that is aligned with what I am passionate about.”



Robyn Cormack

Marketing Manager, Department of Conservation

Robyn lives in the Western Hutt Hills with her husband Gor-

don Macdonald (a teacher at Naenae Intermediate School in the Hutt Valley) and sons Finley (9) and Lachie (6). She is originally from Christchurch having moved to Wellington to train as a cellist with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, after graduating from Canterbury University with a BA in History. After a couple of years as a professional musician, she decided to pursue a long-held interest in journalism and ‘what makes people tick’, studying at Wellington Polytechnic. Her career has included work in market research and marketing for Heylen Research, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Wellington, and the New Zealand Employment Service. Prior to taking up her position at DOC in September 2007, Robyn spent eight years developing and marketing the Retirement Commission’s corporate communications and personal financial public education programme, as Marketing and Communications Manager. Robyn has a passion for New Zealand and enjoys being in the outdoors with family and friends – tramping, swimming, camping, boating, and keeping fit so she can indulge in great food and wine and more inactive pursuits! The arts remain a keen interest, as do learning more about leadership, other cultures and new ways of experiencing the world. Skills offered: Marketing and communications strategy; social marketing; market research; online marketing. Community involvement: Board of Trustees, Belmont School Lower Hutt. Location: Wellington “It has been a privilege to be a part of Leadership New Zealand. I’ve been inspired, moved and challenged. I’ve learnt a great deal listening to a wonderful range of leaders and from sharing with fellow participants. “This experience has demonstrated to me that few of the problems and opportunities around us are unrelated to the way in which we personally lead our lives. We each have an ability to influence and a responsibility to do something to make our lives, and those of our families, workmates, and others in our society and around the world, better. The leadership challenge requires a strong sense of knowing who we are, vision, courage, commitment, resilience, team work, and reflection. Doing that means we need to be well informed, and continually looking to understand complexity without jumping to facile judgements or solutions. Above all it means valuing people and encouraging them to give the best they have to offer.”

‘The power of ordinary people to change the world is astonishing’ – Margaret Mead


Mark Crosbie

Legal Consultant / Property Company Director

Until recently Mark was a lawyer who had specialised

in commercial property law for 20 years. He retired as a partner at Bell Gully this year to pursue a more direct involvement in the property industry in New Zealand. He currently remains as a part-time consultant at Bell Gully. Mark has always related to property and has a passion for design and architecture. He is fortunate to have been involved in significant development projects during his time as a lawyer, including the Princes Wharf redevelopment at Auckland, the Britomart revitalisation in Auckland City, and the new Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, among others. He has also studied and remains intrigued by the variety of ways in which property can be held and owned. The future focus for Mark now is in spending more time with family and friends, and being more actively involved in property in those areas in which he is interested. He also sees the challenges for New Zealand in residential housing area – healthy buildings, affordable housing, and related areas of infrastructure, and wishes to explore ways of contributing to the solutions in this area. Mark lives in Auckland with his wife and two young children, and enjoys travel, film, dining out, and cycling. Skills offered: Property advice; construction/development advice. Areas of service: Mentoring; business facilitation and strategy. Community involvement: Trustee – Keystone New Zealand Property Education Trust (a charitable trust assisting the education of students in property and who without such assistance may be unable to do so). Location: Auckland “This year has been a time of change for me not only with my change from career but also with this course. The facilitators – Lesley and Michelle – have a commitment and passion and work endlessly to make the course as fulfilling an experience for us as participants as they can possibly make it. “The course itself has put us in contact with people I had previously only ever heard of – leaders shaping New Zealand and, more importantly in my view, committed to making New Zealand a better place, each in their own way. It shows me that any contribution I and others can make in whatever way we can adds to this commitment for the benefit of us all. “My experience of other people through this course, including the other participants, and their contributions, commitments, compassion, and generosity, has inspired and challenged me. “I can only say that the course has been rewarding and challenging – way beyond my initial intrigue and expectations. “I think you can only really ‘get’ what this course is about by doing it.”


Johnnie Freeland

Pae Arahi, Maori Relations Team, Auckland Regional Council

Rod Gibson

Retail Operations Manager, Shell New Zealand

Ko Maungapohatu te Maunga Ko Waikato te awa Ko Tauranga te awa Ko Ngati Mahuta te iwi Ko Tuhoe te iwi

Johnnie works for Te Rauhitanga Taiao – Auckland

Regional Council as the Pae Arahi or Maori Relations Manager. He is part of a dynamic team whose responsibility is to provide Council with strategic and tactical leadership, Maori policy and planning advice, facilitating and managing relationships with Iwi, Hapu, Whanau and Maori, identifying opportunities to contribute to Mäori outcomes; and building organisation capacity and capability to effectively respond to Mäori. This unique role that affords the team the privilege and challenge of working within a cross-cultural context while serving Council, Maori communities, the wider public and our colleagues. Through his participation in the Leadership New Zealand programme Johnnie had aims to live into the ethos of Ko tou rourou, Ko taku rourou, Ka ora ai tatou which effectively means “with your contribution and my contribution we all will be sustained”. He has embraced the richness and diversity of what was on offer in regard to participants, invited speakers and the shared journey. Location: Auckland

Over 13 years Rod’s career has covered the construc-

tion industry in project and business management, with the past three years in the retail industry in business management. Rod is particularly experienced in project and risk management, using these skills and disciplines in the areas of business and change management. In his current role Rod participates in a number of global Shell projects and initiatives and is a Director for Loyalty New Zealand. Rod is committed to New Zealand’s youth; during 2005 and 2006 Rod and his spouse, with their two children, spent two years as the live-in house parents at a home for pregnant teenagers. Rod enjoys sport and the outdoors, competing in various multisport events including the Coast to Coast. Skills offered: Project management; organisational change management; governance. Areas of service: Not-for-profit boards. Community involvement: Rod has been on a school board, treasurer for a Baptist Church, and involved in the operational care of at-risk youth. Location: Wellington “The Leadership New Zealand programme provided three great opportunities for me – the monthly change to step outside from work and personal commitments for learning and reflection; an opportunity to learn more about leadership and New Zealand from a selection of New Zealand’s current leaders; and finally, an opportunity to build networks and friendships amongst other participants.”

“Check in with yourself. If it is the right thing to do, go for it.” – Rhonda Kite 13


Greg Glover Farm Business Owner

Greg is a Waikato Dairy farmer. He and his wife Gerry

own and operate a large intensive dairy business milking 1000 cows. Greg’s focus is developing a sustainable business model in all areas ie, economically sustainable, people sustainable and environmentally sustainable. A highlight for Greg in this journey was in 2003 winning three business awards. These were the Fonterra National Environment award, the ANZ Bank Grow award: Ballance Farm Environment Awards and the Most Sustainable Business [all business category] Award: Waikato Westpac Business Awards. Greg works within the dairy industry to help develop environmental tools that are practical and sensible for farmers to adopt and use. Greg is also very much aware that the relationship between the rural and urban communities needs to develop to the point where there is mutual trust and respect. Areas of service: Shareholders’ councillor Fonterra. Various environment forums for the dairy industry. Community involvement: Trustee for the Waipa Life Education Trust. Location: Waikato “For me the programme has provided a unique opportunity to understand New Zealand better, through the formal and informal conversations with other participants and presenters. I now have a greater appreciation of the challenges facing New Zealand and how some of those can be turned into opportunities. “An example is that we have an urban population that largely has very little understanding of farm/rural life however they are genuinely interested and fascinated with improving their understanding. I see a real opportunity to develop the communication from the farming industries to encourage everything from the uptake of science subjects at school to young people actually working on farms.”


Jo Kelly-Moore Vicar, St Aidan’s Anglican Church

Jo hails from Wellington. She studied Law and Arts at

Victoria University and went on to six years’ legal practice in Wellington and London. On returning from London, Jo completed a Bachelor of Divinity Degree and was ordained in 2000. Since then she has been on the staff of St Aidan’s, Remuera and in 2004 was appointed as the first female Vicar there. Jo is passionate about caring for people and working for justice. She is married to Paul and they have two sons, Adam (6) and Nathan (4). They all enjoy entertaining friends, soccer, and a good book! Skills offered: Chaplaincy; celebrant; facilitation. Areas of service: Various community groups; boards. Community involvement: Vicar, St Aidan’s Anglican Church, Member of Auckland Diocesan Council and Auckland representative to General Synod (tikanga Maori, Pakeha, Polynesia). Location: Auckland “Leadership New Zealand is an amazing programme. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to hear such a wide range of leading New Zealanders reflect on the issues facing our nation, through the lense of what that then requires of our leaders. “As well as improving my appreciation of current issues across a wide array of sectors, Leadership New Zealand has also engaged me, as a leader, bringing me to examine how I, and the organisation I lead, am engaging with these challenges. Leadership New Zealand has done a great job in bringing the global and the personal together.”


Caroline Knight

Group Manager Customer Help, TelstraClear

As the Group Manager for Customer Help, Caroline

is responsible for the management of the TelstraClear technical helpdesk providing 24/7 support to TelstraClear customers. She has been involved in the contact centre industry for over 10 years and has worked in the banking, government and telecommunications industries. Caroline has travelled extensively and spent 16 years living in Europe prior to moving to New Zealand, she has a certificate in Management Studies from Victoria University and is married to Andrew. Skills offered: Project management; telecommunications solutions advice; governance; mentoring and coaching. Location: Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has been a truly unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with a diverse group of people and to gain exposure to the truly important issues that are facing New Zealand today. “I have gained a fresh perspective on a wide range of issues and a better appreciation of the ability of the individual to drive significant change.”

Wendy McGuinness Chief Executive, Sustainable Future

Wendy is an accountant who believes strongly in a clean

green New Zealand. She considers that New Zealand can gain a premium in world markets by branding its products and services as having ethical and environmental integrity. This strategy is not new, but New Zealand’s ability to prove we are what we say we are, is the big challenge for New Zealand in the short term. Such an approach requires the ability and skills to measure and provide independent assurance on the ethics and environmental costs of delivery of products and services from the producer to the consumer. That’s why New Zealand needs to refocus its delivery mechanisms and that in turn means infrastructure. Wendy began her career in government which culminated in the preparation of a report on the implementation of accrual accounting in government departments for Treasury. She has since moved into risk management, which led to a great deal of work in the genetic modification debate. She remains unconvinced that outdoor genetic modification experiments are of benefit to New Zealand and considers the public funding of such experiments a poor utilisation of research funding in New Zealand. She is currently the Chief Executive of Sustainable Future, a charitable trust that operates a website and is currently managing a two year research programme to explore New Zealand’s future in 2058 and write a national strategy for New Zealand for the next fifty years. Project 2058 is an ambitious programme that will involve a planning and learning approach together with a group of masters students.  Wendy is married to Mark, with four children and a dog called Charlie. Her roots are firmly imbedded in the King Country where she was born, but she also loves city life, collecting old books, Vanity Fair and enjoying a good cappuccino. Skills offered: Risk management; governance, public policy and sustainable development. Community involvement: Victoria University Advisory Group, 2007; Owner and Editor Sustainable Future, the sustainability information portal 2004-2007; Member of the Ministry for Economic Development Buy Kiwi Made Campaign reference group 2006-2007; Board Member of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace 2006-2007; Co-Convenor of Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand 2006-2007. Location: Wellington

“Biggest leadership lesson: back yourself and do it!” – Jim van der Poel 15


Karyn McLeod

Grants Manager, The ASB Community Trust

Working for a Philanthropic Trust for the past 11 years

has given Karyn the opportunity to be involved in and report on many exciting projects in New Zealand. As Grants Manager for the ASB Community Trust, Karyn currently assesses a wide variety of applications and in particular she is responsible for a Capital Project sector, which works with organisations requesting $1 million or over. As Grants Manager, Karyn feels privileged to work with a hard working team of Grants Advisors. Karyn is passionate about ensuring her team feels excited in their individual roles and that they feel encouraged to think strategically in the community sector that they have responsibility for. Working with the ASB Community Trust is a very grounding experience as Karyn gets to meet and work with a wide range of people and organisations that have many ideas trying to address many complex issues. The personal challenge for Karyn is to break down perceptions between the ‘not for profit sector’ and funders. Her aim is to have more engaged conversations at the beginning of a funding proposal to firstly ensure that there has been a fair and accurate assessment, but more importantly the proposal (if funded) has a more long term benefit for the people and the communities in which they live. Skills offered: Funding proposals; team management. Location: Auckland “As a participant on the 2007 Leadership programme it has been a true privilege to hear the journeys of some amazing people. Personally for me I have felt very inspired by the women with an unquestionable passion for their cause and each discussion has allowed me to check in with what it is that makes my heart sing. “After each session I have often ended up walking away with preconceived thoughts shattered. This has been a significant learning for me in terms of testing my own perceptions and views either about people or a particular topic. This learning has allowed me to be far more engaged in my world and open to having more conversations on matters I may not have even considered a year ago. “The other participants on the programme have just been awesome and as we have all come from different places and beliefs I have admired the respect we have given to one another and acknowledge the leadership provided by Lesley and Michelle to facilitate this. “The laughter has been fantastic, the fashion has been beautifully obvious and the friendships will continue well into the future I am sure.”

Jodi Mitchell

General Manager Global Services, Simpl

With a software development background, Jodi became

a co-director of Ministry of Software, a New Zealand Microsoft application development company. In May 1999, Ministry of Software was acquired by The Simpl Group Limited (Simpl), a leading New Zealand owned ICT organisation. Jodi continued under a management contract to deliver software solutions to Simpl’s clients. Eight years on, Jodi is now General Manager of the Global Services group within Simpl. Her role sees her leading a team of Business Unit Managers who each lead teams of specific capability (Strategic Consulting, Programme & Project Management, Process Optimisation, Software Development and Integration, Customer Interaction Management & CRM Solutions and Support Services). Being a customer-centric organisation, teams are formed from these groups to deliver quality services and solutions to Simpl’s clients in New Zealand and across the globe. Jodi shares her life with her partner Bennett and his three children. Together they cycle as much as they can to keep sane and keep off the pounds. Other interests include boating, skiing, diving, fishing, squash, swimming and chardonnay. Skills offered: General management; IT strategy. Location: Based in Auckland and travel to Wellington on a regular basis. “Leadership New Zealand has expanded my knowledge on all things New Zealand. I am now part of a culture of broad understanding rather than judgement, engaged in conversation and action about New Zealand as a healthy, prosperous and unique country. Strong leadership is values based, requires passion and is all about the people. Simpl’s value mantra has always been ‘People. Passion. Performance.’ – Leadership New Zealand has reinforced this message and extended its meaning and context for me.”

“Don’t make it more lonely than you have to. Incorporate others in important decision making.” – Rt Hon Jim Bolger 16


Greg Orchard

Most recently with Housing New Zealand Corporation; currently in career transition

Greg has an interest in people and leadership. He has

recently left his role as General Manager Asset Services for Housing New Zealand Corporation, where he has worked since November 2000. In this time he has built successful national teams responsible for all aspects of strategic and operational asset management in relation to the Corporation’s 67,000 rental properties. Utilising clear strategic thinking skills and solid financial background he was able to derive a vision and then translate it into operational results, through an inclusive leadership style that encouraged high standards from his teams. These results were delivered through the initiation, coordination and delivery of a range of projects and programmes to improve the overall standard of housing, foster strong, sustainable communities and provide housing that better meets the needs of families. Greg is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Finance and Investment Professional. Prior to his current role he was Chief Financial Officer for Housing New Zealand Limited, with leadership responsibility for a broad range of functions including finance, treasury, information technology and business improvement. In total Greg has been involved in various models for the delivery of social housing for around 25 years. He has served on the Boards of Building Research and BRANZ Ltd and as a Trustee of his local school. Greg lives in Wellington with and his wife and two teenage children. He enjoys walks with his wife, time with family especially when it involves cooking and sharing good food, being involved in his children’s lives and not taking things too seriously. Skills offered: Thinking; strategy development; planning; governance; financial; leadership; asset management; coaching and mentoring.

Graeme Olding Senior Associate, Bell Gully

Graeme is a Senior Associate in Bell Gully’s tax team.

He joined Bell Gully in 1999, having graduated from the University of Auckland with law and commerce degrees. Graeme has provided income tax and GST advice on major domestic and cross border transactions. From 2000 to 2002 he was involved in advising Australian corporates on the introduction of GST in Australia. One of his career highlights has been assisting the Australian Treasury and Australian Tax Office with the drafting of portions of the Australian GST legislation. The highlight of Graeme’s year was his marriage in September to Rosalie. Graeme is actively involved in his local church, serving on the leadership team at the church, chairing a community trust associated with the church, and playing keyboard in the church band. Skills offered: Governance; legal advice. Community involvement: Chair of the Mt Roskill Community Trust. Location: Auckland; travelling once a week to Wellington for work. “The biggest benefit I have gained from the Leadership New Zealand course is the chance to take time out to meet with some very interesting, diverse people and discuss some of the ‘big’ issues facing New Zealand. The presentations by an impressive array of speakers set the scene brilliantly.”

Location: Wellington “Leadership New Zealand has provided a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to a variety of New Zealand’s leaders, hear their views and discuss with them the issues and challenges facing New Zealand. Both the participants and speakers have at times challenged my thinking and they have all provided me with perspectives that have enriched me.”

“Never underestimate the power of your own words.” – Diane Robertson



Roslyn Pere

Product & Service Manager, Air New Zealand

Roslyn has been employed by Air New Zealand for the

past five years. Her current role involves driving ongoing operational implementation of product and service improvements to ensure consistent, outstanding customer delivery across all touch points of the customer journey. Roslyn has a BBS from Massey University with a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management. She gained this extramurally over a six-year period while raising her son. Roslyn describes herself as a self-motivated, honest, open and outgoing individual who is very direct when communicating with others. She enjoys most sports, travel and reading. Skills offered: Marketing; product & service development; project management. Areas of service: Mentoring; community programmes. Location: Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has provided a fantastic insight into gaining perspective on all aspects of life in New Zealand. The unique environment has allowed exceptional learning experiences that would be difficult to emulate elsewhere. Personal growth throughout the Leadership New Zealand year has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in the areas of confidence in public speaking and having the ability to ask the hard questions. The vast array of issues identified are somewhat daunting when considered as a whole, most importantly is focusing on where I can make a difference – no matter how small.”

JR Pereira

Regional Advisor, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs


R is currently working for the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs in the Auckland office with key portfolio of Economic Development, Pacific businesses, ICT and three local government institutions, providing advice to central & local government officials and Pacific Island communities in the Auckland region. During the 1980s & the 1990s he has been involved in the field of marketing/promotions in product launch, events and sporting organisations. For 25 years he was Director/Producer for the Samoan government performing arts, with a Masters Degree in Creative & Performing Arts (MCPA) from the University of Auckland with an Arts Management specialisation. Skills offered: Community governance & economic development, marketing / promotions / communications and performing arts management Areas of service: Community management; marketing promotions; events management; economic development, business development, Pacific Island markets & cultural performing arts. Community involvement: Pacific Villages – Auckland region / Pacific Island Chamber of Commerce (PacificBiz) / Samoa-Aotearoa National Dance Theatre. Location: Auckland based and can cover the rest of the country. “The Leadership New Zealand programme is different and unique in the sense that its an interaction dialogue amongst leaders right across the spectrum from different backgrounds, perspectives and environments of pathways to where they are now. “It’s powerful, energetic and sometimes very deep, at the same time it’s one hell of an experience, fun and entertaining.”

“Leadership is being a link in a chain. You need to be a very strong link – you can’t do it alone.” – Lesley McTurk 18


Tara Pradhan

Manager Economic Sectors, Auckland City Council

Tara is the Manager Economic Sectors in the Economic

Development Group at Auckland City Council. Tara’s role is to foster the growth of the creative industries, biotechnology, ICT and other key economic sectors for Auckland city. She is involved in strategic planning, research, policy development and business growth initiatives, project and event management. She also manages the council’s sponsorship of business and industry organisations and events. Before moving to her current role Tara established and managed the Events and Film Facilitation team at Auckland City Council. She was involved in the planning and management of some of the city’s largest events including the Millennium events, Volvo Ocean Race Auckland stopover and the America’s Cup. Tara has been a board member of Film Auckland since its inception in 2003. She chaired the Film Auckland Local Authorities and Industry Group from 2003 to 2005, which is a regional forum to coordinate authority initiatives to ensure the growth of screen production in the Auckland region. Prior to her role in local government Tara worked on a range of arts and screen production projects, and taught at the University of Auckland on the sociology of education, film and media studies. Tara has a Masters of Arts (English) from the University of Auckland, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Management) from Massey University and a Diploma in Facilitation (Zenergy). Tara is of Indian and Pakeha descent and is committed to New Zealand being a place for diversity to flourish. She is passionate about the arts and creative industries, watches a lot of films and enjoys travel and good cuisine. Skills offered: Facilitation; project management; event management; sponsorship; strategic planning.

Michael Price

Most recently with New Zealand Post; currently in career transition

Michael has extensive operations management experi-

ence which has been gained across multiple industries, all of which have had a strong service delivery focus. His most recent position was as General Manager with New Zealand Post leading its national processing operation, and prior to that Michael held several technical roles in the electricity industry. Michael and his wife Nicola are enjoying family life with their two young children, and spend much of their leisure time at the Eastern Bay beaches. Michael is passionate about the future of New Zealand and will be increasing his community contribution as a result of participating in this programme. Skills offered: Operations management; electrical engineering; business management; process improvement. Areas of service: Infrastructure and network management. Location: Auckland “Being a participant of the Leadership New Zealand programme has enabled me to become much more informed on the social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges that New Zealand must address for a successful future. I have been very inspired from some of the great leaders we have met throughout the year, and now wish to find the right opportunity to apply my skills to make a bigger difference in our society.”

Community involvement: Tara is a board member of Massive Company (Aotearoa Young Peoples Theatre). The company focuses on growing emerging performers and theatre practitioners and telling New Zealand stories. Tara also supports the work of not for profit organisations, The Zenergy Trust and The Fledgling Trust. Both of these organisations, in addition to Auckland City Council, sponsored her participation in Leadership New Zealand for 2007. Location: Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has been a life enhancing experience for me. I have been amazed at the extraordinary things that ordinary people do for their communities and their businesses – all of which help to make New Zealand a better place. My courage and confidence has increased, as has my knowledge of the issues facing New Zealand and of the opportunities we have. It has been a wonderful experience to spend the year with inspiring people who want to grow their leadership and make a difference to New Zealand.”

“A civil society is about the behaviour of the non-poor not the poor.” – Major Campbell Roberts 19


Ngaroimata Reid

Project Manager, Te Korowai Manaaki – Great Start Waitakere

Ngaroimata has 18 years’ experience in project man-

agement in government, private and community sectors. She has completed both a Diploma in Business in Mäori Development and Master of Business Management at Auckland University. After a long and successful career with the Ministry of Justice, Ngaroimata commenced work with the Waitakere Safer Community Council Trust in 2000 where she led the City’s Crime Prevention Strategy. In 2003 Ngaroimata went on to co-develop a Waitakere City Collaboration Project under the City’s Wellbeing Strategy called Te Korowai Manaaki – Great Start Waitakere, a primary prevention project aimed at preventing violence to children under 5. Her goals for the programme were to work on preparing to begin her PhD studies in 2008. Ngaroimata lives with her five-year-old son Phineas Te Amaru Reid, who loves superheros, drawing and playing with his friends and cousins. Skills offered: Strategic advice and planning; policy development and implementation; change management; networking; event management; fund raising; coaching; mentoring; community and business development; project management. Community involvement: Member, Waitakere Anti Violence Essential Services Network; Trustee and Secretary, Te Whanau o Rangiwhakaahu Marae Trustees; Member, Te Roopu Mäori o Te Korowai Manaaki; Parent Support, Te Kura Kaupapa o Te Kotuku; Member, Te Atatu Roosters Rugby League Club Location: Waitakere City and Auckland “Leadership New Zealand has given me the support and confidence to deal with some extraordinary circumstances both in my personal and professional life. My goal of raising the profile of children under five and their safety has been achieved, as well as supporting the wellbeing and safety of my own whanau.”


James Smallwood Dairy Farmer

Prior to returning to his dairy farming business and

young family during 2007, James was employed in a number of roles within the agri-business sector both within New Zealand and internationally. These included GM Business Services with M&WNZ, Divisional Director – Promar International UK and with the New Zealand Pork Industry Board and Treasury. James considers himself to have been fortunate to have experienced a wide range of roles during his career that have given him an understanding of where New Zealand sits within the international marketplace. Currently he is also involved in the Fonterra Governance Development Programme and now enjoys spending more time with his wife Jane and children William & Anna on the farm. Skills offered: Business development; change management; international business experience; personnel management; pragmatic view of the world. Areas of service: Agriculture, primary sector and not-for-profit. Any operation that needs development to reach its potential. Community involvement: Chairman of the South Wairarapa District Council’s Rural Services Committee. Location: Greytown but travel with a range of interests throughout New Zealand. “The Leadership New Zealand experience is all about understanding the wider issues impacting upon New Zealand and its people. To date my career has focused on commercial imperatives, however, in leadership it is imperative that the wider issues impacting upon those living in our society are considered. This course, and its participants have done this and it is refreshing to spend time with your Leadership New Zealand peers robustly debating key pressure points within the social fabric of the country we call our own. “In the words of Pauline Kingi – ‘all of us have the choice whether we wish to add to society or not’. We must choose wisely.”


Jennie Vickers

Director and Solicitor, Guidetools Limited and JV Initiatives Limited

Jennie Vickers runs JV Initiatives. It’s a business providing

consultancy, training, coaching, mentoring, authoring, facilitation and mentoring. These services are provided to a diverse range of businesses and sectors ranging from legal consultancy into the electricity industry, training in connected thinking, using right/left brain skills to manage information overload through to coaching using the Aegility web-based elearning system. The common thread is making a difference by being different, applying a creative approach to legal problem solving and a systematic process to creative endeavours. Jennie has practised as a lawyer for over 20 years in private practice and industry in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Jennie supports her passion for great food and good wine with a commitment to keeping fit and healthy by running half marathons and doing triathlons. Jennie’s biggest achievement in 2007 was having a chapter published in the Australian book Ideas, original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers, volume 2 and is now working on a number of other books. Skills offered: Training; coaching; authoring; facilitating and mentoring. Areas of service: Creativity; idea generation; problem solving and legal compliance. Community involvement: Chairperson Diving New Zealand Inc, Member of the Council of the Auckland District Law Society, Committee member for the Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand, Guidedog Foster home provider for the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind.

Serena Walker

Self Employed Marketing Consultant

Serena has had a varied career encompassing the stage,

the world of recruitment, small business management, relationship marketing and advertising. With a Masters in Psychology and a Certificate in Direct Marketing, her passion is understanding people, how they think, and in a marketing sense, how best to communicate with them. She is currently contracting to a small brand navigation agency utilising all those skills in an account management capacity. With a teenage daughter and two preschool children, Serena is incredibly grateful to her husband for the support he has provided in enabling her to take this leadership journey, as it is no mean feat juggling family and full-time work as it is. When not reading for Leadership New Zealand or working or caring for the children, Serena takes pleasure in the theatre, cooking great food for and with friends and family, and the occasional glass of good wine. Skills offered: Small business management from start-up to strategic planning; relationship and direct marketing; business improvement methods; business process mapping. Location: Auckland area “Having started the year in a very different working environment, I quickly discovered the greatest learning for me on this leadership journey was personal, leading me to re-evaluate my career aspirations and goals and to realign them with my greatest passion. I am looking forward to continuing this journey beyond Leadership New Zealand 2007 armed with a broader world view and an eagerness to think beyond what is immediately apparent.”

Location: Auckland “Participation in Leadership New Zealand in 2007 has been a great eye opener for me. I have always been a passionate supporter of New Zealand but have gained a much wider perspective of the challenges faced and the opportunities available to our fantastic country. I am keen to increase and develop my existing role as a thought leader, facilitating discussion and conversation around issues with as wide an audience as possible.”

“Leadership is the place in which your own deep gladness and the world’s hunger meet.” – Peter Cammock 21

Alumni News 2005 Debbie Chin – 2005 Alumni

In mid October I took over as the new Chief Executive Officer at

Standards New Zealand, with responsibility to lead the implementation of the Council’s strategic vision for Standards New Zealand. I was previously the Deputy Director General, Corporate and Information, at the Ministry of Health, and one of the first female partners at KPMG in Wellington. During my time at KPMG, I spent a period on secondment in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Leisa Siteine – 2005 Alumni

In July 2007 I was elected co-chairperson for Fala Pasefika, the

Manukau City Council (MCC) Pacific Staff Network. Fala Pasefika was set up to provide a support network for Pacific staff of MCC and to assist HR and MCC Management with issues and initiatives, particularly in career and personal development, for Pacific staff. The LivCom Awards is the world’s only competition for local communities that focuses on environmental management and the creation of liveable communities, with the intent of encouraging best practice, innovation and leadership in providing a vibrant, environmentally sustainable community that improves the quality of life. Manukau City has been selected to present in the final for the 2007 LivCom Awards which will take place in Westminster, London, from 22 - 26 November 2007. Four people, including myself and a politician, have been chosen to represent Manukau City for these awards. I will be presenting on Community Sustainability and Healthy Lifestyles. The other five finalists are Lyon, France; Malmo, Sweden; Toledo, USA; Niagra, Canada and Edogawa, Japan.

Rewi Spraggon – 2005 Alumni

My work on the mini-budget film Taua – along with the rest of

the crew – including writer and director Tearepa Kahi and producer Quinton Hita, has earned a number of awards at international indigenous festivals over the past few months. The Fourth Annual National Geographic All Roads Film Festival in the US awarded Taua Best Short Film, and the Eighth ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Canada gave the film an Honourable Mention for Best Short Drama. These awards follow the international premiere at the prestigious Edinburgh Film Festival in August 2007, and taking out the Best Short Film at the New Zealand Film Awards in July 2007! I was responsible for art direction and the musical score as well as a host of other roles including a cameo appearance, bar­man, cook and general roustabout. The crew was really tiny, so everyone did multiple jobs! Taua is a short film about a boy who shows compassion amidst rival Maori tribes at war. It’s based on the Maori proverb: Mate atu he tëtë kura, ara mai anö he tëtëkura – In war, leaders fall and leaders rise. The film will show at the Sundance Film Festival in the US in early 2008.


Vicki Taylor – 2005 Alumni

This year has been very busy for me, taking on the general man-

agement responsibilities of a new role. I have also been appointed to The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Women’s Leadership Council, along with 12 other women in senior roles within the company globally. This is a great opportunity for me to contribute to identifying opportunities for women to participate more broadly in leadership roles within The Coca-Cola Company. I am currently eight months pregnant with my first child, who is due in December. I will be taking six months’ maternity leave to focus on my new role as a mum.

Suzanne Weld – 2005 Alumni

Three of the key leadership messages that are imprinted on my

mind from the 2005 Leadership New Zealand programme are: to take up the challenge when there is a mandate for leadership and action on a particular organisational or community issue; to keep your eye on the ball to follow it through; and, to be aware of when it’s time to move on. All three have been pertinent over the last year particularly when, after having worked in Local Government for 12 years, I decided by the end of 2006 that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and enter the private sector to expand my skills and knowledge in community planning and project management. I now work as a consultant in the largest planning and engineering company in New Zealand and there are opportunities aplenty. However, two months ago I was asked to stand with another councillor for the Western Ward in Rodney. Maybe I am destined to continue working for communities for some time yet, as I was elected and have joined a very new team of Councillors which should take the Rodney District in quite a different direction. The youngest councillor is 22 and there are more female councillors in the team, and I believe that communities are demanding greater leadership, more prudent decision making and subsequent action on a range of complex issues. It is exciting to return to the Council as an elected representative with a new mayor and a new team of energetic decision-makers. It reinforces the belief that people do want to be engaged in issues affecting their communities and are looking for leadership in realising their vision and aspirations. The next three years will be a challenge but I intend to grasp it in both hands and run with it for however long I am needed.

2006 Dean Astill – 2006 Alumni

Through the Agricultural and Marketing Research and Develop-

ment Trust (AGMARDT), I was fortunate to be selected to take part in the second FAME programme which began in August 2007. FAME offers emerging leaders in the food & agribusiness sectors a unique professional development opportunity in a course offered jointly by three New Zealand universities: Otago, Lincoln and Massey. The full immersion course, which begins in New Zealand and extends to modules based offshore, offers a wide range of topics covering all aspects of the supply chain from farm gate to retail outlet. The course provides an opportunity for professional development within a group of peers with presentations from internationally recognised academics and elite business leaders, and first-hand exposure to best practices in a wide range of countries. We will develop our knowledge of overseas markets and customers’ needs through contact with international markets and executives, visits to production, processing and retail sites, and observing competitor offerings and supply chain best practice.

Ian Balme – 2006 Alumni

I was very pleased to be returned to the Environment Waikato

Regional Council in the recent local government elections and I appreciated the voters’ support for my drive for effective leadership, accountability and better relationships throughout the region. Like all local government organisations, we face new and exciting challenges which include leadership that delivers community aspirations and transparent and rigorous management. The Leadership New Zealand programme, which I undertook in 2006 provided me with an excellent foundation for this year’s campaign. Many of the issues that we discussed during our year have been relevant to me, including establishing trusting relationships and working with the media. And the network of Alumni has given me the opportunity to tap the brains of some very smart people. This year I have also been elected as President of the Raglan Community House and I led the Hamilton Environment Centre’s very successful ‘Energy Blitz’ campaign which won a Waikato Sustainable Business award for its focus on reducing electricity use.

Richie Dempster – 2006 Alumni

My family have become involved with American Field Service

(AFS) student exchanges this year. We are currently hosting a Japanese student and our daughter has been accepted as a student exchange to Japan in 2008. The AFS programme is intended to promote greater understanding between cultures through student exchanges and also provides opportunities for students from all parts of the world to experience different cultures first hand.

Jackie Kruger – 2006 Alumni

With a term’s experience under my belt and elections now out

of the way, I am gearing up to serve my community again on the Invercargill City Council. I support informed progress, but insist on good planning, full information, thorough debate and transparency – an approach that is apparently endorsed by my community, because I polled second highest overall! I am a little disappointed that, once again, only two women have made it to the table, because I believe that more diversity would lead to better decision making. My efforts last term saw me successfully drive stricter conditions for relocatable homes, tougher bylaws for untidy sections and derelict homes, the development of an energy policy, energy audits to save on power bills, governance training for boards of council-owned companies, penalties for breaches of trade-waste consents, annual investment in a youth venue, and a regional framework/collaborative to help funders prepare better for regional facility development and operational costs. My focus for the future includes advancing collaboration with neighbouring councils to achieve cost savings and shared expertise, creating a safe and thriving central business district, and improving Council’s long-term financial planning. My association with Leadership New Zealand has definitely helped me to be courageous and confident in my role as a local body representative.

Theresa Le Bas – 2006 Alumni

It’s a beautiful early spring day here in Perth as I write, and a

balmy 28 degrees already this morning. After returning from a mining and petroleum conference on the Gold Coast over the weekend, I made the official wardrobe changeover from winter to summer suits and have concluded that my lined, medium weight summer suits, designed for a slightly cooler Auckland summer, just won’t cope with the 40 degrees-at7am-in-the-morning summer heat of Perth. But seriously, this is yet another of the number of challenges that flow from stepping out of the old comfort zone to relocate to another country and to practise in a different legal jurisdiction. My introduction to legal practice in Western Australia was, in every sense of the word, like being thrown in the deep end. Within my first week at Clayton Utz I had drafted and filed two sets of legal submissions in parallel proceedings for the same project – one before the State Administrative Tribunal (the equivalent of New Zealand’s Environment Court), the other to a Ministerial appeals committee (which has never been used before in this jurisdiction). In the following three weeks I briefed Western Australia’s most senior planning barrister, and then proceeded to pull together and work with a team of seven expert witnesses to draft and file their statements of evidence and organise their joint expert witness conferral and statement process. And then the real fun started with the hearing. The upshot of all this frantic activity is actually the amazing similarities between the New Zealand and Western Australian environmental law regimes, albeit with a number of subtleties between the two just to keep you on your toes. But, there is nothing more invigorating than a steep learning curve!



Contributing to the community SkillsBank is the practical community engagement component of Leadership New Zealand. It is where community leadership is put into practice for Leadership New Zealand graduates, by offering opportunities to increase their level of civic involvement and to make a positive contribution to the community. SkillsBank offers not for profit and community organisations the skills and expertise of the Leadership New Zealand graduates on a pro bono basis. The emphasis for SkillsBank is on advice and support. The purpose of the voluntary contribution to organisations is to support and strengthen the capacity of the staff, members and the organisations, rather than to take on significant ‘hands on’ work. Graduates work on identified projects within organisations, and in the process will transfer skills, knowledge and key relationships to enable the organisations to build in strength and capacity.

New Zealand Housing Foundation Brian Donnelly, Executive Director of the New Zealand Housing Foundation, and Nick Hadley, Leadership New Zealand Alumni 2005 – on the very first SkillsBank project.

First Foundation Nicki McDonald, General Manager of the First Foundation, and Laura Vodanovich, Leadership New Zealand Alumni 2006 – on a mentoring relationship.

Brian: The New Zealand Housing Foundation (NZHF) helps people who never thought they’d ever own their home do just that. We provide people with options for getting into a new home, and help them manage their finances so that they can afford to buy it. We lead innovation in the housing sector and when we had the chance to join with Leadership New Zealand and their first SkillsBank project, we jumped at the chance. The SkillsBank team, initially made up of three Leadership New Zealand graduates (Nick Hadley, Irene Durham and Mat Bolland) worked with us to define and shape the project. The team certainly assisted myself and the NZHF to add value to our business. I found Nick’s skill-set particularly valuable in that he was able to provide the IT assistance and training we required, as well as his marketing and relationship building expertise. Not only was he extremely professional, energetic and focused, he was able to transfer his knowledge into our organisation. Thank you Nick and Leadership New Zealand. Nick: As part of the SkillsBank team I was involved in some of the early meetings, exploring ways that Leadership New Zealand could help the New Zealand Housing Foundation (NZHF). Primarily, they were looking for help to make their marketing and PR efforts a little more consumer-oriented. After several meetings with key NZHF personnel, who patiently explained their business model, the SkillsBank team was able to formulate a project plan, using a combination of PR, business experience, design and IT skills. Phase One included drafting and designing a new brochure for potential customers of NZHF. After several design and wording reviews, the final brochures were delivered and have now been in circulation for several months. We were also involved in producing a newsletter, again targeted at potential customers of the Foundation. Phase Two of the project called for a reworking of the NZHF website. It soon became clear that the large scope of this task exceeded the original voluntary nature of the SkillsBank team. The original website had outlived it usefulness, coupled with an inability for NZHF staff to update the contents easily. It was therefore agreed that I would continue with the website project on a semi-commercial basis, working alternate pro-bono and charged-for days. The site is now live and runs on a public domain Content Management System, allowing NZHF users to update their own content and add stories and pictures at will without the need for IT intervention. A reorganisation of the Foundation’s email system is the next project task! For more information on the New Zealand Housing Foundation, head to its new website, or contact Brian on 0800 4 HOUSING (446 874).

Nicki: From very small beginnings nine years ago 164 students have now received support from the First Foundation. Of those, 66 are currently in the programme and 33 are about to join us to pursue their goal of tertiary education. Another 46 have graduated, having achieved that goal. These achievements would not have been possible without the support of businesses (our partnering organisations), who have offered these students the opportunities of a scholarship and our mentors who have been inspired by our students and have stepped up to give their time, support, wisdom, experience and encouragement. Our philosophy and approach is to develop students who are not only capable of achieving high levels of personal and professional success, but also have a community conscience and are aware of the importance of their role in society. Our continued success is very much dependent on the support and goodwill of organisations and individuals who are willing to give of their time. I had the good fortune of meeting Laura at a Leadership New Zealand function and she immediately expressed an interest in finding out about becoming a mentor. We have now matched her with a young student who is just completing her 7th form year at McAuley High School. We are continually looking for people to mentor our students and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about the role. Our website is a good source of information too. Laura: As a result of participating in the Leadership New Zealand Programme 2006, I was inspired to become more involved in my community, particularly in helping to address some of the disparity in educational opportunities based on economic background. I met Nicki McDonald at a Leadership New Zealand function and learnt about the First Foundation, which offers scholarships to financially disadvantaged but academically achieving young adults towards the end of their secondary school education. The Foundation works in partnership with a sponsor, a student and a mentor (this is where I come in). Based on my life, educational and work experiences I am able to provide advice and guidance to someone choosing their academic course of study and throughout their tertiary experience. The relationship begins in Year 12 and goes through until their educational goals are achieved and therefore is a long-term relationship. Although I am only in the first year of my relationship with my First Foundation student it is certainly an experience that I can recommend to others and is definitely mutually satisfying. For more information on the First Foundation, head to its website www.firstffoundation., or contact Nicki on either 09 580 1020 or



Jane Aickin

Group Manager Visitor Service and Assets, Auckland Regional Council

Jane has always been passionate about the land and landscapes. She

discovered the joys of the outdoors as a child at her grandfather’s side and went on to make open spaces her vocation. Now with 15 years’ experience in local government including a three-year stint as a selfemployed open space consultant, her focus has ranged from parks operational management to policy and planning, project management, business system development, community advocacy/support and recreation provision. Jane’s current role at the Auckland Regional Council enables her to work with the community and a dedicated and highly skilled team to buy and provide the places that make Auckland special and enable people to escape the everyday pressures of life – ie Regional Parks. Jane is often found sharing the joys of the regional park network under canvas with her partner and three active young boys.

Skills offered: Synthesising ideas; strategy development; policy and planning; willpower; public open space management; business system development. Community involvement: Executive of New Zealand Recreation Association Auckland Region; Standing Committee Member for International Park Forum; Parent support for a variety of clubs associated with extracurricular youth education! Location: Auckland

Dean Astill

Export Manager, Delica Ltd

Dean started his career by being involved in production horticulture

which has included a diverse range of fruit crops and large scale horticultural management of orchards. In the past three to four years Dean has shifted his focus to become involved in field service, technical advisory, logistics and more recently into a sales and marketing role. Dean’s current position with Delica involves the complete management of the export operation from grower level all the way through the supply chain to the very challenging export markets. Dean is very passionate about the horticultural industry and has a real belief that New Zealand has a good future in exporting high quality produce to the rest of the world.

Skills offered: Governance; marketing; project planning. Areas of service: Rural sector issues; education & training for rural industries; export operations; logistics. Community involvement: Board member EIT Horticulture Advisory Board. Dean has been involved in the rural sector for the past 12 years and more specifically in the Horticultural Industry. In 2005, Dean won the New Zealand Horticulturalist of the Year award, in NZCH Fruit Production. Location: Hawke’s Bay

Ian Balme

Councillor, Environment Waikato

Ian is a Waikato farmer with a background in forestry and business,

and a councillor for Environment Waikato. He is working at the intersection of local government, the rural economy and environmental leadership to achieve sustainable performance in all three areas. Ian graduated with a Bachelor in Forestry Science and his early career was in the forestry industry. He has since undertaken a number of successful business projects, including significant property developments. He is currently completing a Masters in Environmental Management at Waikato University. For the past 13 years Ian has been farming a large property west of Hamilton. An active sportsman, he has held the North Island 100 kilometre equestrian endurance title. He and his wife Rachel support their three teenage children in their sporting and academic activities.

Skills offered: Governance; project development; environmental leadership; agricultural business. Areas of service: Local government; environment; not-for-profit boards. Community involvement: SkillsBank Steering Committee member; Environment Waikato Regional Councillor; Raglan Community House president; Waikato Hunt Club Committee member; Hamilton Environment Centre Trustee. Location: Waikato 25


Megan Barclay

Manager – Customer Experience, Vodafone New Zealand

Megan acts as a key guardian of the customer experience through the

wider business by influencing product, process, policy and communication activities that have an impact on Vodafone’s customers. She drives the implementation of an end to end Vodafone Branded Customer Experience (VBCE) across all customer segments and service touchpoints. Megan became a mother to a beautiful baby boy while participating in the programme. Being pregnant and having her son throughout the duration of the programme helped to open her mind to different perspectives and views of other programme participants and speakers. She has a wonderful husband and they will continue to balance their careers with the care and development of their son. Megan’s learning goals for Leadership New Zealand were to: Expand her perspective on all aspects of life in New Zealand to become a more effective leader in business (or whatever vocation she chooses), a calculated decision-maker and an

influential driver of change; and to gain greater awareness of all aspects of life in New Zealand to assess how she can contribute and truly make a difference to the direction of this nation and its people. Skills offered: Project management and change management; communication and writing skills; analytical and troubleshooting skills. Location: Auckland

Tom Bennett Partner, Bell Gully

Tom has been a lawyer for 15 years. After working overseas he

returned to New Zealand in 1998 and is now a partner in Bell Gully’s Commercial Services department. His specialist areas are company/ commercial and local government law and infrastructure projects. Outside of work, Tom’s focus is his wife and three young children.

Academic: LL.B. (Hons) and B.C.A. (VUW) Skills offered: Legal advice – corporate/commercial and local government law. Areas of service: Tom would like to be involved in providing legal assistance for not-for-profit organisations. Location: Auckland

Rouruina Brown

Project Manager Events Review, Manukau City Council

Rouruina been part of the Manukau City Council family for over four

years and is currently the Project Manager, Events Review. She is responsible primarily for developing good relationships, managing the review of the Council’s past and current events activity and – with a fantastic cross corporate team – developing an implementable Manukau Event Strategy owned by the whole organisation. Rouruina describes herself as an overbearing optimist, open to learning, listening, and taking action. Her life, she says, has been incredible, blessed beyond measure. Her journey with Leadership New Zealand has been unbelievable – a fantastic mind changing, thought provoking, life altering experience. She says Leadership New Zealand has complemented both her personal and Council learnings and experiences, reconfirmed her core values and in a sense set her free and changed her forever. Her goals for the programme were: To Learn, To Own, To Act. She says she has learnt so much, is a better person because of the many perspectives and enduring possibilities and now looks for opportunities to utilise her learnings. 26

Skills offered: Business planning; project management; teamwork and collaboration; communications plans; community consultations. Community involvement: Pacific Peoples Community Reference Group; School Board of Trustees; Young Women’s President; Relief Society President; Manukau City Council Pacific Staff Advisor. Location: Auckland


Maureen Crombie

Strategic Planning Manager, Franklin District Council

Maureen works on a range of strategic projects across the organisa-

tion such as annual plans and reports, strategic and long-term planning, performance and evaluation frameworks. She began her work life as a ski instructor and hospitality worker in Queenstown where she later owned and operated a cafe and catering business. For several years she had communications and marketing roles within the humanitarian sector, both in New Zealand and overseas. While living and working in Kenya she carried out assignments in Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Tanzania. Her refugee work extended from the Kosovo crises in Albania to refugee resettlement in the Auckland region. Her diverse career spans from the grass-roots level in cross-cultural settings with ethnic minority communities to working with chief executives, boards of directors and local politicians. Maureen is married to Alastair; they live on a small lifestyle block in south Auckland.

Skills offered: Cross-cultural; marketing and communications; policy development; strategic planning. Areas of service: Open child advocacy; community development; governance; not-for-profit sector; social injustice. Community involvement: ECPAT New Zealand Chair; ECPAT International Pacific Representative; Prison Fellowship New Zealand Supporter; Refugee and Migrant Service Volunteer. Location: Auckland

Richie Dempster

Divisional Manager Network Asset Management, Northpower

Richie has worked in the electricity distribution industry for 26 years

and has developed a depth of experience in electrical engineering, project management, asset management and business management. He has held key roles through Northpower’s transition from a local authority to a commercial entity. His current role is the management of the electricity network in Northland with a focus on business sustainability and regional infrastructure development. Richie enjoys active participation in music, motor sport and house renovation in between family life with his wife Joan and their two teenaged children.

Skills offered: Project management; contract management; asset management; business process improvement; people management. Areas of service: Infrastructure management; contracting and contract management. Location: Northland

Quentin Doig

Communications Director, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Quentin’s previous work experience includes 24 years’ experience

with the Police, during which time he spent four years in Australia as the New Zealand Police Liaison Officer and another five years heading the Criminal Investigation Branch in Wellington. He left the Police in 1997 and along with some former Police colleagues established a risk management and security consultancy company. In 2000 he joined the Accident Compensation Corporation and worked in various senior management roles including management oversight of all procurement and property operations, security, health, safety and sustainability and website. Quentin moved to his current role as Communications Director at Housing New Zealand Corporation in September 2006. He leads a team which is responsible for all Government liaison matters, external communications and media liaison. Quentin and his wife Faye have three sons, aged 30, 28 and 24, with whom Quentin enjoys a close and rewarding relationship. He enjoys most sports, travel, reading, boating and fishing. He also enjoys regular visits to Waikawa Bay, near Picton, where he and Faye have a holiday home.

Skills offered: General and human resource management; crisis and risk management; communication strategy; media liaison; coaching and mentoring; procurement planning; process management. Areas of service: Public service; charitable trusts/boards; management mentoring and coaching. Location: Wellington and Marlborough



Peter Fenton

Chief Executive - Postal Services, New Zealand Post

Peter first joined New Zealand Post in 1997 following an earlier career

as a general solicitor in private practice and as a specialist employment lawyer with the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union. Peter’s first roles in New Zealand Post were in human resources and in 2001 he was promoted to the New Zealand Post Executive team in the role of General Manager Human Resources. Peter then moved to lead the postal delivery function and, on the appointment of John Allen as CEO in 2003, he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the Postal Services Group for New Zealand Post. In April 2006, Peter was appointed to the new role of Chief Executive for Postal Services. In this role he reports to the New Zealand Post Group CEO and is the senior executive responsible for postal services across New Zealand Post including accountability for all domestic and international letters/parcels services and operations.

Skills offered: Governance; business management; human resources and operations leadership. Community involvement: Junior coaching; sports administration. Location: Wellington

Milton Henry

Secondary School Teacher, Selwyn College

Milton graduated from Canterbury University in 1992 and on completion

of his teaching diploma moved to Auckland. He has worked in a range of schools around Auckland as well as in Japan, Germany and the UK. He has happily settled at Selwyn College, which meets many of his education interests. Serving a diverse community is at the core of his roles within the school. Milton teaches secondary Media Studies as well as teacher trainees at AUT. It is the nurturing of skills for life-long independent learning that keeps him in education. He has a range of roles at school – deaning, teaching media and having responsibility for the library. Recently Milton has worked with NZQA on a range of projects including the Beacon Schools project, an ongoing mentoring initiative.

Skills offered: Programme development; mentoring – youth and adults; identifying and prioritising resources for diverse groups; thinking and literacy skills; promoting effective student / teacher relationships. Areas of service: National Association of Media Teachers, Education. Location: Auckland

Cheryl Holloway

Managing Director, Kaahu Communications

Cheryl has been Managing Director for Kaahu Communications since July

2003. The focus of Kaahu Communications is cross-cultural communication – assisting organisations and communities to communicate clearly, so as to foster greater understanding and stronger relationships, and thereby generate better decisions and better outcomes for future generations. Cheryl’s background includes practising resource management law at Russell McVeagh McKenzie Bartleet & Co, working as a Strategic Planner (Kaupapa Maori) at the Auckland Regional Council, establishing Canadian Mountainbike Instructor Certification, and developing Kaahu Communications as a start-up business. Cheryl is qualified as a Licentiate in flute performance through the Trinity College of London, a graduate of Law (Honours) and Arts (Anthropology) at the University of Auckland, and most importantly an amateur karaoke performer of popular hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s including timeless classics such as La Bamba, Sweet Child of Mine, and personal favourite Barry Manilow’s Copacabana.


Skills offered: Communication; facilitation; coaching; relationship strategy; organisational change; policy development; creative writing. Areas of service: Tangata whenua; environment; local and central government; cross-cultural communications. Location: Auckland


Carole Hughes

Co-Vicar (Anglican Priest), St John’s Anglican Church

Carole works as an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Auckland. She is

a Co-Vicar in the parish of St John’s Campbells Bay on the North Shore. She also holds a number of community focused roles, including being a Chaplain at Murrays Bay Intermediate School, and a facilitator for the post ordination training in the Diocese (Auckland/Northland region). Carole has been ordained for nearly 10 years. Her training included reading theology at Oxford University in the UK, and then completing a Masters thesis through the Melbourne College of Divinity. She has worked extensively in education, and with young people in the church and wider community. Prior to study and ordination she worked in a primary school, served on the Board of Trustees and tutored at the Waikato Polytechnic. Carole has a 7-year-old daughter, and is married to Michael who is also a priest and works with her in the parish. Her interests include photography, reading, walking, movies and travel.

Jackie Kruger

Regional Relationship Manager for Family and Community Services and Invercargill City Councillor

Jackie’s intended career path was nature conservation. Within months

of starting she was embraced in community development and employment initiatives with disadvantaged communities living on the borders of national parks in South Africa, which in turn spurred her involvement and interest in social justice and politics. Jackie, her husband Graeme and their two children, moved to New Zealand in 1997 where she picked up her passion for sustainability and systems-thinking through community development and council work that straddles the social, economic and natural environments. Jackie’s formal education includes a BSc in Forest Science and Conservation and a Masters in Environmental Education.

Alistair Kwun

Publicist, THE EDGE® Performing Arts and Conventions

Alistair is a first generation New Zealand born Chinese. From April

2004 – May 2007 he was the Director of Alistair Kwun Communications Ltd, a cultural and public relations agency that focused on bridging people through the arts, culture and cross-cultural communications. He is currently the Publicist for THE EDGE® Performing Arts and Conventions and a public relations adviser to the New Zealand Chinese Association.  The core component of Alistair’s work is generating emotional connections and memorable experiences through rich and meaningful stories that inspire, touch and delight. He is passionate about developing pathways that explore and  celebrate New Zealand’s shifting national identity. Alistair’s vision is a world in which local and global communities are openly connecting and exchanging ideas through platforms that unleash and enhance creativity, intercultural dialogue, leadership and innovation. With extensive travel experience across Europe, Asia and North America, he

Skills offered: Supervision; group facilitation; chaplaincy; support; celebrant. Areas of service: Education; training; supervision; mentoring; community relations. Community involvement: Co-Vicar, Anglican Church, Campbells Bay; Chaplain, Murrays Bay Intermediate School; Facilitator, post ordination training for Auckland/Northland region; church ministry selection and appointments advisor to the Bishop; guest lecturer, St John’s College. Location: North Shore City and Auckland

Skills offered: Facilitation including visioning exercises, strategic planning, business planning, policy development, cross-sector collaboration and evaluation; chairing of meetings; organisational set up (especially in the not-for-profit sector), including policies and procedures; public speaking; lobbying; mediating. Community involvement: Trustee South Catlins Development and Environmental Charitable Trust; President Gymnastics Southland; Trustee Southland Community Wastebusters Trust; Chair Invercargill -Te Ara A Kewa Health Trust; Chair Creative Communities Invercargill; Chair Southland Regional Heritage Committee; Advisor to Board of Southland Youth Health One-Stop-Shop Location: Southland

considers himself a global citizen and transculturalist.  Alistair lives in Auckland and enjoys travel, all forms of arts and entertainment, dining out and spending time with family and friends. Skills offered: Media relations; events; project management; intercultural and youth communications. Areas of service: Creative, mainstream and ethnic sectors. Community involvement:  Public Relations Adviser – New Zealand Chinese Association; Advisory Group (Asian Aucklanders and the Arts research) – Creative New Zealand. Location: Auckland 29


Theresa Le Bas

Senior Associate Corporate Advisory – Environment, Clayton Utz

Theresa is a senior associate in Clayton Utz’s Corporate Advisory team

in Perth, specialising in environmental resource management, hazardous substance and environmental law. Through her focus on large infrastructure and development projects, Theresa has considerable experience in advising both public and private sector clients on resource consents, designations, environmental due diligence, contaminated site issues, as well as compliance with hazardous substances controls. Theresa is the co-author of Brooker’s “A Practical Guide to the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act”, and is the national convenor of the Resource Management Law Association’s Electricity Transmissions Special Interest Group.

Skills offered: Legal expertise in all areas of environmental law. Community involvement: Rotarian; Member of the Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand. Area: Perth, Australia

Kevin Leith

Chief Manager Strategic Development, ASB

Since graduating from Otago University 12 years ago, Kevin has

worked in the financial services sector, initially with ANZ, then for ASB. In his current role as chief manager strategic development, he works with a team to develop and manage the strategic direction for the ASB Group of Companies. The core function of the role is to provide strategic support to executives in the identification and development of initiatives for the achievement of the Group’s business objectives. Previous to this, as head of BankDirect (ASB’s direct banking arm), Kevin was responsible for the strategic direction, growth and vitality of BankDirect. This involved the leadership of a diverse team and function, spanning sales, marketing, business development, risk management, technology support and customer service. Prior to this, he held a number of marketing roles for ANZ, ASB and BankDirect.

Skills offered: Strategic planning; general management; marketing – brand, media management, public relations; ecommerce and innovation; sales and service. Areas of service: Marketing and communication; strategy; business development. Community involvement: No current involvement. Hoping to assist in providing School Board support for lower decile schools within the greater Auckland region. Location: Auckland

Gavin Pearce

Chief Actuary, Accident Compensation Corporation

Gavin is a qualified actuary with nearly 15 years’ experience in

actuarial roles in consulting, life insurance and accident compensation organisations. He completed an MCMS in statistics at Waikato University, was admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia in 2001 and is currently working towards the completion of an MBA through Henley Management College. After leaving university, Gavin commenced his professional experience with Tower Investment Savings Limited as an actuarial analyst. He started work at the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in August 2000 and was recently promoted to the role of Chief Actuary.


Skills offered: Actuarial advice; financial modelling and forecasting. Community involvement: Member of the ACC Superannuation Scheme Board of Trustees; Member of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries general insurance sub-committee; Member of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia long term care taskforce. Location: Wellington


Rangimarie Price Director, Naturally Right Ltd

Rangimarie has a background in strategic and organisational develop-

ment, building strategic relationships, accounting, governance and all aspects of human resource and information management. This was drawn from experience in the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors (which includes her large whanau)! Rangimarie and her husband Craig jointly operate a building and consulting company. A passion for building, sustainability and generational responsibility, fuels a long-term dream of being able to provide options to people who want to create sustainable living solutions from the land up. As a leadership adviser, Rangimarie’s current role involves supporting executive leadership of an alliance of tribal authorities in Taitokerau to broker a range of strategic relationships and projects with ultimate vision being the enhanced prosperity of their people and region. It is a consistent theme of working with leaders whose passion is to serve their communities.

Rangimarie has previously served voluntarily in the area of youth work, pastoral care, governance and the Cancer Society. Of Whakatohea, Ngai Tai, Tuwharetoa and Te Ati Hau Nui A Paparangi descent, Rangimarie is an ardent cheerleader for her two sons, Te Kani and Nikora. Skills offered: Governance; strategic management; organisational development; leadership. Areas of service: Iwi organisations; support for “at risk” communities in New Zealand and abroad; regional government; small to medium businesses. Location: Northland

Neville Pulman

Business Development Director, Retail Media

Neville has been involved in consumer sales and marketing throughout

his career and has worked in the mobile sector for the past six years. His passion is setting up high performance teams to drive programmes and break new ground within the consumer sector. He has been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively sourcing product and negotiating in most major markets in the world. Career highlights include setting up a successful Specialist Retail Channel for Vodafone New Zealand and driving the cultural and business model change that was a key component of its success. Neville is happily married to Debbie and both are kept busy with their two young boys Hadley and Tyler. They have strong connections to the local schools and their children are dragged off to all parts of New Zealand to experience the best of what our country and landscape has to offer.

Skills offered: Wide commercial skills; strategic business planning; cultural and team change management; consumer marketing; new markets planning and development; product and category development. Areas of service: Youth development; community programmes. Location: Auckland

Robyn Scott

Executive Director, Philanthropy New Zealand

As Executive Director of Philanthropy New Zealand, Robyn is charged

with leading and developing the key organisation that works to motivate and inspire philanthropists and grantmakers. Good quality, thoughtful grantmaking reaches all corners of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Philanthropy New Zealand supports individuals, trusts and foundations who make a difference to our communities by giving, in an organised, strategic fashion, often using a vehicle such as a trust to channel their giving. Robyn’s background is in both not-for-profit management and education. She studied at Wellington College of Education and Victoria University prior to embarking on a career in primary school teaching. From there she managed a not-for-profit organisation, working particularly in the area of health support and health advocacy. She lives in Wellington with her husband and two school-aged children. Outside of work she enjoys a range of mostly family activities that tend to centre around sport and cultural activities. She also enjoys travel and reading.

Skills offered: Organisational management; strategic planning; workshop facilitation; supervision; mentoring. Areas of service: NGO sector; governance; community and voluntary sector organisational capacity building. Location: Wellington



Adrian Sole

Self Employed Entrepreneur

Adrian’s passion is technology and telecommunications (ICT) and

although he admits he would be classed as a “nerd”, he says he is one that transcends that not so endearing label by integrating it with his extensive knowledge of business, sales and marketing. He also loves the challenge of how the ICT world constantly changes, how these changes fit and what role they will provide in the market place. Adrian has been fortunate enough to be able to use his skills to help the Taranaki community via the technology cluster iTaranaki. He helped spearhead such initiatives as “broad banding” the main exchanges in 2001, which led the way for other regions, and this year helped raise $1.2 million in funding so the community could invest in the first region-owned 40-metre wide colour LED “super screen” which is fully transportable and weather proof. Adrian is happily married to Melanie who has been a very supportive wife and friend for 14 years. He enjoys life and family and going hard on his quad bike!

Parul Sood

Waste & EnviroCare Manager, Rodney District Council

Parul immigrated five years ago to New Zealand from India with her

husband, Kapil. She has a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences and a Diploma in Environmental Law from India. The primary purpose of her role at Rodney District Council is to act as an advocate/adviser in matters relating to the introduction of waste generated by human activities and/or inefficient use of resources on the natural environment and to identify sustainable methodologies and behaviours for the future. She also has direct service delivery responsibility for management of solid waste and environmental education. Parul lives in Waitakere and enjoys good food (mainly cooked by her husband!), music and spending time with family and friends.

Teresa Tepania-Ashton Chief Executive, Te Runanga a-Iwi o Ngäpuhi

Teresa has 12 years’ experience in corporate banking with CITIBANK. She

was responsible for major corporate clients in New Zealand that were focussed on global cash management and prior to that for more than a decade Teresa worked for a Danish engineering firm, predominantly focussing on the dairy industry. This enabled Teresa to travel extensively throughout the world giving her a good grasp of the international arena and the many diverse cultures. She took a break from banking to raise her children and earned a PGDipBus (Mäori Development) before returning to work. She took up a position with HortResearch as the business development leader for Mäori where she helped Mäori develop land-based projects looking for accelerated pathways to industry and exporting. In July 2004, she was appointed as the CEO of Te Runanga a-Iwi o Ngapuhi which represents the largest number of Mäori descendants in the country. More than 107,000 people claim to be of Ngapuhi descent. This role has brought many challenges as well as allowing Teresa to focus on developing the assets of Ngapuhi but more importantly the aspirations of the Ngapuhi people. 32

Skills offered: Common sense; business and private sector experience; ICT consulting; sales and marketing; vision and innovation. Areas of service: Open including board/trust related and mentoring. Community involvement: iTaranaki Location: Taranaki

Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management and resource planning; communicating with public and governing bodies utilising a variety of mediums; an optimistic and “can do” attitude. Areas of service: Local government; waste management; environmental education & awareness. Community involvement: Community groups working in the area of environmental care in Rodney district. Also a board member of a Community Trust working on sustainability. Location: Auckland

Teresa also serves as a Director on subsidiary Boards of Ngapuhi and independent bodies. Skills offered: Governance; organisational management; financial management; strategic planning; business & project development. Areas of service: Corporate; merchant banking; education; research, science & technology; Maori/ Iwi development. Community involvement: CEO Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi; Director: Ngapuhi Fisheries Ltd; Director: Te Putea Whakatipu Trust; Director: Amokura (Family Violence Prevention); Member: Taitokerau Iwi CEO Consortium. Location: Northland


Koroseta To’o

Senior Analyst – Pacific Peoples, Waitakere City Council

Koroseta is currently working in Auckland and his focus is on Pacific

peoples’ development, planning and the integration of this into the bigger picture for Auckland as a region and a major player at the national scene. He possesses strategic management and planning skills including policy development with a strong focus on Pacific communities in Aotearoa. Koroseta also has business management skills ranging from business planning to advisory services in marketing and communications. He offers advisory services on capacity building for non Government organisations especially in the areas of good governance, fiscal structures and accountability. He has a strong involvement in community development and helping out community organisations especially Pacific and other ethnic peoples to focus on development initiatives addressing poverty and other social, political and economic needs.

Koroseta has strong networks with Pacific communities and has strong marketing skills especially in promoting Pacific peoples as an interesting market segment for private sector business development. He has also worked with the United Nations and Commonwealth Foundation on a number of development programmes in the Pacific as well as the Commonwealth region. He would like to build up the focus and strength in integrating Pacific peoples’ needs in future planning at local and central government levels. Location: Auckland

Laura Vodanovich Registrar, Auckland Museum

Laura has been Registrar at Auckland Museum since 1998. This role

encompasses a broad range of activities including policy development, logistics, risk management and team building. She is currently managing a $2 million sub-project within the museum’s refurbishment project. Laura is married to Paul, has two sons, and is particularly interested in cultural heritage, education, and the environment.

Skills offered: Recruitment selection and team building; risk management; mentoring. Areas of service: Culture and heritage; education. Community involvement: Good Shepherd School Board – Secretary Mentor for First Foundation Location: Auckland

Meredith Youngson

Community Broker, West Auckland District Council of Social Services

Meredith lives in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges with her

husband and their youngest daughter – two others having left home. Trained originally as a medical microbiologist, Meredith’s passion over the past decade has been community development. This started through the Swanson Railway Station Project where a Swanson community group rescued the old Avondale Railway Station which was about to be demolished, relocated it next to the railway line at Swanson, and restored it for use as a community room and café. Meredith says this experience showed her the power of working together towards a common goal and all the positive effects this has on a community in terms of cohesiveness and community spirit. Meredith still has a strong interest in health, and is a community representative on the board of the local Primary Health Organisation.

Skills offered: Facilitation, peer supervision and support groups, community development. Community Involvement: Board member of local PHO; Swanson Railway Station Trust; Swanui Business Association; Celebrating Swanson – a group committed to fostering social capital in Swanson. Location: Auckland


2005 Mathew Bolland

Head of Corporate Services, TelstraClear

Mat has worked with a range of corporate, local government and

government organisations, providing public relations, government affairs and marketing counsel during the best and worst of times. Experience ranges from his current role with telecommunications challenger TelstraClear to managing communications for Mercury Energy during the 1998 Auckland CBD power crisis and the introduction of the new Waikato water supply to Auckland. Mat, his wife Angela and their two children live in Takapuna.

Skills offered: Communications strategy development; media relations; government relations and marketing. Areas of service: Communications support for businesses; assistance with communications planning, and relationship management. Location: Auckland

Phil Burt

Chief Financial Officer, St Laurence

Phil heads up the finance division for St Laurence, as well as being

responsible for compliance and legal functions. He has extensive experience in finance and accounting and prior to joining St Laurence held senior roles with ACC, ENZA and BNZ.

Skills offered: Governance and management consulting; annual report preparation and improvement; financial process improvement. Community involvement: Local church membership with participation in youth leadership over many years. Ambulance Communication Project oversight committee. Location: Wellington

Debbie Chin

Chief Executive, Standards New Zealand


ebbie has extensive experience working with a range of organisations and industries including private sector, local government and central government. She is currently in a leadership role as chief executive for Standards New Zealand. Trained as an accountant, advising small to medium sized businesses, Debbie then moved into providing financial and advisory services including business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, business recovery and activity-based costing. Debbie had the opportunity to undertake a four-year secondment to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as an advisor. Her portfolios included Health, Accident Compensation and local government. Debbie then took up the role of Deputy Director General Corporate and Information with the Ministry of Health. This included leadership and responsibility for payment of health claims (HealthPAC) and collections of health information (NZHIS) on behalf of the health sector. The role also includes advancing e-health in New Zealand, and corporate services for the Ministry of Health.


Academic: BCA, ACA Skills offered: Governance; private sector; public policy; financial advisory. Areas of service: Open but exclude areas intersecting with government funding. Community involvement: Ministerial Committee Health Information Standards Action Committee (member); Wellington Girls’ College Parents Association (member); Wellington/Hutt Valley Cricket Trust (committee member) Location: Wellington


Carlene Creighton Marketing Manager, ITM

Carlene has been involved in a variety of industries including building

supplies, commercial real estate, publishing, office products and office investment. She has worked for global multi-nationals, small New Zealand businesses and not-for-profits in marketing and management roles. In her previous role she led 60 staff across sales, marketing, IT, administration and finance divisions. Carlene is currently market manager for ITM – an independently owned building supplies company Over the past five years, Carlene has applied her commercial knowledge to the area of animal welfare – a personal passion of hers, by contributing her spare time to the Auckland SPCA. The recent projects she has been involved with are developing an education centre, designing a North Shore operation and building their profile. She graduated from Otago University with a BCom in Management and Marketing, and has also completed two post-graduate diplomas, in Tourism (Otago) and in Business Administration (Auckland). Carlene lives on the North Shore of Auckland spending her spare time with her friends, cat and nephew.

Mike Davies

General Manager Networks and Services, Vodafone New Zealand

Mike’s passion is pulling together high performing teams to success-

fully implement change – working in the technology sector, initially IT, and then within mobile telecommunications. He has been fortunate enough to travel widely and work overseas in Fiji, the United Kingdom and Germany. However New Zealand is now home! Career highlights are numerous with an emphasis on bringing projects to life. The last role being the 3G Project Director for Vodafone New Zealand. He is happily married to Heather and when not being a taxi driver for their children, Simon and Lucy, loves to sail on the Hauraki Gulf and ski in the winter.

Skills offered: General management; marketing; business management; not-for-profit boards; project management. Areas of service: Health; education; human welfare; animal welfare. Community involvement: Carlene stood down from her not-for-profit boards and pro-bono work to complete her MBA in 2007. Location: Auckland

Academic: MBA, DipBus Personnel Management, DipBus IT, PMP Skills offered: Project management; technology; business alignment; forming/aligning/building teams and organisations going through significant change. Areas of service: Youth development, charitable board/trust. Location: Auckland

Irene Durham

Director and Business Coach, Evoke

Irene (trading as Evoke) is a business coach for SME owners and

decision makers in the NGO and private sector. Her career spans law (property, trusts, wills and estate planning) and financial planning (as business owner, investor and investment advisor). Her career highlights are New Zealand Business Woman of the Year Award 1999 and building two successful businesses – Evoke a respected business coaching firm and her financial planning business (Finance Plan of New Zealand Ltd). Irene is married to Bill and they live at Whangaumu Bay, Tutakaka on the beach. They have travelled widely and worked in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Irene enjoys water sports, skiing, family and travel. Irene has a Bachelor of Management, a Diploma of Business Studies in Personal Financial Planning, is a Certified Finance Planner and graduated from Entrepreneurial Success Programme Canada.

Skills offered: Business coach; business owner; New Zealand Business Woman Award 19981999; property and trust advice; clarity on issues for small to medium New Zealand businesses and trusts; investment strategy; financial planning and trusts, investment strategy, financial planning. Areas of service: Private sector; charitable trusts; boards; business; property; financial planning; investment strategy. Location: Tutukaka, Northland



Chris Fogarty

Business Development Director, Bell Gully

Chris began his career in journalism working in New Zealand, the

United Kingdom and Australia. He is a two time Qantas Media Award Winner for both news and feature writing. In 1999 he moved into marketing, going on to work on one of the largest professional services mergers in the Asia-Pacific area. He is experienced in advising CEOs and boards on communication and crisis management, as well as marketing and branding issues. Chris is a former president of the Australian Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA) and has several years’ experience on the board dealing with finance and strategy for APSMA’s 1000-plus members. Chris is married to Kate and lives in Wellington.

Skills offered: Public relations; crisis management; marketing; branding. Areas of service: Environment; negotiation; media; charity; boards. Community involvement: APSMA Board Member. Location: Wellington

Nick Hadley

Self-employed in IT and property development, Quattrostar

Nick established and ran his own computer software company in the

United Kingdom, leaving it at the end of 2004 to move to New Zealand. Since arriving in January 2005, he joined the inaugural Leadership New Zealand year, and established three new businesses. In addition to his IT consulting work, he has also taken a major shareholding in a company which is developing a retirement village, where his primary role is looking after sales and marketing, regulatory issues and accounts. He has been married to Sue for over 30 years, and their two adult sons still live in the United Kingdom. One of the reasons for moving to Auckland was to indulge his passion for sailing.

Skills offered: Wide business and commercial experience; strategic IT skills; sales and marketing. Areas of service: Commercial help for not-for-profit organisations. Community involvement: Helping Leadership New Zealand with its own web and IT strategies; helping organisations who need technical skills and direction, particularly with web development and marketing; recently involvement in an ongoing Skillsbank project for the New Zealand Housing Foundation, helping with MarComms and IT. Location: Auckland and Northland

Glenn Hawkins

Chartered Accountant & Management Consultant, Glenn Hawkins & Associates

Glenn has been a qualified Chartered Accountant for more than 10

years. He has advised a range of organisations in industries as diverse as tourism, health, agriculture, fishing and aquaculture. Glenn has held consulting roles at Ernst & Young, been a management accountant for a timber exporter, and General Manager of the New Zealand Mäori Arts and Crafts Institute. In August 2005 Glenn started his own management consultancy where he completes systems reviews, financial management reviews, specialist accounting advice and training in finance, governance and human resource management.

Academic: BMS (Hons), MMS, CA Skills offered: Financial management; governance; systems reviews. Areas of service: Mäori organisations. Community involvement: Director of Ngati Whakaue Tribal Lands – Iwi Authority; Director of Eastside Training Ltd – PTE for at-risk youth; Advisor to a range of Mäori organisations including Hapu, Marae, Kura, Kohanga and community groups Location: Rotorua



Kristy Hill

Kaiarahi Mäori Relations Team, Auckland Regional Council

Kristy is of Ngati Whatua and Te Arawa descent. She has an Arts

degree majoring in Mäori and has been admitted to the bar as a solicitor and barrister of the High Court. Currently she is working at the Auckland Regional Council advising the Council on their relationships with tangata whines and Mäori in the Auckland region. Kristy is an avid sports person, having made mainstream and Mäori representative sides in soccer, touch, rugby and Gaelic football. She currently plays soccer for Soccer2 in the National Women’s League and represented Ngati Whatua Open Mixed Touch Team at the 2006 Mäori Touch Nationals. Kristy is also heavily involved in developing touch football for Ngati Whatua and helped organise the Ngati Whatua Marae Touch Tournament over the past two years. Kristy is involved with the National Mäori Law Society and the Auckland Mäori Lawyers Association. Kristy also enjoys hanging out with her whanau and friends.

Skills offered: Legal research; policy; understanding of Mäori language and tikanga Maori; facilitation. Areas of service: Mäori organisations. Community involvement: Auckland Mäori Lawyers Association member; National Mäori Law Society member. Location: Auckland

Lisa Howard- Smith Manager, NGO Sector

Although Lisa trained in design disciplines (Textiles and Interior), the

practical necessity as a single parent to earn a regular income has seen her employed in the NGO sector for many years. She has enjoyed a diverse range of employment experience from builders’ labourer, on a construction site, to advertising manager for the feminist icon, Broadsheet. Lisa has been involved in the Unitec NFP Programme for several years now, and regularly undertakes professional development training to improve her skill and knowledge base. With wide experience in a variety of governance roles and models, she draws upon her life experience to support her engagement with people and inform her practice. The arenas of community development, social enterprise and philanthropy hold particular interest for her, along with animal welfare and all forms of creative expression.

Skills offered: Organisational management; strategic planning; workshop facilitation; events; management; supervision and mentoring. Areas of service: Community development; NGO sector; philanthropy. Community involvement: Member and former director of Association of Supported Employment New Zealand (ASENZ); member Ministry of Women´s Affairs Nomination Service; advisory group for Te Pae Whanake (School Comm. Devel. Unitec); community representative for the Waitakere Wellbeing Collaboration Project; Collaboration Strategy Group; Plan for the City & LTCCP reference group; Waitakere Community Development Forum, Adult Advisor for Rainbow Youth. Location: Auckland

Tracy Moyes

Strategic Projects Manager, AucklandPlus

With international experience in producing major business-to-business

conferences and tradeshows in the international internet industry, Tracy has had a varied career both in New Zealand and overseas. She has worked in Europe, Asia and the USA in roles ranging from Private Secretary to a British MP, to Marketing Director for one of the USA’s largest diversified media companies. Currently she is working in economic development, promoting Auckland as an investment and major event destination. Tracy has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in history. A born and bred Aucklander, she enjoys hiking, sailing, travel and New Zealand music.

Skills offered: Project management; event management; branding; marketing; systems and processes. Areas of service: Local government, economic development; tourism and events. Community involvement: Project K mentor; Auckland Regional Parks volunteer Location: Auckland 37


Gia Nghi Phung Gia Nghi was born in Vietnam of Chinese descent. As a refugee arriving

in Australia at the age of five, Gia Nghi grew up with access to multiple cultural experiences. Since graduating from her Bachelor of Commerce degree, she has worked in various countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK. Using her knowledge in marketing and the business environment, Gia Nghi went on to explore her interest in the arts. She capped this career with a Master in Art Administration and moved to become Director of the Asia Australia Arts Centre, otherwise known as Gallery 4A. A few years ago, Gia Nghi set out for New Zealand with aspirations to bridge the gap between her passion in the arts and her experience in business. What started out to be a short sojourn ended up with her embarking on a longer-term involvement in ethnic affairs in New Zealand. She is satisfied when seeing empowered and self-determined ethnic communities contributing to a stronger New Zealand. Since leaving the Office of Ethnic Affairs at the end of 2006, Gia Nghi has taken

a year out to help her husband build his consultancy business, while also using her time to reflect on her diverse talents and how she can best use them in the future. Skills offered: Building capacity in community organisations and empowering individuals for active participation. Areas of service: Community development; arts management; strength in diversity; sustainable community groups. Location: Auckland

Phil Riley

Area Manager, Northern South Island, Accident Compensation Corporation

Phil has been responsible for seven business units across the north-

ern half of the South Island for several years. These units undertake call centre and branch functions ensuring the rehabilitation needs of injured people are being met. Phil has a wide network of contacts in his local community and works with a range of people to ensure the highest possible levels of services are being met. His current role involves a combination of project activity, strategic management, human resource and change management. Prior to this role Phil was a Branch Manager with ACC. Phil has complemented this public role with six years as an owner/manager of a bakery establishing a wholesale operation to the existing retail side before selling the business. This provided Phil with hands-on experience in running a small business.

Phil enjoys travel, movies and dining out and is an avid sports fan and participant and is active in the martial arts holding a second degree black belt in tae kwon do. Skills offered: General management; project management; communication management; negotiation. Areas of service: Public service; human resources. Location: Christchurch

Leisa Siteine

Manager Manukau Arts, Manukau City Council

Leisa is a Samoan/European woman who has worked for Manukau

City Council for more than 15 years in various roles. Starting off as an aerobics instructor at her local Leisure Centre she is now the Manager of Manukau Arts. Her pathway saw her employed as a Recreation Programmer, Leisure Centre Supervisor, Arts Centre Coordinator and City-wide Events and Programmes Coordinator. As an Events Coordinator, she created “Villa Maria Cult-Couture,� an increasing iconic event melding culture, art and fashion. Leisa is a mother of four children. Being with family is where Leisa likes to spend most of her time. She also enjoys walking, BodyJam, basketball and travel.

Skills offered: Events; facility management; people management. Areas of service: Community; events; facilities; arts; recreation; leisure. Community involvement: Manukau City Council arts; Fala Pasifika Committee; Youth Leadership New Zealand. Location: Auckland



Rewi Spraggon

Kaiwhakarite Mäori Manager, Waitakere City Council

Rewi has worked as a curator in museum work from restoration and

conservation of artefacts to repatriation of artefacts and was a national board member of the Museums and Art Galleries Association of New Zealand. He was also a head researcher for Waitangi Tribunal Land Claims in South Kaipara. Rewi is a renowned Mäori artist with commissions throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and the Pacific. He is a Qualified Chef specialising in indigenous cuisines of the Pacific and is also a Radio Broadcaster. Rewi was the Cultural Advisor for the branding and design of Mäori Television. He is a Director of Te Aratoi Ltd, an event management company based in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty; a member of the Mäori Tourism Board, and currently the Kaiwhakarite Mäori of Waitakere City Libraries. He lives with his fiancée Kristal and their son Julian on a west coast beach in Auckland.

Skills offered: Consultancy; artist; chef; musician; broadcasting and creative innovation. Areas of service: Government; local government; tourism; creative sector; entertainment. Community involvement: Alumni Representative on Leadership New Zealand Board of Trustees; Surf Lifesaving Coach; Member of Mäori Television Board; Lopdell House Board; Te Runanga O Waitakere Spokesperson Waitakere Primary School; Traditional Mäori Weaponry Teacher for at risk children; chairman of Te Kai takawaenga O Te Uru West Auckland Mäori Service Providers; Te Waonui a Tane Board Member at National Mäori men group mentoring Mäori male youth; Te Atatu Rugby League. Location: Auckland

Che Tamahori Creative Director, Shift

Che is a partner in Shift, a web design and communications strategy

company. At Shift, Che has worked in creative and strategic leadership roles with clients including Tourism New Zealand, The Sir Peter Blake Trust, The New Zealand Institute and the Alcohol Advisory Council. A graduate of Wanganui Design School, Che regularly contributes to various design programmes around the country. Che is married to Carla, an advertising executive and they have two daughters.

Skills offered: Design; online communication strategy; online capability building; online community building. Areas of service: Environment; social marketing; culture; education; international relations. Community involvement: Online strategy and site development for a number of NGOs. Location: Auckland

Vicky Taylor

General Manager New Zealand & Pacific Islands, The Coca-Cola Company

Vicky has a BCom from the University of Canterbury, and has to date

put that to use within the New Zealand food and beverage industry. In addition, Vicky has been a director of MOTAT (The Museum of Transport and Technology) since the establishment of the MOTAT Act in 2000. Vicky lives in Auckland with her husband and enjoys travel, reading, skiing, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Skills offered: Marketing; research; product development; mentoring and coaching. Areas of service: Marketing; mentoring; business development; governance. Community involvement: Director of MOTAT. Location: Auckland



Suzanne Weld

District Councillor, Rodney District Council

Suzanne has a post-graduate degree in landscape architecture, and

has worked in Hamilton, Whangarei, Christchurch and western Rodney. Projects have included designs for large rural and coastal properties, parks, schools, and a marae, to strategic planning for urban growth, wetland restoration and river enhancements, as well as town centre planning and design. Suzanne was a founding trustee of the Sydenham Heritage Trust and is passionate about working with communities to develop their visions and projects for their places of interest. She is a member of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation which funds a hospital, school and leper community in India. Until moving to Rodney, Suzanne had been actively involved in the ESOL Home Tutor Scheme which provides support to new refugees and migrants. Suzanne is currently a trustee of the Rodney branch of the Life Education Trust, and is a councillor of the Rodney District Council. Living in Helensville, Suzanne enjoys travel, walking, camping, kayaking, fishing, photography, gardening and live New Zealand music.

Skills offered: Project management; landscape planning and design; community vision development; group facilitation; council annual plan and resource consent process advice. Areas of service: Iwi; youth; refugees and migrants; environmental and community groups. Community involvement: Western Rodney community groups, Ryder-Cheshire Foundation, Life Education Trust. Location: Auckland and Northland

James White Vicar, St Andrews Epsom

Jim has been ordained for 20 years. During that time he has been

privileged to serve in a wide variety of settings in New Zealand and in the USA. He has served in school and military chaplaincy as well as parish ministry. He has been a member of and chaired a variety of church and community committees. In recent years Jim has been involved in Restorative Justice facilitation. This work builds on a long-term interest in counselling, mediation and reconciliation. Having graduated from Otago, Auckland, and Yale universities, Jim has a strong interest in philosophy and ethics which dovetails with his community building interest.

Skills offered: Community/group building; thinking; celebrating Community involvement: Canon, Auckland Cathedral; All Saints Restorative Justice Group Member/Facilitator; Auckland RJ Umbrella Group Chair; College of Southern Cross Advisory Group. Location: Auckland

Sarah Williams Communications Manager, Vector

Sarah holds a BA (English and Philosophy), a Certificate in Journalism,

and has been professionally communicating for over 13 years. She first worked as a journalist then moved to public relations and now manages internal and external communications for Vector Limited. The buzz that Sarah gets from her role is seeing effective communications building organisations and teams. Providing people with information that introduces them to new possibilities or employing smart communication to achieve business objectives, gets her up in the morning. Outside of work, Sarah spends time with family and friends, where food and wine play a key role in most gatherings. The gym, theatre, and exploring the world are favourite pursuits.


Skills offered: General PR/communications disciplines such as communication planning, writing, production management, media relations, issues and crisis management. Location: Auckland


Learning – A Privilege? Learning – A Privilege? Lesley Slade

Chief Executive, Leadership New Zealand

In September of this year, Peter Cammock addressed the

“The experience of a year of learning, such as the Leadership New Zealand programme offers, is a privilege.”

programme participants and said “the purpose of education is to introduce people to themselves”. The notion of ‘learning as an introduction to self’ resonated with me, and I have reflected upon it since. As with so many leaders who have spoken to participants throughout the Leadership New Zealand programme year, Peter framed a concept in a new way – a way that offered deeper understanding. In the interview with him in this yearbook, he expands further upon that statement, saying that of course there is also a critical requirement to teach people the technical skills they require. But it is his earlier statement that has grown in shape for me. For if the basic requirement of leadership is highly evolved self knowledge, and yet many of us live our lives as though we are still to be introduced to the real person who lies within, we are not tapping into the real and powerful potential of our citizens. What then are the learning opportunities that we can provide to facilitate that introduction, and so release the power of (Peter Cammock again) “people finding what they are passionate about in their lives and applying it in the pursuit of that which has meaning? It is the combination of our passion and society’s need that is the essence of leadership.” At the beginning of this year, I addressed the class of 2007 and said the experience of this year of learning would be one of privilege. There has been some discussion among the group about whether a year of learning, and in particular this year of learning, constitutes privilege. I have given my statement some thought. I concede that the notion of privilege brings some negative connotations, especially to New Zealanders who would describe themselves as egalitarian. But among the various definitions of privilege that I have unearthed are the following: opportunity; benefit; special advantage; and freedom. Has this year, then, been one of opportunity, benefit, special advantage and freedom? The opportunity to take part in this year of learning exists because of the generosity of a significant number of people. The Leadership New Zealand trustees and advisory trustees freely give their time, expertise and knowledge to create and give substance to the framework from which the programme has grown. Funding partners give money, expertise and time to further build the framework and to offer sustainable opportunities. Leaders from throughout New Zealand share their stories and experiences with honesty and sincerity and create a rare opportunity for learning through conversation. The families and employers of participants create an opportunity for participation. Participants themselves make time for the opportunity.

The benefits of this year of learning are multi layered and far reaching. Some members of the Alumni have talked about the real benefit emerging some time after the programme ends, when there is time to digest the vast and diverse quantity of information, thought and ideas. Participants have talked about the unique experience of examining key issues from divergent views in an environment that seeks to expand understanding. All talk about the benefit of time to challenge their own and others’ preconceptions and to think, reflect, converse and discover personal purpose, passion and meaning. The special advantage of experiencing a year of learning such as this lies in the unique nature of the programme. Most of us live and work in worlds that hamper real communication. In discussing this issue, Peter Cammock refers to the work of Otto Scharmer who, in his book Theory U, talks about patterns of listening and the form of listening that enables us to take a different path into the future – generative listening. The Leadership New Zealand programme intentionally facilitates conversations that fundamentally shift perceptions and invites participants to think and understand differently. Otto Scharmer writes: “You are listening at a generative level when you realise that at the end of a conversation you are not the same person you were at the start. You have connected with a deeper source: your authentic self.” The notion of freedom emerges when one is able to: take the time to critically think; be a part of genuine conversations; learn from those whom one would otherwise never meet; build relationships across perceived boundaries; reject stereotypes; challenge preconceptions; explore innovative and creative ways forward; build enriching friendships; build on visions for the future, and reconsider one’s own identity and relationship to society. The programme spans 23 days over 10 months, which is more freedom to think than most of us could dream of. On reflection, there is no doubt in my mind that the experience of a year of learning, such as the Leadership New Zealand programme offers, is a privilege. It is a gift from many who care about the future of New Zealand, who care about the emerging leaders throughout our communities, and who have taken care to align their actions with their values. Inevitably, with privilege comes responsibility: responsibility to continue and expand the conversations so that environments of similar privilege are created for others; responsibility to continue to generate different possibilities for taking New Zealand forward – together; responsibility to give back. If the essence of leadership is the combination of passion and society’s need, I am confident that the Class of 2007 leaves this year of learning well poised to become engaged, caring and wellinformed leaders who are seeking to make a difference. It has been a privilege to share the year with them.

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LNz Year Book 2007  
LNz Year Book 2007  

Leadership New Zealand's Year Book 2007