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Media Training How Many Times Have You Seen Someone Implode In A Media Interview? Youtube Is Loaded With Examples, Which Live On In Internet Infamy. Preparation Is The Key To Avoiding Disaster, Handling Media Inquiries And Keeping Everyone On The Same Page.

The Truth About The Media Buying

Public Relations Being Prepared Could Mean The Difference Between A Huge Win For Your Team Or A Public Relations Nightmare.

Video Production Video Is Quickly Becoming King Of The Internet. Anytime Your Company Can Add Video Content, It’s A Plus For You And Your Business.

Spreading Your Story Across The Web You Can Send Out Press Releases And News Stories Every Day And Never Gain Any Traction Because The Wrong Story Is Being Told Or It’s Being Sent To The Wrong Places.

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Media Training  

Over the years as journalists, we were on the receiving end of approximately 3 million and twenty-four phone calls, press releases and email...

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