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KIS-SIS Editorial update 060329: phrasal verbs

PHRASAL VERBS A phrasal verb is a verb that consists of more than one word, for example: to hand over. The differences between phrasal verbs and their corresponding adjectives and nouns are a frequent source of confusion. For a good real-life example of the correct way of using them, see the 'Financial Times' article displayed on the wall opposite Christina's room (FAQ: hand over v handover). For more information, see the following headwords in the SIS Style Guide (SSG): add-on backup cleanup clean-up clip-on follow-up holdover holdup hold-up log-in, log-out log-on, log-off power-up setup short circuit stand-alone startup ['headword' is defined in the SSG] David 0708-32 08 27


Phrasal verbs  

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