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12 WAYS TO GET MORE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS    Want more Instagram followers and real ones with high engagement and organic growth?  In this document, I am going to share some strategies that actually work, and will help you  grow your following and reach. Here are my top 11 strategies.  

Collaborations Ever heard about cross promotions? You are not the only one out there in your niche.  There might be hundreds of other such Instagram users. Reach out to them, and talk about  cross-promoting each other.   For this, you will need to find users who have a similar size audience, as well as a similar  and complementary market. Some of the ways in which you could collaborate are:  ●

Co host contests and giveaways

Tag each others in your posts

Share each other’s posts

Using Popular Hashtags Hashtags are one of the core features of Instagram. Hashtags will allow people other than  your followers, to discover your posts, like them and possibly follow you.   Now, if you could either use popular hashtags in your niche, which would give new and  targeted followers, i.e. the ones which are related to your niche, and would have better  returns. Or, you could also use general hashtags which are extremely popular. You can  check out this list of ​99 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags​. Some people use a third  strategy as well, i.e. using hashtags like “like4like”, “follow4follow”. This strategy rarely  works as such followers tend to drop off in a day or two.  

Using Trending Hashtags It’s not just the popular hashtags that could help your Instagram organic growth. You could  also use time specific trending hashtags, and expect some good results. For e.g. you can  expect a higher reach during Christmas holidays, if you put out Christmas specific posts, or  new year specific posts and reflect that in your hashtags as well. There are many such  ocasssions all around the year, such as the Mother’s day, Easter etc. Always keep an eye on  your calendar, and be prepared to put out such content. 

Posting Frequently It’s not gonna work well for you, if you would put out posts only once a while. Recent  research seems to suggest that posting once or twice a day is optimal for increased reach,  likes and shares. All you need to do is experiment, i.e. try posting once a few days, or a few  times a single day, and keep track of your follower growth. All you have to do is experiment,  and find what works for you. It’s hit and trial. Find the best posting strategy and timelines  for you, by hit and trial. 

Following Other People This is simple. Find influencers in your niche, check out their followers and try following a  few of them everyday. If you put out some amazing content, some of them would definitely  follow you back, and you will get a few targeted followers, who would genuinely be  interested in your products and services. Make sure the influencers are from your niche, if  not, then it’s not worth your time and effort.  

Paid Shoutouts at Larger Instagram Accounts This can work really well for you. Paid shoutouts as the name suggests, are paid  promotions on larger instagram accounts. Reach out to some of the influencers in your  niche, and ask if they do paid shoutouts. They already have a huge following, and also a  targeted one. If their audience size is significantly larger than yours, they will never  2 

promote your content for free. That way you will have to pay a small fees, and they will promote your Instagram account, and ask their followers to check you out, by tagging you  in their posts. This can work wonders, as it costs less compared to Instagram official ad  tools, and give you niche targeted followers. 

Using Instagram Ads If you have some money to spend on Instagram marketing, then Instagram Ads could also  help. You can get extremely targeted followers, thanks to Facebook and Instagram  advertising tools. These tools are simply amazing, and you can track almost everything. You  can test on different demographics, they have a lot of data with them. You can choose from  age, gender, relationship status, food choices and so much more.   Well, if you don’t have too much money to spend on Instagram promotions, then you could  use services like the ​Paytm SMM Panel​ and get quality followers at really cheap prices. 

Engage with your competitor’s audience Reaching out to your competitor’s audience can be a great way to gain new, targeted  followers. Seek out other businesses in your niche, follow their followers and then start  interacting with their pictures and videos. The more you follow and comment, the better  the results would.  The ​SMM Panel​ by JUSTSMO can help you get quality Instagram followers, at affordable  prices. Make sure you check them out.  

Leaving Insightful Comments Liking other people’s photos or following them is great, but leaving insightful comments is  even better. As you interact with some else’s content, they will also be more naturally  inclined to interact with your’s.  Don’t ask people to follow you. Nobody likes spam. Rather leave something insightful, a  comment which provides some value. You can tell them why you loved their photo, and  add provide some information on your own. Stand out from all the cookie cutter remarks  and generic likes. Make a habit of leaving well-thought out comments on most recent posts  3 

on some of the influencers in your niche, or their followers. This can help you get real and targeted followers. 

Leverage Other Social Media Connections Don’t forget to let your current fans, followers and email subscribers that you are on  Instagram. If you have a website or your personal blog, do include Instagram in your social  follow buttons. Share popular posts across other social media connections, and let your  subscribers and followers know why exactly they should follow you on Instagram.  

Use Geotagging A relatively new feature, but still works wonders if you want to attract local followers. When  you geotag your photos, people in that area are more likely to discover your posts, and  potentially follow. Also, people who geotag in the same area, also get to discover your  posts. So, make sure you use this feature often, and get some local followers.  

Use Instagram Posts on Your Blog Tagging is something that should be done carefully and strategically, because the last thing  you want to do is spam people.But when done right, tagging relevant users can help you  create new connections and get new followers.  There are many other techniques that you could use to grow not just your Instagram  following, but on other social media platforms as well. At the end of the day, it all comes  down to testing and experimentation and find what works for you and what won’t.  


12 ways to get more instagram followers  

The No. 1 provider for the Social Media Marketing services like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter ,YouTube and many more Social Media Websites

12 ways to get more instagram followers  

The No. 1 provider for the Social Media Marketing services like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter ,YouTube and many more Social Media Websites