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PR Recruitment: Covering your Staff’s Summer Holidays with PR Freelancers Everybody working in public relations knows that the PR recruitment process is not over when you found the right PR staff. Read on to find out how to cover staff absences over the summer holiday period. Anyone who works in public relations will know that it covers a large range of jobs and tasks: from helping clients construct their ‘public image’ to helping to promote products in order to grow market presence, it is a highly skilled, important industry. This is why it is so crucial to get the right staff to do the job; if you have ever hired PR staff before, you’ll know that they need to have the right combination of skills, qualifications and experience, finished off with that certain ‘x factor’ that makes them great at what they do. Using a PR recruitment agency This means that once you get the right staff, you’ll want to look after them well, but what are you supposed to do while they are off on their summer holidays? It’s a problem faced by many PR firms, but one great option for covering staff absences is to use PR freelancers. You can find many great freelancers through a PR recruitment agency, but why is it such a good idea? One good reason to hire a PR freelancer to cover absences is that they will be used to working on short term contracts. You’ll often find great freelancers who are willing to come in and lend their expertise for a week or two while your regular staff is away. This is also great for your company, as otherwise you may well end up under-staffed and over-stretched. PR freelancers with relevant experience Also, public relations recruiting can be a tricky business, but if you choose a PR freelancer who comes well-recommended and has lots of experience, they’ll be able to add value to your team. PR freelancers will typically work with a wide range of companies over the course of the year, so they’ll be used to fitting in to new places quickly so they can get straight down to business. Their experience of working with a wide range of PR companies could also have the benefit of introducing you to new ways of work, or new techniques you’d never thought of before. Using a PR recruiting agency to hire a PR freelancer means that you can choose a person with specific experience in the role you are looking to fill. If you’re resourcing PR personnel, the PR recruitment agency will be able to help with this, but equally if you want someone to fill a role that requires particular skill or knowledge, they’ll be able to help here, too. Overall, hiring a PR freelancer to help cover your colleagues’ summer holidays will benefit everyone involved, so it is definitely something worth considering.

Covering your Staff's Summer Absences with PR Freelancers  

Why it makes sense in the PR industry to hire PR Freelancers over the summer holiday period.

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